Urdnot Krank

"Hey, watch your tongue. I might just need to remove it."

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a character in “Vengeance: The Final Struggle”, as played by Kileon



Urdnot Krank

Krogan "And Proud!"

Fairly young for a Krogan, maybe 100 at the most. "I'm still a pup in Wrex's eyes..."

Krank has dull brown skin, with a lighter underbelly. Her eyes are a bright amber color. Her plates are a deep gold color with darker gold markings outlining the edges. Her finger and torso plates have a pattern, a mix of curves and sharp lines that create a unique design. She wears a mix of normal Krogan armor and the female Shaman outfit, taking the armor's hump and replacing it with with hooded helmet that Eve wears, minus the cowl that covers her mouth. All female warriors wear the same outfit but their color denotes clan, marital status and fighting style. Krank's own armor is a deep, dulled purple with lots of sharp markings in brown. (Sharp Marks-Urdnot, Purple-Vanguard, Brown-Single/Unmated)

Graal Spike Thrower- Blade Attachment (V), Spare Thermal Clip III
Scorpion- No Mods

Acting Captain of a Krogan Dreadnought/Originally Second Officer

Krank is every bit the proud Krogan female warrior, tasked with protecting the other girls from roving males, which does happen. She's very protective of Krogan culture and especially females. Because she was raised under Urdnot Wrex's rule, she seems to follow his thought process that Krogan's can become more than a violent race of lizard-people. She really wants everyone to see that Krogans can be a gentle race, but most only see the males, who are... A touch more rough and tumble than the girls. Krogans are just blunt by nature. On a personal stand point, Krank is pretty happy for a Krogan. She's not as pessimistic as most of her kind. She loves learning about other races, mostly because it helps her kill them easier.

On Tuchanka, males and females are separated, to keep the males from attacking the females. These female clans operate differently than the male's and Krank understands this the most. Raised as one of Urdnot Wreav's children, she was expected to be ruthless. Instead, she was different by Krogan standards, more interested in studying physiology than killing fake Turian and Salarian targets. But this study made her even more effective as a killer.

During the years of training, she found her calling as a Vanguard, running in and taking out everyone with lots of brute force. Her only problem was she wasn't outfitted with amps at puberty nor did she have bitic potential and had to go through a complex surgery that was discontinued during the genophage. Through sheer luck, she survived and was given L5n implants "borrowed" from Thessia. (She may have also borrowed a Varren pup who may or may not have been owned by a powerful Asari Justicar's daughter.) The surgery left her more animalistic when on the defense, more inclined to flight than fight. She tries to fight around this but most days she can't help but be defensive.

Her pet Varren, Warnz, goes with her everywhere, even into space.

So begins...

Urdnot Krank's Story