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Nickolai De Luca/ Nicodemus De Luca

The Brothers

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a character in “Ventrue”, as played by Seraph


::Nickolai "Nick" De Luca::

::Age:: 23

::Sex:: Male

::Height:: 6'4

::Weight:: 235lbs

::Hair color:: Black

::Eye Color:: Dark brown

::Ethnicity:: Half Italian Half French

::Description:: Nickolai is slender, yet wiry and toned individual. He has dark hair cropped hair, outlining facial hair and and several tattoos including one across his chest that reads: "Live Fast Die Hard". He has dark brown eyes, that demonstrate his nonchalance as well as passionate temper.

::Nicodemus "Nico" De Luca::


::Sex:: Male::

::Height:: 6'3

::Weight:: 175lbs

::Hair Color:: Black

::Eye color:: Dark Brown

::Ethnicity:: Half Italian Half French

::Description:: Nicodemus has well kept, and swept back hair. Hes extremely well groomed and dressed in finery such as Gucci and Armani suits. He's a bit smaller height and weight wise than his brother, but they both have their father's hair and eyes while both also have their mother's downy like hair though its more prevalent in Nickolai than Nicodemus because he usually keeps his hair gelled back and neatly combed. He has no tattoos but wears silver, gold and even platinum rings embedded with gems along the last three fingers of his left hand--one even has the Ventrue insignia of a sword and scepter o it.



Nickolai's temperament is like a furnace. He burns hot consistency. He's violent and at times--quite savage. Nickolai enjoys brawling especially when combined with drinking heavily. Being strained by a former Spetznaz operative whose loyalty he bought and kept, makes him a dangerous combatant. Hod unpredictability and adaptability to his ever changing moods and personality are his strongest points. Like a puzzle that keeps changing the rules; those on the wrong side of him fear him, and those that back security in the fact that they don't have someone more likely to have them and their family's beaten to death rather than just simply shot in the head.

Nickolai is arrogant, and posses the greater physicality of the brothers. He's a party animal, and can be found in one of numerous underground clubs. Either smoking a laced cigarette, drinking heavy whiskeys, having a lap dance or simply beating the hell out of someone. However, when it comes to business, he's completely sober. If a task needs to get done or set about doing--he sends someone who can finish the task quickly, or, if he's imaptient enough goes about doing it himself which winds him up in the limelight like a modern day Dillinger.


If Nickolai's the furnace, then Nicodemus is reminiscent of a morgue. He hardly, if ever, subjects himself to laughter. If he smiles, you had better watch out it usually means he's planning something. Not as wild as his brother, Nicodemus is nevertheless is not to be trifled with. His calm, collected and reserved manner is not to be taken lightly or without care. While he 's not explosive with his anger like his brother is, he can be just as effective in his own ways. His eyes belie his kind personality with something much more sinister. Like a creature lying in wait, he's known to show a great deal of patience--something his brother has little of-- to crush his enemies effectively.

Nicodemus can be construed as condescending, he and his brother share a great deal of respect and reverence towards their father while both wanted the throne of his empire. Little does anyone know, that this viper was the one that killed Leonardo, though his brother's claims have put the spotlight him--he simply waits for a time to strike out his brother with all the loving care one would need.


Colt.45 ACP
This was given to Nickolai on his 13th birthday, and many assume it was the weapon that killed his father. However, he has vowed to us this gun--ONLY-- on Nicodemus. He's vowed a blood feud that can only be brought to an end if one of them dies.

Taurus 500
Raging Bull is a big handgun. The heavy ten inch barrel is somewhat ovate in shape, having both an integral underlug and rib, making for a noticeably muzzle-heavy balance, which is conducive to accurate shooting, and helps to reduce muzzle rise upon firing. The barrel has a built-in expansion chamber near the muzzle with eight exhaust ports at the top; four on each side of the front sight. The front sight is a black blade pinned atop the integral stainless ramp that offers an excellent sight picture coupled with the flat-faced adjustable rear. The rib of the barrel wears five vented slots which serve to look good, dissipate heat, and to attach a scope mount.

Colt .45 ACP
This was given to Nicodemus when he turned 13.

FN 57
The Fn 57 is a Belgian made semi automatic pistol manufactured by FN Herstal… The FN 57 is a delayed blowback single action pistol firing a 5.7×2.8mm cartridge. It comes supplied with a 20 round magazine and has an effective range of 50 ms .It is currently supplied with fully adjustable sights or fixed sights.






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So begins...

Nickolai De Luca/ Nicodemus De Luca's Story