alone depressed and well beautiful but doesn't see it

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by bronwyn2111


5 foot 7 16 years old
black hair (often has highlights)
bony (due to anorexia, she thinks shes fat)
very pale

can play the violin and the piano like Mozart, she can draw anything perfectly, shes very smart
highly body conscious
thinks shes unwanted
has a high death wish
shes highly loving and will do anything to make people smile (even if it means she dies a little each time)

when shes in a tough situation she likes to listen to music (gorillaz and MCR) she also likes to hide how she feels and thats really not good for her

as a child she was beat and unloved so she has a hard time at 16 years old (thus the depression)

So begins...

lily's Story