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"I'd rather help people find happiness than to look for it myself."

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Valveskur


Name: Kagami

Pronunciation: (KaH - Ga - Me)

Age: Twenty-six (26)

Height: 6'6 n 1/2 (Six foot six and a half)

Sexual Preference: Apathetic: He has no interests in anyone or anything

Likes: Honesty, he holds this above all the rest. If it's a little white lie, he won't mind. But anything major is something he doesn't like. That's pretty much the only thing he likes.

Dislikes: He has yet to define what he dislikes

Interests: Kagami only has one interest. He wants everyone to have their happiness- even at the cost of his life

Pet peeves: Someone who refuses to find their happiness when they can clearly achieve what they so desperately are looking for that will make them happy
Job: He's been through and been fired from too many- he's lost count.
Attitude: Kagami is pretty relaxed when he isn't intent on doing something. He believes no one is past forgiving. He also enjoys becoming friends with everyone he meets, no matter what they believe in or is interested in. Altogether. He's an all-around guy.

Personality: Kagami is kind, caring, attentive to other people. Sometimes he has humor, sometimes bad jokes. Always seeking for the unseen. The unfelt, the unknown. He'd go to hell and back to give someone their happiness if possible. If someone was happy if anyone died, he'd gladly die. That's how he's been since a young age. His traumatic experiences are what he has to thank for that. Kagami always saw the best in people, even if they refused to see it. He also strives to bring out the best in people.
Mental disorders: Kagami suffers from a condition called D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) He hears multiple voices talking to him and he responds back daily. Sometimes, one even takes over. But only one in particular.
Physical Description

Kagami comes in at 6'6 1/2, (as stated before) with his skin complexion being a pure pale look. He wears a black dress shirt along with a red vest over it and a grey-ish tie to go along with his style.

(For a reference. Not exact.)
Just under Kagami's right eye is a tattoo he received at the age of eighteen. (18) And proceeded to let his hair grow out but maintained. Hence, why it seems so much like a mess but not long. Well, not too long anyway. His pants are black dress pants, slightly tight. Kagami's eyes are both pigment blue, although he finds the color blue a bit distracting and unnecessary.

He is slim yet sturdy. Kagami doesn't enjoy being called skinny. (So don't call mai baby boy a toothpick! >:( )


Describing D.I.D.

DID is characterized by a set of one or more distinct identities that a person believes to exist within themselves. These identities can talk to the person, and the person can answer back. The identities often are formed to help a person cope with different parts of their life, and seem to have distinct personalities that are unique and different than the person’s core personality.

Sometimes, people with DID will lose track of time or will be unable to account for blocks of time during their day. This occurs when one of the identities within the person takes control of the individual and engages in behaviors that the core personality would otherwise not engage in. For instance, the person with DID may be unable to be assertive in a situation with her boss, so the assertive identity takes over for the important meeting to ensure the individual is assertive.

Split's personality: Dark, vulgar, disrespectful. He's the opposite of everything that Kagami stands for. He doesn't wish for anyone's happiness. in fact, he seeks to ruin other people's happiness, as his own was destroyed. The only thing he and Kagami share is that neither of them is looking for a love of any kind. He feels no pity for anyone.

But this Split also hears the voices of the others. Their pleas and demands are what haunt him day and night. Not that he hates them. It likes it actually. He enjoys a bit from the insane side.
Backstory; Kagami: {WIP}


Backstory; Split: {WIP}


So begins...

Kagami's Story