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Asham Garr

It is my duty to protect her.

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Sambea



Asham Garr




Asham stands at six feet six and a half inches tall. He is muscular built with a golden swirl tattoo on his right chest and shoulder. He has long white hair and dark green eyes.

Asham is a quiet man when he is on the job. He was taught to seen not heard. He takes his job very seriously, Asham feels a sense of pride protecting whoever is in need of protecting, even if it is people who are in the black market. When he isn't protecting someone he is usually off working out or practicing. Asham is a sweet and loyal man.


Asham was born to the parents of Shane and Wendy Garr. He was the fifth child out of nine. His parents worked in missionary work. Asham at a young age was always protecting his younger siblings. Especially the ones who showed signs of wanting normal everyday jobs and would get picked on by the other siblings or kids who parents were in the same type of job as his own. When Asham became old enough he went to train with his cousins who were also bodyguards. He got his first bodyguard gig a year after he started training. They were attacked and Asham failed to save her. It hit him hard, especially since he fell in love with her. Now he protects Garnet Daveiga, his boss' pet. Asham has been with her for two weeks now and is trying hard to keep business away from his private life.

So begins...

Asham Garr's Story


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther, Garnet, and Asham got to the house and Rylie stepped out. “Aye boss, what brings you here?” He asked before looking down at Garnet and then up at Asham. “Uhm… are these clients?” He asked a bit confused.

Luther shook his head, “No, this is Garnet and Asham. We have a lot to discuss so let’s get inside the house, okay?” He said before ushering them all in. Once everyone was settled and sitting down Luther explained everything to Rylie.

“Wow, didn’t think James… well maybe. I know his temper. I am sorry, Boss… and Garnet.” He frowned.

“It’s fine.” Garnet said softly.

“Do you think there will be a house somewhere on the lake island she can stay at? Uh yeah, I think Elwin’s old place is empty now. He moved in with his boyfriend and Ollie, who is also five months pregnant by the way, on the other side of the lake. Closer to the bridge. We can go talk to him if you want. She will be safe there.” Rylie said.

“Ollie… is pregnant? For who?” He asked.

Rylie laughed awkwardly, “Elwin, Boss.”

“Elwin. They gay man? The one we kidnapped?” He asked.

“Yeah… that one.” He said.

“I didn’t think that would actually go through with it. I mean… he is gay.” Luther said.

“I know… so if you want we can go ask him now.” Rylie said.

Luther nodded and they headed over.

Ollie laughed, "I have never seen him so... forward like this. You know I am suppose to be like that right now with all the hormones, but... maybe Elwin took all of that away from me." She pouted. "No fair... I want to look at Atlas' butt the way you do." Elwin looked over at her. "You should see it without pants." He smiled devilishly.

Ollie about died, "Not yet!" They both laughed before hearing the knock. "I will get it." She got up and went open the door. She saw Rylie, Luther, and two others she didn't know. "Hey, Boss! I mean... Luther. What brings you all here?" She asked.

"I need a place for Garnet and Asham to stay. Do you know a house we can rent or buy?" He asked.

Ollie blinked, "Is everything okay?" She asked.

Elwin had walked up behind her and say Luther, "J-James?" He asked.

"No this is his twin... the nice one." Ollie said with a smile.

"Garnet was being abused... she also may be pregnant with James' kid. I just want her safe. Asham is her bodyguard." Asham nodded and Garnet looked embarrassed.

"Ameria's house... she is dead so she won't be using it. First come in, Atlas can you make tea please!" He called out and let them in.


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#, as written by Rari
Atlas wondered who would be at the door. Its not like Ivie was going to be stopping by today. He heard Elwin yell at him to make tea, so he set a kettle of water on the stove to boil. Once it was done he walked out into the living room with is. "Elwin, what kind of tea did you-.....If thats who I think it is i'm going to hit him over the head with this damn kettle until he stops breathing." He said narrowing his eyes at the man that looked unnervingly similar to James.


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther laughed nervously, "That would be my twin brother you are thinking of. Please... please don't beat me to death with it. I am actually here to ask for Elwin's help hiding the girl and her bodyguard from him. He..." he looked at Garnet and she nodded, looking away. "She was being physically abused and forced to have his baby. It is still up in the air if she is pregnant or not, but by the way he planned everything... well she should be." He said softly, "I took her away from him..."

Elwin looked up at Atlas, "I told them they could stay in Ameria's home... she should be safe there. I will let my mother and come up with a story about her moving away." He smiled.


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#, as written by Rari
Atlas let out a sigh of relief. "Oh good, I wasnt in the mood to bludgeon anyone to death today. I might have to go bludgeon that asshole James some other time though. I'll use the cast iron pan for that though...." He said before walking off and finishing making tea before walking back out and setting out tea for everyone. "The village is a good place to hide, the dragon ranch is right next to it, most dont venture out that far because of it. Lots of pregnant ladies around to make friends with too..." He said softly, his face soft and friendly once again.


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#, as written by Sambea
Elwin nodded, "Roshia is very protective and a great shot with the arrow. Not even this bodyguard stands a chance." He laughed. Luther smiled, "Thank you.. this means a lot. She also knows how to sew... she loves dolls too. Has a collection of them, right Garnet?" He asked.

Garnet smiled and nodded, "My daddy used to get me one every time he came home. He traveled a lot... so it was his way of making up for it."

Elwin blinked, "How old are you?"

"Eighteen." She said softly.

"And you?" He looked at Luther.

Luther blushed, "Thirty-two."

Elwin about died, "Such an age gap... what was he thinking?" He asked.

Luther shrugged, "My brother... is a lot like my father... I will never understand any of them. I also heard he hurt you too... and I am so so so damn sorry about that." Luther sighed and shook his head. He seemed to have to clean up all of his brother's messes.

"It is okay... I got Ollie out of it and a baby on the way." He smiled.

"Yeah... I... am still a bit shocked at that, but I know that baby will have a great family and good looks. I will have your child's back for anything. I owe you everything, plus with Ollie's family... that baby is probably the safest baby." He laughed.

Elwin smiled, "Yeah... I met her uncle. Reminds me of my brother."

"Nasir? That giant... oh man... I wouldn't want to cross him, but then you have Asham who is almost his height and I feel so small." He smiled.

They drank their tea and got to know more about Garnet and Asham. They got up and headed to the door before Elwin turned to Atlas, "Do you want to come?" He asked?


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#, as written by Rari
Atlas stood out of the way and just listened. He silently agreed with pretty much everything they were saying. James is a piece of shit. Babies are well protected. Nasir is a scary giant. Elwin might have a sewing buddy. Atlas thought dolls were kinda creepy but he didnt say anything since it depended on the type of doll. He looked up when Elwin asked if he wanted to come along. "Well I might as well." He said and walked out with Elwin, taking his hand as he went.


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#, as written by Sambea
Once Rowan was gone Lorelei told Dol to go get Garnet and her bodyguard. She nodded and went get them while Lorelei and Roshia talked. When they came back Lorelei handed Asham a letter and asked him if he could bring it to Rowan's house before giving him the directions to his house. He agreed and she told him what was going on before he left.

Asham got to his house and knocked on his door when he answered he handed him the letter, "Here is the list of days and schedule times you can visit your children. You will not be allowed on the property before or after those times unless it is an emergency. During those times Roshia will not be in the house, but I will be. You will have an hour and a half each visit." He said.


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#, as written by Fauna
Rowan opened the door to basically another Nasir and just stood there after he handed him the papers and explained when he was and wasnt allowed to see his children. Rowan decided not to fight it and just nodded and walked back in the house. There wasnt really any way he could fight it anyways, theyd just limit his hours even more and it would be a mess. He walked into his office and put the paper up on a tack board, and for the first time actually looked at the divorce papers sitting in the desk drawer, wondering if they should sign them and be done with it all already. He was already losing all hope that he and Roshia were going to work out, they were acting like they were divorced already, especially now with the limited visitation. Rowan wondered if it would be easier just to get it over with or if it was actually still worth the effort.


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#, as written by Sambea
Daryl was outside when he saw the massive man at Rowan's house. He waited till the man walked away to follow him. "Hey is Roshia okay?" He asked worried. The massive man turned around and looked at him. "Yeah, she just has postpartum depression and there was a big mess that happened and now he is limited to seeing his own kids. How does Roshia know you?" He asked.

Daryl looked back at the house and then the man. "We are childhood friends. How do you know Roshia? Never knew that girl needed a body guard. SHE is a body guard." He laughed.

Asham nodded, "Oh yeah, got to see her after math. She scares me more than my old boss." He laughed. "I have to take Garnet in the city tomorrow during one of is hours and I need someone who can hold their own. You think you can?" He asked.

Daryl nodded, "I can, what time?" He asked and Asham told him. They talked a bit more before he left and Daryl walked to Rowan's door and knocked on it.

The setting changes from papoa-lake to Blackwood Manor


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#, as written by Sambea
Jerry laughed a little. "Thanks for buying my book, that was sweet of you. You really do get lost easily, don't you?" He smiled. "Yes, you go right and then down a few blocks." He lead Luther to his house again and began packing. In a couple of hours they had everything they needed packed and loaded onto Jerry's wagon. "I'm so glad to have all this nasty stuff with Erorn and me in the past. I'm glad to be part of a family again, even if we are a strange little family." He chuckled. "Well, guess we should go home." He got up into the wagon and helped Luther up. He drove them to the mansion.

"It was nice for a first day. I almost gave the head chef a heart attack. He had no idea I owned the place." He smiled and kept cooking. He was making pasta and he was chopping onions and other veggies for the sause. He kissed James and smiled. "Did you have a good day while I was out?"

James mumbled about how it was boring as all hell then kissed down his neck. "Glad you had a good day though. Might have to beat some people who would cross you." His hand traveled down Erorn's body.

Jerry saw his nephew bent over the table and James a bout to go to town on him and he dropped the box of books he had in his hands. He turned bright red and turned away. "Oh wow, That's an image that's going to be burned into my brain for a while." He laughed nervously.

"Oh shit!" Erorn gasped as he pulled his sweats back up. "Sorry I didn't expect you home so soon."

Luther was right behind him with a box of stuff , a smile from ear to ear plastered on his face. "Oh James... this makes up for last night on so many levels." He laughed. James glared at him while shoving and sighed. "Perfect timing..." He mumbled and walked out of the kitchen. Luther patted JJ's shoulder, "Just think... nevermind." He laughed and walked away to put the box in his room. He placed the box in his room and turned to see JJ still red. "Like what you see or was that just me?" He asked.

He then went back to cooking diner for him and James. "Well, I guess we'll have to until after diner for dessert." He smiled at James. He got the sauce simmering again and threw the pasta in the pot to boil.

Jerry looked up at Luther. "I think it was just you." He said kind of dryly. "But, don't feel bad about it. He has good genes." Jerry chuckled. He put away his boxes and then got the rest of his stuff. He went into his room with Luther. It was getting a little late, and he got a fire going and sat down in a chair to read the book he got. He liked being in the same room with Luther.

He helped JJ finish his packing and when he placed the last box down it dawned on him what JJ meant about good genes. "Oh no... you don't get to talk about your junk in front of me. That is just fucking cruel." He said. Rolling all over JJ's bed before getting a comfortable position and crawling under his covers. "Old men always being so cruel to us youngins." He pouted.

James sighed, "I think I lost my appetite for dessert." He said getting him a small bowl of food and going back to the sun room. He ate slowly and sighed. He wasn't even really hungry, but he wasn't about to waste food either. "You know your uncle is just the older version of you, Erorn?" He asked him.

"I'll keep that in mind. I need to learn my boundaries too." He smiled before putting his book down and getting into bed with Luther. He wrapped his arms around Luther and held him close. He loved cuddling. He hadn't cuddled anyone in a long time. "I forgot how much I missed this. You're comfy."

Erorn chuckled. "Well, if you hungry, you know where to find me." he went with James into the sun room eating as he walked. "That's not true. He doesn't talk as much, he doesn’t flirt, he's not clingy and he doesn't seem to be the least bit attracted to you." Erorn grinned at James. "But I admire his taste in Luther." He leaned over and kissed James.

Luther turned to him when he started to cuddle him. He cupped JJ's face softly, "First you tease me about your member down there and now you are calling me fat. I don't think we are going to work out if you keep that up." He smiled and kissed his forehead before wiggling away a bit. "Punishment. Arms length. Just like at the dances." He smiled. "Wait... did they have those back in your day?" Luther teased.

James grumbled and kissed him back, "Find it kind of funny how easily you hand Luther to your uncle. Don't get me wrong, I want Luther to be happy, but with him? Come on... Luther's whole thing of showing love is fucking you." He said before shoveling food into his mouth,

"First off, comfy is not the same as fat and you just called me old. So I think we're even." He grinned and pulled him back and held onto him tight. "I'm not letting you go so you can just forget it." He smiled before kissing his neck to try and tickle him, he was unaware that Luther wasn't ticklish. When Luther didn't react, Jerry pouted. "No fair I can't tickle you?!"

Erorn looked at James with a grin. First of all, I didn't hand anyone over to anybody. Jerry and Luther are both adults, I'm not in a posistion to tell either of them who to date. Second, even if I did have a problem with them dating, you've seen how well things work out when I throw a fit, doing that would just make things worse. But the thing is it could be good for both of them. Jerry hasn't opened himself up to anyone like this in years and Luther could use someone who's only into him for the nice person he is." Erorn sighed a little. "We got a strange thing going here, but it works. I'm not gonna mess with it anymore and risk messing it up. I'm just going to roll with it." He finished eating his food then took James' empty bowl into the kitchen and washed the dishes. He returned to the sun room and sat with James for a little bit enjoying the silnence.

Luther grinned evilly. "My super power." He laughed evilly and started to tickle JJ making sure he begged for mercy. "Muwahahaha!"

James eyed him, "If you say so, kid." When Erorn was gone he picked up his book and began reading. At this rate he would be JJ's age before he finished it. He was a good bit into his book when Erorn came back. He read a bit more before slamming his book shut. "So fucking done." He threw the book on the table and stood up, stretching."I am going for a walk. You can go stare at your uncle and luther like a creep child." He said, smirking at the idea before walking out of the sun room and outside.

Jerry laughed as Luther tickled him and he tried to push him away, but had no luck until he begged Luther to stop. He chuckled and hugged Luther. "You're a sneaky kid aren't ya? I'll have to keep my eyes on you." He joked. "But I am getting a little bit tired. If you wanted to stay in here, that's fine, or you can go if you like. I don't want to be too tempting for you." He chuckled, knowing that Luther had more self control than that.

"Ewwe that's gross. And he's the one who was looking at us." Erorn joked. "Be safe out there, it's getting dark out. I'll be in my room when you get back." He smiled as he walked up to his room. He opened the desk drawer and looked at the rings again. He picked them up and looked at them for a while. "No, it's still not the time for it yet. You'll know when it's right." He smiled and put them back in his drawer. He went and laid down on the bed and wondered what it would be like to have a wedding with the two of them. Who would walk down the aisle first? Or would all three of them walk down together? Who would show up? Would they even want a wedding? Maybe it would be better to just give them the rings as a symbolic gesture to show his commitment to them.

Luther smiled in victory. "Mmm I think I will go. You are just too tempting." He smiled and kissed JJ's forehead before sliding off the bed. "Have a good night, Daddy JJ." He said before walking out and closing the door. He walked to his room but didn't go in. Luther wanted to mess with Erorn first. He walked into his room and poked Erorn's butt. "I would take you right here and right now, but I will leave you for James. He is a bit restless since we walked in on you two. I am heading to bed..." He walked to the door and looked over his shoulder. "If I married your uncle.. you have to call me Uncle Luther when we... you know." He wiggled his eyebrows and laughed. "Now goodnight." He smirked and walked out and into his own bedroom

James walked a good bit ways from the house. He was frustrated from earlier and he would have taken Erorn in the sun room, but he might not be able to control his fist if Erorn's uncle walked in on them again. Right when he was getting comfortable to take Erorn in the house besides the bedroom, here came his uncle. "Could always take over Luther while he is with Erorn's uncle... ruin that real quick." He mumbled and kicked a rock before sighing. "No... Luther would murder me." James had thought his way out of taking Erorn tonight. He made sure he walked extra long so he would be tired when he got back home. He came through the sun room and locked it before going to his room and showering.

Jerry fell asleep quickly as he had always felt more at home here than he did in his own house.

Erorn heard James come in and go to his room. He was a little disappointed, he was hoping that he would come in and finish what they started in the kitchen, but he guessed that the incident had gotten under his skin. He didn't want to just barge into James' room and give it too him, he was doing good so far at not being clingy. Instead he grabbed one of his records and put it on and started singing with it. He didn't sing loud and he kept the volume down low. He didn't want to keep anyone awake, he just felt like singing.

Once James was done with his shower he heard the music and Erorn singing. He decided to go into Erorn's room anyway. He walked in and smiled softly. Making sure not to disturb him and his singing. James made his way into Erorn's bed and laid down. He rested his head on his hand and watched him. James couldn't help but think he was cute when he sang. He had been trying hard not to be clingy, but he was missing it. James sighed and turned on his back and rested his arm over his eyes.

Luther stayed up a bit talking himself down from thoughts he was having of JJ and he wasn't about to go after Erorn just so he could release. He was going to have to learn how to control it somehow.

Erorn hadn't seen James come in, he was staring into the fire the way he liked to do. He turned to see James laying in his bed with his arm across his eyes. He kept singing as he took James' arm and pulled it away as he looked into James' eye and smiled as he sang. He serenaded James for a few songs as he smiled at him the whole time as he wanted James to know how he felt through his singing. After he was done singing he got into the bed with James. "It's nice to have an audience." He smiled. James looked tired from running so Erorn didn't try to seduce him, he just laid his head on his chest.

James fell in love with Erorn all over again. "Mmm I love you, kid." He whispered as his fingers ran though his hair slowly. "I sometimes wish it was just the two of us again. That time seemed like decades ago." He said softly and rolled Erorn on his back. He looked down at him and smiled, "I would kidnap you all over again." He kissed Erorn before kissing his neck and going back to his side of the bed.

"I understand what you mean, it was really nice those first couple weeks. If I knew then what I know now, I'd let you." Erorn blushed. He kissed down James' neck and back and put his arms around him. "I love you so much."

James smiled, "Probably." He joked. "Poor Luther... he is trying to be a good boy with you uncle." He said with a yawn. James smirked evilly and sent Luther some very unhelpful emotions. Luther screamed a few seconds later. "STOP JAMES!" James chuckled. "My bad." He smiled.

"Do you really think it is going to last? You are the most physical person I know, besides Erorn over here." James said, getting up.

Luther stood up straight, "I am trying, James." Then he looked over at Erorn, "I know what I can and can't do. It is the fact that if I could control myself when he wasn't around I could when I was with him."

James shook his head, "Don't you fucking shove your feelings on me when you are heart broken." He shoved past Luther. "Damn family is a fucking mess." He said and went to his room.

Luther frowned, "Sorry." He said softly before walking back to his own room.

I'm sorry too, Erorn thought to him, I didn't know He was gonna do that. He stopped commenting after that, he didn't want to invade his mind more than that. He pulled the covers back up. He knew it wasn't his problem, but he still thought it was mean of James to do this to Luther. But then it kinda sank in a bit. Luther was the only one dating Jerry. James didn't really want him,it seemed, and they always shared the relationship. It made a little more sense now. The same shit he had already been through was probably about to happen again. He still thought it was mean, but he thought he understood more now. He closed his eyes and felt bad for Jerry, he wasn't as open as Erorn and probably wouldn't be able to handle this kind of craziness. He eventually fell asleep.

James was the first to wake up in the house. He packed his stuff. James had to go back to his family's house again anyway. He wrote a short note and left it on his night stand and then walked into Jerold's room and closed the door softly. He walked over to his bed and yanked him off of his bed. "Wake the fuck up." James growled.

Jerry was confused and a little sore from hitting the floor. "What the hell?" he said still sleepy and groggy. "What the hell is going on?" He was confused by the fact that it was James in his roomJ.

James stooped down to Jerold's level. "You forget who the fuck my father is." James said lowly, but angrily. "Don't think for a second I won't do to you what he would have done. The fact that you even look in my brother's direction disgusts me. He is a physical person and he has to shut that down for your pathetic old ass. I don't care if you are Erorn's only family left. Luther's mine and I won't see him hurt by an abomination like you." He stood up and kicked Jerold's feet. "It was better when you weren't around." He scuffed and walked out of his room.

Jerry didn't know how to respond to that. He thought things were fine. He didn't think Luther would have come after him if this was going to happen. He didn't say a word and took his stuff back out to his wagon. He went into Luther's room. He kissed him with tears in his eyes. "I have to leave." He choked out as he saw Luther wake up. "I can't see you anymore. Ask your brother. I'm sorry I hurt you." He left the room and headed to the door.

Luther woke up confused. "W-What?" He asked, but JJ wouldn't tell him and when he answered with to ask his brother he knew what had happened. "Like hell you will..." He threw the covers back and grabbed JJ's arm. "You can't leave. James said you hurt me? I am not hurt, Jerold. I am just trying to control myself for you." He said before cupping his face gently. "I want to be with you, Jerold. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't. Fuck what James said to you... just please... please don't go." He begged.

Jerry looked at him crying. "He said he would do to me what your father would. I'm not a brave man. I can't stand up to him. I want to be with you too, but James will kill me." He fell to his knees and cried.

Luther was beyond pissed. "Go in my room. I will come back for you." He kissed JJ's forehead and got up before running out of the house in time to see James getting on the carriage. Luther pulled him off and shoved him to he ground. "Are you fucking kidding me?! Since when the fuck are you father?!" Luther went to swing but James kicked him off and rolled onto his feet. "If I was father I would have murdered him in his sleep and left him there for you to find him drowned in his own blood." James growled. Luther stood up, holding his side. "What the hell is wrong with you, James?" Luther asked.

James straightened his coat. "We can't share him and he isn't sharable. He is a fucking joke and father should have offed him when he had the chance." James said emotionless.

"Just because you don't want him, means I can't?" Luther scoofed.

"It is the fact that when you get turned on you will use Erorn as your personal little toy. You won't be fucking him because you want him! You will because you want that stupid excuse for a man. Erorn doesn't fucking seem to see that. He is in his own little tiny world and thinks that this thing could work.: James growled.

"I would never... I wouldn't use Erorn. I love him." Luther said, heart broken that his brother would think he would.

Erorn woke up from all the shouting and went down to the drive to see what the hell was going on. He was getting sick of this shit and was beginning to wonder if this was all his life was going to be from here on out. He didn't know what to ask who or what to say in general, he figured it was what he thought was going to happen. "What the hell is going on?"

James and Luther looked down at Erorn. "James turned into our father and threatened to do what our father would have done to Jerold if he didn't leave me alone. Some how he got his mind wrapped around the idea that I will only use you because I can't get with Jerold. And Jerold is trying to leave because he is scared that James will kill him. Oh and that Jerold is unsharable."

James just shrugged. "I'm going." He said and hopped back on the carriage, getting ready to leave.

Erorn didn't know what the hell came over him. When he heard that James threatened Jerry, he was over come with anger. He jumped to the carriage and grabbed James by the collar and threw him off. He jumped down next to him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?! We don't do that shit here!" He screamed at him. He didn't care that James could probably kill him, and probably would if it kept up at this rate. "Luther fucking loves that man and you're pissed because he's fucking different? Take a look at yourself you freak! He's not hurting Luther, you're just fucking pissed because Luther is attracted to him. It's a new experience for him. If you think he's so unsharible, don't fucking share him. You've proven that you can block each other out so when they're together block each other out."

James stood back up and dusted himself off. He didn't say anything as he got back on his carriage. Luther cried out, "James... please no. Just try with him." James ignored him. He knew whatever chances he had with Jerold was gone. "I have to go." Was all he said and left. Luther stood there feeling James slip from him like he did that month he was gone.

Erorn couldn't begin to imagine the pain Luther was in, Erorn was hurting too, but not nearly as bad. He walked over to Luther and held him. He couldn't say anything that wouldn't make it worse he just did his best to comfort him and be there for him. He cried with Luther holding him. He felt helpless and scared that James would never come back.

Luther stood there for a while. He couldn't feel or hear James, the bond was still there but barely. After a while he took Erorn back into the house and went find Jerold. "Hey... you are safe. So no need to run off okay?" He tried to sound okay and upbeat for him.

Jerry was sitting on the bed, he heard the shouting all the way up in the room. He could tell Luther was in a lot of pain, he couldn't help but feel responsible for some of it. "I'm sorry for all this." He hugged Luther and cried into his shoulder. "I didn't want any of this to happen, it kills me that I caused this."

Erorn went deep into a depression. He was angry, hurt, and he felt a little guilty too. He didn't mean it when he called James a freak, but he was just so angry at him for how he was treating Luther and Jerry. He went into his own room and followed the secret passage up to the attic. He stayed up there all day and didn't eat anything. He felt like he had broken everyone up. "I guess it's too much to ask for to have a family." he muttered as he looked out the window at the snow falling. It was fresh and pure, but it didn't seem to make him feel any better like it usually did.

Luther held JJ close, "It wasn't you... if anything this is James' fault or rather... mine." He cupped his face softly and kissed him. "You are going to be okay, but there are things you need to know. James and I we share our partners. This... I should have told you this or rather I thought you would have figured it out since we are with Erorn, but I didn't even think about James in all of this, especially when he thought about me when it came to Erorn. Though I didn't even want to be in a relationship in the first place, with anyone. I should have asked him to give you a shot or better yet... have asked you if you would have been okay with it in the first place. I know where he is going, but I have to give him sometime to cool down." He smiled softly. "This isn't your fault, okay?"

“Hey kid, you okay? Why don't you come down? Please?” Luther asked Erorn.

"I knew you had a special bond with your brother and that you were sharing Erorn, but I didn't realize sharing was a prerequisite. I would have talked to him first about all this If I knew that. I don't think you'll be able to salvage this, he hates me, he doesn't want anything to do with an abomination." He sighed. "But for you, I would be willing to give him a shot if you can ever convince him."

Not sure how okay I am, but yeah, I'll be down in a minute. Erorn thought back to Luther. He came back down from the attic and walked to Luther's room. He did his best not to look depressed. He gave a fake smile to Jerry. "Don't worry Uncle Jerry, everything will be okay." He gave him a big hug to try to comfort him. I didn't mean it when I called him a freak. I'm sorry I was just angry. He thought to Luther.

Luther sighed, "I have no idea... he likes to be physical almost as much as I do." He smiled when Erorn came in the room. "Before he completely shut me out I could feel he was more hurt at the fact that Erorn called him a freak than he was of me being with JJ. The one solid in the whole situation seemed to have...become unsolid. I know he left because he had to go back to our old home to do things with the business, but I have no idea if he even wants to come back now. I plan on giving him a couple of weeks to cook down before I go back home and talk to him. Our mother was the one who installed love and kindness where our father installed hate and anger. When me and James would get in fights, thanks to our father, my mother didn't care if we had bruises or cuts, she said a sword is nothing compared to sharpen words." Luther looked at Erorn, "I'm sorry. I hope my mother can work on him while I am away. She never wanted her sons to turn out like their father."

Erorn felt like total shit. "Sure, he calls my uncle an abomination and threatens his life, but I call him a freak and suddenly I'm the bad guy. Fuck I didn't even mean it, I was just pissed." He said pissed more at James than anything. "I need to get out of the house for a little while. I'll come back, but right now I don't think it's safe for me to be confined with people I love when I'm this angry. I'm gonna go hunting, maybe killing a bunch of animals will relieve some frustration." He growled and took his sword and walked to the door.

Luther ran after him, "Emotionally that is two different things. He wouldn't have said it to him if he had any feelings towards him. I mean... I am beyond pissed that he called him that and that he threatened his life, but you have to understand you mean the world to James. He so upset with me because he believed I would only have be intimate with you because I couldn't be with JJ. He thinks I am just going to use you as a toy and he would snap me in half if I ever did that to you. Which I would never..." He said.

Erorn turned and looked at Luther. "When the hell is he going learn that I love both of you? Oh course I'm going to be pissed at him if he hurts you and at you if you hurt him. It doesn't mean I love either one of you any less. I know you'd never do that to me, and it kills me and infuriates me that he would think you would. I still love the little bastard, but he hurt the other person I love and it was completely uncalled for even if he did think he was protecting me. If I mean the world to the both of you, then you guys need to realize that you mean the world to me too and hurting either of you hurts me and I won't just stand by and let him hurt you. But I guess right now I don't have any choice but to stand by and let it happen, so I'm going to go out and hurt something else so I don't hurt anyone else. I'm fucking pissed at myself for saying something like that, it was vile of me. I know you know I didn't mean it, but he doesn't. He may never come back to me because I said something stupid in the heat of anger. The only way it could be any worse is if I lost you too. I promise I'm going to come back, I just need to go get some of this anger out so I don't accidently hurt one of you guys too. I love you both." He said before kissing Luther and going out the door.

Luther watched him leave before going back to JJ. He didn't say anything and just laid down next to him. This was a mess and he didn't know how to clean it this time. "Our father called us the exact same thing when he found out that we slept with men too." Luther finally said. "At least he didn't kill you... which I think means somewhere he actually cares... about you. Maybe." He sighed. "I don't know. If he continues down this path he will surely be like my father and I don't think I can kill him." Luther choked on his words. "I know my brother has passion in him... he shows it through intimacy though... so he probably thinks it would be useless to try and be with someone who doesn't like it."

"I... I don't know what to do. I don't know what I can do to help with this. I wish I... I wish I could be intimate. I wish I could show you on a physical level how much I care, but... I should have known better. This is why a rarely allow myself to let people in. I knew better and I still let myself fall for you. I just wish this wasn't such a pain in my ass all the time. Love and sex aren't the same thing. I'm so glad that you understand that, but even you are having hard time learning to control yourself. I wish I could let you just fucking go to town on me, but it's not fair when I'm not able to return the favor, when I can't get it up for you. I just... I wish I was different." He looked into Luther's eyes before hugging him.

Erorn went out into the woods and he was quickly beginning to take his frustration out on any living thing he saw. He swung his sword wildly from one little forest creature to the next. Soon the snow had turned to rain and the rain was turning into a storm quickly. He barely noticed as he thrust his sword into the neck of an elk and then a bolt of lightning flashed and startled him."Fuck that was loud!" He yelled. He did his best to keep his thoughts in his own head as he slaughtered so many creatures, but occasionally one or two of them would come to the front of his mind. Most of them were questioning whether James only loved him because he was fuckable, and if he believed that that was the only reason he thought that Erorn love James. It was starting to get late and Erorn still didn't feel safe to go home. He calmed himself down enough to build a little shelter and a fire underneath it to keep him warm. He took some of the elk and deer that he had killed and cooked it over the fire. He warmed himself next to the fire, hating himself for what he had said, hating James for making him mad enough to say it. He mostly hated the fact that he was missing James and he wasn't sure if the damage that had been done was permanent or if his mother could talk some sense into him and heal his and in turn everyone else's broken hearts.

"It is a bit hard, but this is new to me. You have to understand that. I mean, I don't mind going to town on you, but if you feel no enjoyment there is no point to it. I don't care if I don't get any from you. I didn' that whole four months, I just need to get back at the point... or maybe... I did use Erorn for when I coudn't get with... you." He rubbed his mouth. "Fuck..." James was right. He hugged JJ close to him. "Don't worry about being different, okay?" He said. He heard some of Erorn's thoughts and didn't want to intrude on him. Luther thought it was by accident. He, like James, needed some time to calm down.

Jerry was exhausted from all that had happened. "I don't mind you getting physical pleasure from someone else if I can't provide it too you, but if that is the issue, you may want to take it up with Erorn. He loves you and he knows this is new to you, I think he will understand, hopefully." He spoke into Luther's shoulder. "I hope he's okay out there, he used to hate the thunder and lightning as a kid. It was so loud to his sensitive hearing, like it was painful."

Erorn was trying to control himself outside. He was curled up into a ball with his face burried in his knees and his hands over his ears. He was all out crying between the pain in his ears and the pain in his heart, it was all he could do. He was barely able to keep the fire going because he didn't want to take his hands off his ears. He thought he had gotten over this earlier, but there was just too much hitting him at once to ignore the noise.

Luther sighed and got up. "I am going to go out looking for him. Stay here... and don't run away." He said before grabbing his rain coat and running out. "Erorn!" He yelled, but the thunder and lightning was too loud. Erorn where the hell are you? Come home or I am going in the woods. He thought to him while standing at the edge of the woods ready to go in.

Are you fucking crazy? You'll get lost and we'll both die out here. I'll be there in a minute, but I'm not sure if I'm good to be around people. He thought back at him. He got to the edge of the woods and he was soaking wet and covered in blood. He saw Luther there waiting and went with him back to the house. He went inside and stripped off his clothes there at the door and then got a fire going in the livingroom. "I'm sorry for going out in this like an idiot, but I just couldn't risk hurting you or uncle Jerry." He said as he warmed up at the fire. He took a few deep shivering breaths. "I think I got enough of it out of my system to be safe." He stared at the fire and it calmed him a little more. He turned to look up at Luther for the first time since he came inside, he didn't want his eyes to scare him. "I feel so fucking helpless. I'm in control of my sword, I have power over it. That gives me comfort, but it scares me. I tried to calm down, picture my parents and my happy memories, but it didn't give me any control. I'm losing control of my life and I can't do shit but stand by and watch it spin out of control." He said almost as if he were begging for a solution. "You know, even if you were going to use me to get the physical pleasure you couldn't get from Jerry, is that really so bad? It's not like you love me any less and that isn't treating me like a fucking toy, I understand why you would do that. You're only human and you have reactions to attractive people and it's not like I'm gonna turn down spending more time with you, I'm clingy. As long as were both okay with it, what's the problem? James needs to grow the fuck up and realize that if I had a problem with this I would have said something. I get that he's protective of me and doesn't want me to get hurt, but he has anger issues and over reacts instead of talking. And that says something coming from a guy that goes out and slaughters a forest full of critters when he's pissed." He tried to joke and lighten the mood.

He stood up after getting warm. "I hope he gets his shit together, soon. I hate to say it right now, but I miss him."

He wanted to hug Luther right now, but he looked down and remembered he was nude. "I better go get some clothes on before I freeze my ass off."

He smiled and gave Luther a kiss before running up to his room to get changed.

Luther sighed and sat by the fire. This was getting tiredsome he just wanted everyone to be okay with everything, but he knew it was his fault. He hadn't even considered James when he started falling for JJ, but it couldn't be helped, He laid on the floor by the fire and fell asleep. He was exhausted. The only way he could tell his brother was alive was by the bond he had yet to sever. He could have earlier, but he didn't. He could have slept for years.

Erorn came back down to see Luther on the floor asleep. He went back up to Luther's room and knocked on the door. He opened it without waiting for an answer. "Hey uncle Jerry, come with me." He smiled and took a blanket off the bed. "What's going on?"

"You got a man down there that needs some love and comfort and I'm not the one he needs it from right now." Erorn said with a loving smile.

"Oh, Okay." Jerry said perking up a little bit. He followed Erorn down to the living room and he saw Luther passed out in front of the fire. The two of them picked him up and laid him on the couch. Jerry curled up next to luther and Erorn tossed the blanket over the two of them and then went back upstairs to bed. Jerry laid against the back of the couch and held Luther tight in his arms as he fell asleep with him.




Luther was tired of waiting on James. He couldn't feel him and the bond was starting to slip away. He packed a few stuff then went into JJ's room did the same, and finally went to Erorn's room packing him a small bag before throwing it in the wagon. "Erorn get in the fucking wagon!" He yelled because he honestly didn't know where the damn kid went off to these days. He found JJ in the library looking cute as fuck. He stopped a moment and held his hand over his mouth. "Ugh... so adorable. I want to touch you all over and not at all at the same time." He said before grabbing his hand and dragging him to the wagon. "We are going to my mother's." He said.

Erorn was in the kitchen when he heard Luther yell. "I'm coming." He tried to yell back through a mouth full of sandwich. He got to the wagon seeing Luther dragging Jerry. "Your Mother's? You're taking us to meet your mother? Isn't that where James is?" He asked as he climbed into the wagon. "You got a map to get there? Not trying to be a smart ass, I just know your sense of direction isn't the greatest." He said trying to hid his smirk behind his sandwich.

Luther glared, "I do know where my momma lives. Okay?" He said pretending to be angry. He placed JJ next to him on the seat so he wouldn't jump away. "You stay there, okay baby?" He patted his head and rode off. It took almost half the day to get to his mother's house. It was just as big as Erorn's mansion. Luther sighed, "Home sweet home, boys." He said and got out, dragging JJ with him. Two body guards came up and stopped him before they realized who they were. They apologized and let them through. He could feel JJ's hands shaking. "Calm down, no one is going to kill you." He said. When he walked into the house his Mother was walking by. She looked over at the two shorter men first and glared a bit before looking up at the taller one and realizing it was her son. "My baby boy." She said softly. Her dress flowed around her. She cupped his face. "My have you grown, ugh... a darker version of your brother." She kissed his cheek. "It took you long enough to come see me. I mean... you did kill my husband too." She said, glaring softly at him. She looked down and blinked, like they were nothing but pets. "You really brough them?" She asked.

"Nice to see you too mother. Sorry for not coming sooner... painful memories and all." He said softly. SSe looked down at Erorn and JJ, "Yes... I brought them." He said. His mother walked over to Erorn and gently pushed his chin up so she could examine his face. "This one is cute... worth a good penny on the market. Your brother would do good to use him instead of hoarding him like a child." She glanced at JJ and sighed, "Why is the coward here? Did you drag the poor man here?" She laughed. "He is an old man who could be your father. I didn't think I raised my boys to be such..." She waved her hand in the air as if to catch the word. "Just keep them by your side. I don't need to kill one of my men because they get handsy with your pets. James is in your father's old study." She said and walked off.

He nodded and took the men's hand before walking to the study. He knocked twice, like his father always taught them, and walked in. "James..." He said softly. James had a small girl, no older than twenty, sitting in his lap as he did paper work. He looked up, unamused that they were here, "Can I help you three men?" He said with a monotone voice.

"We came to bring you back." Luther said.

James sighed and whispered something in the girl's ear. She nodded, smiling, and got up. She was tiny, a bit smaller than Erorn, and her hair was a dark red. She had freckles across her nose and she looked like an innocent child. She looked over at Erorn and smirked before walking out. "I am not going back. I have business here to take care of and I can't do that staying at that... house." He said. "Plus, since you decided to kill father I am the one who has to take responisbilty for things. So if that is all you can leave and go spend time with your mother." He said and blinked realizing he sounded like a nicer version of their father. "Just... go." He sighed.

Luther walked in front of his desk, "I am not leaving with out you. Who the hell was that girl? And why are you being this way?" He asked.

James didn't look up, "Well then I will just have to get my body guards to escort you three out. The girl is none of your concern. And I am not being any way. I am being a responsible adult." He said flatly.

"Really... by abandoning us?" Luther asked.

"Well originally I wasn't... I was going to come back, but I found no use in doing so. I have nothing there." He said.

Erorn glared at James. He knew better than to try to get physical. He didn't want to take the bait he was laying but he was hurt and he was just emotionally tired of all this drama queen bullshit. "Yeah, I'm nothing, a nobody. And Nobody loves you. Nobody is sorry for the shit that was said. Nobody understands that you loved me so much that you would hurt your own brother because you thought I was going to get hurt. Nobody wants you back." he said unable to look at James. He sighed. He didn't figure anythig would get through his skull past his ego, but he knew he had to try. "I know we all said some hurtful things, and I get that you thought Luther was going to use me. But instead of anyone bothering to talk to me and see how I felt about that, you assumed I was going to be hurt and you took it out on my uncle. I love you and I always will, but you hurt the other two people I love as well, so I got angry and I called you something terrible and I would take it back if I could. I understand if you hate me, I do too right now. We were all at fault on this, but if you hate me so much that you're going to refuse to come back, I'm sorry. I love you, but I'll leave if that's what you wish." He kept his head down. He knew he was rambling and he was past the point of tears. He was actually afraid that James wouldn't believe he was serious because he wasn't crying.

Jerry was too scared to say a word but he clung onto Luther's hand tightly as he stood there praying that James wouldn't kill him right then and there.

James looked up, not an ounce of emotion on his face, "Then go because I thought I made it obvious when I left." He said. Luther blinked back in confusion. He wasn't expecting James to actually break up with Erorn, but he understood too that being called a freak had set him back. It was bad enough he didn't like his eye. He had made the eyepatch a strong point and Erorn had torn that down. James turned his attention to JJ, "Seriously... a shaken dog. If I wanted to actually kill you I would have done it by now." He said. "Now get out." This time he sounded annoyed. A body guard that had been in the corner of the room started walking towards them. Luther glared at him before looking back at his brother, "You made me fucking try with Erorn. So I did... for you. And you can't even try with JJ? He is willing, James. WILLING. And what the fuck, you are just giving up on Erorn? After all this stuff you put us through just to throw him away like a used cloth? No... I won't accept it. I will leave with Erorn.." He walked over to JJ and pulled him in front if James desk. "But you will keep him and if you so much as lay a harmful finger on him I will beat the fucking shit out of you. You know exactly what I am capable of." The body guard stayed in place. Luther walked out, dragging Erorn with him. He told his mother the address they were at and that if she cared so damn much about him that she would make an effort to come see him. Then he placed Erorn in the wagon and rode off.

Jerry was left in shock. He didn't have a clue what to do, he just stood there. He didn't dare say a word to James, he trusted that he wouldn't kill him and he hoped that Luther was good on his threats. He understood what Luther was expecting, but he would have liked to have been let in on his plan. He got the courage to speak. "I didn't expect him to do that." Was all he was able to get out, but he still tried not to make direct eye contact with him.

Erorn was confused by the plan at first as well, but realize what he was doing soon after. The pain had finally become too much for him though. The fact that James was tossing him out like a piece of trash hurt like a knife to the chest. "He doesn't want me anymore. I fucked it up" he kept muttering to himself as he sat in the back of the wagon. The whole ride home he was in a state of devestated shock and seemed to be staring out into space at nothing. His eyes had tears running down like a leaking fauctet, but there was no sobbing. It was like his eyes knew more of what happened than his mind. Erorn felt broken, like his heart had finally been shattered into pieces too small to put back together. When they finally got home he looked like a zombie, an empty husk of a person with nothing living inside anymore. He had finally snapped like a switch had been turned off in his mind to turn off his emotions. He just stopped feeling so he didn't have to feel the pain.

James stared at Jerold like a child would stare at a useless toy. "And what exactly am I suppose to do with you? Just go... sit over there or something and stay out of my way." He said before continuing to work on his papers. The redheaded girl came back and looked at Jerold before going sit back on his lap. She said nothing, but she looked over at him like she would tear his throat out if he got too close to James. "Garnet, stop that." He said without looking up from his papers. She pouted, "Yes, Sir. But what are we going to do with him?" She asked. James sighed and leaned back. "He is asexual, nothing can be done with him. He was okay in the black market, but honestly a good bit of my men want to strangle the shit out of him. So it isn't like he could start that up again. Go have fun with him and let me get back to work." He said. She smiled and got up, walking to him. She yanked him up, "We are going to make you my pet." She said softly.

"Don't leave marks on him where it can be seen and make sure they heal pretty quickly." He said before they walked out. She took him to her room, which was like a little girl's room. "You have cause my James great pain... it is only right that you should endure some too, no?" She asked innocently.

When Luther and Erorn got home he went in the back to get him and saw a hollowed version of him. "Erorn..." He said softly as he climbed in. "He will come around... he is still hurt." He cupped his face. "You have to understand how deeply you hurt him. He wasn’t just going to get over this in a couple weeks.” He said trying to get him out of this state. “Please don’t leave me like this.” He begged.

Erorn looked blankly at Luther, his words barely getting through to him. He started to sob. He grabbed and hugged Luther “I’m sorry, I’m so damn sorry!” He cried into his shoulder. “I didn’t know how much that word would hurt him, would hurt you. He was treating Jerry like he was a freak, it was the first thing that came to mind. Fuck I’m an idiot! I’m a big fucking asshole!”

Jerry looked at Garnet. He pitied the girl stuck as James’ toy to be used. “I have done nothing to James, but it’s not like you’re the type to listen to someone like me, so do what you will. I will endure. I’ve been a coward all my life, I might as well act like a fucking man for the one I love. I don’t know what you expect from me, but I doubt you’ll be happy.” He stated dryly.

Luther held Erorn until he had stopped crying, “I know you didn’t know and I wish I could have stopped you from saying it. I wish I could go back in time and change everything and done it correctly, but we are just going to have to hope that what I have planned worked.” He said softly, pulling him into his lap and holding him until he was ready to move.

Garnet smirked, “Oh no…I won’t start off with hurting you just yet.” She smiled and sat on his lap. “Hmm... it must suck not being able to get it up. I mean… from what I know Luther is a very sexual man. I wonder how long he will last before he gets tired of you. I mean… your nephew is the younger and useful version of you. Let’s be real… I would rather him too. Also.. I find it kind of creepy that he looks more like you than his own father.” She plucked a grape from the bowl on the table and ate it before lifting his chin, “You have been naughty, hm?” She smiled evilly.

Jerry almost laughed at the implication of him being the Erorn’s father. “You don’t know much of love do you? There are more things to a relationship than sex. While it is… irritating that nothing has ever managed to give me the arousal that so many take for granted. I honestly don’t blame you, Erorn is a very cute young man, I wouldn’t blame Luther for getting with him if I were able to get it up. But I believe that Luther loves me and that’s why our relationship works. Has anyone ever loved you? Not just family, but like a real boy friend? You do realize James isn’t your boyfriend right? You’re just as much his toy as I am yours, more so actually. You’re willingly being his toy and you’re useful to him, for now. What do you think he’s going to do with you when he’s done?” Jerry asked, his tone still dry.

Erorn couldn’t bring himself to look Luther in the eyes. He felt so guilty. He looked down at his feet as Luther held him “I hope your plan works too. It worked on you at least, but James is a lot more stubborn than you are. I feel bad for Jerry, it’s not going to be easy for him.” He sighed “We should probably go inside.” He took Luther’s hand and walked back into the house. With just the two of them it felt as empty as Erorn felt inside. “I love you. I always want you to know that. Please, if I start to slip away like that again, remind of that. It should help to pull me back.” He told Luther “Is there anything I can do to help you? I know you’ve got to be dying inside right now too.”

Garnet blinked unphased, “You think I am stupid enough to think James was my boyfriend? I don’t want a boyfriend I want a master… and I got that. Thanks for trying though, old man. Plus who gives a shit about love. It just ruins people… I mean look at what it did to my poor James. And what about you… your track record for keeping anyone is… well short.” She smiled and played with his hair. “What a waste... “ She sighed. “Does your relationship work? I mean… Luther left you in the lion’s den for his brother to chew you up and spit you right back out. We all know what Luther is capable of… my sister has seen it first hand and it is still talked about.” She looked up at him, “You don’t even know what he has done… the people he has killed. Innocent ones too, for that fact. Anyway, like I said, he left you. Not saying if he was going to come back or not. You seemed to have looked shocked when he did which means he didn’t even tell you.” She laughed. “Nothing comes between these brothers… you may have split them up for a bit, but they will get rid of you if you are too much trouble, which you are.” She got up and went looked through her closet. There was a mixture of men and women’s clothing. “You know James had me dress up as Erorn for some time.” She said smiling. “Funny how he threw away your nephew like he was trash.” She looked over her shoulder at him, “I guess your whole family was destined for failure.”

Luther nodded at him, “I will always bring you back. I don’t like being alone as much as you do.” He said softly. He thought about it, “Not really… I thought I was going to be okay with this plan, but now I am second guessing myself.” He laughed nervously. “I know that girl and her family… they aren’t… uhm the nicest people around. Well I mean they can be if they like you enough, but if Garnet gets to him…” He sighed. “I have to believe that he still loves you and that he is figuring out that he wants us and not whatever is in that house. And I have to believe he wouldn’t hurt Jerold too much.” He looked away, “I just hope he doesn’t die from being so damn scared.”

Jerry had all but stopped listening to her. He knew she wasn’t lying about any of what she was saying, but giving her words any value was more than she deserved. He had finally manned up. “I have no doubt that Luther has done some terrible things. I don’t know if he’s coming back or not. You’re right about all you’ve said. But I don’t care. If he comes back for me and things work out, great. If he doesn’t, if he and James can’t work anything out, if I’m nothing more than an obstacle for them to overcome, that’s fine too because I had a few good days with Luther. Even if they were to kill me right here and now I got far more from Luther than I ever fucking deserved. I’m a vile coward and I can’t escape the shit I’ve done in my life to save my own fucking skin. I deserve to die. Nothing you can do to me is anything I don’t deserve. I won’t play the victim here. I care for Luther more than anything, but I won’t pretend that I deserve him. I’m not worth the trouble he’s putting into this whole thing, but it’s not like I could ever convince him of this. So like I said do what you’re going to do, I just don’t care.” He sighed at her.

Erorn sighed. “I hope you’re right. I’d hate to lose both of them.” He turned to Luther. “I’m not really looking to be alone either. Would you sleep in my bed tonight?” He asked, his voice soft yet raspy. He needed the warmth of the one person who still loved him. He went to build a fire in the living room, the house was cold and drafty without anyone keeping the fires lit. He tried to keep his mind off of what was
going on so that he wouldn’t fade away again.

Garnet grabbed a suit that would look good on him and walked back to Jerold before giving him the suit. “Wear it.” She commanded. She sat in her chair and watched, “Again… a waste. That’s okay… I have special sugar cubes that can make you less wasteful.” She smirked evilly. “But that will come later. Just hope you like being called daddy. Now chop chop, I don’t have all day and you have people to meet.” She said while playing with a curl.

Luther held him close after he lit the fire, “Let me tell you the story of my people.” He laughed while dragging him into his lap. “My family has been in the black market business since the black market became.... You know the black market. That is all we have ever known. My family was one of the top sellers and most likely because my so many greats grandfathers were all like my father. Brutal fucks who gave no shit about anyone but the money. Well… except for a few of my uncles. They are still in business and aren’t so much like my father. Stern, yet wield a tender hand. Anyway, James was like that for a long time… a brutal fuck. He did his job for the money and pleasure. He couldn’t have cared less about the clients. He was pretty much like the way he is now. Except he didn’t have Garnet by his side. I don’t know what that is all about.” He frowned, he didn’t want to bring up Garnet. They were practically all over each other when they walked in. “Either way, he is slipping back to that point of only caring about the money, except this time he seems to have put me on the things to not care about. So I left Jerold… in hopes that he will still cling on to caring about someone. Protect someone who isn’t family. And if he can do that then we can have hope he will come back to us.”

Jerry put the suit on as he was told. He raised an eyebrow at the comment about sugar cube that could help him. “I’ve tried a lot of things; herbs, drugs, even consulting with witches. If you have something that can wake the sleeping thing in my pants, I may have to buy some off of you when this is over. If I’m still alive that is.” He tried not to sound too excited. After he was completely dressed, he stood in front of her. “So what now?”

Erorn listened intently like a child being told a bedtime story. He wrapped his arms around Luther and held onto him. “That story needs a happier ending.” He tried to lighten the mood, though he was still partly serious. He kissed Luther on the cheek before laying his head on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and was finally starting to calm down. He was glad that he was light and not too heavy to be on Luther’s lap. He soon fell asleep.

Garnet watched and looked over him as he undressed. “Not a bad body for an old man.” She said and stood up. “Now what shall we do with you. I can’t put you with anyone because you don’t like sex.” She puffed her cheeks out. “You do look good in that suit. And you wouldn’t take my happy sugar cubes?” She sighed. “Well sit down and we can have tea together.” She said and peeked her head out the door. She told her guard to go get tea and some finger sandwiches before coming back to sit down. “Now… I don’t usually torture my dolls until after a day or so, but you look so ready for it.” She giggled.

Jerry was trying not to let the situation get to him, but this girl was out of her mind. He didn’t dare question her. He wondered what kind of sugar cubes she had and if they would work for him to be with Luther. He sat down as he was told and gave her an uneasy smile. “I don’t know what you plan to do, but it can’t be anything I don’t deserve. I have a reason to endure, regardless of what you tell me or how you try to make me turn against him.” he said with a hint of defiance in his voice that shocked even him.

She leaned over the table and giggled, “I saw how you got interested when I talked about my special sugar cubes, but don’t worry, You will never get to taste those, but I guess it wouldn’t harm you to know what they do. I usually slip them in my male doll’s tea.” She giggled, “It springs them right up.” She said before crawling on the table towards him and sitting down in front of him. “Would it be better if I torture Luther? You see… I can always just get James in a rough and rowdy mood and bam! I can do whatever I want. If I wanted I could beg him to let Luther feel… he could be torture so sweetly. And your little nephew couldn’t do a thing about it.” She smiled.

Asham came with tea and sandwiches. She sat in Jerold’s lap as he set up the table. Once he was out she looked up at him, “The tea is hot… test it out... with your finger and don’t move it till I say so.” She giggled.

Jerry cringed at the thought of her torturing Luther. It wasn’t an option for him, he would do as she said no matter how depraved. He shrugged off the sugar cubes, he had tried many things in the past to no luck, so he just assumed her drugs wouldn’t work either. He stuck his finger in the tea. It was just below the boiling point. “SSSsssss” He breathed in sharply through clenched teeth. He kept it there waiting for Garnet to tell him to remove it.

She waited a moment before taking his finger out and sucking on it before placing his hand down on her lap. “Good job… you are going to make one fine doll indeed.” She said, tilting his chin up a bit. Then smirking. She went into her closet and produced a tin out. She showed him her sugar cubes. “You see these sweet little babies. One should would work fine on regular men. I would give you three… mmm but I would save that for later.” She took one of the knifes and sat down on the table in front of him. “Do you still feel pain if say… someone would stab it? I mean… you aren’t using it right?” She smiled and raised the knife up. James had walked in just in time.

“Garnet… what the fuck is going on?” He growled. She froze and slowly brought down the knife.

“I was just scaring him.” She said, looking at her doll instead of him.

James glared at both of them. “You aren’t allowed to seriously hurt him. I want you in my bed chambers tonight.”

Her eyes got wide and she turned to him, “But it is my ovulation week.” She said.

He turned around and glared at her, “And? Your point?” He asked. It was clear he didn’t care.

“I… you know I could.. You don’t use protection, James.” She said softly, looking down at the table.

“Again… your point is” He was getting annoyed.

“I… I don’t want kids.” She said softly.

He walked up to her, yanking her chin up to look at him. “Since when do I care what a simple pet like you does and does not want?” He asked.

Her body had tensed up, “N-Never.” She whispered.

He let go over her chin and looked at Jerold, “Good… now finish up with him and come meet me.” He said. James walked out and left her there almost as broken as her doll. It took her a moment to gather herself. “You sleep here, with me. Eat and drink as much as you wish. If you want something more ask Asham outside my door.” She said before rushing off to James’ chambers. Three days after James came back home she was visiting his mother. On her way to leave she bumped into him. The next day she moved into the Silverson Manor and became his pet. She loved it for the most part, except when he got angry. She knew he would be extra rough with her.

Garnet got undressed and slipped the green robe on before lying in his bed. James came in moments later and began stripping. He looked annoyed, probably because of his brother coming over with the two twerps. He walked over to her and yanked her to the edge of the bed. She smiled up at him like the good pet she was. “Since when do I care?” He growled.

“Never.” She whispered.

Jerry let out a sigh of relief after Garnet left. He wasn’t thrilled by the idea of sleeping in the same room as her, but right now that was the least of his worries. She was just as much a toy as he was, but she was so screwed up she enjoyed it. He started questioning how James could have changed so easily from the sweet, caring person that Erorn loved, that he saw show that love hundreds of times in the four months that he’d been in the house, into the person who was here now. It was insane what a little pain could do to a person. He took a sip of the tea in the cup and realized how tired he was. He wasn’t going to assume that he would be allowed to sleep in her bed, so he curled up next to the fireplace and laid down before falling asleep.

When James dismissed her she went to shower. Her whole body ached, but the hot water on her skin made her feel a bit better. Her hand ran over her stomach. Would he throw her out once she got pregnant? Would he actually want her baby? She was so angry at him. She sat in the shower and hugged her knees to her chest as she let the hot water fall over her.

When she was done she slipped her robe on and went to her room. She looked at the old man sleeping by the fire and nudged him with her foot till he woke up. “What the fuck are you doing, idiot? Have you never had a pet?” She rolled her eyes. “Get in the fucking bed.” She said before getting dressed. Her bed was pretty big and could easily have their space. She climbed into her bed, the bruises were already starting to show on her skin. Garnet got under the covers and stared at the fire.

Jerry got up. “Sorry, I wasn’t sure what kind of pet I was supposed to be. I never let my dog sleep in the bed and I didn’t want to assume.” He didn’t know why he was apologizing and explaining himself. He saw her bruises in the fire light and for a moment he forgot how crazy she was and just saw the girl that was hurting in front of him. “Is he always that rough with you?” He asked for some reason he found himself concerned for her. He noticed how she seemed to wince with pain as she got into bed. His instinct was to hold her, but he fought that urge and just crawled into the bed on the opposite side after stripping down to his boxers.

She didn’t look at him, “Pets shouldn’t be concerned with the affairs of their master, but not this rough.” She said. He made the bed warm once he got into her bed. “I think it was because I said something about not wanting to get pregnant and that you and your goons came over. I like when he is rough, but there is always passion behind it. This time… it was like he just wanted…” She sighed. “It doesn’t matter. Just be lucky I am not like him” She said and closed her eyes.

Jerry felt a little bit of guilt for coming over. Not that it was his idea. He didn’t think there was much he could do to help her. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. The bed was more comfortable than he was expecting, but it just seemed to be empty since he wasn’t at home.

She turned over to him after a while and saw him sleeping. “Stupid old man.” She whispered as she pushed his hair out of his face. “You know nothing…” She whispered before turning back around and falling asleep.

She was the first one up. She had gotten ice and crawled back into bed before putting it in his pants.

Luther woke up for a minute, pulling Erorn close to him, before going back to bed. He wasn’t going to let this one go.

Jerry woke up after a few seconds. “For fuck sake I can still feel it.” He called out as he jolted upright. He hoped that this wasn’t how she planned to wake him up every morning.

Erorn grinned when he felt Luther pulling him close. It made him feel safe. He turned to face Luther and held onto him tight as well. He nuzzled his face into Luther’s chest and let his heartbeat lul him to sleep again.
Garnet giggled, “Well now I know you can feel something. I don’t think you need three sugar cubes after all. Plus, isn’t that better than stabbing it?” She asked. “Now get ready for breakfast. Your clothes are over there. I put them in your own closet.” She said and popped the ice in her mouth. She was wearing clothing that covered her bruises. If she was sore she didn’t act like it, but she was indeed sore. Sitting was a pain. “Dress slowly and face me.” She said and laid back on her bed.

Luther woke up sometime later and frowned, “I felt James a tad bit last night, but I feel nothing now.” He sighed and kissed Erorn’s neck before tickling him and pinning him down. “Hmm to tickle you till you beg for me to stop or not?” He thought about it and tickg

Jerry did as he was told and dressed slow into the outfit she set out for him. “Yes that was much better than cutting, and on a completely unrelated topic, please tell me we’re not having sausage for breakfast.” He chuckled. He figured that keeping her happy and laughing would keep him on her good side and the torture to a minimum.

Erorn Laughed and let Luther tickle him longer than he normally would have, it felt good to laugh in all of this so he took advantage of it. He finally started to beg Luther to stop tickling him. He sat up in the bed and looked into his eye and kissed him passionately. He could feel the worry even without an emotional link. “I’m never going to leave you.” He whispered in Luther’s ear. “I’ll do everything I can not to drift away like last night, now that I know how much it hurt you.” He pulled Luther out of bed and downstairs to make him breakfast.

She sighed, “Of course we are, silly pet. I hear you like the links.” She smiled and watched him. “What a shame you are letting that great body waste away.” She said pouting. “I should leave little scars all over it. Make it look like you actually did something in your life besides run.” Garnet said and go up. She put a gold collar around his neck and added a golden chain. “Come on now…” She said and yanked his chian enough to make him lunge forward a bit. She walked him to the dining room where James and his mother were eating.

“Well I see you are taking this pet thing seriously.” His mother said.

“Yes ma’am. Doesn’t he look cuter with the collar?” She asked.

His mother smiled and nodded. James scuffed. “If you think so.” He said and finished his plate before leaving. If anyone had paid close attention they would have seen the look on her face. She wanted him to stay and eat with her.

Luther smiled, “good. I would die…” He said dramatically before following him. He sat on the countertop and watched. “You know I could just have you for breakfast and it would be enough.” He smirked and got down, leaning over and gently biting his ear.

Jerry looked to Garnet and couldn’t believe the words he was about to ask. “Am I allowed to eat at the table or would the lady prefer me to eat on the floor?” he asked almost choking on the humiliation.

Erorn laughed at Luther’s comment about eating him. He tried to focus on not burning the pancakes and other food, but Luther nibbling on his ear was driving him crazy. “Mmm.” He moaned.

Garnet blinked while James’ mother giggled. “You really don't know how to be a pet.” She laughed softly as she turned to look at him. “I wouldn't have denied you a seat at the table, but now you have put the thought in my head. But I won't let an old man sit on the floor to eat. Sit at the table.”

Jerry said nothing and ate at the table. He couldn’t figure out how James’ mom could sit by and watch weird shit like this, but then she seemed to just as messed up in the head as everyone else in that house. He didn’t understand why Luther thought she could help get James in the right frame of mind when she seemed to just go along with all his crazy whims.


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#, as written by Sambea
James and Luther’s mother had taken her leave from the table once Jerold began to eat. The servants hurried to pick up the plates left behind before disappearing into the kitchen. Garnet turned to him and watched him eat for a moment before speaking, “You are so handsome… why can’t you work properly.” She sighed. “I could totally match you with Rebbacca.” Garnet pouted and finished her food. She pointed to her empty plate and a servant came get it. Her attention went back to him, “I want you to list what you know about being a pet so I know where to take off and teach you.” She said.

Luther sat on one of the kitchen chairs and smiled, licking his lips. “You never disappoint, Erorn.” He said before taking a bite of his breakfast that Erorn finally finished. For a moment he forgot about everyone else, James and JJ.

Jerry smiled gently at the comment about him being handsome. “Believe me, that is a question I’ve asked most of my life since I hit puberty. It’s not like it’s a choice. Though some ignorant people believe it is and that is a shame.” He thought for a second. “I’ve never been anyone’s pet before, but I suppose the most important rule is to always do as the master says. That’s pretty much all I really know.” Jerry said honestly.

Erorn loved getting lost in being with Luther and for a short time letting the world melt away. He grinned as he served Luther breakfast. “Neither do you, babe. You always make my toes curl.” He stared at him lovingly. “I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you made me feel a lot better, and not just physically, but emotionally too. Thanks.” He smiled.

Garnet looked up over, “Looks like I will be teaching the old dog new tricks.” She sighed. When Jerold was finished she took him to the study and told him to stand in the middle of the room as she sat on one of the couches. “Well, first off. You don’t actually act like an animal. No sleeping or eating on floors, unless your master or mistress actually tells you to, most of them won’t. Second, you are not wrong about always doing what they say.” She said. Her face changed a bit as she thought about last night with James. “I usually would have you a woman pet by now… but you are broken and my only available girl is too good for that. So you are stuck with me.” She smirked evilly. “Lucky for you James doesn’t want me physically doing anything with other men.” Her eyes rolled. Garnet got silent for a moment. “What was he like with Erorn before came here?” She asked, curious.

Luther got up and kissed the top of Erorn’s head. “Anything for you, Erorn.” He said softly and lifted his chin, “I love you. I just don’t want you thinking I love you any less because I love your uncle too. I know you don’t, but… it is hard not to think you do deep down.”

Jerry gave her a thoughtful look. “I only lived with them for about four months, but from what I observed, James would only share Erorn with Luther. Apparently there was a big deal about it when he first got into the relationship with them. Erorn only wanted James. Kind of ironic that James tossed him out after all the work he put into their relationship.” Jerry, looked nostalgic for a second.

Erorn smiled at him. “It’s not that I think you love me less, or anything like that. I’m just still a kid when it comes to my emotions and I’m selfish and a little jealous. I know that’s not the correct way to act, so I’ve none my best not to. But I honestly didn’t want to share you with him, I was okay with James because of the bond, but I wasn’t sure what to do about Jerry, I loved him too because he was my uncle. And I was a little jealous because he didn’t have to try to earn your love and I had to work hard to tear down your walls.” He smiled at Luther. “But I’m over it now. I love you all, and now that we’re two men down, I realize just how childish those feelings were and I wish I hadn’t felt that way.”

Garnet narrowed her eyes at him. “I don’t think he threw away anything. He is just protecting himself, which you can’t blame him since it seems like your nephew doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. I guess he is only good when he has something in his mouth.” She said, looking bored. “If I was James I would take Erorn and throw him in one of his houses as an escort. He would do well, with a good beaten so he learns his lesson and what exactly he is. But there is Luther… stupid man.” She sighed. “Well he has you now and if love doesn’t need sex then he doesn’t need Erorn. Hmm I wonder if James would be opposed to taken him and shoving him into one of the houses now. Or we can throw you in.” She laughed. “Just joking I would kill anyone who laid a hand on my pet.” She got up right when the door opened. A pair of men came walking in.

“Well I be damn...if it isn’t Pussy Foot Jerold.” The tallest man laughed. “I couldn’t believe it when they said you were living with James now. The one man who would love to see you dead more than all of is. Well, maybe I can do him the favor of not getting his hands dirty.” He started walking over towards him and Garnet stepped in front of him. “Excuse me, you won’t touch my pet. I highly doubt James would be happy with you killing hi-” She was shoved out of the way and hit the floor. “Bitches should be seen not heard, unless fucking them of course.” He laughed. “We will deal with you after, sweetheart.” He looked back at Jerold. “Now where were we?”

Garnet saw the familiar shoes walk in the door and looked up to see James. He looked greatly pissed. He helped Garnet up to her feet before looking over at the men. “You have some nerve coming in my house and laying your filthy hands on my property.” James said. If his face didn’t say he was pissed, his voice sure did.

“Aye, boss… we were just playing. The girl is a bit weak, I barely pushed her.” He laughed nervously. “Plus why keep the old man? Let us take care of him for you.”

James took a step closer, “What part of property didn’t you understand? If I wanted him dead he would be dead already. Asham, Liam, take these men to the cellars. I will deal with them later.”
“Boss come on!” The men shouted as they were dragged away. James turned his attention to Garnet. “You okay? Did you hit the ground too hard?”

Garnet blushed, “N-No… I caught myself so my stomach didn’t hit anything.”

James nodded and pulled her hands to his lips and kissed the brush burn. “As long as you are okay.” Then he turned to Jerold and sighed, shaking his head before turning back to Garnet. “My bed chambers in twenty.” He said and kissed her head before walking out.

“I wish I knew what I did to piss him off so much.” Jerry sighed after James had left. “It’s sad that he’s doing all this shit because Erorn called him a name. The kid should have fucking killed me when he had the chance. Nobody would have blamed him.” He muttered. He had no idea how he was supposed to do anything to change James’ feelings if he never got to even talk to him. Not that he could get through to him. He looked to Garnet. “Thank you, I guess for attempting to save me.”

Garnet stared at him in total disbelief. “You are one stupid man, Jerold. All you ever do is think about yourself. With your brother, you thought about your life more than his and his wife and Erorn’s. Luther, you think about yourself. James, you think about yourself. Don’t make me regret attempting to save you.” She walked to the door and turned around. “As for that name, you don’t understand shit about love I guess. So never lecture me on it again. You know nothing of James and how he felt towards your stupid nephew. But then again you wouldn’t know shit about anything because all you can do is shove your head up your ass. You can go back to my room and stay there. Don’t sit on anything except the floor. Don’t leave till I tell you too. Asham will be over to watch you.” She said before going off and going into James’ chambers where she got ready for him.

James came some time after her. He was gentle with her this time, like a totally different man. He kissed the bruises he left on her and her stomach. She had closed her eyes and prayed she wasn’t, she was too young to start a family anyway. Eighteen was nothing and with his brother and stupid ex boyfriend she didn’t want to be pregnant with that. She only wanted her dolls to have families.

Once he was done with her he kept her there for a while, just holding her. She never saw this side of him and wondered what brought this on. She didn’t ask, scared to ruin his good mood. When he finally let her go she was just out the door when James told her the reason why he picked her as a pet and her heart sunk, but she smiled and left him to his own devices before going shower. She didn’t feel like dealing with Jerold right now and went to her other dolls for the time being.

Jerry went back to her room and sat on the floor like she said. Her words got under his skin. “It’s kind of hard not to think about yourself when someone is so fucking pissed at you.” He muttered. He didn’t understand the significance of Erorn calling James a freak, he would give her that much. Still all this seemed like an overreaction to name calling. He thought back on all his mistakes he had made in his life and Garnet had a point. The one thing they had in common was the fact that he had been selfish. He was beginning to question whether he should be with anyone. People always got hurt around him. He let some dark thoughts pass through his mind. A few tears rolled down his cheek. Maybe that would be for the best.

Asham had made his way into the room in time to see Jerold crying. He shook his head and sat down on the couch, reading the paper. He didn’t see why he had to watch over an old man, but Garnet had ordered him too and he liked not feeling the wrath of her or James.

Garnet had made her way through the house thinking over things. She married people so she didn’t have to get married herself and here James comes wrecking her plans up. If she could get James to go back to those stupid men, but part of her didn’t want to let him go. They didn’t deserve him, especially not the old man in her room. One of the servants told her lunch would be ready in thirty minutes. She thanked her and walked back to her room as slow as possible.

She took a couple breaths and walked in. “Asham you are dismissed.” He stood and nodded before taking his leave. She looked at him like a child would with a disappointing toy. “Get undress and dress in something fitting to sit on the floor. You will be eating lunch on it and while you are at it put your collar and leash on.” Garnet ordered before going over to one of the doors in her room and walking in.

Jerry didn’t speak, but did as he was told. He found some clothes that looked a little more ragged and put those on. He then put the collar and Leash on. He sat on the floor and waited for further instructions. He wasn’t sure how to feel anymore. It seemed like no one in this whole mess was completely in the right or the wrong, but he was starting to feel like he was only making things worse.

She came out and looked him over, “Fitting.” She said before grabbing the leash and tugging on it so he would walk with her. She got there just in time to see the servants putting out the food. “You can put his plate on the floor over there, thanks.” The servant nodded before doing so. James looked up at her and then to him. It was obvious he wanted to ask what she was doing but he shrugged and put his head back down. He was doing more paperwork, his mother would not be attending lunch with them.

She ate slowly, “James…” She said softly.

He looked up at her for a moment, “Yes?”

“What are you going to do about Erorn?” She asked.

He stopped eating and blinked at his plate, “Nothing. I have ended it with him and everyone associated in that… mess. I have you, remember? I want to get you in a wedding dress before you start to show, so once we are finish here I will send the seamstress.”

She winched at the mention of her wedding dress and the fact that he truly believed she was pregnant. “Sounds wonderful.” She said with a smile, like the good pet she was.

Jerry ate in corner where the servant had placed his food. He listened to the conversation. He could no longer see the same man that he had spent four months with. This wasn’t the man that loved Erorn, this was a man who seemed detached from how he really felt. He didn’t say anything and just observed. He barely felt like eating, but he didn’t want to piss anyone off. He could see that Garnet wasn’t keen on the idea of getting married or maybe it was having his kid, hell it might have been both, but she looked like she was scared.

Once Garnet and James were finished they went their separate ways. She was nice enough to wait till Jerold was done before tugging his leash to follow her back to the room. Closing the door she sighed. “Now you know…” She looked up at him. “He doesn’t want Erorn back or maybe he does and he is using me as an excuse. Which just pisses me off!” She screamed, not at him but towards everything else.

“Like… I wouldn’t have mind having his kids and marrying him after some time when I knew he was legit over Erorn. I don’t see so much in him except being used as a toy. I am going to end up like his fucking mother except my father willingly gave me to him. Or should I say my fucking mother since my father is off running around like a fucking chicken with his head cut off.”

The seamstress came in and took her size before leaving. Asham came around thirty minutes later with tea. She stared at Jerold for a moment before going get her tin and sitting down. She point to the chair across from her. “Sit.” She demanded.

“You will go to James… after drinking your tea. He will be in his office, he doesn’t have a body guard so you should be good. Tell him you have been thinking it over and you are willing for him to have you sexually if he would go back with you and Erorn, and Luther. Tell him you will be submissive. Anything for him to want to not marry me. It may be too late for the pregnancy part.” She said before dropping two cubes of sugar in his tea and stirring. “Now drink.”

Jerry thought about the idea. It wasn’t the greatest idea, but right now it was the only plan they had that seemed to have a shot of working, though he doubted that James would want an old man. He looked at Garnet and thought about how her life could end up being if she were forced to get married to James and have his child. He remembered the bruises and his heart sank. He took the tea and downed it. “Well here goes nothing, If I don’t come back, tell Luther and Erorn I loved them.” He smiled at her.

He walked down to James’ study and went in. He saw James doing paperwork, he didn’t look up from it and Jerry didn’t try to meet his gaze. He took a deep breath. “I’m sorry to disturb you, James, but I’ve been thinking things over since I was left here. It’s time I did something for someone other than myself. It was clear that Luther and Erorn are… not complete without you. I would be willing to submit to you on a physical level and give myself to you if you would take back Luther and Erorn. They need you, even if you don’t need them and if it means I have give myself without attraction, I’ll do it to make them and you whole again.” He closed his eyes and winced. He was prepared for James to go off on him for such an insane suggestion, but he wasn’t going to run away from this, for once he was going to stand up for something.

James blinked down at his papers before looking up at Jerold. The first thing he saw was his bulge. “I see someone gave you Garnet’s sugar cubes.” He said almost amused. “You know how painful it is going to be if you don’t relieve yourself?” He laughed at how stupid the two were. Then his jaw clenched, “Why would I go back to any of them, Jerold? What gain do I get from going back to them? An emotion child, a stupid brother… and an old man. I am marrying Garnet. She will have my child and so the cycle goes. Now…” He looked up at him and sighed, “You are going to do something about that? Or should I do it for you? I mean if you squint I kind of look like Luther.” He was making jokes, which was a good sign for Jerold.

Jerry was starting to feel the pain James had mentioned. “You’re right, he’s an emotional kid and your brother is fucking crazy to leave me here… but you and I both know they love you. But since they aren’t here to show you how much they love you, I guess I’ll have to do it on their behalf.” Jerry gave his best attempt at a seductive smile. He kept in mind the reason he was doing this. He went over to James’ side of the desk.

James didn’t stop him, he looked too much like Erorn. “I was just… going to.” He cleared his throat and cleared his mind. He made Jerold stop and cleared a spot on his desk.
James sat back in his chair, licking his lip. “If you want, I have Garnet for that.” He said staring up at him. “You don’t have to do anything to try and bring me back to Erorn or Luther. Even if I wanted to go… I couldn’t.” He said. “I have responsibilities here and Garnet.”

Jerry looked down at him with sad eyes. His heart sank with those words, like he had been stabbed in the heart. “And I wouldn’t suppose they could ever be with you here then, huh? You know they would do anything for you?” He said as he pulled his clothes back on with a defeated look.

James cupped Jerold’s face. “You thought by letting me fuck you I would just up and go back to Luther and Erorn?” He chuckled, “It doesn’t work that way. Plus I don’t want them around this, around the dangers of the black market. I don’t know if Luther told you, but killing my father was a lose/lose situation. Either we killed him and I would take on his role or he killed us. Luther chose it for me.” He said. “Now if you could leave and send Garnet to finish up what you started that would be nice.”

“To be honest, I didn’t think it would work, but it wasn’t my idea, but it was the best I had heard.” Jerry said. As he buttoned up his shirt. “It was nice to actually get to talk to you, though. Honestly I thought to you was the best thing to do, but getting you to a point where you would listen was something I never thought I could do, you were so angry. I understand that you don’t want them around the black market, I don’t either personally. I just wish there was a way to tell make it clear to Erorn without breaking his heart.” He gave James an honest smile and walked out of the room back to Garnet’s room. “It was a good try, but it didn’t work. I guess he cares more about his responsibilities than he does about the people who love him. He also said to send you in to finish him off.”

James glared at him while he walked out. He waited for Garnet. Garnet looked up at him and frowned. “What? You couldn’t finish the damn job? It wasn’t bad enough that you failed too?” She hissed. “Go take a damn shower and sit on the floor.” She left him and walked into James’ study.

“You sent me to finish you off?” She asked. He glared at her. “You thought that if I fucked Jerold I would go back to Luther and Erorn? That I wouldn’t marry you?” He growled. She walked over to him. She already knew what was coming.

“Yes… I thought you would see that he was a submissive one and that you would go back to the people who love you the most. I am not ready to marry or have your kid. I want to get to know you fi-” She didn’t get a chance to finish.

She was dismissed after and she went to take a shower. She let the steaming hot water run over her again. Her body was shaking as she cried. “What is so fucking wrong with wanting to get to know someone before… like a good family should start…” She whispered. She didn’t come out till the water ran cold. The house still had servants running about and so she hurried to her room. She didn’t even look at Jerold as she went into her closet and changed. When she walked out she glared at him and Asham walked in. “Take him to the cellar.” was all she said. He nodded and shoved Jerold out of the room and made him walk in front of him. He lead him down a cold and dark room where there were cries and painful moans. When they got to an empty cellar Asham slammed the door shut before walking away,

Jerry figured something terrible would come from communicating with James. Him and Luther seemed to have quite an aversion to just talking to to people and avoiding stupid drama like this. He had meant what he said to James though. He didn’t think the black market was the right place for Erorn. He wondered now if Erorn could be happy with just Luther, if Luther could be happy with just Erorn. He didn’t believe that there was anyway to get through to James at this point, and even if there was, he couldn’t do shit from inside this cell. He was used to being in a solitary environment so that part didn’t bother him and he could tune out the screams. He sat in the corner and closed his eyes to try to relax.

An hour or so later Asham came back down and chained him down to the bed. Garnet came a few minutes later. She looked at Asham and gave him the tools. “James said I can torture him, but it can’t serious wounds and it has to heal pretty quickly.” She said. Asham nodded, “Do you want blood or no blood?” He asked.
She looked at him, “I want his whole body to ache. Put him on the pully.” She said and he nodded. He unchained him and dragged him to the pully in the next room over. He chained him and began to turn the wheel until all four limbs were being pulled.

Jerry kept himself in a relaxed state of mind. He knew if he panicked it would only make things worse and he wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction of screaming or saying anything. He knew why she was mad, and he would probably have done the same in her shoes. He knew how things worked in the black market when it came to being double crossed and he thrown her into the line of fire. He didn’t do it to save himself or anything like that, he was just being honest with James. He didn’t think that lying was going to help him at all. He closed his eyes and did his best to block out the pain.

Garnet wasn’t liking how he wasn’t making much to any noise.

Jerry figured it wouldn’t be long before James came down here. He waited for Garnet’s next twisted plan.

“Couldn’t just let me have my little show alone?” She asked James before getting up.

“I just wanted to see what you were up to when I saw you walking down here. Is that so bad?” He asked. She didn’t answer him and began walking away. James caught her by the arm, “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked her.

“Out, obviously. Or are you going to take me right here? Or am I going to watch you take Jerold? I saw the way you looked at him. I know you see Erorn in him.” She hissed and yanked her arm free and walked out. James didn’t stop her, but turned to him.

“You had fun? Did she slip you another sugar cube? You should have had it all out of your system.” He smirked. “Also… you were thinking of Luther right? What you would do if you were normal?” He walked up and cupped his chin.

He was probably going to regret trying to have a normal conversation with James, but it could only get worse. “Don’t you miss them? I know you don’t want them involved in the black market stuff, but is pushing them away the best idea?”

James glared at him for a moment before letting his chin go and sitting in the chair Garnet had sat in. “I fixed you?” He laughed. “If anyone fixed your broken ass it would have been Garnet. You know, the girl you threw under the bus? The one who was trying to get you back to Luther?” He shook his head. “Of course I miss them and yes pushing them away is for the best. What do you suggest I do? Let the business fail? And then what? Have angry men coming after me and them? Or do you suggest I be like you and coward in a corner, maybe sell this men short and have them killed?”

He got silent. “I miss Erorn’s laugh the most.” He finally said. “Or the way he fit so perfectly against me when we laid down.” He hung his head a bit before standing up. “You are going to figure a way to make up with Garnet before she kills you. You should really learn your lesson about throwing people under the bus, honestly. Well… you can try making it up to her if you can manage to get out the cell.” He laughed.

James walked away and Asham came into the room and yanked him off the table. He was sent back into the cell where his bed was taken away and he only had a blanket. “She said pets don’t sleep on beds.” He said before locking the cell door and going back upstairs.

He knew he had thrown Garnet under the bus, but he didn’t really give a shit about her, she would do so much worse to him if she were able. The only reason she tried to get James to go back to Luther and Erorn was for her own selfish reasons. He wished he had been given a chance to respond to James’ questions. No, James didn’t have to give up the business, but he didn’t have to hurt the others either. He needed to just tell him the situation and talk to him. Sure Erorn would put up a fight, but they could figure something out. He sat in the corner of his cell again and tried to clear his mind.

It was four days before Garnet went check on her pet in the cell. She made sure he got fed and taken out on a walk, but it was by Asham and not her. She refused to see him. James tried to get her to let him out and she refused that too. Told him she will do whatever she wanted to her own pet. James also hadn’t touched her since that day. Her bruises were healing and she didn’t seem so sore. Now here she was staring down at the man.

“You know… at first I just wanted to torture you, then I was like… nah how about I give him a shot. I was nice. I let you sleep in my bed. I let you eat at the table with me. I talked to you like… I was trying to be a friend in my own little weird way. I was trying, but you are no better than you were all those years ago when you threw your own family under the bus.” Her face was almost life less.

“James told me you were fixed. That was a good joke. He said I was the one to do it. It had to be a joke.” Her hands clenched around the bars. “I feel like being bad.. So I was thinking of shipping you off to one of James’ houses. Make sure you get used up real good. Of course, James is going to be pissed, but it isn’t like he doesn’t already hurt me. What is a bit more?”

“You will be shipped off tonight. When Luther gets back he can have a fun time finding you.” She smiled.

Jerry looked at her. He wasn’t angry he was tired. “You’re right. I threw you under the bus. Do you want me to be sorry for that? I didn’t do it for myself I was only being honest with James. I knew that if I were to lie he would have made things worse on both of us. Besides he knew what you were up to before I said anything. He knew what you were up to the second he saw me with a hard-on. And yes I do own you for fixing me. That’s a debt I can’t repay if you ship me off. So yeah you can keep torturing me, make me into a sex slave, keep me here, do whatever you want. I don’t know what you want from me, or if I could even give it to you if I did know. Do whatever you want, you should know by now that it doesn’t matter to me. When I finally get out of here nothing you did to me will mean a thing. You don’t matter enough for me to even send Luther after you. You’re just James’ toy why should I care what a toy does to me?” He said with a dry tone.

She sighed and looked to Asham. “Change of plans. He is to stay here. Give him minimum water and food. If he dies, I don’t care. Send out Elijah and Kever…” She looked over at Jerold. “Tell them to get their men. They are going to kill James’ brother.” Asham nodded and walked out then she turned back. “You are right, who gives a shit what a toy does to you, but what about if this said toy did something to Luther?” She asked. “And before you fucking even say it, I don’t care what James does to me. I am… tired and numb to it all anyway.” She walked out and distracted James all day.

James raised an eyebrow at her when it got late, “What got you in the mood?” He asked. She looked over at him, getting ready to leave his chambers, “Why fight something you can’t control?” She asked.

He blinked, “Do you want… to stay for the night?” He asked softly.

“I rather fucking die.” She hissed before leaving.

Jerry knew she was serious, but he knew there was nothing he could do from inside the cell. He searched for anything he could use to escape, but there was nothing in the cell aside for the blanket. He had no way of overpowering any of the guards, or getting out. He looked up at the rafters and wondered if he could use the blanket to hang himself. He didn’t deserve to live if it got Luther killed. No, he wasn’t going to give up on Luther, he was going to do whatever he could to save him. He wouldn’t kill himself unless he knew for sure that Luther had been killed.

James sat there. He had fucked up everything and he wondered if his father was like the way he was so he could protect himself. He walked out of his room and down into the cellar. He hadn’t seen Jerold in a number of days since Garnet wanted him to see no one, but she went see him today so he might as well. When he got to Jerold he frowned, “What are you so worried about? Garnet got some master tortue plan planned out for you?” He asked.

“James, I know you hate me right now, but you gotta go find Luther. I told Garnet that nothing she did to me mattered, so she sent out Elijah and Kever to go kill him just to hurt me. Please you have to save him!” Jerry pleaded. He didn’t care if James released him or not as long as Luther was saved.

James blinked for a moment, confused. He told one of the guys guarding to get him out of there. Then he let his guard down and tried sending Luther some kind of warning though knowing his brother, the idiot wouldn’t know what the fuck he was doing. James dragged Jerold out of the cellar. “They couldn’t have gotten too far… I hope… first we have to pay a damn visit to Garnet.” He was beyond pissed. To give orders like that, especially his brother. When they got to her room she was sitting and laughing with Asham, Elijah, and Kever. Garnet looked up and smiled, “Can we help you?” She asked sweetly.

James glared, “What the fuck is this?” He asked.

She looked at the three men, “I believe this is a tea party.” She said matter-of-factly.

James pinched the bridge of his nose, “I thought you sent them… why the fuck are they here, Garnet?!”

Garnet smirked evilly, “Oh… since you have the old man with you I guess he told you.” She laughed. “I just told him that so he could sweat it out. Like they would have ever gone and kill Luther. You forget what the hell he could do to half an army. No one is that crazy.” She laughed and the men smirked. Garnet looked back up to him. “Will that be all?” She asked.

James didn’t know whether to beat her for it or praise her for such a tactic. “You are a fucking bitch.” He mumbled.

“And you are an abusive piece of shit, your point?” She asked before taking a sip of her tea. The men looked at both of them.

James sighed, “What do you want to do with Jerold?” He asked.

“The bastard wants to die so damn much, why not put him out of his misery? I have no use for him.” She said simply.

Jerry felt like an idiot for falling for such an obvious trick, but she was so crazy he would be a fool not to listen to her. He knew she didn’t care about his life, why would she? “She’s right. I don’t care if I live or die at this point, because she proved something to me. She proved to me that this isn’t about me. It’s about you, your brother and Erorn. I just showed up at the wrong time. If you guys can figure out how to work things out, that’ll be amazing, but I won’t interfere with any of this anymore.” He said before turning away. He wasn’t going to run, he simply waited for whatever fate James decided to deal out.

James blinked, “I gave him to you. He is your responsibility.” He told her. She looked up at him like she would rip his throat out. “No, he is YOURS. Did your brother come here and give him to me? No… no he fucking did not. He gave him to YOU. You take fucking care of him. I tried being nice. I tried being friends with this piece of shit, for what?! He doesn’t deserve a damn thing, not even fucking death.” She hissed.

James looked down at him, “You may be right, but I can’t kill him. Pack your things, we are going to Erorn’s.” He said.

“Like hell I am going anywhere with you. I rather you just kill me.” She said, her eyes wide. She didn’t think he would go back. “I don’t want your stupid kid and I sure in the hell don’t want to be with you. If anything I am going home. My mother would gladly take me back. You know how much James’ kid would be on the market? That is what she would think... “ She stopped talking and thought about it. “No.. I won’t go home. You will give me what is due and I will live a peaceful-ish life out in a nice town somewhere…” She didn’t know she was crying. “Away from you and your fucked up family. If I am… pregnant then this child wouldn’t have to be around you or anyone of you. They will be safe. I might seem crazy, but at least I know what the fuck I am doing.”

“I don’t set out to torture everyone. Just the assholes like Jerold who doesn’t deserve the air he breathes. I am not the one who sold out my family to save my own ass. Or just thinks of myself all the time.” She got up. “I refuse to go anywhere with you.”

The three men got up and left, they didn’t want to be a part of this. Garnet did what he was told when it came to packing. James thought about it for a moment and looked at Jerold, “Do you… do you think Erorn would take her in?” He asked.

Garnet turned around, “Did you not fucking hear what I just said? Are you that fucking stupid, James?!”

He ignored her to a point, “I can’t have her walking around a random ass town with my kid, especially if I have rivals. What would you do?” He asked him, as if he would ask a trusted advisor.

Jerry looked shocked that James seemed to trust him. He thought for a moment. “I don’t know if he would or not. I know he would do anything for you, so if you asked him he probably would. But, if it were me, I would give her what she asked for, but I would make sure to send bodyguards with her that you trust so that she and the baby were safe.” He looked up at James. “She’s right, all the crap that seems to happen to Erorn, that couldn’t be good for a baby and he doesn’t have the first clue about helping with a child, not that she would let either Erorn or Luther help.”

James looked at both of them, “Alright, but I have a right to my child… she can stay in Ravendale. It isn’t too close or too far. Asham, Kever, and Elijah can stay with her. I will come check up on you a couple of times each week. I…” He straightened his vest and looked away. “I am sorry about how I treated you. How rough I was… and not thinking about what you wanted. I used you to escape Erorn and Luther… and that… that was horrible.” James tried to find the words, “Maybe with the days I visit we can get to know each other? Go on… little dates…”

Garnet just kept packing and when she was done she looked up at him, “What you want me to say? Okay? Sure, why not? What do I explain to our child on why daddy only comes around twice a week? Yes let me tell our child the freaks that is their family. The brothers who share all their lovers between them. How their uncle fucks the uncle...well… not the uncle, but the nephew and is in love with the uncle. How their dad is in on all of that. I can easily give up my obsession with human dolls and pets. Though… maybe not Nathanial. He is adorable… but I am willing to let them all go just so I can get away from everything. So my child can have somewhat of a normal life.”

James clenched his jaw and shook his head, “I am not with Jerold. My heart doesn’t belong to him… no offense,” He said looking back at him. “You seem okay, but Luther can have that. I get why he loves you...but I can’t share everything with him. There needs to be some separation, which kills me, but if he hurts Erorn I will beat him, but Erorn is so…”

“Childish? Not fully mentally developed?” Garnet mumbled.

James glared at her, “Childish in some ways, but he is learning. He was trying to not be so clingy that he actually went out to get a job.” He smiled. Garnet was done packing and went to leave the room when James grabbed her gently by the shoulder to stop her. She winched out of habit and James frowned. “Where you going?” He asked softly.

“Away from this stupid talk. I don’t need to listen how you are infatuated with some child-man.” She said. It was obvious she was hurt.

He leaned down and draped his arms over her shoulder, like Luther did to Jerold, “Maybe I am infatuated with you too… why do you thi-.” He groaned as Garnet shoved her elbow into his stomach.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” She hissed in a whisper before walking away.

Jerry looked at him. He could see the pain in his eyes as he talked about not being able to share with Luther. “I get it, I understand why you wouldn’t. I also understand why Erorn loves you so much.” He grinned a sheepish grin. “Luther loves Erorn too, I don’t think he’ll do anything to intentionally hurt him. Plus, since I seem to be ‘working’ again, he shouldn’t have to turn to Erorn for help in that area anymore.” He smiled a little at the thought of finally getting to be with Luther the way they both wanted. He wanted to surprise him when he got back. “So how soon do we leave?”

James looked down at him, “Again? You mean it worked before?” He shook his head, “as soon as I get some stuff and the bodyguards load everything… so in a few hours. I have to hunt Garnet down. A part of me feels like she just ran away.” He sighed. “Meet me by the door in an hour, we will see if they are ready by then.”

James smiled a bit before walking away and going find Garnet. He searched pretty much everywhere and was about to send the bodyguards out to find her if she ran away when he spotted her outside in the backyard. She was sitting on a bench at the entrance of the garden talking to his mother. A great fear came over him and didn’t want to go out there, but his mother looked up just in time to see him. He was dead, he could feel it. His mother was going to end him and he would never see Erorn again.

Taking a deep breath he walked out. “Hello, mother… Garnet.” He said nicely.

His mother glared at him, “You know… I may have let things play out between you and the girl a bit too long.” She looked back at Garnet and told her she could leave. Garnet nodded and left. When she disappeared inside the house she glared at her son again. “To think… that some part of your father would come out.” She shook her head and James winched. He knew it did and he didn’t like it. He regretted it. “I guess it was bound to happen, with you at least. Luther is the one with the big heart. He couldn’t hurt a fly unless it was going after the people he loved… but you… when you hurt you have to hurt as many people as you can.” She said as she sat back down on the bench.

“I could say at least you didn’t kill her father, right? To force her to have your kid… and marry her, but it looks like the marriage is off, thankfully… you know she would have willingly had it and married you if you just… acted like some kind of decent human. Got to know her… let her know you.” She laughed, “I wanted grandchildren, but not like this. Not like how I was forced to have you and Luther, though I love you two so much. She tells me what you plan to do… I think you should have nothing to do with that child’s life.” She said.

James looked up now, glaring at her, “I will not sit back knowing I have a child in this world and do nothing. They will know of me… I will be there for them, how are you going to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to my own flesh and blood?” He growled.

She glared at him, “Garnet has a point, how are you going to explain that mess you have with your brother? Or the fact that you only visit twice a week? I mean… her dad was hardly ever around and look how she turned out. She wanted a true family, you certainly can’t give her that. I think it will be best she just said you died in a honorable way. Let the kid have a chance at life.” She said.

James couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his own mother, “I… I will not. I will not have my child think I am dead when I am right in front of their face. What if they find out later in life? Then what? I will figure a way for us to work out. I will give her her space for now, if Erorn can’t accept that then I will leave him, I won’t be like father… I won’t be like him to them.” He turned to walk away.

“Yet you turned into your father anyway.” She said and watched him go.

James went pack and met Jerold by the door, Garnet was already in the carriage. “You ready?” He asked.

“You have no idea.” He replied. “Could I ride on the top with you? I’d really rather not piss her off anymore than I already have and I get the feeling just being in there with her would be a bad idea.” He said as he looked up at James.

James blinked, “Sorry, old man… we are both riding in the carriage with her. Unless you want to sit with Asham, be my guest.” He said as they walked out.

He thought for a minute at the option. “Fine, I’ll sit with you guys.” He said before climbing in after James. It was quiet at first and it seemed like it was going to be an entire half-day trip of awkward silence. Jerry was tired of fucking things up so he didn’t dare to say anything unless someone talked to him first.

James looked out the window and Garnet did too. He didn’t know what to talk about and he was calculating things in his head. He wanted to be with her when she was close to her due date. If that meant him moving out for a bit he would. He also wanted to get to know her… he did like her and she had tried to get to know him but he was too far up his ass.

It was Garnet to break the silence, “I was thinking about getting a job when we get to Ravendale. I can sew… and do most things women can do. Maybe open up a doll shop… I have enough of them to start off a small store.” She said.

James looked at her, he didn’t want her to lift a finger, but he couldn’t tell her no either. “What about if you make doll clothes? So that way you can make some money and then you won’t have to sell your dolls. Plus I will see to it that you have enough money to live nicely.”

She didn’t look away from the window, “Maybe until I get my feet on the ground and if I am with your child than you can pay for its livings… I don’t want to live out of your hand forever, James.”

He frowned a bit, “I know… so I was thinking… once you get closer to your due date… that I will stay with you or you with me.”

She looked up at him, “What?”

“Well I want to be there for its birth… I can’t miss that.” He said.

She sighed, “Whatever.”

James realized he would have to find a house before just dropping her off. “You might have to stay with us for a bit till we find you a house.” He said softly.

Jerry thought for a second. “Actually, if you’re really desperate to get away from us, you could live in my old house. It’s not much, but you’d get away from the mess. That’s if you don’t have an issue living in a former pet’s old house.” He said trying to be helpful.

Garnet glared at him, “It will do, but only for a short period until James finds me something better.” She said. They got to Jerold’s old home and helped Garnet get her stuff in. “Uh boss..” Asham asked James. “Where will we be staying? This place doesn’t have enough rooms.”

“Asham you can sleep with me, the other two can share a bed or one can sleep in the guest room and the other on the couch.” Garnet said simply.

James glared at Asham and Garnet. “Sleep… in the same bed?” He asked.

Garnet glared at him, “Yes, are you fucking deaf? What, you scared something happens between me and him? Why the fuck are you worried about it?” She asked.

James eye twitched, “You aren’t his.” He said.

“And I am sure in the hell not yours.” She replied.

“We won’t do anything, Boss… just sleep.” He said a bit nervous.

James glared at him, “That is all you better do. She is my…” He stopped himself.

“Get the fuck out, James.” Garnet said tiredly. James nodded, glaring at Asham before leaving with Jerold. They got back to Erorn’s and James got out, staring at the house. “I still don’t feel comfortable with them sleeping in the same bed.”

Jerry looked at him with a look almost as innocent as one of Erorn’s looks. “You’re scary enough to where he won’t do anything, I’m sure.” He looked at the house too. “It’s nice to be back.”

Erorn had been in the living room when the carriage pulled up. They’re back! He shouted in his head. He wasn’t sure where Luther was in the house and that was easier than shouting out loud. He ran to the door and opened it. He didn’t care whether or not James had forgiven him yet or not and he threw his arms around him. “I’m so sorry.” He cried as he hugged James. “I’ll never do anything so stupid again.”

James smiled when Erorn came running out, he held him close and ran his fingers through his hair. He had missed this. “I am sorry for taking so long to come back, but I am here for now. We have… a lot to discuss so let’s go inside.” He said taken Erorn’s hand in his and walking in to be greeted by Luther.

“Hey brother… what was up with that warning thing?” He asked.

“Nothing to worry about.” James replied.

“Well okay… glad you are back… nice to see you didn’t kill JJ.” He smiled.

“Eh… tried to a few times.” He joked and Luther glared playfully. “Now go talk to him, I think he missed you.” He said and smiled before taking Erorn into his room and sat him down on his bed while he sat on a chair. “A lot… has changed in two to three weeks.” James said trying to find the words to tell him.

“I was… my father for a while… or well becoming him. Garnet, the girl you saw when you two came, she... “ He looked around. “I forced… she may be pregnant. I planned it out so she would be. There is a very high chance that she is. Right now she is staying at Jerold’s old house, but I plan on moving her to a better one soon. It is bad enough she is sharing a damn fucking bed with her damn body guard.” James growled and tried to calm himself.

“Sorry… just… pisses me off. Anyway… I will be visiting her for a few days out of the week. Getting to know her like she wanted to do, though it is pretty clear she rather see me dead. I don’t blame her. I have hurt her emotionally and physically many times and all she wanted to do was get to know me… it is a mess, Erorn. When the time comes… I may leave until she has the baby. Or try talking her into coming here… it is up in the air right now. Did I mention she is going to be fucking sharing a damn bed with a body… ugh… I am sorry if this… kills you. I didn’t plan on ever coming back.” He said softly.

Erorn took a deep breath. This was a lot to take in and he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. He closed his eyes to focus on seeing the big picture. He finally opened them after a few minutes of silence. He looked into James’ eye. “Luther explained a few things to me while you were away. He told me about your obligations and responsibilities to the family business. I understand why you wouldn’t want me to be anywhere near that. I understand a lot more than I’m given credit for. I understand that, initially, you were thinking of me when you threatened Jerry. Even though I was just as much to blame on that one as Luther. He may have been using me, but I took advantage of him using me so I could spend more time with him and not have him complain about my clinginess. But I think I know you well enough to realize what happened. You thought it would be easier to leave me and Luther if we hated you, so you did what you did to Jerry to make that happen.” Erorn sighed and took another deep breath. “I’m okay with you having a child, I’m okay with you being with Garnet, it’s clear that you care about her, I wouldn’t even mind if you loved her, but the part that kills me is the part that’s my fault. I made you think that I did hate you. When I said what I did, I ripped your heart into pieces and made you think that hating you was even something I was capable of. I hurt you to the point that you didn’t plan on coming back to me ever again. Of all the things that could bother me, that is what kills me inside.” He turned away from James as his eyes began to water. “I can’t take back what I said. I was hurt and I lashed out.” He stood up and turned to face James again. “I need to show you something. I need to get something through to you.” He bent down on his knees in front of James. He had never even thought of doing what he was about to do, but it was the best way to get his point across. He gently reached up and took off James’ eye patch. He looked at him in both his eyes, even if he could only see out of one. “When I tell you I love you, I mean all of you. I love the good and the bad, your faults and your good points. I love everything that has happened to you everything that makes you the man you are and I don’t ever want you to think I could feel anything less for you.” He then kissed James with the pent up passion he had built up over the last few weeks.

James listened and watched Erorn the whole time. He wanted to reach out and pat his little head or to hold him close as if they could melt together, but he didn’t. Then Erorn bent down in front of him and James had no idea what was going on in his mind,. When he reached up he thought Erorn was going to cup his face, but he felt his eyepatch come off and he winched. He wanted to look away, ashamed of what was under it. “Er-” He was going to beg for his eyepatch back. He felt vulnerable without it but Erorn kissed him. James pulled him close and kissed him back with just as much passion and need. He had missed Erorn painfully. Erorn’s safety was his number one concern. James cupped Erorn’s face gently. “Erorn… babe…” His voice was deep yet sweet, “You have no idea how fucking much I missed you. How I missed holding you at night or seeing you sweet face.” He smirked as his thumb ran over his bottom lip, “How your mouth opens slightly to moan… I have missed your voice echoing in the halls. Or the way you run a bit up the stairs. I am sorry I left and I am sorry I caused you so much pain. You are my everything, Erorn.” He said, pulling Erorn up into his lap.

Erorn grabbed onto James and held on tight. He was crying tears of joy now that James was back. “I missed you just as much, believe me.” He said as he squeezed tighter. “What are you going to do about the family business, though? I mean, we can all take care of ourselves in a fight, so while I appreciate the sentiment, you don’t need to worry about that.”

Jerry ran to hug Luther. After giving him a big hug, he smiled at him. “I have something to tell you. It’s kind of a good news…You see I can be with you physically now. We can make love now.”

James kissed his tears away, “I will just run it from here, it won’t be too bad. Still… dangerous though. Had to have three bodyguard for one tiny girl.” He smiled. “You know how many people want my child?” He said softly. “Garnet hates me… I… caused her great pain and I can only hope she forgives me. My own mother doesn’t want me to be in the kid’s life.” He shook his head.

Luther laughed and hugged him back. He ran his finger’s through his hair and frowned, “Well… I don’t know if I sent you to a specialist or not. Whoever fixed you… well you didn’t even need to be fix. You were fine the way you were, babe. You don’t have to do anything like that unless you want to. I can live with you only wanting to kiss and cuddle.” He smiled. “Though, seeing your pretty face in pleasure would be nice.” He smiled. “Did they treat you right?” He asked.

Erorn gave a sad look to James. “Well, I can’t say that it thrills me that you hurt her, but that’s between the two of you. As long as Jerry and Luther are okay with it, I’m fine with her coming over here when the time comes. Of course she should be okay with it too.” He chuckled. “As for the bodyguard thing, you do remember that both Luther and I have taken out entire armies on our own, right?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.


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#, as written by Sambea
“Well, it wasn’t a five star bed and breakfast, but I survived.” Jerry smiled at Luther. He didn’t want to worry Luther or get James in any trouble with his brother. “If you’re a good boy, maybe you’ll get to see that face tonight. I’m sure James and Erorn will be having their own fun.” Jerry gave his best attempt at a seductive grin.

“Ugh that fucking Asham…” He sighed. “I keep forgetting about you, Luther I already know, but you are so tiny and adorable that I can’t help.” He teased, but his mind wandered back to Garnet and the bodyguard. “Gonna kill him if his shoulder even touches her. So… I know what you and Luther have been doing. Shame on you for doing things to make you two feel better.” He shook his head. James cupped Erorn’s face. “I have some stuff to do in town… not killing bodyguards or anything… but actual stuff. Later though… be prepared… or don’t. I like when I surprise you.” He winked at him and held him for a bit longer before standing him up and then standing. He hugged Erorn for a bit and stayed like that for a moment before walking out, then he peeked back in, “Can… I possibly borrow one of your swords?” He asked.

Luther frowned, “I am sorry… I should have warned you. I have missed you like crazy. Hey wait… when am I ever a good boy? This is setting me up for failure, JJ. Not cool.” He pretended to tear up. “Is this your payback? You cruel man.” He took JJ’s hand and lead him to the sunroom where he sat down and pulled JJ between his legs and cuddled him. “I have missed you… and why do you smell like candy?” He asked.

Erorn grinned when James peeked back in. “Any of the ones on the walls, they’re all real. Wear gloves and wipe the blood off before returning it.” He said without looking up from the book he started reading when James left.

Jerry couldn’t help but chuckle at Luther’s joke about being a good boy. “I missed you too, babe. You’re always my good boy.” He lifted his arm and sniffed his shirt. He smelled like some form of lollipop or fruity flavored candy. “It must be from Garnet, I was around her a lot and her perfume was kind of strong.” He smiled and cuddled up against Luther.

James nodded, “Thanks, babe.” James went get a sword, not that he would actually use it, and went back into town. He checked out some houses first and found a good size one for her, the baby, and the body guards. Then he went back to Jerold’s old place and open the door screaming got you. All three men lunged for James with their weapons. They would have gotten him too if it wasn’t for him figuring they would. Garnet hurried out of the room and glared at James, “If you want to die that badly I can always do it for you.” She said annoyed.

“I think I found a house with enough rooms for everyone… including the baby.” He said.

“IF there is one.” She said correcting him. James rubbed the bridge of his nose. He made her hate him. This was his fault. He couldn’t be mad at her for it. “When can we move into it?” She asked.

“Couple days. I need to fill out the papers… you know IF there is one, Erorn is o-” Garnet interrupted him.

“No. Never stepping foot in that fucking mess. I don’t want Erorn, your brother, or Jerold around my kid.” She said.

“You mean OUR kid? OUR kid has a right to know their family.” James growled.

“Don’t push me, James. I will run once I find out.” She threatened him.

James looked at his guards, “With three of them?” He asked.

She shrugged, “Don’t underestimate my disappearing skills…” She said. “We will see... “ Garnet looked at her hands. “IF we have one… I might… let you bring the baby to your house, but that is a big if for anyone of them. I don’t want to explain why his or her father sleeps with everyone except for maybe Jerold in that damn house.”

James got silent, “What if… you married me?” He asked.

“What if… I not? You are in love with Erorn… I want someone who wants me.. Not me and everyone else.” Asham looked at her and James glared at him.

“Why are you looking at her?” He asked.

“Because, sir, she was talking.” Asham said. James went to walk up to him, but Garnet got in the way. “Leave him alone. You are just a fucking brat who wants everything to themselves. I didn’t want this… you did. You could have done it the right way, but you chose to be like your father. Go back to fucking Erorn and leave me alone. The fucking man is a gosh damn idiot to think you were ever something to be loved.” She said before walking off into the room.

James wanted to throw everything he was so pissed, “Do I even have a shot with her?” He asked Asham.

“I will not answer that.” He said.

James glared at him, “Don’t lay a finger on her. She isn’t yours.” He said before realizing she wasn’t his either, but the child that may be inside of her was. Asham nodded, wishing he could just punch his boss once.

“Stop her if she runs.” He said before leaving.

Luther held him close and rested his chin on Jerold’s head. “So this Garnet girl, James seems to be attached to her. What is that all about?” He asked, truly curious. He could feel his brother once more and it just confused him. He was in love, yet there was a certain thing he was hesitant about.

Jerry enjoyed being close to Luther again and now he felt a strange desire and attraction toward him that he enjoyed. “I’m not sure that it’s my place to tell you. There is definitely a connection. I’m not trying to be difficult, but I think that’s a conversation best left between the two of you.” Jerry said . He really didn’t think it was his place to tell Luther that James got on the first female that looked oddly similar to Erorn and that she may or may not be pregnant with James’ child.

Erorn came down stairs and found the two of them in the sunroom. “Hi, Uncle Jerry, good to have you back in one piece. I was going to make dinner to celebrate you guys’ safe return. Was there anything you wanted for dinner?”

“I really like that cheesy chicken and bacon pasta dish you make, it’s kind of my favorite.” Jerry smiled at Erorn.

“Your favorite, hmmm? You don’t say.” He smirked at Luther. “Looks like you two have more in common than I thought. I’ll be sure to make a lot so James will have some when he gets back.” He chuckled. He walked to Jerry and knelt down and gave him a hug. “Thank you for bringing him back.” He whispered in Jerry’s ear. He stood back up and went to the kitchen to get things started.

Luther glared down at him, “Old man, you are no fun. Ugh James is going to be all like ‘none of your business’ and then what? I am going to have to go to Erorn, hoping he knows, and seduce it out of him.
All kind of hoops for a simple answer. Shame on you, JJ. SHAME.” He was being dramatic. When Erorn came down and interrupted, not that he minded. “So he brought Garnet to the place or to some place in town…” Luther side and stood up before looking back at JJ. “You get to sit here while I find answers.” He wiggled his finger at him. “OR no dessert for you.” He winked and walked into the kitchen where he poked Erorn’s ear. “Who is this Garnet chick and why did she come with James?” He asked him.

Erorn had overheard the conversation and knew this was coming. “If I tell you, you have to promise not to overreact until James tells you himself and trust me he will tell you.” Erorn kept cooking as he waited for Luther’s answer.

Luther blinked down at him and rubbed his ear, “Fine, hurry and tell me, Kid.” He replied.

Erorn let out a sigh. “She was my… replacement. Or something like that. Crazy chick looks like she could be my sister. Well, James didn’t plan on coming back originally and he tried to knock her up and she may be the mother of his child. That is IF she’s pregnant. I told him I was okay with it and I am, it’s not like he could ever get a child out of me. I really hope you don’t get too bent out of shape over this, I don’t want to do anything to lose him again.” He said with a sad look in his eye. He wanted to grab onto James and chain him to the bed to keep him from running away again.

Luther just blinked, “Yeah… you two have big beautiful blue eyes and elf ears… red hair.” He hung his head, “James has a type… how did I not see that till now.” He mumbled before sitting on the cabinet. “So he might have knocked up the girl… is that it? Like… I am trying to get his emotions straight because if I don’t this can turn weird. Happened some years back, talk about personality swap. Then it took a while to get our emotions straight. I can say I am not too happy… I didn’t get to knock up some girl.” He pouted, somewhat joking. Though he knew that he had too many people on his plate already. James could have his baby and Luther would just steal it whenever he wanted to play dad. “She is pretty cute, what if he marries her? I know you don’t want to lose him, but you have to understand James… he planned this and was already in the makings and then I had to shove JJ on him.” He rubbed the back of his head, “Ahh I am sorry, Erorn.”


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#, as written by Sambea
Erorn looked to Luther. “I’ve come a long way and grown up quite a bit since Marcus. I won’t stand in the way if he wants to get married to her, but he did hurt her. I hurt him pretty bad and I think he took some of it out on her. I think they might be fighting right at the moment. I know he cares for her deeply, he’s pissed at a bodyguard about sleeping arrangements or something. He’s also made it clear that I mean everything to him so if he does marry her, it might get a little strange around here. I’m not going to lie and say that it wouldn’t hurt a little knowing that he wants to make a commitment like that with someone other than me, but it’s not like he would ever be able to marry me, though it’s not like I haven’t thought about it… a lot since returning to my home.” He sighed a little and thought about the rings he had in his desk in his room and wondered if he’d ever get to give them to the two of them.

Luther sighed and ran his hand over his face, looking around the kitchen. “This… is a mess. Who fucked our lives up this badly?” Luther asked the ceiling. He shook his head, “I honestly think James needs to just make up his mind. Make it one person… well no because he would probably punch me in the face and then drag me to JJ saying that I would have to pick one too. Well if they are arguing then maybe they won’t make it as a couple… though then neither would any of us… mostly you two.”

James walked in and went to where he heard voices. “Hello…” He said eyeing the two of them.

Luther looked over at him, “Heard you were knocking up redheaded young girls.” He said glaring.

“One at a time… going to try Erorn next.” He smiled before walking over to him and kissing the top of his head before turning back to his brother, “So… why is this any of your concern, Luther?” He asked,

Luther blinked, “Because of your damn emotions that’s why. Like I know you are in love with the girl.”

“What? I am not in love with her.” He said simply.

“Really?” He grabbed a knife and held it over his hand, “I will send all that pain to you… try me.”

James looked at him like he was nuts, “What the fuck happened to you in the past two or three weeks?! Put the fucking knife down.”

“Oh I will… in my damn hand if you don’t admit it.” He said. “You bottle your emotions up and we end up on the fucking merry-go-round.” Luther said.

“Fine fine… I… like her alot. You happy?” He asked Luther.

“Why would you?” Luther asked.

“She is a sweet girl, I told you I wasn’t planning on coming back. Jerold might have told you his side of the story, but she only went crazy because I was beating her.” He felt disgusted with himself. “I turned into dad. Jerold threw her under the bus. She had no one to turn to… the fucking body guard!” James was about to lose his mind. “Asham is a good body guard, but… the way he looked at her today drove me crazy and she willingly gave him her bed… just right up in front of my face like it didn’t matter. Like she had done it a hundred and one times with him…” James shook his head. “I should have made her move in over here…”

Luther just stared at his brother. “You… beat her?” James nodded, not looking at him. Luther got up and swung his fist, making contact with James’ face and sending him back on his ass. “Do you know how fucking tiny she is compared to you?!” Luther was furious, “Why… why would you possibly do it, James?! Did she not want to do things with you? Did she say something you didn’t like? Or were you so fucking pissed at us that you took it out on the poor girl?”

James held his face, “All of it.” He said.

Luther shook his head, “You are disgusting. You leave her the fuck alone. I hope she is fucking sleeping with her bodyguard, at least he probably treating her better than you ever did.” James swung his leg and Luther fell to the floor.

“You fucking take that back.” He growled.

“Or what? You going to beat me like you did her? At least I know I could murder you if I needed to!” Luther growled back.

I’m never telling you anything again. Erorn thought to Luther. He sighed as the two of them argued. “Oh, for fuck sakes, can’t we all just agree that everyone fucked up here?!” He yelled before standing between the two of them. “Yeah, James needs to stop bottling up his emotions, yeah he made mistakes, but I’m sure he won’t do that again. It’s not like any of us are perfect here. You used me for your pent up attraction to Jerry and I took advantage of you doing that. We’re all a fucked up mess, but we’re all a each other has and we shouldn’t be turning on each other like this. I mean, when I have to be the adult between all of us, that’s just sad.” He reached down helped the two of them to their feet. “Not everything has to be so damn dramatic all the time.”

Luther stood up and laughed, “I can forgive him for everything… except that.” He said as his smile faded. “Let me beat you Erorn… every time you made a choice I didn’t care for. Or maybe you didn’t do anything at all… maybe I am so angry at someone else that I took it out on you. How about you watch your father do exactly that to your own mother for years only to turn around to see your brother doing the same thing.” He stared at James the whole time. “But yeah, try telling that to Garnet. He won’t do it again. I bet every time he tries to touch her she flinches.” Luther was beyond pissed to the to point he had tears. “But hey, as long as he is here sucking on your dick, you couldn’t care less. So damn needy, Erorn.” He said before walking out and getting Jerold. “You are going to tell me everything.” He told Jerold as they walked up to Jerold’s room.

Erorn turned to James. “I love you, but he’s right. I was being selfish. I don’t want to lose you and I want to believe that you wouldn’t do that to me.” He paused trying to get the words he wanted to say. “You didn’t wrong me by hurting her, but you hurt her because I hurt you. I’ve forgiven you for what you have done to me, but I’m not the one who has to forgive you for this, and in spite of how he feels, neither is Luther. Garnet has to forgive you and if you want to be a part of that possible baby’s life, you need to get your emotions under control and not let them turn into that. I know I sound like a broken record here, James, but communicate with the people you love.” He reached over and hugged James. He didn’t need to be yelled at he needed help and love to fix this problem and he hoped that Luther would realize this eventually too.

Jerry went with Luther to his room and sat down on the bed. He had heard everything and he knew this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation. He started without being prompted. “So you left me there and James didn’t want anything to do with me so he gave me to Garnet as a pet. She was starting to open up to me about not wanting to be with him until they got to know each other better and how she didn’t want to have a child. She tried to get me to trick James into coming home by giving me the drug. James didn’t fall for it and I admitted that it was her idea. He got mad at her and she got mad at me. She tried to torture me on the rack and caging me, but when I told her that what she did to me didn’t matter she said she was going to kill you. That was the mental warning you got from James. When we realized she didn’t send anyone and it was just a big joke to her, that’s when James brought us back.” He said as he looked at Luther. “I wasn’t hurt, babe.”

James sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “You think I am not trying? I don’t want her with that stupid bodyguard… especially if she is carrying my child. I want to give her the space, but I feel like if I do then she will completely walk away from me. Luther was right, Asham treats her way better than I ever did.”

Luther sighed, “So… the girl was stuck in a fucked up situation with no one to help her… well except her bodyguards. You mean to tell me you… just kind of threw it to the wind when you threw her under the bus? That you just decided to let her torture you instead of talking it out.” He shook his head. “I love you, Jerold. I know you are an old dog, but I know you can learn new tricks. Did you even try to help her out, you know besides that one thing you did. I don’t know I am trying to wrap my head around you and Erorn. Well no… I get Erorn’s shit. It seems like you have found your courage… and I am proud of that. I just feel like she was all alone and maybe I thought you could have thrown her a lifeline. Maybe I wouldn’t be so fucking dramatic if I hadn’t seen my own mother go through it.” He knew Erorn could hear. “Or maybe because I have a fucking heart. I don’t know…”

“Can we move back into your old place once Garnet and her Three Merry Men move out?” He asked.

Erorn did hear Luther. You’re right it’s fucking terrible and disgusting. But he has a problem and you don’t fix problems by yelling at them. You help the person who has it to stop the shit. I’m not going to drive him away by being an asshole even if he does deserve it. I agree with you, but I’d rather fix a problem than make a new one. He thought to Luther. He knew that he’d probably get pissed for getting in his head so he stayed out after that. He turned to James.

“Look, babe,I know this is a hard thing to hear, but you can’t get over this alone. I can try to help you get in touch with your emotions a little better, I mean I’m the most emotional person you know, right? But, don’t take this the wrong way, what you did was really fucked up. If she has a thing for this Asham guy, maybe it is for the best. But if we can get your anger in check, you’ll at least have a better chance to get to see your child.

Jerry felt bad for what had happened to Garnet as well. “I wasn’t trying to throw her under the bus, I just answered a question James had asked and I was honest. I get that what happened to her was vile, but it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for the person who’s torturing you while you’re being tortured.” He said trying not to sound mean about it. “As for moving into the old house, we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.” Jerry grinned and tried to lighten Luther’s mood.


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther got up, “No need. I will burn it for you and unlike my brother I am going to make this shit very clear. I want nothing to do with you people. I get you were tortured… but was it AFTER you fucked her over? As for fucking the fucking child in the kitchen. The fact that you are so far wrapped around James’ dick to see that he won’t change because he has been this way for most of his life is unreal. You don’t want to drive him away… no you rather have someone who beats people.” Luther walked out of the sunroom. “How about you tell your little fucking brat how long you have been at this? This isn’t his fucking first rodeo, kid. I forgave him for the last time, hell I even fucking turned away from what he did to his clients, but this.. The fact that you two fucking people just nonchalantly are whatever about. Yeah it is bad BUT. No fucking buts about it. I can’t be around fucking idiots who accept this shit. You either do or you don’t. I gave you a shot, James. I thought you could be better. You were doing so well with Erorn, but it seems he is just as fucked up as you. I was right about him all along and his fucked up uncle isn’t any better. I am going to Garnet and graveling at her feet that I am sorry for having such a fucked up brother and that if she wants to get away from you she can come with me. And you try and stop me I put you right where father is.” He said. Luther went upstairs and grabbed a bit of clothes and his money. When he came back down he looked at Erorn, “And you stay the fuck out of my head from now on. Nice to know I have that curse on me forever now.”

James stood there in pain and shock. Luther had severed the bond completely. “I… understand. We made a deal last time and I broke it… I can’t take back what I did to her, but please don’t take her away from me… not with our child.”

Luther glared, “If she wants out she has one. I won’t let her feel like mother. Like she is tied to you. You have your fucked up toys here. “ He walked out and took the carriage before going over to Jerold’s old place. He knocked on the door. A tall white haired man open the door.

“Hello… oh Luther, how can I help you?” He asked with a smile.

“I need to talk to Garnet. It is important.” Luther replied.

Asham nodded and went get her. She walked up and frowned a bit, “Yes?”

“I can get you out of here. I am… terribly sorry for what my brother has done to you. I don’t speak for him… nor do I associate with him anymore. I don’t want you to have to be stuck with him or in Erorn’s shadow. So please, come with me. I am going to the islands. It is beautiful up there and I know some people there. You could easily get on your feet there.” He said.

Garnet thought about it, “Okay… let us pack our things and we can follow.” She said.

“Sorry, Gar… we can’t go… we are loyal to the boss.” Kever said and Elijah nodded.

“I will go with her, it’s okay.” Asham said. They nodded and helped them back their carriage and some of Luther’s before taking off.

Jerry stood up. An angry look on his face that had never been there before. “I can’t fucking believe him. I get tortured, treated like a fucking animal, caged and forced to do depraved sexual acts and that little shit is upset because I don’t feel sorry for the psycho bitch that did it to me?! Of course he wouldn’t, he’s the fucker that abandoned me there, why wouldn’t he take her side? I wonder if he ever planned on coming back for me at all.” He went into the kitchen. “I love you Erorn, I’m still sorry for what I did with your parents, but I can’t be a part of this twisted shit anymore. I got a place I used to use to hide out when I was in the black market, I’m going there after a long night at the bar. I’m sorry things couldn’t work out.” He left the house and went to the bar in town.

Erorn stood there in shock. “You did this before. I didn’t know that. There’s still a lot I don’t know. I… I don’t know what to do here, James. Part of me still loves the person I know you can be and wants to help you. Part of me is furious at you for what you’ve done. And part of me wants to die because in the end this is my fault. If I hadn’t driven you away, you never would have hurt her.” Erorn looked off as though there was something in the distance he was struggling to see. He was drifting away and losing himself. He was shutting down emotionally. He couldn’t deal with the guilt, all this pain, all this fucking mess, tearing a family apart all with a single word. He had slaughtered armies without once thinking of the victims, but he had destroyed so much more now. “I’m gonna go to my room.” It was clear he was numb, he couldn’t even feel the tears flowing from his eyes and didn’t realize he was choked up as he spoke. He went to his room. He took the rings out of his desk. “You don’t get to be happy. Oh, you can try. You’ll even come really close every now and then, but it’s always going to end in disaster. You’ll never get to have what other people have. You’ll always end up hurting the ones you love.” He spoke as though he were someone else talking to himself. He looked around his room, a place that once felt warm now felt dead and cold. He saw his sword leaning against his bed. “Would anyone care? You’d be doing them all a favor, taking a whiny brat out of their lives. They don’t really want you here anyway.” He stared at the sword for what felt like an eternity, before picking it up and setting it in his lap as he sat on his bed. His tears dripping down onto the sheath as he held it.

James stood there. He was embarrassed and disgusted with himself, if Luther hadn’t have come to the house none of this would have happened. But he couldn’t blame anyone but himself for the harm he had caused. “I am going to be a better person. I have to be, then maybe I can get my family back.” He said to the empty room. It took him a moment to figure out how his feet worked, he was still in so much emotional pain from the sever. It was like a piece of him was ripped out. He felt alone and empty.

Making his way up to Erorn’s room he tried to go over what he wanted to say. He knocked and opened the door before walking in. “Erorn before you tell me to get out let me just explain,” He walked in and saw him crying, the sword on his lap, the rings on the desk, and yanked the sword away. “For the love of… what are you thinking, Erorn?!” He bent down in front of him and cupped his face gently. “I know I am a horrible person, me… not you. You had nothing to do with how I act. I am my own man and I had a choice. I chose violence… me. Not you. Don’t blame yourself for what I did… to this family. I will work hard to be a better man. I was so close to it before… Luther had every right to give up on me, Erorn. I… that wasn’t my first time. I was younger and dumber. I was with this girl and I had nearly beaten her to death… Luther had to… he would have cut my head off if I hadn’t calmed down and cleared my head. If anyone deserves you it is him… and I made him hate you. You chose me over doing the sensible thing and leaving. Luther isn’t one to keep people who are like me around or people to sympathize with me. I promised him I wouldn’t beat another girl… unless they consent to it. Like… sexually. I just… I really fucked up this time. I know Garnet went with him. She was already looking for a way out. And I can’t be in my kid’s life if I am like this. I don’t want him or her to grow up and be this… monster.” He was crying now. “But please… don’t end yourself because I am a fucked up person. I will be… better. I have to.” He said before wiping his tears away. “W-What are those rings for, Erorn?”

“Those are symbols of what a deluded fool I am. I actually thought that I’d get to have my ‘Happily Ever After’ one day. I’m a fucking idiot. Of course I chose you, that’s what you do when you love someone, you don’t leave them you help them. I fucking hate what you did, but I love you. You aren’t your father, you want help, you don’t want to do what you did ever again. I just wish I hadn’t pushed you to that point in the first place.” He tried to stop his tears. “You can take the blue one. It’s just collecting dust up here in my room.” He sighed. He knew he’d never get to give Luther the red one like he wanted to. “I promised never to leave, but having everyone leaving me all the time is starting to get really draining. I can’t make a good decision if someone always ends up getting hurt. And I’m always the one getting hurt. Sure sometimes you or Luther get hurt too, but EVERY fucking time I get hurt. I’m not sure I’m strong enough for much more of this.” He sighed. “I know it’s somehow going to come back and bite me in the ass, but I want to help you, I don’t know how, but I know that using more violence and screaming at you isn’t the way to do so. I will always love you, James. I mean it. If that makes me an idiot then so be it.” He grabbed James and held him close. He knew that James was hurting more than he could imagine.


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#, as written by Sambea
James pulled Erorn on the floor with him, “I will gladly take the ring. I love you, Erorn… I never wanted this for you. I shouldn’t have forced Luther in on this… and…” He sighed. “I just wanted everything and I was greedy. I will be a better man. Just… give me time.” He kissed him softly. “I am going to give Garnet some time… She does winch every time I even move my hand near her and I know Luther went to the islands. He has the escort business with Rylie there. I don’t want to show up till I am the better me, but I if Kever and Elijah are still at Jerold’s old place than I will send them out to watch over her.” He ran his thumb over Erorn’s cheek. “I love you..”

“I love you too.” He sobbed. “Not that I’m complaining or anything, but what… what kept you from getting violent with me? I mean, I’m sure I got on your nerves far more than Garnet did, so what kept you from… well, hitting me? Maybe we could use that to help you somehow.” Erorn asked. He was genuinely curious how such a small girl could do anything more annoying than the stuff that he had done since they met.

James frowned and looked down, “I… wanted to, but I would leave to find clients who I knew was into that. I couldn’t stand the thought of hurting you. Garnet, reminded me of you in ways… I didn’t want to hurt her, but it was so easy and she just… laid there sometimes and took it.” He felt disgusted talking about it. “She was my pet and she did a good job being it… when all she wanted was to get to know me and to build up a relationship. I fucking wouldn’t listen to her…” He would have greatly ended himself if he knew Erorn wouldn’t do the same.

“I’m sorry, I know this is hard for you. I just thought… maybe there was something about me that … was different that you could use. “ He looked at him with innocent eyes. “We don’t have to talk about it anymore tonight if you don’t want to.”

James smiled softly, “That would be nice. I can’t do anything right now anyway.” He looked down at him, “You and those eyes…” He kissed Erorn, his lips were so soft. “You and those lips…” He smiled and got up before reaching for the blue ring and slipping it on. “A reminder… of your love and how much it has bettered me as a man.”

Erorn stood up and took James’ hand. “A reminder that I will always be there for you.” He smiled and hugged him tight. “Looks like it fits perfectly, just like when I lay with you.” He said with a look on his face that showed he was thinking about the way James held him. He looked down at the ring on James’ hand. “I really want to ask you the question that goes with that ring, but it just doesn’t feel like the right time for that. But one day, I’m gonna ask. So be ready… or don’t. I like to surprise you too.” He gave a little chuckle.

James pulled Erorn to himself, “God… that chuckle and the way you smile… you have no idea how much I love it. But… do you know what I love more? Not dying in a fire… you left the food on, babe.” He smiled up at him.

Erorn’s eyes widened in fear. “Oh shit!” He yelled as he ran out of the room and down to the kitchen. The whole room was filled with smoke and he wrapped a towel around his hand to grab the pan off the stove, He threw it in the sink and turned on the cold water adding steam to the smoke in the kitchen. “At least it was just the veggies and not anything important like the bacon or chicken.” he muttered. He opened the kitchen door to let the smoke out and the windows as well. He started fanning with his towel. “You could have said something sooner, James.” He yelled up stairs trying not to laugh.

James chuckled and laid on the floor. “Didn’t think of it till now, my bad! I think I will stay here where the air is nice and clean!” He yelled back down before rolling onto his stomach and stretching out his arms, looking at the ring on his finger. James knew he didn’t deserve it, but it would just be the goal for him to get better. He needed Luther back too, but after today he didn’t know if it would be possible. He severed the bond with him and he didn’t think there was a way to get it back. Plus he messed up his second chance. James sighed and got up slowly before going into the empty hallway. The house was quiet and empty even with the two of them there.

Erorn had got most of the smoke out of the kitchen and came into the main hall to see James at the top of the stairs. Erorn was coughing and choking on the smoke. “So how about sandwiches for dinner?” He chuckled. “Don’t really feel like cooking right now anyway.” He walked upstairs again and pulled James back down with him by the arm. “If I gotta choke to death, I’m taking you with me.”

James watched Erorn come up and smiled softly. “Sure… food is food.” He said simply before being dragged down the stairs. “You cruel small man. Take everyone with you so you won’t be alone in death. How romantic.” He said chuckling before getting a gulp of smoky air. He started coughing. “Lovely. I don’t need to breath.” He said before going into the kitchen and starting on his sandwich, though he probably wouldn’t eat it. He wasn’t hungry or better yet, couldn’t eat. James sat down at the table after and stared at his sandwich. “I don’t even know where to begin.” He finally said after a long silence.

Erorn made his sandwich too and sat next to James. Most of the smoke was gone now and the cool air coming from the open door and windows was nice on his face. He took a bite of it and felt like he had to choke it down. All the crying had ruined his appetite and the whole situation was fucking insane. “I don’t think I’m all that hungry either.” He said as he looked down at the sandwich. “This doesn’t feel right. It’s too quiet.” He said. He turned to face James. “How do we fix things? I can’t stand not knowing what to do. I feel so helpless.” He sighed.

He stayed silent for a while, “I don’t know… I don’t know what to do. I guess I have to give it time and them space.” He said as he poked at the sandwich a bit. “Tomorrow I will go in and see if someone had stayed or if everyone actually lef-” He heard a knock at the door and went see who it was. When he opened the door he saw Kever and Elijah.

“Hey boss, Garnet and Asham left with Luther.” Kever said.

“I figured… you know where they went?” He asked.

“The islands.” Kever said.

“Well I need you two to go over there and watch them. I want to know if she is pregnant the moment you find out… well when you find out someone come over and tell me.” He said.

Kever, Elijah, and James talked a bit before they left and James walked back in.

Erorn was exhausted. He waited for James to come back. “I’m kinda tired, it’s been a hell of a day. You wanna go to bed?” Erorn asked. He walked to the door of the kitchen and closed it and the windows now that everything was aired out. “I wish I could wake up tomorrow and have all this shit have been just a dream.” He said as he went up to James and laid his head against his chest. He missed the steady beat that seemed to be able to calm him no matter what was going on. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed your heartbeat. It’s so soothing.”

James held Erorn close and ran his fingers through his hair, “We can go to bed.” He said and took Erorn’s hand, leading him upstairs to his bedroom. He gently tugged at Erorn’s shirt, “I should get to my own room. I will see you in the morning.” He leaned down and kissed his forehead softly.

Erorn grabbed James’ shirt and pulled him to the bed. “Nice try mister, you don’t get to leave me all alone on your first night back home.” Erorn jokingly scolded him. “You’re sleeping with me, I know you’ve been missing me being in your arms as much as I have.” He smiled and took off his pants before slipping under the covers. “Now get over here and cuddle with me.” He gave James a sweet smile. He didn’t plan on having sex or anything, but he truly missed being held by James.

James smiled, “Fine, if I must.” He said before stripping down to his boxer briefs and sliding in next to Erorn. He made sure Erorn was facing him before he pulled him close and kissed his forehead, then he moved to kiss the tip of his nose, and finally his lips. “I have missed you in my arms. I have missed a lot of things about you when I was gone.” He said softly before gently nibbling his ear.

Erorn let out a soft muffled moan as James nibbled his ear. His mind suddenly flashed back to the last night James was there when he almost took him right there on the table. “Fuck, you know I can’t resist when you do that. Don’t stop.” He growled playfully.

James laid on his back and yawned. “Yeah… we are both pretty tired. I will see you in the morning. Mmm goodnight, babe. So glad to be home with you.” He mumbled before closing his eye. He knew Erorn was hard, he could feel it. He turned on his side, back towards Erorn. “Babe… I love you.” He said sweetly.


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#, as written by Sambea
“I love you too, tease.” He chuckled, but he was okay either way, so he cuddled up next to him. He laid his head down on James’ chest and smiled listening to his heart. He closed his eyes wondering if James was going to take the bait or actually let Erorn fall asleep. Erorn was so happy to have him back that he would be happy either way.

He pulled in Erorn close like always and kissed his neck. “Goodnight, babe.”

Erorn smiled and snuggled in close to James. It felt so nice to have him holding him like he did before. He kissed James back. “Goodnight, sweetie. Love you.” He smiled as he fell asleep.

The next morning he got up before James and he he was relieved that it wasn’t just a dream and James was back home. He smiled and slid out of his arms to go down stairs and make breakfast. He decided to make something special to make up for the burned dinner fiasco last night. He baked some fresh cinnamon rolls with an apple glaze and some sausage. He went back to his room and kissed James on the forehead. “Wake up sweetie, breakfast is ready.” He said softly into James’ ear. He looked so beautiful while he slept there, a smile still on his face from last night.

James grumbled, “it is like three in the morning, Erorn. Come back to bed with me.” He pulled Erorn back down and held him close. “Just… sleep.” He said softly as he drifted off back to sleep.

Erorn had learned his lesson the night before and he turned the stove and oven off before going upstairs to get James. He didn’t see any harm in crawling back into bed with him for a little bit. Though he thought he should get some clocks for next to the beds, it was almost ten in the morning, but he wasn’t going to turn down crawling back into bed with James. He took his clothes off and slipped under the covers. He curled up against James and closed his eyes and just enjoyed being there. He smiled as he drifted to sleep.

James woke up a couple hours later and rolled on top of Erorn before kissing him softly. “Well well well what do we have here? Breakfast? In bed? You are the sweetest, Erorn.” He smiled devilishly. James nibbled his neck and growled. “Mmm..”

“Mmm, that feels nice.” He said as he was woke by James’ nibbling. He finally focused and realized what James was doing. “And when you’re done with breakfast I made us meal downstairs too.” Erorn grinned. He turned to face James and kissed him passionately.

James smirked, “Oh… real food?” He kissed Erorn’s back and slid out of bed. He got dressed and walked down stairs to find the cinnamon rolls. “Ohh sticky buns, reminds me of something… or someone.” He chuckled before getting himself a couple and sitting on the couch.

Erorn frowned when James got out of bed, but he chuckled too. He followed and grabbed some cinnamon rolls and a few pieces of sausage. It was all cold already, but it still tasted just as good. He went out and sat down next to James. “Well I’m not sure which glaze tastes better, but they’re both pretty tasty.” He smiled as he snuggled up next to James. “So I remembered something. I thought back to when you first kidnapped me, because it kind of feels like that now, and I realized that you only brought one client to the house before your brother got back and I know you didn’t hurt her. So I started thinking about how I know I irritated you, so I wondered what you did to blow off steam. Then I remembered you were chopping wood like crazy. Maybe that can help in getting you over this.” Erorn still was sure what to call it. It wasn’t a disease, it was some kind of sickness though.

James frowned down at his cinnamon buns and sighed. “I know what I can do to avoid being violent to others, I just chose not to.” He said softly, thinking back to Garnet. “It was the way she… took it. Her facial expressions, or the sounds she made.” He said and placed the plate on the table.

Erorn looked up at James. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have.” He saw the pain in his eyes. He held James tight. Erorn didn’t like feeling this helpless, he knew there wasn’t much he could do to help James other than being there for him and not giving up on him. He remembered the incident with Elwin and how he was about to do something terrible to him as well, but then went he reminded James of the better person he wanted to be, he stopped. Maybe that was all Erorn could do, just be a reminder of the person James was trying to be. He rested his head on James shoulder and regretted bringing the subject up at all.

“No.. it is fine. I just hate that I enjoy it. Maybe it is best if I just don’t show up in my child’s life. Let Garnet find her someone better and have it think they are the father. I can’t chance… I can’t chance my child becoming like me. Maybe that is how I can show to them that I have changed.” He said softly and smiled down at him.

“Maybe.” Erorn smiled back at him. He didn’t want to admit it, but James might be right. Perhaps that was the only way for him to prove that he had truly changed. Erorn felt conflicted. He was getting what he wanted from the beginning, but now it wasn’t what he wanted. He remembered how much he had fought Luther, and wanted James to himself, now Luther didn’t want him anymore because he refused to give up on James. He knew he was doing the right thing, that abandoning James would have only made things worse. He couldn’t deny that he still loved Luther and would miss him. He felt like he had a limb removed and he didn’t feel complete. “I know the kind of person you are. I’ve seen the good man inside. I’ll remind you who you are if you ever forget.” Erorn smiled warmly.

The setting changes from blackwood-manor to Veritas City.


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther took the time to visit Garnet since he was in the area. When he knocked Asham was the one to answer the door, like always unless he wasn't there. "Oh! Hello, Luther." She said with a big smile. The more she was away from his brother and his people the happier she seemed to me. She was spending time with Elwin and even in the works to opening up a doll shop in the city, but she was wanting to wait till after she had the baby to do so.

Luther smiled and patted Asham on the arm, "Hey you two. I was just in the area, seeing Rylie at his new job and all. Just wanted to stop in and say hello. See how things were going before I go back in town. You are showing a little it is cute." He said. Garnet blushed and ran her hand over the small bump.

"Yeah, so for so good. I want to say that I am not scared, but I am. I guess all first mothers are. Would you like to sit and have a bit of tea?" She asked.

He shook his head and smiled, "No thanks, I should be going actually. I will stop by soon an see how things are. Sorry I haven't be around lately. I just wanted to give you your space." He said and walked to the door.

"Thank you, but you should come again soon. I don't mind the company." She smiled and waved when he left.

Luther waved back and gently closed the door before walking back to town. His stomach began growl and decided to stop at a restaurant before going home. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he walked passed people and wondered how or why he let himself get to this place, though it wasn't so horrible. He was just lonely. Stupid him having one eyed already covered and closing he other he ended up running into someone.

He opened up his eye and looked to see who he ran into. He actually had to look all the way down. "I am so sorry, Miss. I wasn't watching where I was going." He said softly and smiled.

The setting changes from veritas-city to Keavaris Village

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#, as written by Sambea
Luther looked overjoyed, "We will stay." He loved her cooking and with her husband away she took joy in cooking for someone other than herself and her young son. Penelo had told him it was getting lonely. He children would stop by from time to time, but it wasn't like when they were younger and she had a house full. That is one of the reasons why she wanted to retire, so she could spend as much time with Agis as possible.

Penelo got up and went on about making lunch. There was a soft knock at the door and Penelo told whoever it was to come in. A redheaded girl and a tall white haired man walked in. Penelo smiled brightly, "Oh please tell me you were stopping by for lunch." She said. Garnet smiled, "We were going to come visit, but I would love whatever you are cooking, Pen." She smiled. Asham nodded, "Garnet was getting restless in the house and she wanted to come visit you." He said. Garnet looked at the tan skinned girl and smiled, "Hello, I am Garnet. This is Asham. Nice to meet you. And hello to you too, Luther. You look happy." She smiled, sitting down next to him and Asham next to her.

"Hello you two. I had pie." He said cheerfully. Garnet couldn't help but laugh.

"Ugh you are like a big kid, Luther." She said and shook her head.

Penelo stirred lunch and let it cook before sitting at the table. "Oh a full house, I am excited. It has been awhile." She said softly and Garnet took her hand. "You are more of a mother to me than my own. I had to come see you today." She said softly. Penelo held her hand softly. "And you fit right in to my family with that pretty red hair. Ugh... to have this color again." She smiled.

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Barynn kept quiet while Penelo went to start cooking lunch. There suddenly came a knock at the door and Penelo called out for the person at the door to come in. A pair walked in, and Barynn watched them curiously, though she said nothing. The couple greeted Penelo and then Luther. The woman then smiled at Barynn and introduced herself as Garnet, and the man as Asham, before turning her attention to Luther and sitting beside him. Barynn smiled back, but didn't say anything to them, letting them interact with Luther and Penelo instead. She didn't know these people, so she didn't quite feel comfortable talking to them. It felt strange enough to have opened up so much to Penelo, having told her basically all there was to know about her: where she was from, why she had come to the surface, where she had been before coming to Veritas City...

Barynn shook her head slightly, more to herself than to anyone else, and snuck a quick glance at Luther before looking down at her ring, spinning it distractedly around her finger. Seeing Penelo's work already had her feeling inspired, though she knew that she was going to need to get a shop and some equipment before she could start working her new visions. She already knew that she wanted to make something special for Penelo as a thank-you gift. Having seen the woman's work, and the pieces she'd considered the best across a few of her series, Barynn had a feeling that she could figure out the older woman's style well enough to make her the perfect gift. She also wanted to make a gift for Luther, though she would still need some time to figure out what.

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#, as written by Sambea
Penelo smiled and looked at Barynn. "This is Barynn, she will be taking my place as the city's jeweler. Oh... thinking about that. Barynn, I was wondering if you could make a baby bracelet for Garnet after her baby is born?" She asked. Garnet blushed and ran her hand over her growing tummy. Luther's happy face turned to that of one lacking any emotions. He got up and excused himself before walking out of the door. Garnet smiled big enough for the both of them. "If Penelo likes your work then it must be worth wild. If you could I would be more than happy to have your work on my child." She said softly.

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Barynn noticed Luther's change in expression and the way he abruptly excused himself. Part of her wanted to follow him to make sure he was okay, but she wasn't quite comfortable enough in the situation for so bold a move. When she heard Garnet's words, though, she couldn't help but to smile. "Boy or girl?" she asked softly. It was perfectly possible that they didn't know yet, of course - underground they had no way to determine such a thing until the moment of birth itself - and if that was the case, she could easily prepare the bracelet and set in the stones after the child was born. There was also the possibility that they'd want a gender-neutral colour in the bracelet - she'd once made bracelets for a pair of newborn twins in her last town, and though both children had been little girls, the parents had wanted one bracelet to be green and the other to be yellow. More power to them, she figured. She glanced briefly towards the window, hoping to see Luther and figure out whether he was all right out there. She wasn't quite sure why he'd so abruptly left, especially since he'd seemed friendly with them before, when they'd first arrived.

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#, as written by Sambea
Garnet smiled, "I have not a clue." She laughed softly and rubbed her tummy. "I am hoping a little girl." She said softly. A girl would be a lot easier for her and Asham to raise. She was so scared that if it was a boy it would turn out like his father and Garnet couldn't handle that. She wanted her baby to grow up to be like Luther and Asham... like anyone in the Keavaris family. Anyone who had a heart, she wanted that for unborn child. "If you will excuse me, I have to use the little girl's room." She smiled and hurried out of the kitchen. Penelo smiled and leaned over, "I can see you are worried about Luther. Give him time. He will come back." She said softly and went to her cooking. Asham smiled softly at her, "The pregnancy is a tender subject for Luther. He just needs some time to clear his head."

Luther had went for a walk to calm himself. He was still so pissed at his brother for doing that to Garnet. All he could see was rage and hatred for his own twin. He wanted nothing more than to shake his brother and make him make this right, but he couldn't. Garnet wanted nothing to do with James and who could blame her? She was so scared he would pay someone to take her baby.

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Barynn nodded slightly. Baby girls were certainly adorable, so she could understand Garnet wanting one. She would have to go ahead and make the base for the bracelet, and then see what colour stone they wanted in it once the baby was born - unless, of course, there was something specific that Garnet wanted to begin with. Once she had her store set up, she'd look into it more closely. Then Garnet left, and Barynn was gently told that the pregnancy was a tender subject for Luther. Barynn couldn't help but to wonder why, but she suspected that was definitely not a question to ask. Perhaps Luther had hidden feelings for Garnet and was jealous of her and Asham? It seemed as reasonable as anything else she could come up with. She said nothing, simply gave a small nod and an equally small smile.

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#, as written by Sambea
Penelo came back and and handed out the food, placing food for the two that went missing. She looked at Asham and he nodded. "Garnet is pregnant with Luther's twin brother's child. She didn't exactly consent to it." She said softly. "Luther is still upset with his brother about it." She smiled softly and sat down. Garnet came back and clapped her hands together. "Food." She giggled and sat back down before eating. Luther came in a few minutes later and sat down next to Barynn. "Sorry about that. Oh... this looks so good, Pen. Thank you." He said softly before smiling and eating.

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Barynn blinked her hazel eyes in surprise as Penelo softly explained to her why Luther was upset. It made sense to her. Luther was so good - she could completely understand him being upset about his twin brother hurting others. The more she heard about Luther, the more she wondered how one man could possibly be so good. To care about and help others, to be so generous and kind... it seemed strange to her. There had to be a balance somewhere. Garnet came back a moment later, and Luther came back shortly after that. Briefly, Barynn laid her hand on his forearm. It was only a momentary, fleeting touch, but she hoped it would be somewhat reassuring anyways. After that, she started to eat.