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Dorthy Ainsworth

And if there's no tomorrow, And all we have is here and now I'm happy just to have you, You're all the love I need somehow

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Sambea



| Name: Dorthy Ainsworth | Age: 17 | Gender: Female
| Sexuality: Striaght | Height: 5'4" | Weight: 115 lbs
| Race/Species: Human | Hair Colour: Brown| Eye Colour: Blue
| Skin Colour: Fair Ivory| Trade: Tea Maker | Theme: Breathless by The Corrs


Dorthy is an average size girl. She stands at around five feet and four inches. When it comes to weght she weighs in at one hundred and ten pounds. Her skin is a fair ivory color. Though she goes into the sun sometimes to tan she won't really get darker or burn. Her hair is a light brown that curls at the bottom just past her breast. Dorthy has striking blue ues that are usually the first thing you look at when you see her.


Dorthy is a good girl at heart. She, being raised in such a wealthy family, has been taught at a very young age the importance of being obedient and classy. It is very important to her to follow the rules and rarely ever breaks them unless she is with her friends, but it isn't ever as bad as she thinks it is going to be. A lot of the time she is called the "mother" of the group because she always fears the safety of her two friends and is always there prepared for the worse. Despite this, she does love to have fun and laugh often.


  • Horses. She has had on since she was little and find them beautiful.
  • Family. Even if she only has her parents and grandparents, she loves them dearly and was always put first.
  • Tea. Being raised in a tea making family, Dorthy has grown around it and has to have a cup with every meal.
  • Friends. They have been with her for a very long time and have grown close to her over the years. They are more like family to her.


  • Abusive Men. Having to deal with one who has dated Electa.
  • Sharks. They are some fearful creatures with way too many teeth.
  • Dangerous Things. Though she has done it a good bit of times thanks to her friends.
  • Lightning and Thunder. Those two strikes fear into her. She starts to shake and if she is outside and hears it once she is off running and getting in the closest house or structure with a roof.

Image History:
  • Dorthy was born to the parents of Andrew and Lucy Ainsworth down in Forestville Harbor under the floating islands.
  • Her father owns the Ainsworth Tea Company down in Forestville. It has been in the family for as far back as she can think of. Her mother comes from a family of horse breeders. So Dorthy was born into a vast of riches.
  • It wasn't until Dorthy was six that she met Electa. Her father had made a business deal with the new owners of a diner in town and she had tagged along with him to go deliver some tea to them. Dorthy instantly made a connection with her and had asked her parents constantly to go play with her or for her to come over. It wasn't too long after that that Dorthy also got to meet Helena. She had been a bit different and out there, but she was always fun and could tell her which plant was which.
  • There had been a number of times that the girls had played together or slept over. They were inseparable and she had refused to let go of them. They were her favorite cup of tea, even when they did things that frightened her, but they always made sure she was safe. It had become a thing that she was the mother of the group. Someone always ended up hurt and she was quick to patch them up.
  • At the age of fourteen Helena took a turn for the worse and Electa had been seeing a twenty-year-old man. Both scared her to death, but she refused to let them go, even when her parents suggested it. It was the only time she disobeyed her parents. She told them she was going to get her friends back and they were going to have to sit and wait till she did.
  • Helena had been trying to torture her mother through some dark ways and was on the verge of giving up her own life to do so before she and Electa talked her out of it, saying how her father would be so heartbroken and that he hadn't wanted that kind of life for her. This was all around the time that Electa's boyfriend had started to take a violent turn. He had left a couple of bruises on her arm from gripping her so tight and then it escalated to bruising on her ribs and other parts of her body that were hidden by clothes. She had shown them to her and Helena in fear. That Autumn was the worse for all three of them.
  • It was a cold Autumn night and Dorthy was supposed to be sleeping over at Electa's when she showed up and her parents said she was at Helena's. She went over to her other friend's house before being told that she wasn't there also. It baffled Dorthy but she was heading home when she heard Electa's cries coming from the woods. She ran, scared to death that her friend was hurt when she stumbled upon the scene of her boyfriend forcing himself on her. She tried to get him off of her but she was shoved back. It wasn't until he was done did he get off and came for her but Electa hurried over and attacked him causing the man to go into a fit of rage. He was going to kill her and Dorthy freaked. She scurried around and tied to find something before taking a rock and slamming it into his head until he stopped moving.
  • Both girls, freaked out, ran to get Helena who looked just as horrified but came up with a plan. She helped them bury the body close to her house and she made a fence around it before making a sign saying that these plants were poisonous if consumed and to leave them be. It still stands there till this day and all three girls take care of it and look after it so no one will go snooping.
  • Dorthy thought it was going to be the end of that but then Electa got sick. It ended up with all three girls being heartbroken once again but they found strength in each other.
  • Now Dorthy is living a calmer life with her friends and is about to graduate school. She is working on taking over the business when her father retires and is looking forward to a happier life.



Aliester is a white short hair cat with very light gray stripes on his head and gray on his ears. His eyes are sapphire blue with black outlining the outside of them.

Aliester is a very spoiled and cocky cat. Dorthy has seen to it that he gets the best of the best. He rather likes only her and tolerates her friends and their familiars.

Aliester walked into Dorthy's life when he was only a kitten. He was born in a liter of nine to parents who were bred for their babies. Aliester had escaped one day, feeling beckoned to travel from his comfort. It seemed like days before he reached Dorthy. He was covered in dirt and starving. Dorthy found him on the way home and couldn't not take him. Ever since that day he has been her loyal servant. Her familiar.

So begins...

Dorthy Ainsworth's Story