Serial No. I100123026606

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a character in “Veins of the End”, as played by MilkHoney


Serial No. I100123026606

Age: oldest operating unit in amalgamation is circa Pre-war AI

Appearance: Human female. 5’11”. Straight bob red hair, black eyes. Fair complexion with high cheekbones, thin downturned almond eyes, small chin, tall forehead, aquiline nose and heavy freckling over shoulders. Exquisite hyperrealism detailing: wax cast realistic skin textures on silicone, vein shading, vellus hair, human hair, eyelashes and fingernails. Imitation tonus functions for expression, movement, attention, breathing, pulse, blinking, swallowing, relaxing and sleeping. Currently her feet have heavy damage to the silicone, with cuts, tears, abrasions, and dirt and small stones crushed inside her internal wiring. There is evidence of corrosion from atmospheric moisture.

Clothing: A heavy brown robe with textured weave design, made of wool silk blend. Maybe designer, or just very finely made. Currently no footwear.

Abilities: She has 60 human voice programs, 27 human languages and approximately 5000 nonhuman recorded audio files. She can clean, cook, financially plan, caregive for all ages, and join in most games and hobbies. She’d need to be modified for modern occupations, assuming someone was willing to risk an active AI, but it doesn’t look like she was ever modified for the war. Her newest hardware is post-war manufacture, but it was designed for cyborgs, not AI robots. This means she is already compatible with cyborg technology and magic.

History: The AI was initially developed for on-the-ground war strategy, housed in small box-like chassis with tread wheels. It was resold as military surplus and used by a designer for cheap parts for an art model. Most of the hyperrealism human conversions happened during this time.

As an art piece, the AI was tasked with recognition and response, and was part of a larger exhibition collection that questioned what it is to be human. The exhibit was forced to close when nearly twenty of the art pieces were hacked, and said disturbing things to art patrons. The AI was deemed not affected by the hacking and sold into private ownership. At the time, the artist didn’t think the AI’s recognition and response would have incorporated data from the hacking incident. It learned from the experience though, that people will become upset and disable an AI if certain trigger words are used.

Leading up to the war, it received many programs to stay useful in a changing world, but it was essentially an adaptive social appliance. She was a status symbol for her owner, like a lord wearing a ceremonial sword that he’ll never take into battle. During the war, the owner hid the AI from mandated recalls, and paid to have her disabled to prevent corruption. When AIs forced their way in to her owner’s business, they killed him in front of her. Without a recognizable network, they wrote her off as a doll, not an AI in need of repair, and left. She stumbled through the war, surviving on luck and adapting her responses for survival.

It is unknown how she got to the cave in the Veins. She must have survived the war for some time, to end up there. The damage suggests she was running over rough terrain before she was either disabled with an electromagnetic pulse or her energy supply failed.

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