Finnley Logan


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a character in “Vegas is far from a Fairytale”, as played by poisonous


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(Ρ‚ Π½ Ρ”__Π² Ξ± s ΞΉ c s)

β—ˆ you may know me as Finn, or maybe Finny β—ˆ
β—ˆ the birthday candles nineteen β—ˆ
β—ˆ last time i checked i was a male β—ˆ
β—ˆ i expect presents on november fifth β—ˆ
β—ˆ my heart beats for men β—ˆ
β—ˆ they gave me a new name Simba β—ˆ
β—ˆ these are my favorite colors purple greem and blue β—ˆ

(g Ρ” Ρ‚ Ρ‚ ΞΉ Ξ· g__Ρ‚ Οƒ__ΞΊ Ξ· Οƒ Ο‰__ΠΌ Ρ”)

β—ˆ my life is no fairytale β—ˆ
(bio - 2+ paragraphs)

β—ˆ sometimes i act a little different β—ˆ
(list personality traits seven to ten of them )

β—ˆ these things make my life complete β—ˆ
(list 5 - 10 likes and why you like them)

β—ˆ please keep these away β—ˆ
(list 5 - 10 dislikes and why you don't like them)

β—ˆ my worst nightmares β—ˆ
(list 3 fears and why you fear them)

β—ˆ keep the beat going β—ˆ
(3 - 6 songs that your character likes or you feel describes them)

β—ˆ did you know? β—ˆ
(anything else?)

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