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Maddox Deiphobus

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." -Max Muller

0 · 112 views · located in Veritas Isle

a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by Sambea



| Name: Maddox Deiphobus | Age: 26 | Gender: Male
| Sexuality: Pansexual | Height: 6' | Weight: 160 lbs
| Race/Species: Human | Hair Colour: Dirty Blond| Eye Colour: Blue
| Skin Colour: Tan| Trade: Botonist | Theme: Connection by OneRepublic


His heart was fathomlessly deep, long acquainted with humility, patience, sacrifice. His little home amid the roses was austerely simple; he knew the worthlessness of luxury, the joy of few possessions. The modesty with which he wore his scientific fame repeatedly reminded me of the trees that bend low with the burden of ripening fruits; it is the barren tree that lifts its head high in an empty boast.
-Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

Maddox isn't the tallest man nor is he the shortest. He stands at six feet even and weighs in on the lower side at one hundred and sixty pounds. Maddox isn't really fix, but he is toned and has some muscles. His skin is a golden tan which go very well with his dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Maddox has on his left wrist, right wrist, left calf, and over his heart.


Maddox is a man of fruitatious quality. He isn't the strongest or the manliest man out there. He does favor the more poetic side of life and enjoys the beauty in plants and what they can lend us. When he loves he loves deeply like the roots of a sturdy tree and can be as wild as a wild flower. He is on the more soft spoken side but can be stern when need be. He enjoys staying outdoors a lot of the time, enjoying camping, and going on hikes. Because he grew up with just his mother he finds himself enjoying the company of his girlfriend. Making him laugh is a good sure way to getting him to start a friendship with you.


  • Maddox was born to the parents of Zion Orsino and Phoebe Deiphobus on the floating islands.
  • His mother is a scientist at the botany center where he works at also.
  • He is the only child since his mother never really wanted children and he was an oopsie baby.
  • One night after making a break through in one of the plants Phoebe was working on she went out with friends from the lab to celebrate. There she met Zion. A gorgeous tan man from overseas. They had hit it off pretty well and ended up going back to her house. He had stayed with her for his remaining time on the island before he had to leave to go back home since he was only there for vacation.
  • Phoebe never told him about Maddox. Though they had written letters plenty of times she never once mentioned him in fear that he would come and actually want to marry her. Phoebe never wanted the married or family life. She just wanted to study plants.
  • Though she had not wanted a child she loved him to smithereens.
  • Growing up Maddox never did sports. He got teased a lot for wanting to pick and study flowers than he did wanting playing. He got along well enough with the girls.
  • When he began to notice other people in more than just a friendship kind of way he found himself loving all of them, men and women alike. He saw them as flowers in a garden. His mother never seemed to care who he liked, as long as they were good to him and other people.
  • In high school he began to date a girl and for a while it was going well before he wanted more than just her. He had met a guy who he fell for and when he suggested they all go out she broke up with him and likewise the guy. After that Maddox stopped dating, figuring that his believes weren't shared and that he was alone.
  • Maddox went to the same college his mother went to and studied there. He was in the top three in the entire school and he loved it. It wasn't till his last year in college that he found Indie. She was something else and he found himself enjoying her company, even if she just watched him study plants. He loved her ideology and that she too believed in loving more than one person at a time. It broke his heart a bit when he found out that she was underage, but the two remained friend and pen pals until she was old enough to date him.
  • She had finished her schooling early and decided to move in with him, which we would be lying if he said he wasn't excited. His mother finds her a bit odd, but if she makes him happy then she won't say anything.

So begins...

Maddox Deiphobus's Story