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Luther Silverson

Oh my dear, you look extravagant tonight.

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Sambea





Luther Silverson




Luther stands at six feet five inches. He weighs around one hundred and seventy pounds. Luther is very fit and muscular due to him working out. He has black hair and yellow eyes. He likes to wear V necks most of the time, but when he is working he wears a suit. He wears an eye patch over his left eye.

Luther is a very laid back looking gentleman, which he is. He loves to talk and socialize. He always is joking and teasing with his friends and clients. James doesn't like to be serious too much of the time, but when he can become scarier than his brother, James.

Luther is the second twin out of the set. He was born to Tristan and Faylyn Silverson. His twin brother is James. They were raised to one of the richest families in the kingdom. Their family came from a long line of mobsters or gangs. His family dealt with selling black marketed items, and still do.

When luther was a twelve him and his brother were practicing their swordsmanship, because to their father fighting your own battle and winning was the only outcome for his sons. It had been raining that morning, and despite protest from other members of the family and his advisors, their father wanted them to practice. James and lunged forward a bit too hard and cut his left eye causing him to go blind. He hated seeing his brother so depressed after that he decided to wear an eye patch on the same eye. He has yet stop wearing it.

By the time he was sixteen, he had been working with is father and brother in the business. Luther had always thought he was going to be stuck in his father's business and thought the idea was dull, then James came up with an idea for an escort business. Luther jumped on the opportunity and has had fun ever since. When he turned twenty-four he fell in one with one of his clients, something that is strictly forbidden. They tried to keep it hidden, but her father had found out and sent her away to marry a man in another country. Luther was devastated. It almost cost him his life, but his brother pulled him out of it before it was too late. Now he refuses to get close to anyone, except his brother or co-workers.

Time has passed enough that things had majorly changed. He had started dating, an older man, and his was sharing a man with his brother. Things turned for the worse though. He had killed their father who was so ready to kill them and found out that his own brother had turned to his father. He abused a young girl and ended up getting her pregnant. In the end he left the men he was dating and his brother behind in order to rescue and help out the young girl who was carrying his future niece of nephew.


So begins...

Luther Silverson's Story


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#, as written by Sambea
People in downtown stared as the new comers moved into their new home. There were all dressed differently than the locals. The men and woman flashed a smile at those who watched and made sure to put on a small show for them, especially if they wanted customers while they stayed in the city. But the real reason they were here was a secret. They had to get the redheaded man and leave. James was waiting on them.

The setting changes from Veritas City. to James' Secret House

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#, as written by Sambea
James growled and turned to him, "You aren't... you never were and you never will be. Erorn, please.." He was afraid he was going to leave him. He ran away from Marcus... he would run away from him. He pinned Erorn down, "Don't you dare think of fucking running away from me... not when you have me like this." He was getting angry, "You would be worse than, Marcus.." He thought about how Marcus got him to finally feel and then just told him he was using him to get better and to have Elwin wrap around him, but he never had his walls down this much with someone. "I love you, Erorn," James whispered.

Erorn craned his neck and kissed James as best he could while being pinned down. He pulled his head back down and looked at him in the eye. "I was never going to leave you, even if you did put your walls back up. I love you too. I don't ever want to hurt you." He wanted to hug him and hold him tight, but he was still pinned down and there wasn't anything he could do but look up at James.

He smiled, glad to hear that he wouldn't leave. James didn't want him to. He didn't want to be alone and cold. He just wanted to be close to him and warm. He wanted to feel the love Erorn gave him. James leaned down and kissed him softly. "I have never told anyone I loved them... so feel special, okay?" He let Erorn go and laid back down next to him.

"I do feel special, you've made sure of that just by being with me." He smiled. He rolled over and put an arm over James' chest. "Are you going to be okay? He asked with genuine concern. He didn't want James to be concerned that he would leave or hurt him in any way.

"I am going to be fine. Just a lot going on inside my own head that I need to sort out. You can come over here and kiss me, if you want to help out some." He smirked and ran his fingertips up and down Erorn's arm slowly.


Erorn woke the next morning still in James' arms. He smiled and turned to face him. He looked at the eye patch and he realized that he had never even thought about what was underneath until now. He had assumed that it was something to do with a client that had been violent with him, or his dad doing something to him as a kid. He also realized that whether he said anything about it or not, it was probably a sensitive subject for him. He thought his good eye was beautiful though, gold was such a rare color and it was like he could see the depths of his soul when he looked in it. He decided not to push the issue or say anything, that James would tell him about it when he was ready. He figured since he was already looking at this beautiful man, he should kiss him to wake him up. He place his lips to James' and gave him a sweet kiss. "Hey, babe, time to wake up." He chimed with a sweet tone in his voice.

James groaned and rolled over so that he was on top of Erorn. "Last time I remembered I was boss. I think we can sleep in a bit more... mmk?" He laid on the side of Erorn so that he wouldn't squish him. Then he heard the door downstairs opening. "James Lee! Rylie has refused to come home. Ollie quit and she came back with Elwin! What the fuck have you been doing?!" He yelled from the bottom of the stairs. James groaned and got up, slipping on a pair of pants and going down stairs. "A mess... Rylie is still doing work over there then. I gave him that choice. The only person we lost is Elwin and Ollie. Glad to see you made it. Took your sweet time." Luther smiled and held up a wad of cash. "I had to make some money on the way home."

Erorn got up when after James got out of bed. He went to use the bathroom before he got dressed and walked downstairs. He was expecting Luther to have silver hair like James' and both eyes, but he was a little shocked to see that he had black hair and was missing the same eye as James. Apart from the hair they looked the same. He might not be opposed to being shared after all. He smiled at him. "Have you eaten yet or would you like some breakfast too?" He asked as he went to the kitchen and started mixing pancake batter and got some bacon and sausage cooking. He could almost feel the look that Luther was giving him all the way in the kitchen.

Luther looked at his brother and James stared right back. "So... you going to explain why you kept the one we were supposed to give back AND your ugly ass face?" He smiled. James rolled his eyes, "Erorn is... someone I am interested in and my face is none of your concern." James took the cash and went into the lounge to put the money up. Luther went into the kitchen and walked behind Erorn, lifting his chin up so he could look at Erorn a bit more. "You are one cute kid... how the hell did you manage to fuck up my brother?" He asked with a smile.

Erorn smiled, he knew he could have fun with Luther. He looked up at him with his most adorable face. "Wouldn't you like to know?" He smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "So did you want breakfast?" He asked as he went back to cooking and got the griddle heating up for the pancakes. He finished mixing the batter for the pancakes and started on those.

Luther blinked and then smiled, "Yeah sure..." And then James walked in. "You... told him right? About the sharing thing right?" James yawned and nodded. Luther poked his tongue like always and James always shoved him away lightly. "But he has the say so." James walked to the living room and laid on the couch. "So... Erorn... what do you say? After breakfast we go and have a little fun?" He asked with a smirk.

Without missing a beat Erorn replied "How little we talking?" He chuckled. " 'Cause your brother got me hooked on the big fun." He laughed and finished making breakfast and set the table for all of them. "But seriously, I'm gonna have to pass for right now. No offense, you're cute and all, but I'm just more in the mood for him." He smiled.

Luther frowned, "Fine fine, but sooner or later James is going to get that itch." James glared at him and Luther smirked, eating quietly. James ate quietly too, but Luther was the one to finish first and clean his dish before heading to his room. James didn't say anything. He didn't tell Erorn everything.

Erorn looked over at James and he could tell there was something James was hiding by the way he glared at Luther. After last night and how he had gotten through James' walls, the way James told him, showed him that he loved Erorn, he didn't think it was anything they couldn't get past. But he knew that James would worry, he wasn't used to letting someone else in. He took the plates to the sink after they were done eating. He bent down and kissed James on the forehead. "Remember what I told you last night, I'm never going to leave you. Whatever itch he's talking about, I'm sure it's not that bad. It's not like I want you to quit your job or anything. You can do whatever you want, but you love me." He smiled and went back to cleaning the dishes.

James huffed, "It isn't anything about my job. Luther is a part of me as much as I am a part of him. We are twins... we share a connection. The sharing thing goes... a lot deeper than just what you think it does." He rubbed his face and thought about it. Maybe if he would just let things play out that it would be fine, but Erorn didn't seem like the person to do what he was talking about, which just made things worse for him. "There is a reason why Luther's last girl didn't work out." He said lowly, not wanting Luther to hear him. James got up and walked over to Erorn. "Her father found out about us... it was pretty bad. Luther better at explaining these things, I just sound blunt and crap. We share the relationship, Erorn. That is why Luther doesn't force anything."

Erorn looked deflated. He loved James, but he didn't even know Luther. If it had been something along the lines of an incestuous relationship between him and his brother, he could have handled that. He wasn't sure how to handle this. "I love you James. I'm not going to leave over something like this. But at the same time, I can't say that I understand it either. I doubt anyone who's never had a real sibling could. I'm okay with being physical with him when you aren't around and I need a fix, but I can't promise anything when it comes to an emotional connection with him. If your connection with him is one where he feels the same things you do, then he'll understand this I hope." He put a hand on James' shoulder "I think the bigger question is do you really want to share me?"

James nodded, he knew around the ball park what he would say. It was always like that with people. "With Luther? Yes... anyone else? Hell no. I trust Luther with my life." He got up and stretched. "We will see where everything goes, okay? I am going run, clear my head, and LUTHER'S FREAKING EMOTIONS." He yelled so Luther heard. Luther screamed back down, "YOU NEED TO FEEL ME TOO, BROTHER! I GET CLOSE TO HOME AND GET HIT WITH YOUR FEELS. I ALMOST DIED!" He was so dramatic and James smirked. He leaned down and kissed Erorn's forehead before going up, getting dressed, and then ran out the house. He decided to take the long path so he could leave those two alone.

Erorn sighed. "At least there's nobody out there who gets stuck having to feel my emotions." he muttered. He wasn't sure how this was going to work, but he wanted to be with James more than anything. The fact that Luther could feel all of James' emotions didn't change the fact that James loved him. But at the same time James felt all of Luther's emotions too, what if Erorn did something to piss off Luther, James get pissed at him too? Would Luther start to develop feelings for Erorn even though he may never return them? So many questions were running through his head. He wasn't sure he wanted to be shared, but he wasn't sure he had a choice in the matter if he wanted to be with James. He went down to the lounge to clear his own head and try to make sense of all this. "Why can't someone normal fall for me?" he sighed. Not that he wanted anyone other than James. He just wanted a simple life with the man he loved, lots of intimacy, and some cuddling, was that really too much to ask? He closed his eyes and practiced his visualization to clear his mind. He just wanted to make the whole issue go away, he wasn't ready to deal with this right now.

Luther had followed Erorn down into the lounge. "Why can't you fall for someone normal is the better question. The reason we share is because it wouldn't be fair for me or him and the person we date. All we really had when we’re growing up were each other. That twin bond grew a bit stronger than we could ever thought. It is more like a curse... So, we came up with a deal so that we wouldn't get hurt and hurt the one we love." The smile that seemed to have been plastered on his face disappeared and James' face seemed to come up. "It is a lot to take in. I know... but you wouldn't understand half of it and we already been through enough shit to know that this is the only way. I advise you to figure it out as soon as possible so that you don't drag my brother around, okay?" His smiled returned and he left Erorn to his own devices.

Erorn followed Luther back up. "Look I know a thing or two about curses, and as they go it seems you got stuck with one that's livable." He said sheepishly. "Look, you're right, I probably won’t ever really understand your bond, but I don't want to hurt either one of you. Are you going to be okay with him being in love with me? I mean does it mean you're gonna be in love with me too, or just that you'll constantly be feeling his love for me? I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but I want to make it work." He looked at him with honesty.

Luther turned around and nearly melted. "You are adorable... has James every told you this?" He scratched his head. "I can feel his feelings for you, but they are so damn strong that after a while I can't tell if I am in love with you or if it is James. That is why we try and spend equal time with the person. I only know you from what when we gathered information to know you Erorn, so I can't say I am okay with it or not fully, but James hasn't felt this way with someone... so I have to see what the hell you are all about." He smirked and poked his nose. "Maybe I will fall in love with you on my own accord." He smiled.

Erorn blushed a little. "Once or twice he's said that." He looked away for a minute. "I seem to be a magnet for trouble and all kinds of stupid shit like that. But your brother didn't seem to care. He made me a stronger person. He helped me to take my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. He didn't try to make me fall for him and I don't exactly know how I broke down his emotional walls, but I love the person who was behind them. You are clearly your own person so I don't know if you will fall for me. But if you're anything like him, I think I could get to like you a lot at the very least." He gave a big smile. "Let me try something." He said as he grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him down to his level. He closed his eyes and kissed him. It felt very similar to when he was kissing James. It didn't feel like he was cheating either. "I think I understand this a little more now." He said after the kiss. "If you both have feelings for me it will be almost like dating one person, but in two different bodies." He couldn’t fully articulate what he was thinking, but he did his best to get the words out. He knew it was deeper. He knew they were each their own people, but with shared emotions. He wasn't entirely sure how well this was going to work, but he wanted to give it his best shot, for James' sake. "I wish there was a way I could bond with you guys like that so I could show you how I feel with more clarity." he sighed.

Luther was shocked that he kissed him, but he wasn't a rude boy and kissed him back. He stood straight and smiled, "If it makes you happy and better understand it that way, then sure. Though... I am not as serious as my brother is, sorry. Though from what I feel... he isn't so serious anymore." He leaned against the wall and stared down at him. "It can be a blessing and a curse. There are other ways of expression yourself. You will learn... since from what I know you couldn't express yourself in that castle." He patted Erorn's head before walking off.

Erorn went back down to the lounge and laid down on the sofa. He closed his eyes and stretched out. He wasn't quite able to relax all the way, but he tried. The record player was in the corner calling his name. He put on some music and began to sing with it. He knew that James would be home soon and he liked to hear him sing apparently. He let the music play and sang as he started making lunch for the three of them. At the moment, he didn't want to feel his own emotions so he let the music flow through him instead. He was completely oblivious as to how loud he was singing.

Luther ran out of the house as fast as he could, not even looking at Erorn as he passed. He didn't even close the door. His face was stern, like James'.

As Luther ran down the stairs, Erorn dropped the stuff he was working on and a vision hit him. He saw James in the woods, it wasn't too far from the path near the lake. There was a large animal, it looked like something between a wolf and a hyena and it was twice as big as either of them. James seemed to be oblivious to it creeping up on him, it wasn't even dark out yet. He was leaning against a tree by the lake and he turned to see the creature coming closer.

The vision was gone in a split second but he ran out the door right behind Luther. He ran next to him toward the lake. "This way, he's near the lake." He wasn't sure if Luther heard his thoughts, he hoped not, but he knew he felt James' fear. The two of them got to the lake and there he was along with the dog thing that was about to attack him. "Hey! Dog, get over here!" he yelled at the thing to get its attention and distract it while Luther got James out of there. He was used to taking charge in situations like this. He saw a huge branch that had broken off a tree in the last storm. It was jagged and sharp and he grabbed it wielding it like a spear. He waited until the thing pounced at him and he thrusted the branch up through the thing's chest in mid air. It fell to the ground, but it was still whimpering and growling and thrashing. He walked behind it and grabbed it by the jaw and twisted the animal's head in a quick jerking motion snapping its neck with a loud cracking sound. Erorn's eyes were dark, almost black as he turned to look at James and Luther. He took a few deep breaths as he tried to regain his composure. He could see a look of fear in their eyes, but he wasn't sure if it was directed toward him or the animal. He was glad to see that they were safe. "Are either of you hurt?" he asked trying to not seem too scary.

Luther got to James and watched with his brother what the kid could do. They both watched Erorn's eyes go dark and him looking at them like there were his next prey. James was the one to answer since he was the one that was actually hurt. "I am fine..." Luther helped him get up. "Let's go. Erorn since you can run pretty damn fast, can you go to the house and get the guest room ready for him. I unlocked it earlier. I don't want him going up stairs. Also get some bandages in the bathroom and a towel with a bucket of water." He slowly walked with James.

Erorn did as he was told. He dashed to the house and got the bandages and opened the door to the guest room and threw them in there. He also went and filled a bucket up at the tub with warm water. He took it to the room and pulled the blankets off the bed, they'd just get in the way while they were helping him. He ran back to them and helped Luther bring James in and lift him onto the bed. "What happened? Did it bite him or scratch him?" He asked. "Are those things venomous, do they have rabies?" He was freaking out and acting a little closer to normal, though his eyes were still kind of dark.

Luther helped James take his shirt off before laying down. He had three pretty deep scratches on his side. "Shit... now he is going to fucking turn into one." James groaned. Luther turned around to hide his smile and he rung out the towel out before turning back and cleaned his wounds. "Let me go get some medicine from my room. Stay here and make sure he lay still. And don't get bit or scratched. I can't have you turning on me too." James closed his eye and tried not to punch his brother. Luther hurried out and went find the medicine that was needed.

Erorn wasn't quite as dumb as Luther thought he was. He stayed next to James though, the joke helping to sober him up to his normal self. "Your brother is an ass. He's funny, but he's an ass. I like him." Erorn whispered in his ear. He looked down at the scratches and they were a little deep. "Damn I really wish I would have seen you sooner. I could have gotten to it before you even saw it." He cursed his visions. It was pointless to see this shit if it was only a few minutes before it happened. He knew there were going to be questions to answer, but like he told Luther, he knew a thing or two about curses. He just managed to turn his into a strength. James would be proud when he was feeling better.

James smiled and looked up at him. "He is a good guy, or tries to be." He took a deep breath. "And you will talk to me later about that whole seeing thing sooner." He ran his thumb over his cheek. "Don't tell Luther this, but he sort of likes you. You think I have walls... Luther dug his own grave and buried himself. Be gentle with him. Okay?" Luther walked in a few seconds later and put his gloves on before applying the medicine and bandages. "Now get some damn rest. Next time you go running take one of us... maybe beast boy right here. Snapping fuckin necks like a damn mad man. And you fall in love with that." He smiled and tugged Erorn's shirt. "Let him rest, okay?" He walked out and headed for the lounge. He needed a damn drink.

Erorn kissed James on the forehead. "Taking down walls seems to be my super power. But I'll be nice to him, don't worry. Get some sleep." He whispered then followed Luther to the lounge, he needed a drink too. He saw him with the bottle. "I'll take one of those too if you're pouring." He smiled at him. He took the drink he poured and sat down on the couch. He knew what was next and he took a deep breath. He hoped that the two of them would understand that he had his own curse to deal with.

Luther smiled and poured him a drink before pouring one himself. He took the bottle with him as he sat down on the seat next to Erorn. Luther sipped his drink as she rested his head on the back of the couch. James was doing what they always did. Shifting some of the pain so that they didn't have to take on the full blunt. Luther steadied his breathing before taking a sip of his drink. "Some night, aye?" He finally said.

"Yeah, definitely wasn't expecting that tonight." He smiled up at him. "So I take it you felt his fear and all tha,t can I ask you something, were you guys afraid of me when I killed that thing you looked scared." He said thinking that Luther wasn't going to bring up his knowing where James was. "I never really said anything about this to anyone, I never thought it would come up. I don't just have a bad temper, that's just a side effect. True it was the main reason I joined the army, but the army made me realize that I suffer from blood lust." He paused a second to let it sink in. "In the last battle I was in, I killed eighty percent of the other side's forces and my platoon took out the rest. Once I start killing I kind of go into a frenzy. I would never hurt someone I love, hell I never even hurt anyone on my platoon, but I can get kind of scary and I crave the kill. This was just an animal so it didn't do much, but there's still that rush and I really don't want to scare you guys, so I figured you should know." He took a big swig of his drink before looking up at Luther. His eyes were now slowly getting brighter again. He hoped that Luther would take this as for what it was. Erorn had walls too, not as many or as thick and he was letting Luther in.

Luther listened and when he was done he thought about it. "The only thing I am truly afraid of is my Father. What you did was pretty damn cool if you ask me." He took a sip of his drink. "But the only thing I don't like is how your pretty eye color disappeared." He took a deep breath and James was in some kind of pain and so was he. It was quiet for a while between them and then he heard it the thunder. "This fucking place gets more water than the damn ocean. I told James this was a bad spot, but no." Luther looked towards Erorn. "James is worried suddenly. Is he scared of thunder now?" He asked.

Erorn was a bit embarrassed by the comment. The thunder rolled overhead and he jumped a little, luckily, they were downstairs in the lounge and the sound wasn't as loud. "He's worried about me. The sound is not the best for someone with sensitive hearing like me and I get a little jumpy. Could you go tell him I'm okay down in the lounge." He asked. "I don't want him worrying about me." He looked up sheepishly. "And yes I see the irony in the fact that I can kill a huge hyenawolfe with a stick, but the thunder makes me jumpy."

Luther just smiled and put his drink down. He walked out and went tell James that he needed to calm the hell down and that they were in the lounge. James grumbled and Luther checked on his wounds. He told him to send him all the pain if he needed to and put a cold bucket of water by his bed and placed a cold towel on his head. Then he went back down to Erorn. "All good now... bitch should be resting up well." He took a deep breath as he felt the pain coming through. He poured himself another glass before taking a big swig. "So... glad I got... ugh my fun before I came home. You fear thunder, that is fine. You like to cook? You like my brother... what else you like, Erorn?" He asked trying to take his mind off his pain.

Erorn was beginning to see what was happening with Luther, he wished he could help them, but he sadly had very little knowledge of anything medical, as he rarely got hurt physically. "Well I love to sing." He responded a little worried. "Is there anything I can do to help you guys feel better? I mean it was a a deep scratch, but it was still just a scratch wasn't it? Should you two be in that much pain?" Erorn was very concerned. "Can I try something, it might help distract you from the pain?" He asked.

Luther took a deep breath, "It is three long semi deep scratches... by big claws. It is a bit of a pain." He looked at Erorn and raised an eyebrow. "And what is that, kid? You going to sing me to sleep? It might work." He laughed. "But I know you really want to help, your big blue eyes look all sappy. So, go for it." He smiled. Luther wondered how James got to this point in such a brief time. He took a deep breath and smiled. "James is an idiot." He mumbled to himself.

Erorn ignored the last comment he made and chalked it up to the pain. "Okay before I do this, just keep in mind I'm doing it to help you guys feel better. It's a technique I saw a few of the guys in the army use, it's called sensory overload therapy. I don't know if it'll work with your ... gifts, but just bear with me.


Luther followed him up and directed his ass towards his brother's room. "No... you can go clean him up. I sure in the hell am not doing it." He said before patting him on his head and walking away. He went to his own room and showered. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be with Erorn. He was good in bed or couch, that was for sure. Maybe him and James could talk it out. He didn't know if he wanted to be in a relationship of any kind. Especially of his brother was pulling shit like earlier. He took off his patch and went showering.

Erorn went into the room. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, I can't have my man in pain." He grinned devilishly. He glanced down at the wound and saw that it seemed to be healing. He was glad that he had helped. He cleaned James' ripped abs and did his best to avoid the temptation. He kissed him on the forehead. "I don't think he liked you taking over the way you did when you he gripped my chin and told me to clean up the mess. But you probably already knew that." He worried. "I hope I didn't mess things up between you guys." He paused for a minute. "Did you want something to eat? I'm starving."

James took a deep breath. Then he made the comment about him taking over. "Luther likes to be passionate, soft, loving. Where I liked to be rough and hard... which I have been holding back somewhat. When Luther is in control it drives me nuts, like what he does to his clients. He had me begging, so I accidentally took over. He isn't mad at you... but something happened and he is wondering if we should share you. Someone shook his wall." He smiled, "No food for me right now, thanks. But you should go eat, I am about to pass out anyway."

"Wow, I didn't think there was a way you could do this without sharing, aside from being far away from each other. I told you, it's a super power." He chuckled. "You get some rest, if you want I can sleep in here with you after I eat. I could sleep on the floor so I don't hurt your wound, I know I get clingy in bed. I just don't think you should be alone for too long it you're injured. You should have someone here to help." He smiled trying to hide his concern a little. He didn't want him to worry too much.

James shook his head, "No, you go and sleep in your own room tonight. I can just bug Luther if I need help and he will know if I am going to try something stupid. Now shoo, kid." He smiled before closing his eye. Luther was already in the kitchen, patch off, and making dinner. He sat on the counter, elbows resting on his knees and his cheek in his hand. His eyes were closed as he waited for the food to cook.

Erorn walked out and closed the door after giving James one last kiss for the evening. He walked to the kitchen and saw Luther waiting for something to cook. He was a little surprised to see that he didn't have his patch on, but he didn't mention it. He didn't stare either. He decided to go with something simple for dinner and just made a sandwich. He could see that there was something on his mind, but he wasn't sure if opening that can of worms was a clever idea at the moment. "So, what are you making?" he asked trying to cut the tension.

Luther heard Erorn walk in but kept his eyes closed. He didn't even really want to eat, but he had to get something in him before bed. He was about to doze off when Erorn began to talk. He opened his eyes to reveal they were both normal. "Hm? Oh, I have no idea... boiled eggs? I am probably not even going to eat them." He chuckled tiredly. Luther slid off the counter and brought the eggs off the stove before rinsing them off with cold water and peeling them. When he was done he just stared at them, not knowing if he really wanted to eat them. Luther finally ate the whites and chucked the yokes in the garbage. "You want me to stay with you while you eat? He asked.

Erorn could see that Luther was tired and he had eaten most of his sandwich already. "Naw, it's fine, you can go to bed. It's been an exhausting day for all of us." He finished the rest of his sandwich and smiled at him. "I'll get the dishes in the morning before I make breakfast." He said as he went up to his room. He crawled into bed after striking down to his briefs. He was going to miss James holding him tonight, but he wouldn't have been able to do that even if he were sleeping it the same room with him, not without hurting his wound. No it was better to just let him heal. He closed his eyes and hoped for a normal night of sleep and not the nightmares that usually came with the visions.

Luther nodded and headed up to his room. He slid off his boxer briefs before sliding his pj pants on and slid into his bed. He practically hugged it, he had missed it so much. "The only person I would ever marry is you. And you aren't even alive." He chuckled. He was quickly drifting off to sleep with a loud strike of lightening hit nearby and the sound of thunder was even loud enough to hurt his ears. "For fucks sake..." He yelled at the weather. "Can you fucking give it a rest?!" Luther laid there in bed before he felt James' worry. "You serious?" He sighed and got out of bed, grabbing his damn pillow and walking into Erorn's room where he crawled over Erorn and slid under the blankets. "Cuddle me if you want or not, but I am here if you need." He said before throwing his arm over his eyes.

Erorn sighed in frustration. "I got a better Idea, go back to your bed, I'll go down and sleep in the lounge. It's your first night back and you should be able to sleep in your own bed. I'll tell James to stop worrying." He said as he grabbed one of his blankets and a pillow. He walked down stairs and stopped at the guest room. "I'm going to the lounge, babe. You don't need to worry I'll be fine." He smiled and went down into the lounge. He put the pillow against one of the arms and threw the blanket over himself. He was able to fall asleep easily down there. He was soon dreaming. It was more vivid than his usual dreams almost like a memory that had been buried in his mind. He was a kid, no more than seven, and he was playing at the park alone. An old woman came up to him and he recognized her as someone who had been in his mom's store wanting the recipe to her apple pie. His mom had always guarded her recipes and refused to share them with anyone. The old lady gave him a lollipop. He took a few licks and then the dream faded into something different. He was in the old lady's house barely able to open his eyes. She was chanting something.

"Give this child sight from above
to see the deaths of those he loves.
Should he try to change their fate
only seconds will he be able to wait.
Should this child take a life
a thirst for more shall be his plight.

She chanted this over and over before the dream faded. He woke up in a cold sweat. "What the fuck? It really was a fucking curse?! " He shivered at the recalled memory. He pulled the blanket back up and tried to clear his mind before falling back to sleep.

Luther walked back to his room and closed his door. He made his feelings loud and clear to James. "Next time you can walk your ass up here and do it. Not my damn boyfriend." He sighed before going to sleep. He woke up early and walked into James room and punch him in the arm. "Wake the fuck up. Your damn wounds should be healed enough for you to move around the house. This blonde hair girl made this lotion thing for wounds using dragon scales. Pretty neat shit. Now you can tend to your damn boyfriend." He was going to walk away when James pulled him back,."He is going to be yours too." James said as he sat up.

"I don't think so. You seemed to have forgotten how we do things around here. So, since we you are breaking our rules, might as well keep it up." He wanted to get breakfast before the kid got to the kitchen. He yanked his arm away, but James got up and moved in front of the door. "It was only for a week or two... you have time to catch up, brother. Don't run away from this... not again." Luther was trying to be nice about this. He didn't want to have to shove his brother out of the way. "The kid annoys the hell out of me. He is only good for two things and being in love is not one of them."

"You don't even know him!” James yelled, clearly angry.

"And do you, brother?! Besides the shit show we seen when he was with Marcus. He is clearly not all there. Something is wrong with him. The one time you are actually interested in someone..." He shook his head. "Get out of my way James..."

James didn't budge, "Just give him a chance, that is all I am asking."

"The kid is in love with you, James... only you. And that shit you pulled last night..." Luther shook his head.

"You were driving me crazy with your stupid gentle touch shit. He doesn't like that." James growled.

"Then you fucking touch him and leave me out of it! You have grown weak, James. My Eyes have seen Father. He is looking for us again and you are off being fucked around by some weird ass kid. Handle him by yourself." Luther pushed James out of the way.

James followed him, "No... this isn't about father, me, or Erorn, this is about you being too damn scared to get close to anyone." He ran into the back of Luther when he stopped all of a sudden.

"That is calling the kettle black." Was all Luther said before going down to the kitchen and making himself breakfast.

Erorn woke up after barely being able to sleep. "I guess some people don't understand what sensitive hearing means." He sighed as he went upstairs. He walked past James and gave him a look that was terribly depressed. He went back to his room. "Oh don't worry Erorn, your love isn't an inconvenience." he said in a mocking tone. "Worst part is I can't even blame this part on the damn curse." He got changed into some sweats and came back down stairs, he didn't get any food, his appetite was gone after hearing all that. "Going for a run." he said dryly as he went out the door. He knew clearing his mind would be impossible but he figured he could at least spare James the scene he'd make if he started crying in front of Luther. He ran down by the lake kicking the corpse of the dog thing out of the way as he passed by it.

Luther didn't have to look back to know what James was doing. He could feel it. "I don't care." Was all Luther said.

"Well you better start." James said.

"Or what? You going to take over again? Do you REALLY want to start this, because the only one who is really going to get hurt is Erorn, and the only person who will be to blame is yourself." Luther had turned around now. He didn't have his patch on and James stared. They would have looked exactly if he had his eye and black hair. He wondered if Erorn would be able to tell them apart if so. They both took a deep breath and went about their business while Erorn was way. They barely spoke to each other since they could feel each other.

James was the one to break the silence, "Please..." was the only word he said when he walked into Luther's room.

"I am not going to force this on him. It isn't fair on either of us. The kid is in love with you and I don't need to even have a connection to see that. Maybe it is time we just... stopped sharing. I will never fall in love again, James, you know this." He said softly this time.

"And I thought the same thing, but look where I am now." Luther didn't answer or say anything back. He had a point, but unlike James he had more walls and he played the game of being okay too well.

Erorn got to the lake and started crying his eyes out. He was afraid, he didn't want to ruin the relationship between James and his brother, but he didn't want to lose James either. He was so tired of losing the people he loved. Why couldn't he just put up walls like everyone else and cut himself off from the world. He sat out on the dock almost all day while James and his brother were in the house not saying a thing. He cried till his eyes were dried out and red. He didn't want to go back to the house, but it was starting to get dark again. He started walking back, and the rain started again. There was thunder and lightning but at this point he couldn't care less. He jumped a little every time he heard the thunder but that was all. He walked slowly, his hanging down. He walked into the house and he was drenched, his eyes were red and baggy and it was obvious that he had been crying. He walked upstairs to his room took off the wet clothes and walked into the bathroom. He filled the tub with hot water and slowly slipped into it leaning his head against the back side of the tub. He began crying again as quietly as he could even though his eyes didn't produce any tears.

They watched him come in and disappear upstairs. Then they looked at each other. "You go since you did this," James said.

Luther glared at him, "Me? I am not the one who broke the rules. I am not the one in love with him. I am not the one he is in love with. He much rather see you."

"He most likely thinks he ruined our bond, which you made it clear you didn't want to have. So, you go up there and comfort him, plus you were always the one to comfort our clients." James said, glaring back at him.

"Oh, don't put this shit on me... rock, paper scissors for who goes up front because at this point we are reverting back to our seventeen year old selves who fought over Hanna Oswald." Luther said. They played and James won, which meant Luther had to go up there. He frowned and slowly made his way up the stairs. How was he going to comfort this kid? James knew more how to then he did. He stood there by his bedroom door and took a couple of deep breaths before walking in. He wasn't in there, so he walked into the bathroom only to slip on the floor from the water and fall on his ass.

Both Luther and James yelled. "For fuck sakes." Luther laid on the floor a moment trying to get over the pain that shot through his back. "Okay.... I think I am fine." He sat up and winched, he hurt a bit, but he was fine. He stared at Erorn for a while before talking, "Your eyes are pretty when you cry..." He closed his eyes and shook his head. Luther didn't mean to say that. "I am sorry for making you cry. If you think you ruined our bond, you didn't. I just don't want to force this on you. I feel like my father if I do that and I would rather end myself. I know you love my brother and he loves you... so I won't come between that. I think he is more scared of me falling for someone else, which will never happen, and then him feeling confused about his feelings for you. You threw a wrench into our system. I won't like and sugar coat it for you. You are a grown man. How do I explain it...... when we are interested in someone, rather it is me or him, we both make it clear on the first day what we do. If they accept then we each date them, getting to know them and what not. Like you would the regular way. When we are intimate then we all do so at once. I think right now is the worst time you could have come in and I warned my brother about doing that whole stupid plan. Our father is like James... or rather was like him, but worse. My father is an evil man. He will kill you if you stand in his way of something he wants. He killed my mom's father so he could have her. The man is a monster... anyway... we have been running from him since we left the family business. If we kill him then we take over his business... if we don't kill him we die. It is a lose/lose situation. And I know your tiny little ass can fight... I have seen you, but his is much more than just swinging your sword around." Luther blinked, realizing he shared a lot more than he had wanted to.

"Either way, you didn't ruin shit, kid. So stop your crying... or don't. I like your eyes either way." He smiled before standing up.

Erorn looked at him with an emotionless stare. "Seriously, sensitive hearing. Look it up. It's kind of hard to not feel like a fucking burden when you two are arguing over who has to comfort me." He stood up and walked around Luther to get a towel and dry off. "I get what you're saying, but at this point there doesn't seem to be any option where no one is going to get hurt. I agree that the shit that he pulled controlling was pretty fucked up regardless of how it made me feel. I'm also pissed that he didn't bother to explain any of this shit until you got home apart from vaguely explaining that the two of you share a relationship. But then I'm a shit show and not all there, so of course I would over react." He spewed Luther's own words back at him like bile. "So what now? Do I leave and devastate James? Do I stay here and continue to drive a wedge between you two? Do I take him with and have both of you resent me for coming between you? Tell me, what exactly is supposed to happen here? How is any of this going to work out? And this isn't even taking your father into account." He finally got some clothes on. "You're right though. I'm not all there, I'm a little bit fucked up. I don't have anyone. I loved my parents, my real ones, they're dead. I loved my first boyfriend, he's dead. I thought I loved Marcus, he treated me like shit. Now I love James, and well you see how well that's going. So yeah, I'm a real fucking shit show." He laid down on the bed. "I don't have a fucking clue what to do or where to go from here, but it still sounds like you and James need to figure it out. Since I'll probably fuck things up, let me know when you two figure it out." He sighed, he was emotionally exhausted, he was pissed, hurt, and scared to death of losing James. Now not just to a decision, but to his father as well.

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#, as written by Sambea
Luther stood by the bed, his smile had long faded when Erorn began to talk. He crawled into bed with him and laid on his back next to Erorn. "It is all up to you. If you know you don't want to be with me too then help me talk some sense into my brother's thick skull." He sighed, "I don't care to be in a relationship. I will be honest with you... I don't know you except from the info we got on you and you don't know me from... well... James. We can either give it a try or not give it a try. It won't put a wedge between us. We are grown men, but I would really like to get this settled as soon as possible." He sat up and stretched.

Erorn wanted this over with as soon as possible too. "I want James. I don't want either of you to be hurt. I'd be fine with getting to know you, but how do I be with James without torturing you? Do we have to move away? If that's the case, are you sure you won't hold any resentment toward James or me? I just want everyone to be happy."

Luther scooted off the bed and opened the door. "James get your ugly ass in here." He screamed. James came up and glared, "You know we have the same face right?" James said dryly.

Luther smiled, "I never said I was pretty."

James walked in, "So?" He asked. Luther rubbed his hands together. "Your boyfriend doesn't want me. Like I said before. So, I got a free out of jail card." He smiled at James.

James blinked for a moment before his face went grim, "What?" Luther shrugged and started walking out. James reached out and grabbed him. "What the hell did you tell him?"

"I told him everything… well sort of... Just that I didn't really want to be in a relationship." Luther answered. James growled, "And did you tell him why you didn't want to be in one?!"

"Didn't think there was a need to? The fucking kid just wants you. What you want me to do? Be like dad? Force his ass into it?" Luther turned to Erorn and smiled, "No pun intended."

James turned his attention to Erorn now, "I gave you an option Erorn... to take it or leave it. And you couldn't even just give it a try." Luther winched. He was feeling the heat of James anger. "All I fucking asked was for you two to give it a chance." He walked out. Luther followed, "You fucking better not go running."

James walked down the stairs and slammed the front door shut. "And he went fucking running anyway." He looked at Erorn. "I am really starting to see a pattern here with you. First Marcus and now my brother... but then again... Marcus is like the off brand version of him." Luther stood there for a moment and realized where James was going. "Well I guess that is a safe place..." He mumbled before leaving Eron in his room and going to his own room.

"Well I doubt I can fuck this up any more, but I'm an overachiever." He muttered before he ran out down the stairs and out the door. He was barely able to catch up to James and by this point he was completely ignoring the thunder and lighting. He grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, he figure he was going to that cabin Ollie had mentioned before. "No, you bastard, you don't get to just leave me like that. I gave it a shot last night and you know that damn fucking well. I was doing fine with him, but what can I do with the guy that hates me? And what about your fucking part in this? You fucking sprang this shit on me out of fucking nowhere and expected me to be okay with it over night?! Did you really thing that was going to work? For fuck sake stop using you brother as a crutch! That's what I'm supposed to be here for. On some sick twisted level I think your brother gets that. I want you and just you, why the hell is that so bad. You told me my love wasn't a burden, but you never told me I was going to have to share my love with someone I didn't even know. And in a fucked up turn of events, big shocker, the guy that I don't know doesn't even want me to love him. Fuck, I should have seen something like this coming. I'm not going to be responsible for you throwing this shit on me, I'm not gonna be responsible for coming between you two and I will not be the one to hurt you in this. You can't honestly expect me to be able to give any love to your brother when I already gave my heart to you." He stood there in the rain not even flinching at the lighting and looking at him with the most pleading eyes.

James listened, not saying a word. "You met my brother just last night. You don't even know him. He doesn't hate you, I don't know how you came up with that bullshit. He has a point about us not knowing each other much. He pushes people away, that is how he has his fucking walls, Erorn. I swear it is like... you think you know everyone when you are the fucking opposite. You know nothing of the situation and I know that is my fault. I know I didn't warn you about it. I didn't give you a heads up because being with you wasn't part of my damn plan. I didn't want you the first time either. From what I observed with my brother... you were a whinny fucking brat who clung to people. And how can you tell me you gave me all of your heart when you pretty much did the same with Marcus? It only took you, what, a week for you to switch over to me? How easy can you be, Erorn? Leave if you want... I have a house in town on the island with Rylie if you still want to be an escort... you seem to do the job really damn well. I just wish for once,,, you would shut up and actually try looking at the fucking picture." He walked off back to the house leaving Erorn there.

Erorn stood there. He took his words to heart. He went over what he thought he knew. James told him that he loved Erorn too. He freaked out when he thought he was going to run away. Now he was practically begging him to do so. Luther was putting up wall after wall. Erorn was so tired of trying to knock down walls and James wasn't doing shit to help, he was just building more around Luther and getting mad because he couldn't get through. True they had only known each other for a day, but normally when someone calls you a shit show it's a good sign that they don't like you. He walked to a tree and sat under it. Erorn continued trying to see the big picture. He had told Marcus that he loved him and that became a fucking mess. He just wanted to love James and be loved by him the way it was those few days. Why the fuck did this have to be his decision? Why couldn't he just once have a normal relationship? "I fell for a selfish asshole and then a twin with both brother and Daddy issues. I'm not a shit show, I'm a shit show magnet." he said out loud, knowing that no one would listen. He stayed under the tree all night. He knew that neither of them would come looking for him, they probably would think he ran away. A small part of him was screaming at him that he should do just that. They'd be better off without him. But he knew that James love was real, that's why this whole thing was so fucking hard, and he knew running would hurt James more than anything and in spite of all this he didn't want to hurt anyone, least of all James. But he just couldn't get through to him how he felt without hurting him more. He fell asleep under the tree.

James had walked into the house and up to his room. Luther crawled out of bed and walked out, heading to his brother's room when James screamed for him to fuck off. Luther threw his hands up in the air and walked away. He checked to see if Erorn was in his room, he wasn't. He tried his bathroom, no one. Luther then went down stairs and into the lounge and it was empty to. He guessed the kid stayed out there. Luther stoked the fire and waited for him to come in. He looked at the clock and an hour had passed. James was asleep so Luther went outside to look for the kid. He couldn't see much, but when the lightning struck he hurried and took in his surroundings. He made a few feet into the tree line when he saw a flash of red and figured it was him. Erorn had fallen asleep. "Idiot." He whispered before picking him up and bringing him into the house. He had set him on the couch before laying a blanket by the fire and placing him on it. "Wake up, kid... unless you want me to undress you, which I highly doubt you do." He poked Erorn's cheeks till he woke up.

Erorn woke up in the house to Luther's taunting. "How do we get through to him?" Erorn asked. "I broke down his walls once and I will break them down a thousand times if I need to, but how do I make him realize that it isn't unreasonable to only want him. Say we do give it a real go and actually try, then he realizes that it won't work with you and me, then what? "

Luther sighed and sat down next to him, "Get undressed while I talk so you can warm the fuck up and not die of some stupid cold." He cracked his neck. "You know you are a very negative person. You should try meditating... and what if we do hit it off? Then what? I mean... it isn't like you haven't been in love with two men at once." He smirked, "James... isn't going to let go of me. I have tried before... and it ended up with me having to save his ass. So I rather not have to go through that again. You know... I don't hate you right? I just think you... don't think things through. You jump at the first sign of affection and you don't think about the consequences. You fell for Marcus in what... three days? Less than that. Yeah we have been watching the whole time, blame your lover boy upstairs. And then it took you a week or less to say you love my brother. Then the idiot told it to you back, which he meant. But do you even know what it is, Erorn? Are you sure you aren't just clinging to someone who shows you a bit of the emotion you crave without even thinking of what was to come next? I am not trying to down you... I just think you need to think everything through thoroughly before opening your cute mouth or doing something. Like last night... I get what you were doing and why you were doing that... but did you think I really wanted to do that stuff with you? I mean... I wasn't going to say no if it helped my brother... and it was a bit hot... so I won't say it was totally a bad thing. But you aren't my client, Erorn, so I won't treat you that way. I might flirt, but I wouldn't fully come on to you knowing you didn't want me." He was being honest with Erorn. He didn't have a harsh tone to his voice. He just wanted to talk things out with him.

Erorn listened to him as he got undressed and warmed himself by the fire. "You're right." he almost choked on the words, not because it was Luther, but because the realization was almost painful. "I've never learned how to be in love. Yes I know exactly what it is, but you're right I never learned to guard it properly. I mean look at what I've had to work with, my parents died at ten. My first boyfriend died after only dating him a year, probably the only sane relationship I ever had. Then Marcus and your brother are the only people I've ever loved. You could see why I would have problems with that." He teared up a little thinking of his parents and he wondered what they would think if they were still alive. "I'm glad that you don't hate me, and for the record I don't hate you either. I know I get over emotional, I had to repress so much for so long. I never had any real help with how to deal with my emotions so I kept them bottled up until I was either on the battle field or when I got with Marcus, so just kind of emoted all over the place." He chuckled. "If you're willing to put up with, or even help, an overly emotional brat that is in love with your brother, I'm willing to try this if you are."

Luther ruffled his wet hair. "I can try and help you to the best of my abilities with the emotions part, James can do the physical part and I am willing to try. Now stay here while I get a towel." He walked off into the guest bathroom and grabbed a towel and came back, sitting behind him and plopping the towel on his head before drying his hair. "Got to get you nice and dry so James doesn't kill me." He chuckled.

Erorn smiled and laughed. "I wouldn't let him kill you now that we're getting along." He was suddenly aware that Luther probably had a plan. "Wait a minute, you're putting me in his bed aren't you? Why else would it matter whether or not I was dry? You're a sweet little devil aren't you?" He grinned then took the towel and finished drying off. "He's gonna either be really pissed to see me or really happy, when you hear him wake up, insure him that we're okay before he tries to kill me." He half joked before opening the door to James' room and slipping into bed with James. He wrapped James' arms around him the way he liked doing his best not to wake him up.

Luther smiled, "I have no idea what you talking about, kid. But I smother him in my feelings. So you will be okay." Luther walked into his own room and sent James how he felt. James woke up to Erorn in his arms. Luther was relentless on how he felt about Erorn right now. James leaned in after pulling him closer and whispered, "Luther likes you more than he leads on... and I wasn't suppose to tell you that. Oops... too damn bad. He woke me up." He kissed Erorn's cheek. "Glad you came back, I really am."

"I told you I'd never leave you." Erorn grinned. "I'll have to thank him for talking to me in the morning." He snuggled up next to James and kissed his neck. James was nice and warm, but Erorn was still freezing cold, the fire had dried him off, but the chill had penetrated to the bone. But James seemed to make it all warm up in seconds. James could always get Erorn's internal flame to burn hot. He was content just to be with James in bed again, he missed the feel of him holding him last night. He was also proud of himself for overcoming his issue with the lightning, not that he still wouldn't like to be held by James when it began to storm, but it wouldn't be necessary. The warmth and the comfort was enough to put him to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Luther rolled out of his bed and laid on the floor. He didn't want to get up. Actually, he didn't want to do much of anything so he groaned and crawled back into bed. James woke up thanks to Luther and smiled. He slowly slipped away from him and out of the bed making sure he didn't wake before sneaking out and going into his brother's room. "Couldn't have just slept in." He said. Luther looked at him. "Well excuse me, not everyone can have a cuddle buddy." He joked. James rolled his eye, "So what happened last night?" he asked.

Luther shrugged. "We talked is all." It wasn't a lie. James glared and Luther glared right back, but smirked as he sent his emotions to James. He twitched and walked out. "Muwahahah!" He laughed evilly.

Erorn woke up and saw that James had slipped out of bed. He got some clothes on and went down stairs to start making some breakfast. He assumed that James and Luther were talking about last night. He was in the middle of toasting himself a bagel when there was a knock on the door. The others were still upstairs so he answered it. There was an older man standing there at the door. He was in a police uniform. "Hello, I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I'm detective Clayborne with the Ravendale Police Department. I'm looking for a young man named Erorn Swiftblade.Have you heard of him?"
"I'm Erorn Swiftblade. What can I help you with, you've come a long way from Ravendale." Erorn responded with concern in his voice.
"You're a hard kid to find, do you mind if I come in and explain this to you?"
"No, it's fine." He said as he took him to the kitchen table. "So why are you looking for me?"
"Well, it would seem that when you were a child your parents were killed by an orc. We initially believed that you had been with them and were killed as well. However, after about five years, we were finally able to find the wreckage of the carriage and the only bodies we found were those of your parents. Your uncle Jerold had inherited Blackwood manor and was the only living relative we could locate. He was sure you had run away and were still alive. We were able to find a paper trail in Prericia and found that you had been taken into the foster system and bounced from foster home to foster home until you were finally adopted and then your little assault charge that landed you in the army. The trail went cold after that as the Royal army doesn't release their records easily. For a long time we had almost given up hope until a few days ago when a clue finally fell into my lap, literally. Seems your adopted brother fell off the Islands above and landed in a farmer's field. After we found out who he was we were able to trace him back here to you."
"So, you're telling me that my Uncle Jerry has been looking for me all this time? I had a family?"
"Yes and he was incredibly worried about you. And after sixteen years, I too take a small amount of comfort finally solving this case. Your uncle also wanted me to show you this if I were to ever find you." He said as he handed Erorn a legal document. "That's a copy of your parents' will, your uncle highlighted the part he wanted you to see."
Erorn took the document. He looked at the highlighted section and read it out loud. "In the event that both Thomas and Yasmine Swiftblade die before Erorn Swiftblade reaches the age of eighteen years, custody of Erorn Swiftblade will be granted to Jerold Swiftblade until Erorn reaches the age of eighteen years. In addition Jerold Swiftblade will be granted temporary ownership of the estate known as Blackwood Manor until Erorn reaches the age of eighteen years. Upon reaching the age of eighteen years, ownership of Blackwood Manor and all possessions therein will revert to Erorn Swiftblade."
Erorn's jaw dropped after reading the last sentence. "Are you saying my childhood home belongs to me? I'm the rightful owner of Blackwood Manor?"
"Yes, as long as you go tell your uncle that you're still alive. I'm sure he's dying to hear from you."
Erorn stood up and ran to the stairs before yelling up to Luther and James "Hey guys, come down here I gotta show you something!"

James walked out of his room and Luther peeked his head out from behind the door. "Does he mean me too?" He asked James. James turned around and glared at him. "What the hell do you think? He said guys not guy or James." He said before grabbing Luther and making him walk in front. Luther huffed and took two stairs down at a time, almost slipping if it was for James grabbing his shirt at the perfect moment. James sighed and Luther laughed apologetically before both men looked up to see the cop in their living room. James almost had a heart attack, but Luther was the one to go down passed Erorn and to the cop. "So Erorn... why is this handsome man in our home?" He chuckled. James groaned and walked up behind Erorn bending down when the cop wasn't looking. "You know... what we do for a living is illegal… right?" The cop had to slap Luther's hands away a few times before congratulating Erorn and walking out. Luther dusted his hands and walked over to Erorn, drapping his arms over his shoulders and leaning his cheek on the top of his head. "If you were trying to kill James... you almost had him" Luther laughed. James glared at him.

"So what you want to show us?" James asked. Luther 'mhm'ed' James question before playing with Erorn's shirt. "Yes, tell us." Luther said.

Erorn was on the verge of tears he was so happy, it was actually kind of shocking that he wasn't crying for once. "This." he said as he handed James the copy of the will. "I have an uncle and I own my childhood home. This works out perfect. You said that your father was coming after you, he'll never think to look for you at a place like Blackwood Manor." He smiled at the two of them. "Or at the very least it'll slow him down." He was so happy he grabbed Luther and gave him a big hug while James looked over the will. "By the way thanks for talking some sense into me last night."

Luther patted his head and laughed. "I am glad to hear, you just thanking me now because you got your house and uncle. Either way, congrats, kid, but would it be wise to bring our father to your family home? He is ruthless... and I mean... the fucker has only hate. He would burn it down if it meant getting to us. I really wouldn't want that to happne." He said.

James looked over at Luther, "What the fuck are you thinking of now? I mean.. your plans usually fucking back fire." He pointed at the kid. "I mean... you aren't a bad back fire." He patted his head again.

"What if I cause a distraction? Then he would follow that trail and I could just meet you two there. I know where it is at, so it wouldn't be that bad." James said, a smile on his face. Luther sighed, "Fine, but if the kid falls in love with me. I mean... what can I do?" He smirked.

Erorn smirked back at him. "I could think of worse things to happen, it is Ravendale after all." He wasn't a big fan of the idea of James risking his life, but he also knew that arguing with him on this matter would be pointless and just make him mad. "If you're going to do this, promise me you'll be as safe as you can. I better not see you dying in a vision like the other night. I don't think I could get to you in time." He said then gave James a big kiss realizing that he hadn't kissed him yet today. He also suddenly realized that he had yet to explain the vision thing to either of them.

James and Luther looked at each other. "Mind explaining what you mean?" James asked. It just dawned on Luther now why Erorn had followed him. He leaned against the wall ready to hear what the kid had to say.

Erorn sat down and let out a sigh. "Well, honestly I used to think I was cursed and that all the people I love or fall in love with die because I love them. It happened to my parents, my first boyfriend and I even managed to save Marcus from a street bandit. Come to think of it, I'm surprised you never asked me about that. Then there was you the other night. I see the death before it happens or at least what will lead to a death. You and Marcus are the only two I've been able to prevent. But that night I had a memory shake lose and I remembered something that was hidden in my mind. I was cursed by a witch that my mother pissed off, but only to see the deaths of those I love with just minutes to save them. That's how I knew where you were. I was also cursed with a blood lust that grows stronger with every kill I make. I would never hurt someone I love, but the second I take a life, I crave more. Even with that thing I killed the other night, I wanted others to come out and attack me so I could kill them all." He looked down at his hands. He felt like a bit of a monster stuck in an elf's body. "That's why I keep telling everyone not to underestimate me, I'm actually some one you want to be on your side in a life or death battle. There's nothing more dangerous than a man in love, except one in love who wants to kill everything that's put in front of him." He looked up at James. "I'm not nearly as sweet and innocent as I look, but it's not for lack of trying. I hope you don't think I'm a monster, I'm just a little scary is all."

"Told you he was a shit show." Luther said with a smile.

James glared at him, "Really, Luther?"

"Not in a bad way... just... he is cursed. What the hell do you even say to that? Just okay? That feels a bit insensitive." Luther said.

"Well.. maybe not call him a shit show." James said. He kissed Erorn's forehead. "I am going to get packed. Head to one of our eyes and see what they know." He left the two of them down stairs. Luther rubbed his hands together. "Well then..." He moved over to the couch and relaxed.

Erorn forced a grin when James kissed him. He wasn't sure how or if he had altered their perception of him, but he knew things would be weird for a little while. He went over to the couch and sat next to Luther on the couch. He knew that he meant well even if he did put his foot in his mouth every now and then. He picked up a book that he had been reading off the coffee table and curled up into a ball to read. He instinctively leaned back against Luther without even thinking about it. He was warm Erorn always seemed to be cold so he nuzzled in a little.

Luther glanced at the kid and had to hold back a chuckle as Erorn leaned against him. He wrapped an arm around him before leaning his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. He could have gone back to sleep if James hadn't been slamming drawers and doors. Then he could hear him run down the stairs. He gave Erorn a kiss that lasted for a few good long seconds. "Okay, I will see you at the manor? Don't leave today. Leave in a couple days... just in case." He said and ran off. Luther sighed and held Erorn close. "You are going to be my snuggle bunny."

Erorn smiled and cuddled up closer. "Well, I like that better than some of the other things you've called me." He chuckled. "I suppose it will give us a chance to get to know each other better." His voice was soft and sweet. He continued reading in silence, but he wasn't sure how much Luther did or didn't enjoy the quiet, he remembered that James had said something about him liking to talk more than James did. He leaned his head against Luther's chest as he kept reading. He could hear his heartbeat, it was slower than James', but he figured it was because he seemed so much more laid back.

"Hmm get to know each other better. I know a lot about you... so it might be the other way around." He laughed, automatically running his fingers through Erorn's hair. "Well... if you want to know something about me I will answer." His fingers twirled his hair in between his fingers as he closed his eyes again. It wasn't so bad being close to him, but then again so were his clients. He was used to this in some way or form, but they were in their comfort zone right now. There was nothing to worry about when no one would budge.

Erorn thought for a second, trying to think of something that he wanted to know. He figured that for now he'd start with simple things. "What's your favorite food?" He finally asked after a few minutes of silence. You could actually tell a lot about someone by the foods they liked. He figured it wasn't too personal of a question to start with.

Luther thought about it, "I like pretty much everything. I love food. If food was a person I would marry them, but I like crunchy food and cheesy food. Cheese, potato, and bacon soup is my all time favorite though. I could drink it if I didn't have to chew." He laughed. "Come on now... give me a good question." He said with a smile.

Erorn thought a little longer this time. He was having fun with this but he was sure there were things Luther still didn't know about him that he would have wanted to know. "Okay I have a good one for you." He smiled. "Be honest with me on this, were you afraid of me the other night when I killed that dog thing?" Erorn asked with a little hint of smugness.

Luther sat up and rubbed the back of his neck. "Be honest, huh? Well... yeah who wouldn't, Erorn? I mean... you weren't as scary as my father, but the way you looked at us... that was worrisome." He didn't tell Erorn how it bothered him a bit. That it worried him that he could snap and try to kill him or his brother. "But then you are tiny and at some point it was kind of cute." He smiled over at Erorn, trying to lighten the mood again. "Should I ask you something now? Hmm what don't I know about you... what is your favorite animal?" He asked.

"Now who's asking the easy questions?" He chuckled. "Hmmm, cats, kittens specifically. They're so cute and playful. Just so damn adorable." He smiled. "Now ask me a good one, surely there's something that you want to know about me that you don't already."

He smirked, "Shoo with your sass." He stood and stretched before sitting back down. "Well..." His smile faded a bit, "tell me about your nightmares, Erorn." Luther glanced over at him. He was truly interested. He knew what his favorite food was. What kind of books he liked. Hell, he even knew his favorite color.

Erorn looked away. He frowned a little, he normally tried to forget his nightmares, but he was now trying to remember them and it was a little unsettling. "Before you got here, I think it was like my second night or something, I had some messed up ones. One where I was drowning and James and Marcus both held me under water. There was one with my Harper, it was our wedding day and the ground opened up and swallowed me. There was a third one too, but I don't remember it." He sighed. "Also the night we saved James, I had one, but it was the memory of what happened as a kid when the witch lady kidnapped me and cursed me." He looked back up at him, an idea popped into his head. He grinned. "My turn. What makes you happy, not just on the surface, but truly happy?"

Luther listened carefully and nodded. He had to admit, that was some fucked up nightmares. It seemed the kid had troubles too. Now he was beginning to understand why James liked him so much. Luther turned his head and smiled, "Oh... hm.." He thought about it for a while. What made him truly happy? He didn't know if he could answer because he himself didn't know. "I don't know, kid." He smiled apologetically. "Maybe James? I mean... I enjoy time with my brother." He bit his lower lip and looked down at his hands. "Anyway, I can't cook for shit." He laughed. "Well I can make boiled eggs and okay pancakes. Also okay sandwiches." He laughed.

Erorn looked at him with a sympathetic look on his face. "That's a shame, everyone should know what makes them happy. Maybe you just haven't found it yet." He smiled a warm smile and kissed him on the cheek. "I could teach you some things about cooking, I'm no chef, but I know a thing or two if you want to learn. Or I could just be your cook for a while." He chuckled. "Speaking of food, it's almost lunch time, anything you're craving?"

Luther nodded, "You can try, many have before you. I actually had a real chef try... the man left and never returned." He chuckled. "Hmm... sleep isn't food is it? I have to go do stuff around the house if we are going to be moving. We can't bring everything so... going to have to cover stuff and wall the good jazz. Just surprise me I guess." He ruffled the kid's hair before walking off. He didn't thing it would have gotten so deep so early into the conversation.

Erorn stood up and went to the kitchen. "Surprise him, huh?" He grinned devilishly. He went into the pantry and pulled out a few things and got a pot out of the cabinet. He chopped up some onions and diced the potatoes. He sauteed the onions and some bacon he had cut up into little pieces. He got a rue going and added some milk and cream before adding several handfuls of shredded cheddar cheese. He mixed it really well before adding the potatoes. He let it simmer until the potatoes were tender. He scooped it into a bowl and called to Luther. "Lunch is ready." He hadn't paid too much attention to what Luther was doing so he wasn't sure where in the house he was.

Luther was too busy inside of his own head for him to hear Erorn. He was in the library pulling books that he actually wanted and some that he knew James would want to keep. He was about half way through when he laid on the couch. He knew they would have to move sooner or later, but he was getting tired of it. Luther watched the ceiling as if it was going to change. Erorn had somehow snatched his brother up... and he was going to find out how. Though he didn't want to end up like his brother, that was walls he didn't want to tear down. Luther sighed and rolled on his belly before drifting off to sleep.

Erorn wondered why Luther hadn't answered. He went looking for him and found him asleep on the couch in the library. He gently shook Luther's shoulder. "Hey, man, lunch is ready. Come get some food sleepy head." He chuckled. "Sheesh you weren't kidding about liking sleep were you?"

Luther muffled into his arm about sleeping a bit more before sitting up and yawning. "You have no idea the love I have for sleep, Erorn. Like you love James. Like a mother loves her child. The love is real." He said and stood up, stretching. His shirt came up a bit and he hurried to pull it down. "Avert your eyes young one!" He chuckled before ushering him out of the library. They walked in silence to the kitchen, once Luther realized what was for lunch he nearly fell to his knees. "My... my soup!" He could have cried instead he draped over Erorn. "You are a keeper. Never leave." He poked Erorn's cheek, thanking him before he grabbed his bowl and sat on the couch by the fire. He took one bite and moaned. "My mouth is in love." He swooned.

Erorn melted a little inside when Luther said the words "Never leave." He grinned. "I don't intend to leave, but it's good to hear it from your mouth as well as James'." He got his own bowl and sat down next to Luther. He ate slowly enjoying the moaning and the compliments Luther was making. If he were trying to be flirty, he would have made a comment about things Luther's mouth would fall in love with, but he was keeping his cool and being nice. "So, I guess I'm the chef now huh?" He joked.

"Huh? Oh well I guess so. James is probably going to make you it since he doesn't want you to be an escort." He said before getting up and getting seconds. "Or you can hire someone since you are so rich now." He joked before coming back and falling in love all over again. Once they were done he washed the dishes. He yawned and hurried to finish. "You can pack I guess... I don't know what James got you and all. I am going to go... probably fall asleep somewhere. I will try and be a good boy and actually do something before falling asleep." He smiled and left Erorn once again. He decided to go back to library and finished that up before going to each guest room upstairs and covering the beds and furniture. Then he got to his own room and fell onto his own bed and snuggled to his pillow.

Erorn went upstairs and packed the clothes that James had bought for him and a few of the clothes that actually fit him that were still in the house. He was liking getting to know Luther better, he really was a sweet guy, but he still had a lot of walls up, but he couldn't force them down. He knew the best way to get through these walls was to let Luther take some of them down himself, he just had to be there for him when he got through them, like he was for James. He took a few random books and packed those as well before grabbing one and reading. He cuddled up in his bed. This was the time when he missed James. He wished he had gotten to the point where he could ask Luther to cuddle with him, but he knew that it would be too weird. He liked the warmth of having someone who loved him next to him.

Luther woke up to the sound of rain and sighed. He got up and wandered around before going to Erorn's room. "Yo, kid. It is raining." Then he closed the door and walked down stairs, almost tripping down them, and headed for the rooms down stairs to cover up the beds and furniture. When he was done he went to the lounge and packed up the drinks. He sighed and yawned. The rain wasn't helping anything. Luther brought the drinks upstairs and placed them out of the way before going upstairs again. He decided he wanted to pick on Erorn. Opening his door again he closed it and crawled over Erorn. "Stop hogging the bed, kid. Jeez you are tiny. Why you all over the place?" He said before sliding under the covers. "Your bed is a lot comfier." He looked up at him, only his eyes could be seen. "Oh you look taller now." He smirked,

Erorn grinned a little. "Sure your link is just limited to you and James? It seems like you guys know what I'm thinking a lot." He chuckled. "Maybe I'm just predictable. Either way, I'm not complaining." He snuggled a little bit and laid down. "You're right it is a lot comfier... now." Luther was warm, it was the warmth of love like James seemed to radiate in bed with him, but it was still nice.

Luther blinked and then realized what he was saying, "Hey... kid...." Luther poked around to see where he was ticklish at. Finding a few good spots. "Oh ho ho ho, thank goodness I am not ticklish. No one can defeat me." He gave an evil laugh before taking the book he was reading and reading it himself, turning his back on Erorn.

"That's not fair!" He tried to say between the laughter. His laugh was the cute kind that sounded like a child's laughter. After he caught his breath he saw that Luther had turned his back on him, a big mistake. Erorn licked his finger and stuck it in Luther's ear. "Good thing I don't play fair." He laughed as he gave Luther the wet willy. He took his book back and picked up where he left off. "You're just a big kid aren't you? It's nice that you aren't afraid to have fun." He smiled.

Luther gasped. "You play dirty. You are a dirty person, Erorn." Luther tried saying without laughing. He sat up and looked around, "Eh... yeah pretty much. Damn you for finding that out." He poked Erorn's cheek as he tried to read. Then he grabbed Erorn's chin gently and made him look down at him. "Hmm..." Luther said before letting go and curling up under the covers with his back to Erorn again. His eyes closed and soon he was out.

Erorn grinned. He was getting through, he knew he'd probably never get through all of Luther's walls, but it was nice that he was being let in. He didn't quite understand what he was doing with his chin and making him look at Luther, but as he looked into Luther's eyes he saw something as well, he just didn't know what. It was getting late and he finally put the book down on the night stand and rolled over and kissed Luther's forehead before holding him the way James liked to hold him. It was nice and he fell asleep soon after.

Luther woke up to see Erorn curled up to him. He didn't mean to fall asleep in his bed. He slipped out of the bed like a ninja and tip toed out of the room, closing the door gently behind him before going to his room and curling up in his bed with his pillow, which was the opposite of what he was going to do. He was supposed to take a shower and get to finishing the house.

Erorn woke the next morning a little disappointed, but not surprised, that Luther had slipped out. He took a shower and made some simple toast with cinnamon and sugar on it and got a fire going in the living room. He warmed himself and then sat down on the sofa and enjoyed the quiet. He wasn't sure if they were going to leave today or the next day, but he was still excited.

Luther didn't wake up for a couple more hours. "For fuck sakes." He whispered before going shower. He then went back to packing up the house upstairs and then decided he needed to go down stairs. "Erorn! What are you doing? No one told you to look so fucking cute. Ugh." He said while passing by and smiling.

Erorn didn't look up from his book that he had started reading again. "It comes naturally I guess. I could try being ugly, but I think I'd make that cute too some how." He chuckled. "If you need any help with the packing and all that, I'd be happy to help. Just tell me what you need me to do." A few dirty thoughts flashed through his mind briefly, but he knew it was just him missing James on a physical level. He didn't let the ideas show on his face, but he was having a hard time maintaining his composure.

Luther had turned around when he said he could help and was about to tell him to come on when he saw Erorn's face. He walked over and knelt in front of him, resting his hands on Erorn's knees. "Hey, kid, are you okay? Talk to me." Luther said softly.

Erorn took a few deep breaths when Luther knelt in front of him. "I'm okay, I'm just fighting the urge to... do something stupid. Not that you'd let me do anything like that anyway, it's just my mind has been going to the kind of flirty places it shouldn't. I mean it's no secret how attractive you are, I think I just need to... take care of some things so I don't go making an ass of myself more than I already have." He smiled. and stood up.

Luther blinked for a moment before standing up. He could help him out, but what would that do for them in the long run? He clearly wanted James and he was no James. Plus, he was trying to be good with this whole sharing thing and Luther didn't want to mess that up for him either, but he felt bad. He was getting annoyed with the choices he had to make and walked up to Erorn's roon and knocked. "Uhm... kid.... would, would you like some help?" He asked through the door.

Erorn hadn't started doing anything yet so he opened the door a little confused. "I want it a lot right now, but isn't that the sort of rash, not thinking about the consequences, type of thing that you warned me not to do? I mean if you're really okay with it, then let's go, but I don't want it to be something either of us will regret." He said. He was more worried about Luther than himself, he didn't want him to feel obligated to do this because James wasn't here and he was. And it wasn't James that was getting him riled up in the first place, it was Luther, Erorn was attracted to him on a few levels not just physically. He was a genuinely nice guy, but he was scared that he was getting feelings for him too soon like he did with the others.

Luther stood there for a moment, "It is my job to please those in need, plus I can pass it over to James since you are missing him that much. Can be like... sweet revenge." He laughed. He would feel like shit if he didn't help. The whole point of him was to be a sub for James. Not like he could ever love the kid anyway. Erorn was sweet and funny, but he knew in his heart that James would always be the one up front. "But if seem uncomfortable so Imma just head down to the lounge. When you done you can meet me, I guess." He ruffled his hair, laughing softly, before turning around and heading for the stairs.

"No, come back." He said as he grabbed Luther's shoulder. He gently took his hand and pulled him back to the room. "Look, I want your help, but you're the one getting me riled up, not James this time. He wants us to be able to get along and share and all that, so if I do this with you, it's with you. You're allowed to enjoy me just as much as he is if we're going to make this work. I know you don't love me but you don't have to in order to have a good time. So that's all this is, two guys who like each other having a good time. Is that something that can work?" He asked, his eyes big and sweet looking.

He smiled, "So be it, but I don't do things like him."


Luther laughed softly, "It isn't like I didn't want to... it was just strange to feel everything at once from my brother and knowing how you used to be." He ran his fingers through Erorn's hair. They laid like that for a few more minutes before sliding out from under him. "I am going to make your bath." He said before going into Erorn's bathroom. He started the water and waited till the tub was full before scooping Erorn up like the feather he was and walking to the bathroom. "You weigh nothing..." He chuckled before placing him in the tub. "You have fun now." Luther petted his head softly before walking out. He changed the bedding and went down stairs where he put them with the rest of the dirty clothes and walked to his own room, starting this shower. Luther felt bad or maybe he was feeling something he didn't want to feel.

Erorn sat in the tub, his mind starting to clear up a little. He honestly wasn't expecting any of this to happen, but it's not like he didn't enjoy it. He had all this instinctual guilt that he knew he shouldn't be feeling. This was what James wanted for them, this was what they were trying to accomplish. James said that the two of them would get equal time with whoever they decided to be with, and it's not like James hadn't had a lot of time with him already, so it was Luther's turn. And it was amazing to have someone treat him so different when it came to that. He wouldn't say it was better but it was nice. He was allowed to feel like this wasn't he? He didn't love James any less, James wouldn't love him any less when he found out. He was just getting closer to Luther and that was the idea. He smiled. "This is gonna take some getting used to." he sighed as he closed his eyes. He was going to have a hard time not feeling guilty about this even if he didn't do anything wrong.

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#, as written by Sambea
Luther had taken his shower and dried off, wrapping the towel around his waist before starting a fire. He laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling. Luther slowly let James back in, sending him his emotions and vice versa. It calmed him, feeling James. It seemed like he was doing okay. The sound of the fire, the warmth, and being out of energy made it easier for Luther to fall asleep.

Erorn got out of the bath and dried off. He put some clothes on and went down to the lounge. He was shocked at the amount of influence society had had on him and his way of thinking over the course of his life. All his life he had been told that being with someone of the same gender was wrong, and while it was a stigma that he was able to get over based on his own feelings, he didn't realize the other stigmas that he had put on himself. He always had dreamed about finding the man he would spend the rest of his life with, and now here he was with two men, one who he knew he loved and the other one he really liked, but he could see it becoming more. And because of the stigma that he put on himself, his mind was making him feel guilty about it when it was the exact thing that the man he loved wanted. He hated himself for feeling guilty. He put it out of his mind and figured that in time the unearned sense of guilt would fade. He went down stairs and started cooking, figuring that Luther was probably passed out after all the fun he just had, he made himself something simple, just a sandwich and some of the leftover soup from yesterday. The way it was starting to rain it seemed like the perfect comfort food. He sat down on the couch and stoked the fireplace. He had sense of happiness that he couldn't quite explain, like he had accomplished something that no one thought he could, but he wasn't sure what he had done to feel that way. He had an amazing time with Luther, but it didn't seem like he had broken down any of his walls. Erorn finished his food and laid down on the couch and stared at the fire. He always found it to be almost hypnotic, the way the flames danced and had such beauty, but yet they were so destructive. He let his mind drift. Maybe it wasn't about breaking down the walls, but getting him to let him in through the doors.

Luther woke up to a cold room and mumbled, he was freezing. Getting up he hurried and dressed before going down stairs and sitting right in front of the fire. He hadn't seen Erorn lying on the couch. "So warm. Maybe next time try not falling asleep in a towel while still wet, Luther." He said to himself. He could start to feel his fingers and toes. Luther laughed, "Stupid, kid... too damn cute to be here. That's for sure. James is going to get him killed and then who is the one who has to pick himself and James up. Me." Luther hugged his knees to his chest and sighed. "To think I actually like him... go fucking figure. Thanks, James. You know we are going to have to ditch him after a while. We can't let father get to him..." He said softly. He couldn't stand the thought of what his father would do if he got a hold of Erorn.

"Like hell you will." Erorn smirked. "You wouldn't be able to get rid of me when it was just James that liked me and I sure as fuck won't go now that I know you like me too." He sat up. "I know you're trying to protect me and I know that your father is ruthless, but here's the thing, I'm fucking stubborn. This is my life too, and I'm willing to put it on the line for either one of you or more likely both of you. No I'm not going to go out and do anything rash and rush into a fight I won't win, but I won't leave you two. We can fight him or whatever we have to do, devise a strategy and go in prepared. For once I'm thinking of the bigger picture here and I believe that I can make myself an asset to you and James, so please don't go throwing me away 'for my own good'. Not now, not ever. I made James a promise that I wouldn't run away from him ever, a promise that I will extend to you as well, so please do run away from me." He pleaded. He wanted to go grab him and hug him and not let go. He held back though to show he was serious.

Luther about jumped into the fire when Erorn spoke. "Fucking hell, kid! You could have made yourself known when I sat down." He said trying to calm himself down. His face was a bit red from being embarrassed that Erorn now knew he liked him, though he was pretty sure by the way he acted anyone would have figured it out. "I want to say okay, sure, let's do this together. I know very well how you can handle yourself. I told you... we lose either way. We always lose..." He stayed by the fire, but looked up at him. "I want to stay with you... and I know James would rather die than be without you. We will cross that bridge when we get there though." He smiled, deciding he didn't want to go down that path right now. He didn't want to be serious and have to open up anymore than he already had.

Erorn sighed he could see that Luther just wanted him to shut up at the moment. "Fine, but when we get there, just give me the information I need to be able to help you, sometimes a new set of eyes can help you see things you missed, there's always hope." He smiled. "Now I'll shut up about it." He got up and hugged Luther tight. He didn't like the thought of losing either of them and it was sweet to hear the words from his own mouth that he liked Erorn. He still didn't want to let go so he held on a little longer than a normal hug should go. He finally let go of him and went back to laying on the couch, his silly grin plastered on his face again. "You like me, you like me!" he taunted in his head and held back his laughter.

Luther hugged him back and when Erorn let go he didn't stop him. "What is that grin for? Do I even really want to know? I am a bit worried." Luther fidgeted in his spot. "Stahp, Erorn." He begged before laughing and walking over to him. He began tickling him. "Payback. Ohhh yes..." He smiled. "Sweet revenge... and plus bonus for me. I get to see you smile, beg, and laugh. Who would pass that up?" He asked while smirking evilly. He gave Erorn two seconds of rest before going back at it.

Erorn laughed and smiled begging him to stop, though secretly enjoying it as much as Luther was. "I know why you like me." He smirked. "It's not just the cuteness, my eyes or my smile or any of the other superficial stuff that doesn't matter. It's because I'm a challenge. You've gotten used to being in someone's head at all times, but you just can't quite figure me out. I intrigue you because I'm just so damn emotional and unpredictable. James fell for me and you're trying to figure out what's so special about me. Or at least that's my theory, I'm probably wrong. But I like you too so I guess it doesn't matter why." He smirked

Luther's smile slowly disappeared and a softer version of James' stern face appeared. "Or maybe it is just for your cuteness, smile, and your eyes. Maybe it is all the superficial stuff..." He said as his hand cupped Erorn's face and his thumb gently caressed his bottom lip. Luther regretted asking him anything. His heart was racing, "You should go cover the furniture on the other side of the house." He said before getting up and walking off. The kid was getting under his skin and Luther was scared. He didn't want this. James' feelings came bugging in trying to calm him down. "Fuck off, James." He growled.

Erorn's grin faded to an emotionless stare. "Sure, I'll get on that." he said before going to do exactly as he was told. He covered the furniture and went from one room to the next making sure everything was covered. After he was finished, he went to the lounge. He saw that the alcohol was already packed up so he went to his room. He wasn't mad just frustrated that he had managed to hit a nerve with Luther and alienated him a little. He hoped it wasn't something that would last too long, but James said that his walls were bigger so he probably put them all back up. He realized that he hadn't packed the music yet so he grabbed something randomly and it just happened fit his mood about how he had messed up. He also just happened to know the song so he closed his door and sang along with it. He didn't know where Luther had gone, but right now he figured it was best not to bother him right now.

Luther had gone to the attic and packed everything. He worked his way down to the second floor and placed everything in a box neatly against the walls. It took him a while, but he managed. When the attic was cleared out he stayed in there for a while. He could hear the music and Erorn singing along to it. He sat down where Erorn's room was and listened. He loved his voice, it was soothing. When one song was over he hoped the next one would be something Erorn would sing to and it was. He stayed like that for a while before getting up. He didn't want to fall asleep there. Luther wanted to go in, talk to Erorn, sing or dance... he wanted to do something, but a part of him screamed not too. That if he went in there Erorn would somehow find a way to crawl in through a crack in the wall and closer towards him. So Luther walked away. He went get him something to eat before taking back to his room. He started the fire up again and ate while listening to the muffled music.

After a few songs, he decided to get something to eat. He continued to sing as he walked down the stairs and the entire time he made his dinner. He ate a salad and then he went back to singing as he went to his room then he laid down in his bed after starting a fire and stoking it enough to keep the room warm for the rest of the night. He was happy there was no rain tonight. He got undressed and slid into bed. He grabbed one of his pillows and cuddled with it before he fell asleep. He had some interesting dreams, not any nightmares, but they were not the usual dreams. He had one where he basically relived the entire afternoon with Luther, then when Luther went to draw the bath, Erorn saw James sitting in a chair in the corner jerking off while watching. The rest he was unable to remember other than the fact that they were just odd.

When the music stopped the house went silent and the silent meant he was alone with his own thoughts. It was late when Luther decided to go to Erorn's room. He walked into the room without knocking. He was asleep like Luther knew he would be. Gently closing the door he walked over and watched him for a bit. He looked so innocent and adorable. Luther crawled over him careful and slid under the covers. He laid facing him, his hand cupped Erorn's cheek. He studied every feature of his face as he slept. Luther leaned in and kissed Erorn softly and passionately, like Erorn was all he craved. "Wake up, please." He begged softly.

Erorn felt the kiss and woke before he heard Luther speaking in a sweet sounding soft voice. "I'm awake, what's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked, worried about him.

"I am sorry for acting the way I did earlier... I do like you for more than your looks. I like your company and I like how you are a challenge. I am also so scared... because I crave you, Erorn. I crave you more than anyone and I am afraid of what comes in the long run. I hate how you easily walk in and pass my walls right up like there aren't even there." He whispered. "I was thinking of just sending you home by yourself tomorrow... and I would stay here by myself for a bit." They were so close to each other and yet Luther still felt so far from him.

Erorn looked at him with care in his eyes. "It's cute that you think getting past your walls was easy. I was sure I had at least five or six ... dozen more to go." He smiled. "I'm sorry that you fear for my safety, and I know you're thinking about the long run, but what about what happens to me in the long run. How do you think I will feel if I lose either one of you? How do you think I will feel if I'm denied my right to fight for the two of you? My greatest weakness is my greatest strength. If you and your brother keep underestimating me, your father and any of his men definitely will too. I would really rather not go without you to my the mansion. I... crave you as well. I worked hard to get to you, I don't want to have to do it all over again when you get to the mansion, or worse have you getting ideas in your head about not coming at all." He smiled.

Luther didn't say anything for a while. He just took Erorn in. "I don't want to leave you Erorn..." He took a deep breath and he could feel the warmth of his tears falling down. "Great... I am turning into you." He joked.

Erorn smiled, seeing Luther cry triggered his own water works. "Damnit, you got me going too." he laughed. He bent in and kissed him passionately like when he was woken up. "I'll go as long as you promise me you'll come back. Don't you dare go getting yourself killed. If you do I will find a way to raise your ass from the grave and kill you again myself." He joked. He pulled him in closer and hugged him tight. Now more than ever he didn't want to let him go.

Luther laughed softly after kissing him back, "I couldn't leave you, Erorn... I don't know how to get to your home. I get lost easily... I am a mess." He held Erorn before running his hand down his side. "You fit so perfectly." He whispered before kissing the tip of his nose and down to his lips and traced his jaw with kisses.

Erorn nearly melted. "You might be a mess, but you're my mess." Erorn smirked. He liked the comment about how perfectly he fit. He was so cute when his walls were down, he could see why he would want to protect something so precious. He stared into his eyes, they were so deep, like pools of molten gold, he felt like he could see Luther's whole life in them, they were mesmerizing. "You always are telling me how cute my eyes are, but yours... they're so beautiful." he said still staring. "You're beautiful in general." He smiled.

Luther blushed and hoped the room was too dark for him to see. "Well yeah because they are cute. I just have those scary eyes and that scary face from James." He smiled. "But thank you anyway..." He wondered why Erorn never asked about why he had an eyepatch on when he didn't need one. Luther gently pushed Erorn on his back and Luther gently pressed down on him. "I have never been called beautiful before... I don't know how I am supposed to feel about that." He chuckled. Luther wanted to tease Erorn.... his face from before started popping back into his head. Luther reached up and gently rubbed his ear.


He wanted to say it, he felt the words clawing at his throat trying to get out, but he didn't want to be the first one to say it this time. He was willing to wait as long as it took. He didn't want to rush the words, he wanted Luther to know that he meant it when he finally said it.

Luther smiled and gently kissed him. "Mmm your lips... I could get drunk off them." He had once again blocked James out from what he was doing with Erorn. He knew he was being selfish, but for once he wanted to. He wanted to have someone to himself that he actually liked. James was going probably be mad, but he didn't care right now. He saw Erorn's face, "You okay? I know I am heavy." He chuckled softly.

Erorn smiled and chuckled a little. "You aren't that heavy and I'm better than you can imagine." He said before kissing him again. He looked into his eyes again, there was something there that he still couldn't figure out, that one last wall. He wasn't worried about it though, he knew if things stayed like this, he would be let in eventually. This was something he never could have imagined only a few months ago, now here he was with two men that he was crazy about that were crazy about him as well. And the best part was that it was what they all of them wanted. He flet like he had won some kind of karmic lottery and all the shit that had happened in his life was to balance out the good that he was getting right now. "Worth it." he whispered to himself.

Luther laid with him like this for a bit when he heard him whisper 'worth it." He smiled and nipped his ear softly before getting up and getting dressed. He stretched before running his fingers through his hair. "You are worth it." Luther said before leaning down and kissing him. He cupped Erorn's face and deepened the kiss, "Your damn lips..." He whispered before pulling away and walking the door. "Let me leave before I ask more of you." He smiled.

"Go now then or I will give it too you and then some." He chuckled. Erorn felt like he was coming down from the most amazing high. He went to the bathroom and took a shower.

Luther started the fire before he went shower. He then dried off and went to bed. The next morning he got up early and started to load the wagon. He put Erorn and last night out of his head, he needed to get everything done without interruption. He got most of the things in, except for Erorn's stuff, and sighed as he dropped on the couch. He ended up falling asleep on the couch. He was exhausted. He wondered how far the house would be and hoped Erorn knew how to drive horses.

Erorn woke up to the sound of things being moved downstairs. He heard a loud thump then silence. He got dressed quickly and ran down stairs to see that Luther had fallen asleep on the couch. He must have fallen onto it and that was the thump he heard. He cursed his sensitive hearing at times. He saw all the work that he had done and realized that must be why he was so tired. He loaded the rest of his own stuff in the wagon and then looked around to see if there was anything else they needed to take. He didn't want to wake Luther but he wasn't sure if there was anything else that he knew they needed that Erorn didn't. He kissed him gently on the forehead. "Hey there, babe, you ready to go?" He smiled and watched him get up. "I got all my stuff and the rest of the things you had by the door all packed into the wagon for us. I wasn't sure if you needed anything else or I would have just picked you up and put you in the wagon too and let you sleep, you're so cute when you sleep." he grinned.

Luther mumbled and pulled Erorn down before cuddling him. "Shhh... we both know you can't carry me." He sleepily mumbles against Erorn's ear. "Plus the house and the wagon can wait." He said softly. Luther's hand traveled up Erorn's shirt and over. "Be my snuggle bunny for a few minutes... or hours." He said sleepily.

"I'll be your snuggle bunny if you be my cuddle bear." He replied as he laid down on the couch with Luther cuddling up next to him as Luther held him tight. "And I could too carry you. If I weren't so damn comfy right now I'd prove it." He mumbled.

He smiled. Luther loved the way they fit perfectly on the couch. He looked over Erorn before teasing his ear. "I mean... I am what... a foot taller?" He said while rubbing his ear. "Even if you could it would be really awkward." Luther had to stop himself from laughing.

Erorn enjoyed the way he seemed to fit as though he were made for Luther as well. "Mmmmm, that's nice." He whispered. "Yeah, I never said it wouldn't be awkward, I said I could do it." He said with a grin. He stayed there like that in Luther's arm for quite a while. He could have stayed there for the rest of his life and been perfectly content. He shut his eyes, he knew that it would only take about half the day, so he was okay with relaxing with Luther for a while.

Luther and Erorn stayed like that for a while before Luther got up and dragged Erorn with him. "Okay... we should get going before I actually fall asleep and then we wouldn't be leaving here till later than I would like." He shuffled Erorn out the house before looking it over. He was going to miss it, but he had a feeling he would be coming back here in the future. So, walked over to the wagon and sat up on it before snapping the horses to go.

The setting changes from James' Secret House to Blackwood Manor


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After almost a full day of driving, Erorn and Luther finally made it to Blackwood Manor. Erorn was a little frustrated that he had to stop and get directions, it had been so long since he had been to his childhood home. When they pulled into the entrance Erorn couldn't help but smile, Luther, however had fallen asleep with his head on Erorn's shoulder. "Wake up, babe, we're home." It felt good to say the words. It was his home no matter how long he had been gone and he missed it terribly.

As he pulled the horses to a stop he looked to the giant doors and saw what looked like an older and slightly taller version of himself come out of the house.

"Uncle Jerry!" He shouted at him before jumping off the wagon to go give him a big hug. "It's so good to see you." He said trying to hold back his tears of happiness.

"Oh my gods, little Erorn, is that you? You've gotten so... well not big, but you got older." He chuckled seeing how little Erorn had grown since he had last seen him. "But you still got that full sized temper, I bet."

"Yeah." He said. "Oh this is my... " He paused a second. He hadn't thought about what to call him. He wasn't gonna start hiding shit now, it's not like he could kick him out of the house he owned. "Boyfriend. His brother should be coming here in a few days too and he's also my boyfriend, best not to ask questions, I don't think I could explain it if I wanted to." He smiled.

They went into the mansion and looked around. It was just as he remembered. He figured it would be best to relax before getting the stuff off the wagon.

"Erorn, can I talk to you for a second?" Jerry asked.
"Sure." He replied as Jerry took him aside out of Luther's hearing range.
"What the hell are you doing with him?" He whispered. "Do you know who that is?"
"Uh... Luther Silverson?" He questioned. "But I'm wondering how you know who he is."
"That's Samael Silverson's son. And you're his and his brother's boyfriend? How does that even work?"
"They're nice guys, Uncle Jerry, give them a chance."
"I'm not worried about how nice they are. It's their father I'm worried about. He's pissed at them and he's been looking for them for years, now. He's even showed me pictures of them so I could tell him if I ever saw them." He sighed when he saw the look on Erorn's face. "Gods you got your mother's face, too damn cute for your own good. Look, I'm retired now, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue, but occasionally my old work associates show up here and if they see you, they might tell Samael. So let me answer the door, okay?"

"Sure thing." He smiled and gave him a big hug.
Jerry smiled too. "So much like your mother." He sighed.


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther woke up and looked over the mansion. "Wow..." He said before getting out with Erorn. He didn't say anything. If anything he faded into the background until Erorn called him out. "Hello." He said simply and the walked in. It felt weird to be told that he and his brother were someone's boyfriend. It wasn't a normal thing. When his uncle took him out of the room Luther decided to walk around and ended up finding some stairs in the back. Curiosity got to him and decided to go up there and give it a peek. A peek turned into a him walking around a lot more than he should have.

Luther became lost. "Why did I leave?" He mumbled to himself. He decided on just sticking to a room. He laid on one of the beds. "Well at least it is a nice room to die in. They are never going to find me." He mopped and rolled around on the bed. "What did I ever do to deserve such a harsh death?!" He cried out.


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Erorn went back to the main living room where they had left Luther. He looked around the room and saw that he wasn't there. "Luther!" He called out, but got no response. He went outside and checked to see if he started bringing the stuff inside. He wasn't there either. He went back to the living room. "Okay, if I were Luther, where would I go?" He saw the stairs and followed them up to the second floor. He started opening all the doors until he finally found the room where Luther was crying about being lost.

"Really, Luther?" He asked with a bit of frustration in his voice. "We've been here ten minutes and you've already gotten yourself lost." He smiled. "And you managed to find my old bedroom of all places to get lost." His grin went a little devilish. "Hmmm, you're laying in my childhood bed." He sat down next to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Don't go exploring without me okay."


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther looked up when the door opened and smiled. "You saved me." He said and clung to him when he came sit by him. He looked around the room and felt bad. "This is a cute bedroom and no more exploring without you." He whispered and pulled him into his lap. "So what did Uncle JJ want?" He asked.


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"To warn me about your father." Erorn sighed. "Apparently he and your father used to work together and he let Jerry know that he was looking for you and James and even showed him pictures of you guys. He's worried that your father is gonna find out that you're living here. But it's not likely that he will, just let Jerry answer the door." He smiled. He enjoyed cuddling with him like this. "He also brought up a good point. How does this work with the three of us, specifically the sleeping arrangements?" Erorn felt a little confused. "Is it going to be like taking turns, one night with you the next with James? Or, my preference, the three of us sharing a bed, me in the middle of a cuddle sandwich?" He chuckled. This was really new to him and he never had this issue before.


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther frowned when he mention his father and that his uncle worked together, but he focused on the question about them. "We usually just all sleep in one bed, with you in the middle. Unless you would rather sleep on his bed one night and then mine the other. It is all up to you, Erorn, whatever makes you comfortable the most. It is really simple, don't make it as complicated by overthinking it. You don't have to cuddle us both, we are grown men. If you want to do something with one and not the other we would understand. Like I said, simple. Hell we can add Uncle JJ into the mix. He is one handsome man." He smirked.


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"Nah, let's leave him out of this." Erorn chuckled. "Hmm I think I like the cuddle sandwich idea." He grinned. He grabbed Luther and took him back down to the living room. "So would you like me to give you the tour?" Erorn asked. "It's been a while, but I still think I know my way around, it's only ten rooms and twelve bathrooms." He laughed. "You'll figure it out eventually."


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther smiled and walked with him downstairs. He nearly cried when he heard that Erorn might now where to go in his old home. "At least I will die with a handsome man in my arms." He teased somewhat. Luther ruffled his hair and laughed. "I would love a tour of your amazing childhood home."


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Erorn blushed when Luther called him handsome. "Okay, ya big cheese ball, let's go." he laughed before kissing his cheek. He took him through the house, showing him all the guest rooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining room, and a few other key points of the house. The layout of the house was second nature to him and there was never any real danger of Erorn getting lost. When the tour was done, he noticed that Jerry had made dinner for the three of them.

"Awe, Uncle Jerry, you didn't have to do that for us."

"It's no problem, sit eat." Jerry said. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

Erorn instinctively pulled out Luther's chair for him like a gentleman before sitting down himself right next to him.

"Yeah, we do." Erorn sighed as he started to load his plate with food. "Where do you want to start?"

"Well, you could start with the night of the accident. Where did you go, why did you run away?"

"I saw what had happened, in a vision. It scared me, I ran first to try and find them, then I just kept running and eventually I was picked up by the police and put into the foster system. No one ever thought to look into who my parents were or if I had family. I'm sorry I worried you for so many years. Hopefully we can make up for lost time." He gave a sheepish smile.

"So how did you come to be... involved with the Silverson boys?" He asked as best he could without trying to be offensive to Luther.

"Well, that's a long story. Basically I was a guard for the Prince, he fell for me, I left him, I was kidnapped, the prince didn't want me, and I fell in love with my kidnappers. We have a very... special relationship." He turned to Luther and smiled. "But it works."

"I can see that. You're eyes shine the way your father's did when he met your mother. Never let anyone try to shame you for your love."


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther walked with him during the tour and tried to take notes. He knew already he was going to end up lost again. When they got to the end of tour there was food. Erorn had pulled out his seat and he sat, scooting in and looking at him for a moment. Luther didn't talk as they ate. He hid in the background, like he did so many times before. He was feeling awkward and hated being talked about in front of his face. He wished James was here.

What got him was the fact that he didn't even care that Erorn got kidnapped in the first place. Luther glared a bit before there was a knocking at the door. He looked out the window and saw the familiar carriage and the feelings of James. "James..." was all he said before going back to eating.


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Erorn found it odd that Jerry seemed so nonchalant about everything that had happened. He raised an eyebrow of concern at him. He was about to question him on this when Luther announced that James was there. He smiled. "If you will excuse me, my other boyfriend has arrived." He said with a slightly condescending tone.

He went to the door and opened it to see James. He gave him a huge hug and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm so glad you're here. Come on in we're just starting dinner and you must be tired." He brought James to the dinning room and introduced him to Jerry.

"I was just explaining to Uncle Jerry how you and Luther had kidnapped me." He looked at him with a bit of a glare. "Kind of odd that you didn't seem at all worried about that."

Jerry was able to feel the tension being directed toward him as he watched Erorn seat James as he did Luther.

"I'm not a good man, I'll be the first to admit that. Samael is far worse than I am, I'm sure his two sons would agree. If he hates the two of them so much that he wants them dead, I'd say that must make them some pretty decent young men. So yes, they kidnapped you because of, the prince was it? But the fact remains that you're here now, with these young men who you care about and who obviously care about you, so what good does it do any of us for me to be upset with them about something that has brought the three of you together and brought you back home?" Jerry explained.

"Forgive me, Uncle. I've been in a lot of situations lately that have worn down my trust. I meant no disrespect."

Erorn went back to eating. The joy of having both his men here with him making his silly grin appear on his face again.


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#, as written by Sambea
Luther and James were feeling awkward in this situation. When they were done Luther collected all the dishes so he could wash them and get away from everyone. Shockingly he knew where the kitchen was again. James sat there with Erorn and his uncle. "If you excuse me I am going to go have a talk with my brother."

He left the two by themselves as he returned to his brother's side. "So your eyes have seen father coming towards the old house. I lead him away from it and towards the south where I heard there might be a way. Hopefully he will get stuck in there... or worse." He whispered.

Luther continued washing and nodded. "Good, that means he won't be coming here for a while."

James nodded and the stood in silence for a bit until he spoke, "So what was that whole blocking me out thing about. You did it more than once." He asked.

Luther smirked, "Just a bit of this and that. Didn't want to bother you with any of it." He said before looking back at his brother.

James glared, "I see... "


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Erorn nodded to his uncle and excused himself as well. He didn't go into the kitchen however. He was being hit by overwhelming emotions right at the moment and he knew that if he went into the room where his mother spent most of her time, he'd end up crying until he dehydrated himself. He instead went to his father's study. He went to his desk and sat in the chair in front of it. He was always sitting there and watching his father work as a kid. His eyes began to water up. It was like he was seeing him fresh in his mind, the last night he spent in that house. He stood back up and walked around to the book shelf behind the desk. He remembered walking in to see his father standing at the shelf all the time, he always was looking at the same book. Erorn ran his fingers along the books, it was clear from the thick layer of dust that no one had been in here since his parents had died. He pulled out the book on the shelf, the only one with a blue cover. The shelf began to rumble and slid across the floor.

"What the fuck?" he said as he took a look into the room behind the shelf. It was a vault with stacks of gold, cash and priceless items. He saw a couple of items that caught his eye, but he didn't touch anything. He left the room and pushed the shelf closed. He walked out of the study and back down to the living room. He took a book off the shelf and sat on the couch waiting for James and Luther to come back from the kitchen. His emotions were getting to him and just being in the house was making him miss his parents.


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#, as written by Sambea
James was the one to come out the kitchen first with Luther behind him. "Hey, babe..." He said softly so that Erorn's uncle wouldn't hear. "Could you show us to our rooms? We kind of need to unpack." Luther nodded. They wanted to get everything done as soon as possible, especially since Erorn's uncle knew their father. They weren't going to be as naive as Erorn and straight up trust him.


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Erorn looked up at James, his eyes still glistening with tears. "Yeah, sure." He said fighting back the tears. He took James to one of the guest rooms next to his own "You can stay in this one, and Luther can that one." He pointed to the one on the other side of his room. "One of you on each side of me, I think I will like that." He smiled but it was clear that it was one of his fake smiles. He hugged James out of nowhere. "I'm glad you're here." He said choking up a little on the words. "I hope you don't get too mad at him, but Luther and I... got closer. It was my idea, so go easy on him. But it's what you wanted, I got through most of his walls and he started opening up to me." He smiled.


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#, as written by Sambea
James would ask what was wrong with him after the unpacked. He walked with them to their rooms and smiled a bit, he liked the idea. Then Erorn hugged him out of no where and James wrapped his arms around him. "It is okay, like you said, it is what I wanted." He chuckled.

Luther wasn't paying attention to them, he was busy rememberizing where everything was before going downstairs and and bringing things in. James kissed the top of Erorn's head, "He better not have been better than me." He joked and left him to himself as he helped his brother bring things up. Luther was keeping to himself and that made James stop him while they were outside. "What is up with you?" He asked.

"Hm? Nothing." Luther said.

"Why are you so quiet and to yourself?" James asked.

"I am getting things done and trying to remember the damn house, James. Why are you looking for something?" He asked.

"I am not... Just, knowing you... any chance you get to retrieve you do." James said.

Luther glared at him and took the last of the stuff in.