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Vector. noun. An organism that transmits a pathogenic fungus, virus, or bacterium.

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Vector. noun. An organism that transmits a pathogenic fungus, virus, or bacterium.

In 2016, a great misfortune befell humanity, one which lasted only a matter of months, but claimed more lives than any war.
It was an accident, a mutation of the influenza virus, created in a lab, accidentally released; it infected humanity, turning them into ravenous, mindless, rabid monsters. In the nine and a half months before the virus was contained, the epidemic claimed over 3.4 billion lives.

Now, years later, the outbreak is a wound that won't heal, a wound that scabs over, but cracks open under the slightest pressure. For you see, the outbreak wasn't cured; it was only contained. …
Not everybody who was infected changed. Some were immune to the effects, but still carried the virus. These are the vectors, men and women whom are too dangerous to be allowed to live, but whose lives are protected by the constitution.

As Threats to society, their lives are controlled, managed and restricted, for the safety of the community. They’re not allowed in certain regions, or outside at certain times, such as during the rain. They are not allowed to drink in bars and public fountains, or to use public transportation.
Their skin is covered at all times, padded gloves hide their hands, in public they're required to wear a respirator, their clothing has a reflective magenta patch stitched on the left breast, indicating to others what they are.

Being a Vector means being one of the most hated members of society, simply for being fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be immune to the virus. Aside from the strict federal regulation, there are private establishment rules, vectors are treated like criminals and dirt bags, refused service from shops, rejected or fired from jobs, or isolated from the rest of the community.

Fellow citizens look down on them, treat them like walking bombs, giving them a wide berth, as if the virus might become airborne and infect them. Vectors are beaten or assaulted in the streets and alleys, simply for being what they are.

While they are always fighting the prejudice, which had been thrust upon them, many vectors just take the burden with gritted teeth. After all, a half-life is better than being dead. However, in the recent months, an organization has taken root, the Infected Eradication Party, also Known as InfErad, is a growing movement against the Vectors and their rights, claiming to work for the good of humanity. They are mostly composed of rash young men, or people who just want a reason to hate.

Acting much like the KKK of the past, InfErad has become notorious for its cruel tactics a treatment towards vectors. The Vectors have begun coming together in response, working in unison to both better and save their lives, from both the oppressive government, and the self-righteous radicals.

Controlling the Vectors, is the Infected Citizen Regulation Commission (IFRC or IFC); a government organization committed to regulating vectors. The IFC includes scientists which monitor and study the vectors, still working on a cure, the Property and Service Regulation (PSR), which supplies goods required to vector life, as well as assisting in employment, and Vector Control, a police force which deals specifically with Vectors.
Like every other non-infected person, the VC personnel may be either kind or hateful towards Vectors, though there seem to be more kind than cruel. While they are still harsher towards Vectors, they will reprimand uninfected civilians as well. Officially, harassing a vector is a felony.

The year 2020, A Large urban city, specifically a region simply known as "Vector Residence", A Large urban city; most the story will take place within the city, and the rural “Vector Residence”, a housing district made to keep Vectors and their families in one general location. It's a relatively clean and safe place, high tech too, so the infected/immune can be monitored and kept sterilized. It is not illegal for regular citizens to enter Vector Districts, though it is discouraged and frowned upon. All Vectors must return to VR by 10:00PM, and no civilians are allowed within the district after 11:30PM.
Other locations include the IFC compound, located half a mile away from Vector Residence. This is the base of operations for Vector Control, as well as all other branches of the IFC.

Organizations-Vectors: infected citizens that carry the virus in their bloodstream.
-InfErad: a discriminate organization that rose up after the outbreak. While they mostly target Vectors, they also attack their supporters, other that don’t share their sentiments.
-Vector Control: Special police working for the Infected Citizen Regulation Commission. Their job is to both regulate and cater to the needs of Infected Citizens, and to protect the clean and the Vectors from each other. They are not specially trained agents; they have only slightly more training than regular law enforcement.

Vectors: Beneath their clothing, Vectors are required to wear a white, tight fitting coverall. Gloves are worn at all times outside the Vector Residence District, and clear plastic respirators that cover the entire face are worn at all times, except indoors within the Vector District. Regular clothing may be worn above the coveralls. A magenta reflective patch is worn on the left breast, and on the center of the back on all clothing.
InfErad: InfErad members will not usually be in uniform, since they are a secret organization; officially illegal. They are only worn when InfErad members decide to do something, and don’t wish to have their faces seen, usually at night. The uniform consists of the now common white hazmat suit with a tinted visor, and a crossed red syringe and knife emblazoned on either sleeve.
Vector Control: Facing the greatest risk, vector control uniforms consist of white uniform, reinforced with Kevler vests and padding, a neck guard, and a helmet with a visor. While weapons are never far away, the only firearms VC carry are a standard issue Sig Sauer P230, modified to hold an extended magazine, and to amplify the noise of gunshots.

1. No Godmodding. This is bound to be a violent RP. Being a Vector does not grant you any extra skills or powers. You're just a normal guy with contaminated blood. If you are injured, it will take time to heal.
This rule includes passive Godmodding. What does that mean?
-When someone thinks something, or doesn't post a verbal comment, your character should not automatically pick up those thoughts. Of all things, this is what annoys me the most.
-when something is needed, you probably won't find it sitting conveniently on a shelf in a wrecked room.
-Nobody's perfect. We're all human. we have flaws, he get angry, act irrationally. Act human...I don't tolerate Mary-Sues.
2. No ridiculous characteristics. If you're a vector, you're part of the 0.15% of humanity that was immune to the virus. Chances are, most members of that group were NOT highly trained military individuals. You're a civilian.
3. It's not about the zombies. Yes, there might be zombies later on, but I don't want them to be present from the beginning. Society has all but moved past the outbreak, all that's left is the Vectors.
4. Don't get offended. This RP was designed and revolves around discrimination and prejudice. Members of InfErad will probably say some insulting shit; they're degrading the Vectors. Don't take what they say personally. However, use of words such as "" and "faggot" will not be tolerated.
6. Treat this like as if it were real. That is to say, you wouldn't be carrying around a shotgun or handguns. Being in InfErad doesn't make you outside or above the law. Being a Vector does not mean you carry an iron pipe up your sleeve. It don't matter how often the cops look the other way, prejudice or not, you wouldn't want to instigate in a crowd. If you do something stupid, the law will come after you.
7. Sex. Go for it, but keep it rated PG. Which means beyond being implied, your descriptions better not go further than getting into bed and undressing. Probably the farthest you'll go is little flirtation. Stop before the actual act, nobody needs to read that.
8. Use proper grammar, and at least try to have moderately good spelling. Three sentence minimum per post.
9. I will not usually interfere with other characters. NPCs can be temporarily brought in by members, but any large plot development must be run by me first. Most of the story development will be through character interaction. The story will jump around quite a bit, sometimes taking place over the course of a several days, other times skipping a week. I reserve the right to fast forward at my discretion.
Any Plot development I choose to add in will be done so through news broadcasts in between days.
10.Type "Vector Control" at the top of your character template so I can understand you read everything.

Any added notes will be posted here.


Other Terms and Locations

The Institute: A prison for Vectors deemed dangerous or threatening. As with other forms of Vector containment, it's actually a relatively okay place to spend time; certainly better than other penitentiaries. Of course, the Institute has one-size fits all policy; so murderers and the mentally ill are thrust in together with the generally innocent.


Notable NPCs
David Omaha: Chief of Operations, he is basically the head of Vector Control. All members of VC will be reporting to him. Omaha is generally a kind man, and works in the best interest of the Vectors. However, he is also blind to the acts of cruelty some members of the VC commit. A member will be designated to control him when needed.


The Infection

The Virus: The Virus (as it's usually called), is a mutation of influenza, and travels through bodily fluids, and by entering wounds (is not airborne). It's 100% communicable between humans, and 20-80% communicable from dogs and other mammals (that aren't listed below). It generally takes about an hour for the virus to affect a host, but the change is swift, the virus taking control within a matter of minutes, or even seconds. The Virus can live on surfaces for only a couple hours, and outside the body, can be killed with simple cleaning products such as bleach.

Zombies: As I said before, they will not be common in this story at first, though that may change. They can be compared to the infected in 28 Days Later; still breathing, still alive; they die as easily as anybody. They do not run as fast as most humans, an they make a lot of noise, but the virus is 100% communicable. Unlike most zombies, these things do feel pain, so shooting one in the knee will most likely make it fall over and scream. They are also not completely stupid; and will often try to work together when attacking, sticking together, and trying to box their targets in.
Zombies are somewhat docile around Vectors. Once the virus has spread through their blood, the zombies will be less likely to attack them, smelling the virus inside the host. This does not mean Vectors are completely safe from zombies, but it does mean they have a better chance of survival than an uninfected.

Animals: Dogs are not allowed in Vector Districts, as they are susceptible to the virus. They act very much like rabid dogs when infected. Cats are not only immune to the virus, but somehow kill it. Rodents are the same. Insects cannot carry the virus, neither can birds. It kills reptiles and amphibians, then dies within them.


Firearms are allowed, but I no longer want to see them in your applications.

Vector Control:you have your standard issue pistol, and access to more practical weapons should the need arise. Remember that it's your job to both protect the Vectors, and keep them in line at the same time.

InfErad: You will have weapons. Guns and whatever the fuck you want; but you will NOT be carrying them around, concealed or otherwise. You can pick your preferences when the time comes, but until then, you won't even be holding a bullet.
You also need to consider how you attack. You don't want blood. Infected blood, deadly blood. Bloody that causes outbreaks, which is the last thing you want.

Vectors: You probably won't be using too many guns. Mostly because Vectors aren't allowed to carry firearms, and because any weapons in Vector Residence would be found and confiscated...
But your bodies are weapons. You are a victim, and you are also public enemy #1. And Zombies rarely attack you! You won't be allowed to for a long while, but when the time comes, you potentially have an entire army at your disposal. Not to mention that everyone is scared to touch you.

(Damn, almost done! I don't think I'll be able write anymore after this. Last and final is the skeleton sheet.)

Character Name:
Age: (At least 21. Most youth would have been killed during the outbreak, even if they were immune. Remember that this takes place four years after the outbreak.)
Gender: (pretty obvious, don’t you think? >.>)
Description: (physical features, personality, background, etc.)
Affiliation: (InfErad, Vector, or Vector Control.)

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