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Davidson Hilyard

I do it for my people.

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Sambea





Davidson Hilyard




Davidson stands at six feet and five inches. His hair is short and salt and pepper colored. He has a beard that is also salt and peppered colored. His eyes are a light gold color and his skin is tan. He is muscular and fit. Davidson has only one eye with an eyepatch over it.

Davidson is a confidant man. He takes his job as King very seriously, but that doesn't mean he is overly confident or too serious. He likes to joke and laugh. He loves to live life to the fullest, even if he looks like he could rip you in half. He is a sweet man who cares for his family and his kingdom.

  • Wife- Karynel Hilyard
  • Son- Marcus Hilyard
Davidson grew up like any boy in a royal family. He had things planned out for him before he was even born. He learned with the best and did his best at everything. When he was old enough he talked his father into going with the army in fighting for his kingdom and there he won his first war with Filarion Keavaris. They became friends after that. Filarion was the one to introduce him to Karynel. He thought she was a beauty and she had a fire in her soul that he was drawn to. Davidson courted her for sometime before asking her to be his wife.

They conceived a child shortly after marrying, but within five months into the pregnancy Karynel lost the child. They both were devastated and Karynel drew into herself and that fire in her died a bit. It was a few years before they even tried to conceive again. Marcus was born two years before he had to go to war again, the war that he lost his eye but won.

So begins...

Davidson Hilyard's Story


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#, as written by Sambea

Romilly had been at the castle for some time before the prince got back. She wasn't supposed to meet him for another week, but a maid told her that they saw the carriage come down from the ramps that connected the islands to the kingdom. She wasn't from this land and had hoped Marcus would bring her up to them, but right now she was more worried about meeting a man she didn't know and didn't love.

She stood there in her pink dress next to the king's throne. Her hands fumbled with the hem of her dress when the king laughed and told her that everything would be okay and that she looked gorgeous. Romilly thanked him and did a little bow before turning back to face the door. It took a moment before Marcus opened the door and close it behind him. He hadn't seen her yet.

"Father, to send an old man and a damn kid to protect me... that is like a slap in the damn face!" He began walking closer when he finally notice her. "I am sorry, didn't know there was a lady in the room." He bowed apologetically.

She looked nervous at him then his father. His father groaned, "I sent them as protection. I will talk to you later about what is going on with that, as of for right now. Meet Princess Romilly your soon to be wife." Marcus glared at him, not even looking at her. Romilly began to blush. She knew this was going to happen. She herself argued with her parents about it till the day she left.

"And why would I need a wife, I have been doing well on my own. No offense, Princess Romilly, I am sure you are a great woman, just... Father... I can't marry her." She didn't know why her heart sunk when he said that. It isn't like she liked the man, or men.

"And why is that? Do you have a woman who you planned on marrying and not tell us?" His father ask. Marcus just stared at him. She could tell that he was pissed, but it softened when he looked at her. He walked up to her, took her hand, and bowed.

"I am sorry if I have offended you. I will indeed marry you and until then maybe we can get to know each other. Hopefully I can become the husband you have dreamed of and a great father to our future children." He then looked up at her, his golden eyes shining.

Romilly blushed from head to toe, "You aren't even who I want to be with. Ugh, I know you don't want this," she smiled though and said softly. "Please, stand up. I am not offended at all. I know this is sudden. I was also caught off guard when my parents told me. I am looking forward to getting to know you and hope that I can be a great wife and mother to our... future children." She wanted to cringe, but she kept her smile on. Marcus excused himself, saying he had business to attend to and walked out. His father apologized for his son and said she was free to walk around the castle and explore. She bowed and walked out to indeed explore.


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#, as written by Sambea

Marcus had been summoned to the throne room. Apparently his father wanted to talk to him about something. As he walked in he could see the tension from his father. All the servants and guards were ordered out and he knew then that it was something either he had done or it was very important.

Marcus sighed and walked closer, "What could I have possibly done this time, father?"

His father sat up straighter than he had been and looked down on him. He knew his father was trying to word whatever he wanted to say. The silence sat between the two for a while before his father spoke, "There have been rumors of you and your personal guard getting a bit too close."

Marcus' eyebrow raised, "What? What the hell is too close? We are friends... is that too close? I honestly don't know what to tell you father besides that you are foolish to feed their stupidity."

His father sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "I just had to make sure, son."

"Whatever you say father." He said before walking off. He had gathered all of the servants and told them that because they liked to be nosey that they are going to be on a strict time bases in the castle. They can only be in certain places for certain times and if they are cause in a place they shouldn't they would be fired.