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Zelipia Menidaeus

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticism.

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a character in “Veritas Isle”, as played by PrincessLala17



Name: Zelipia Orchid Menidaeus | Age: 22 | Gender: Female | Species: Half-human, half-elf | Sexuality: Bisexual | Height: 5'5" | Weight: 160lbs
Pronunciation: Zah-lipp-ee-uh | Skin colour: Medium brown | Hair colour: Purple ombre | Eye colour: Medium brown | Trade/Job: Animal groomer

Standing at only five feet and five inches in height, Zelipia weighs approximately 160 lbs. She has a curvy figure with a narrow waist and wide hips. Her skin is a medium brown colour. She has large, angular eyes that are light brown in colour with elegant eyebrows, narrow cheeks, thick eyelashes, and full lips. Her hair is thick and curly, and while it starts out black at her roots, the sun bleaches it to a purple colour that results in an ombre look, the tips light lavender in colour while the bulk of her hair is a brighter purple shade. Her eyebrows are also purple. Zelipia has a diamond stud in her nose, a beauty mark on her upper left cheek, and a tattoo on her upper back. Zelipia's taste in fashion is quite varied and seemingly random - some days she'll wear jeans and a t-shirt, other days she'll wear frilly dresses, and other days she'll wear high heels and a mini-skirt.

Zelipia has always been rather unpredictable. Overall, she tends to be upbeat and spunky, but her mood typically changes based on the day. Some days, she'll be outgoing, friendly, and talkative, while other days she can be quiet and almost sad, and sometimes she gets grumpy and is quick to anger. Regardless what her mood is, Zelipia has a tendency to be a bit of a prankster. She enjoys playing tricks on others, though she tries to keep them harmless. Zelipia is a bit of a romantic, and she'd love to meet someone fun who'll take her pranks with a grain of salt. Zelipia, like the rest of her family, is an animal lover, though she has a preference for cats. She has a cat named Soup.

Zelipia was born in a nomadic elven tribe to her mother, Lanissa. Because Zelipia was half-human, the tribe discovered that her mother had been unfaithful to her father - a cripple who'd been injured in a hunting accident before Zelipia was born and was unable to actually have any more children as a result. The tribe was furious with Lanissa for lying with a man outside of her marriage, and they banished her from the tribe along with the new baby. Lanissa's husband Eriato was permitted to stay in the tribe because he was a man of some rank, and because he was an invalid and the tribe couldn't send him out into the world in good conscience. Lanissa took Zelipia's older brother Rhyanid with her despite the protests of the rest of the tribe, but her older sister Illyana chose to stay in the tribe with her father, uncle, and friends.

Lanissa moved to the floating islands with her two children, heartbroken about losing Illyana and Eriato. She swore off dating, deciding that she was going to focus on raising her two children and providing them with the best life she could. Learning about human life was difficult, but the children figured it out easily and enjoyed themselves growing up on the islands. Lanissa was welcomed into the home of an elderly elven woman who took pity on her for being kicked out of her tribe, having been through something similar when she'd been younger, and the elderly woman watched the children while Lanissa worked two jobs. She worked hard and saved up money until, when Rhyanid and Zelipia were ten and seven years old, she was able to afford to open up a pet shop. The elderly woman passed away two years later, leaving Lanissa the little home they'd shared in her will.

Zelipia never cared for school and had a tendency to slack off when she should have been working on her studies. She helped her mother and brother around the shop whenever she could. When she was sixteen, she started working there for real, and her mother found that she did particularly well with getting the animals to sit still while she groomed them. Lanissa decided to have Zelipia work as a groomer, and she loved it, enjoying making the animals look pretty. She's dated a string of guys since she was nineteen, but never lasted more than a few months with any of them because she just wasn't feeling it.

So begins...

Zelipia Menidaeus's Story


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#, as written by Sambea
Isla smiled when he came over to meet her. "Ahh well, at least your sister is being useful." She said softly just in case her daughter was around. "How did last night go?" She asked and fumbled with her purse before looking back up at him with a soft smile. He was so damn tall, but he was also so damn handsome.

Birger ate when she did and when she started to talk again he looked up at her and blinked, "I assume we can raise it as if it was yours too. No need to make it complicated and be like here is your mother who didn't want you. Kind of... fucked up to me. I would understand she did it because she wasn't ready, but I would be pissed. I did tell her to take that stupid pill." He sighed and shooked his head. He was so pissed with Una right now, just as much as he had missed her. "Uh... well... I get she will birth it but does she even have the right to name it since she doesn't want it? So... I think it is only fair that we name it and pass it off as triplets." He said before looking out the window.

Luther laughed and shook his head, "Excuse me, I want you for your eyes, lips, and... other certain areas. Gosh, I am not THAT shallow." He joked and watched her hold her belly. It was absolutely adorable and he couldn't help but smile. When they got home he locked the door behind them and had her sit down before taking her shoes off and gently massaging them.

Dev smirked, "I am sure there is a book somewhere around the island that will teach us that trick." She said and ate when he started to talk about his father's name and then going on about her and her family's name. Dev covered her mouth as she began to laugh. "One, Richard is a nice name. I know a man named Richard and he is a great fighter... though for some odd reason they associate the name with Dick? I have no idea, it makes little sense to me. I just call him Richy and tell him to give me all his damn money... so he gives me twenty and tells me to go buy a dress." She sighed. "Also out names are simple compared to my parent's. My father is Spanish and my mother is Asian. Our names could be a lot worse. I have a sister named Birdie... so I mean... I don't know." She laughed. "Kinda like Kilynn as a boy's name... ugh such a cute name. Go me for thinking of that one on the spot. Hmm... what is your mom's name? I can't have half your parent's names." She smiled.

Vlora held his hand softly and watched him. How did a girl like her get a man like him? She felt like life was playing a cruel joke on her. Like it would take him away from her and that made her stomach knot up. She smirked when he called her passionate and she nodded because she was when her heart was set on something. "Mmm yes... I would like to spend the night with you... I would never say no to that." She said softly. Her thumb gently caressed his hand as she sipped her drink and looked down at the menu. When the waitress came she let Bastian order first since she as still looking but then she decided on something and gave the menu to her and watched her walk away.