Brandiad Cadmus

They will always be cold blood killing monsters

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Brandiad




Name: Brandiad Cadmus

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Ocuppation: Blacksmith

Physical description: Brandiad is 6'1 feet tall and has an athletic body type -mainly due to hard physical work as a Blacksmith-. His face looks friendly though foreign. He has a silky hair so white that makes his skin look tan, but his main feature are the bright yellow eyes who seem almost like if they glowed in the dark. He usually chooses to wear leather clothing -not so comfortable, but effective against bad weather or casual danger.

Personality: Cadmus are known as fierce and tough people, even though Brandiad is more extroverted than his comrades, the stubbornness is something that seems to never leave the family line.

Equipment & Abilities: Besides the blacksmith skills, the only heritage from his ancestors is a dagger.
It's name is Riot, and represent de Cadmus rage against dragons. It has no magical properties, but it's a truly beautiful relic, the coutours and details are made of Dragon leather an it has a superior obsidian blade that seems as if it could cut the air itself.

Historical Background: Although is no longer a current practice, Brandiad comes from a long line of dragon killers, is not any land we see these ferocious beings tamed like in Veritas Isle, so, many people often had to fight for their lives, what lead Brandiad's ancestors create a large well known dragon slayers guild. The hate for the especie runs on their bloods for decades. Brandiad didn't pursue that path, he left his family to work as a Blacksmith in peacefull town, but he always resented the creatures, "as a family thing", he grow up hearing stories about these dark times and developed, a very hard to change, prejudice against Dragons.

-"They will always be cold blood killing monsters".

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