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Dak'nahlan J'novi

Leader of a local thieves guild.

0 · 202 views · located in Chapter 1: Under Siege

a character in “Varnic: The Massacre of the Throne”, as played by Dak'nahlan J'novi


Dak'nahlan J'novi


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Age: 22
Species: Human
Race: Lunar
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White, Almost Pale


Fine Hat lined with fur: Common Hat
Belted Tunic: Undergarments
Fine Clothes: Hand-Sewn top and smooth leather pants
Boots: Common Boots
Steel Dagger: Normal Steel Dagger

Alt. Form:
Shrouded Hood: Allows wearer's identity to be hard to identify
Shrouded Armor: Protects the wearer from plenty of damage and is resistant to some poisons
Shrouded Gloves: These gloves make lockpicking and pickpocketing easier. Can pickpocket at least 2 pounds of items at a time without getting noticed
Shrouded Boots: Its wearer moves more silently than a snake
Splintering Dagger: Made from the wood of the Redbriar trees in the northern provinces of Glorantha, this weapon leaves its victim mortally wounded after one stab and paralyzed after a few more.
Moonstone Dagger: Stolen from a clan of brown elves in the southern parts of Glorantha, this dagger makes a swift death with only a few strikes when exposed to moonlight. When not exposed to moonlight, this dagger is no better than steel.
Bow of the Shadow: Taken from Exyir the Brave, this bow can camouflage the arrow it releases making it harder for it's target to see it.
Dwarven Arrows (40 count): These light but strong arrows crafted of corrdium (like titanium) pierces into it's victim's light armor and skin. However, like most arrows, heavy armor will reduce its speed and nearly stop the projectile.
200-250 Lunars on Average


Dak'nahlan is a kind man who enjoys to talk about the sport of hunting and wine tasting... or at least that's the way he portrays himself at first. Under that mask, there is a cold face that has seen more than one death in his life. He doesn't talk much as a thief, "keep it clean and keep it quiet" he always says. But he just isn't another pickpocket you find off the street. His intellect is his strength, always making his way by planning things out before going in for a job. Serious most of the time, and that's his good side.


Dak'nahlan started off as a young farmer's son. So very innocent. So very heart-warming. His father and his mother were the only family he seemed to have and he wouldn't have it any other way. One night however, that changed for him. It was a clear night sky outside and Dak's mother was at the mill, finishing a few sewings she was creating when all of a sudden a knife was met to her throat in the dark. Unfortunately, Dak'nahlan saw the entire thing from his house window. He ran shouting for his father down the house's hallways when Dak's father busted through his bedroom door with a bandit pressing a dagger towards the father's neck. The almost elderly father gets up and knocks out the attacker. He hands his son a key and tells him to find the symbol inscribed on it with his horse. The son jumped out the back door as he began to hear the shouts of near the front of his house. He grabbed his steed and ran to the safety of ithe nearest town as he saw his house burst into flames.

A few days later, after coming up with a job as the librarian, he came up with a book in the restricted section of the library. That book displayed a symbol that he had long forgotten... until now. He followed the books secret codes and puzzling riddles until he came up with the Thieves Sanctuary.

It's entrance was disguised as a sarcophagus in the town's cemetery. He cracked opened the lid and went inside the dark and macabre looking atmosphere of the tomb. He took some flint and lit a nearby extinguished torch. The room lit and showed a cascading staircase that lead to a large cave. The cave hadn't been touched in years, as it was cold to enter in. As he went on further, he saw a manikin wearing a suit of light shrouded armor. Some small voice in the back of his head told him to wear the armor. So he grasped it...

So begins...

Dak'nahlan J'novi's Story