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Veritas Isle » Places

Places in Veritas Isle

This is a list of locations that can be found in Veritas Isle.

All Places

Veritas City.

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         Rhyanid shook his head, "once you live with the height it isn't so bad." He said and smiled. When he looked down at her and she complimented his eyes Rhyanid gently cupped her cheek, "thanks..." he said a before leaning down and kissing her softly.

The main city of Veritas Isle

Keavaris Village

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         Fabian blinked down at the small woman and sighed before pinning her down and tickling her, "Well if you are going to just try and leave me be while you selfishly sleep forever than I am going to be selfish and tickle you forever. How does that sound?" He asked and smirked. Titan peeked in before running off. Fabian had a bad feeling about it but he was going to wait till there was a crashing sound.

Keavaris Village is made up of one family and is mostly farm land

Papoa Lake

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         Grace nodded. She watched her pick up the bug and looked a little grossed out for a second before just continuing to walk. "Oh! We can get her a cute little sun dress then. She'll be so adorable in one. Alois is gonna die." She said with a giggle. "I won't tell her, don't worry."

A large lake located outside of town where there is enough land for farming and raising livestock. Only accessible by bridge from the main city.

Ofelia's Dragon Ranch

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         Tilly stared at Fab like he was insane. "I dotn think thats even possible for me. What are you on..." She said and then nodded. "Ohh okay. Darn things are always escaping. Its a good thing they seem content to stay on the property most of the time." She said and then huffed when he put them down. "Well maybe if you didnt carry people around all the time they wouldnt get so lazy now would they?" She said and shook her head at him.

The ranch where Ofelia raises and keeps her dragons.

Nen Othrond

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         Iridessa blushed when he said he could be strict with her and when he let go of her hand she was happy because the pain came again and she hugged herself. Ty looked down at her and blinked, "you okay?" He asked softly. "Of course not... you are taking K away, duh." She joked and smiled but Ty eyed her. "Uh huh... well she said I could take her so there." He huffed with a smirk and she giggled a bit before taking a deep breath and looking around. "You two be safe and all that jazz. I will be down stairs." She said softly and hurried out and down the stairs before hiding in a corner out of view and leaned her hands down on her knees. She wish it would just stop. An older maid passed by and asked what was wrong but as soon as she was going to answer she let out a small cry. The maid looked around frantically, "I am going get the doctor, ma'am, you are going into labor." She said and ran out before she could stop her. "Shit." She hissed.

Ty blinked when she left and wanted to go after her. He swayed in his spot. "Come on, you two can do this sibling thing as you walk." He smiled before walking out and down to the front doors. Iridessa slowly came out of her hiding. "Leaving?" She asked. He nodded, "you sure you are okay?" He asked and she nodded. "Yeah yeah yeah." She forced a giggle out.

One of the cities by the ocean.

Gamaya's House

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         Dev blinked, "you know you can workout while you cook right? Just self discipline is all you need. I can come up with an easy workout plan for you, but honestly... your butt is going to get even better and I dont know how I feel about bvb that" She joked. Hadasha just smiled still debating if she wanted Thul to come over. She could only take so much racism. Hazel loved on Dan as she ate a cookie with him. "Ugh his little mouth on the cookie. Hazel I will hold his mom down while you make a run for it." Dev said and Hazel giggled.

Gamaya's House

Hazel Clove Estate

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         Spencer let Hazel take him by the hand, walking along with her and laughing a little when she whispered to ask if he could practice lines with her tomorrow. "Okay, but no kissing!" he whispered back, crinkling up his nose a bit. He didn't hear any of what the adults discussed, and once they were across the bridge and back on the main island, he was ready to head home, but then Dev came and draped over him and he blinked, but smiled up at her. "Okay!" he said, and looked at all three of them. "Have a nice dinner!" he told them, and then waved before turning and heading off towards home with the cookies for Aaron.

The estate that Amell is fixing up at this point in time.

The Cliff

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         Thuling smiled when she said it was alright, walking along with her and blinking when she asked him to meet her tomorrow and to tell her his favourite colour. "I'm sure I'll be able to find your house on my own. Let's put it this way... if I can find my way to the village, I'll be able to find your house," he said with a chuckle. "My favourite colour is red... but not a bright red. A more muted colour. Bright red can be an eyesore," he told her.

The Cliff is part of the private beach

Haera's home

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         Istrain blinked when she questioned him wanting more. "I... didn't say that. I just said if we have more," he said quickly. He raised an eyebrow when she said she might be the worst mom ever. "Nah. You'd make a great mom. You'd be tough and protective, but you've also got such a big heart. You've got a lot of love in there and the twins are gonna be lucky to have you," he told her. He chuckled as she talked about wanting boys and he laid with her, putting his hand gently on her stomach. "Well, then, let's cross our fingers for some boys. And if it's girls... well, we cross our fingers that we do this right," he said with a laugh.

The place where Haera stays and calls home.

James' Secret House

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         Vera blinked when he got mad at her for throwing the plates. "If I was throwing plates, you'd know it," she said calmly, sliding down off of the counter. "Psh. I'd have pushed all the right buttons if I'd had the time. He had a friend who was literally a spy. What are the chances?" she asked, heaving a sigh. "I do not suck. I mean, maybe I do, but not the way you mean," she said, crinkling up her nose at him.

James' Secret House

Thernyur Village

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         Thuling raised an eyebrow at the girl's words. He wasn't sure how she could speak so harshly of his home city after a mere few visits and after hearing only one family's experience there. "Do... do my siblings not speak fondly of home?" he asked, frowning a bit and standing up to follow her to the door. Bhagh-Nernwahrum had never been unkind to his brothers and sisters. They'd had good, happy lives there. In Barynn's case, it was merely her curiosity that had led her away. Istrain had left plenty of times before because of his work, but it was Barynn that had brought him to the islands and Haera that was keeping him here. The twins... well, he knew that his parents shouldn't have tried to force Unarelle into an arranged marriage, and that arrangement was no longer on the table, so now it was just stubbornness and this Birger man keeping them from coming home. Cherono had been curious, just as Barynn had been, and truthfully, Thuling wasn't sure yet what was keeping him here - and Gamaya... well, he had to admit that her reasons for coming had been fair. She couldn't bear to be in the city when it made her think of her husband the way it did. He could respect that - but, of course, there was still the village, which would be enough of a change of scenery. He just wanted his siblings back.

A village full of dwarfs behind the Keavaris Village.

Taigh Beag

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         Elizabeth went to meet Talila when she leaned up to kiss her, blinking when the tiny elven girl suddenly stopped. She smirked a bit when she heard Talila's words, and she was about to speak but then Talila said she looked good with her braids. She grinned a bit, nodding. "I appreciate that. They're practical and I sometimes wonder whether they look good or not," she said with a bit of a shrug. "So... if your Captain says 'kiss me', does that mean you'll do it?" she asked softly.

Talila lives here.

James' House

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         Priscilla kissed him back softly when he leaned down, jumping a bit with surprise when he smacked her ass but not objecting, and smiling instead. She'd rather grown to enjoy such things. "Oh, I'll be sure to tell you. I'm dying to find out, honestly... I'd march myself right over there right now if I thought she'd be home, but I have no idea if Elizabeth will be back at her hotel room tonight at all," she said. She danced along with him as he danced her around the room, a grin on her lips.

What the title says.

Everton Town

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         Vera raised an eyebrow when he said that some women were cautious. "That's because they're small and fragile. Eggs have no business dancing with stones," she replied with a shrug, walking with him. She was surprised when he started to take her into the woods, but didn't object, simply sipped her coffee. When he said he wasn't going to hold her hostage or take advantage of her, she burst out laughing. "Maybe if we go on five or more dates, I'll tell you a story," she said with a bit of a smirk. "Maybe."

Everton Town

Emilia's House

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         Emilia's eyes went wide, "don't tell you heart that. I still need it to love me." She said softly before giggling and poking his nose. Autumn smiled before right out laughing. "You would look funny as a cowboy. You can be one of those cute guys who sing in a group." She said and leaned down before kissing his nose.

Emelia's House

Narrow Tides Diner

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         Helena nodded, "Oh don't forget the tea leaves." She smiled and waved at him. She hoped he would get the dragon he really needed and that he would be open to fate enough to find the perfect one.

Electa's family diner.

Celebrimbor's Orchard

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         Elizabeth smiled a bit and shook her head. "Nope. Not just the nose. I missed every little bit of the whole face," she said. She nodded when Talila said that she'd stolen Isla's kid, blinking when she said her friend had come over with a man. "Well, that's cute," she said. "Priscilla said that her friend Zelipia works with Isla," she said. She paused, glancing around, and then she looked back down at Talila. "Did you wanna go do something? Even if we just... go lie down and cuddle and talk or something? Maybe we can talk about... I dunno, life and stuff, and we can figure out if there are any more things we need to share so we don't end up with any... you know, unexpected surprises..."

Celebrimbor's Orchard has a large variety of fruit trees and groud based fruit.

Forestville Harbor

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         Felix helped the young girl up to her feet, and he felt a sight warmth in his chest at the touch. He definitely needed to stop this... this whatever it was, this feeling. "You're welcome," he said when the girl thanked him. When she started to fold the blanket and said she hoped they met again, he nodded. "Hopefully," he agreed with a smile. "I'll be seeing you. Have a good night," he told her before turning and heading off. He was still a bit overwhelmed from all she had told him...but hopeful. Hopeful that he would see Eloise and Felicia again - and Helena.

A small seaside town under the flying islands. This is the only place you will be able to fly from to get to them


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         Tilly went with Fabian off to Lorelei's new hospital building. She was going to tell Lor to look at Fab since nothing was really wrong with her, she'd just felt a lot of panic all at once and was feeling fried after all those emotions at once. But Fab spoke before she could so she sat down and let Lor get her checked out. When it was Fabians turn she stepped out of the way and watched. She hated that he had gotten hurt because of things with the dragon. She was kind of staring off into space when Lorelei talked to her. She blinked and then nodded. "Yeah, I can do that." She said. She was glad he didnt end up needing stitches, that was a relief anyways. When Lor was done with Fab she thanked her and then grabbed Fabians hand and walked out with him, she just wanted to go back home, get cleaned off and lay down.

Lorelei's Hospital that is located on the same property as her house.

Lorelei and Adrian's House

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         Micah sighed when she said he had rattling lungs. "Uh. I've had pneumonia like seven times. So let's hope its not that again.." he said and then took the pills. He nodded about the bed thing, he'd be stealing Adrian for sure. His bed was huge. He sighed when he was called a penguin. "Astrid's fuckin something else too. " He sighed and then blinked at Lor. " Don't apologise to me, apologise to Dol. She's been worried as can be about you since you've shut her out." He said and then shrugged. "Well, I got a bed to move. I'm stealing your man too. Later." He said and then took his pills and walked out, just grabbed Adrian's wrist and then left.

Lorelei and Adrian's House

Melyn Estate

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         Rhyanid smirked a little when she said she was going to look extra cute to make his mother side with her. "We'll have to see, then, how that goes," he said with a laugh before heading upstairs with her. He nodded when she said it wasn't raining any more, following her until they were back in the living room. He smiled when she thanked him. "It's no problem. That's what friends are for," he told her. "Have a good night, Isla," he said, giving her a wave before letting himself out so he could head back to work.

Isla and James' Home


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         Priscilla raised an eyebrow when he said that he wouldn't want to protect her with a wife and kid, shaking her head a bit. She definitely didn't understand Osmond. He was an odd one. She giggled a bit when he said to work and she nodded. "Fine, fine," she said, sticking her tongue out at him before getting to work.

The office

Cherono's House

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         Jasper frowned, "Don't say such things, Cherono. You hope for the man to be better... your sister needs to play it smart too but still..." He said and shook his head. "No.. I am not." He said and stood. "A good boyfriend or husband doesn't get their daughter killed, Cherono." He said. "I am going to go home. I will see you tomorrow." He said softly and kissed him before leaving.

The home of Cherono Garmold

Luther's House

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         Priscilla blinked slightly, frowning. "But relationships are all about communication. That was me, communicating to him that sleeping with anyone other than him is a hard no and there's no room for debate there. Kind of like his nonsense about expecting me to get pregnant before he marries me, which I think is so silly...but he's insistent, so I'm agreeing to it - reluctantly, of course - and just making the best of it," she sighed, beginning to pack up her work. She glared at him when he commented on her bum being sore. "You should know that people commenting on my body is one of my pet peeves," she muttered before gathering up her things and standing up. "Now, let's get going. I've got to go meet Elizabeth."

Luther's new home in the city. It sits in the back of the island, just a ways out of the city.


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         Istrain nodded when Haera said that the twins were living with Gamaya. "Yeah, we set them up a room in her house before I left the island. How's Gamaya doing, anyways? Is she settling in well?" he asked, frowning a bit. He'd been worried about Gamaya, but he'd trusted that between Barynn, Cherono, and the twins all being there for her, she'd be okay. He nodded a bit when Haera said that Lorelei hated him. "That's fair, I guess," he said with a shrug. "I deserved it. I'm not arguing that."

Carytopia Owner: Fauna

The region that lies below Veritas Isle.

James' Office

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         Priscilla blinked when he put her on her feet and said to go, not very happy that he seemed upset. She hadn't meant to piss him off. She just wasn't keen on risking being pregnant when it was possible not to be. She didn't say anything when he said they were done here, simply giving a small nod and hanging her head as she turned and quietly left his office. She headed to the bedroom and grabbed one of her books from her bag, sitting down on the bed with it and starting to read, figuring she'd try to get her mind off this whole mess with James. If he didn't want to marry her unless she got pregnant and she didn't want to have a child until she was married, then where did that leave them? She knew he wouldn't back down, but she also felt strongly about this, too. She sighed softly as she reread the same paragraph of her book for the third time, having to keep starting over since she kept getting sidetracked by her thoughts.


Hantel and Greesal Inn

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         Elizabeth smirked a bit when Talila went even redder. "Sure, sure. More like you know him personally and you know he's a good-looking guy," she teased with a laugh, reaching over and poking her nose again to see if she'd wiggle it again. She nodded when Talila asked if she was ready. "Yes. I'm ready. Show me your island," she said with a grin, going and opening the door for the little elf.

The inn

Veritas Isle

1635 posts · 28 characters present · last post 2018-07-16 00:16:45 »

         Gamaya giggled when he questioned her calling the baby Lentil, shaking her head a bit. "Barynn's just not creative. I think I heard Una address hers as Cletus the other day. I keep meaning to ask her about that but I keep forgetting," she said. "Your hands are way too big for Yora's baby," she said. She reached over and, with both of her hands, grabbed on to one of his hands and lifted it up a bit. "See? Huge-ass hands. You could literally crush my head with one hand," she said, and then dropped his hand, blinking a bit. "Please don't crush my head," she said quickly. She about died laughing when he said that Yoranda's baby might come out hissing. "Yes. That's absolutely what's going to happen. It'll come out and mimic her every move and she'll realize that she's made a tiny Yora and she'll be delighted," she giggled.


Master Bedroom

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         James sighed and took her to his room before sitting down on the bed, "Look... I won't make you wait forever, I am old, babe." He smiled. "Secondly, if it makes you feel better you can move in anytime you want. You are EIGHTEEN... your sister doesn't trust me... I am pretty sure. I am not a good guy so I can't blame her. Look, I am the king of the black market. We sell stolen good or illegal goods. I have put a stop on the human trade and I will crush anyone who even tries to start it up again. My job is dangerous. I have people who would love to kill me and they try to come after Ebbie. I have Asham who is there to protect them. That is why Ebony isn't allowed in a room by herself or too far away. I have guys here watching the island as well as in the kingdom. I am dangerous, babe. Your sister is a damn knight for god's sake. I probably do business with the black market where she is from. I am friends with pirates. But I love the fuck out of you, Priscilla... know that." He said softly.


Luther's Room

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         Barynn nodded when he said he needed to be alone. "Okay," she said softly. "Well...there's water here. I'll be around if you need anything, just call me or come and get me. I love you," she told him before leaving the room, closing the door behind her and heading downstairs.

Luther's bedroom in the attic.

The Swinging Ax

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         Istrain heard her walk away, and then he heard the water running. He sighed. He knew exactly what she was doing, trying to drown him out. "I'll... I'll give you some time," he shouted, hoping she'd hear him. He turned and left quietly, not really sure what to do or where to go now. He didn't want to go back to her house, not if they were on a break like this - maybe when she went home she'd find the flowers and the note and she'd want to fix things. He left the tavern, rubbing his temples a bit. This was all a mess and a half.

A tavern full of ale, the hard stuff, and stories.

Guest Bedroom

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         Priscilla's eyes widened when he started to push up her long dress, and she promptly shook her head. She gently grabbed his hands and pushed them away, backing right up to the far side of the room so she was away from where he sat. "This is wrong," she said quickly. "That's not at all what you told me those papers were. You lied to me. I do not consent to this one bit. You've no right to put a hand on me unless you intend to marry me first, and I'm fairly certain that's not what you have planned." She was definitely becoming afraid now. Was he serious about those papers? Had he really lied to her? If he pushed the matter, she figured she'd have to just get out of there how ever she could, and then in the morning when she went to work she could talk to Luther about what had happened. Surely he'd help.


Ebony's Room

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         Priscilla nodded a bit when he asked her about believing in the laws. "Oh, yes, absolutely. It's not even all that difficult to stay within the law," she said, shaking her head a bit. She blushed slightly at his hand on her back, letting him lead her to Ebony's room. she listened, nodding as he told her that she had to take Ebony with her if she was going to be out of hearing range. When he said to take the bassinet into her room, she blinked slightly, looking up at him. "My room...?" he asked slowly. "I'm staying at the hotel, though, and I probably wouldn't be sleeping if I was babysitting anyways." She'd babysat before, though it wasn't so much a job as it was just her mother's friends and family leaving their babies or children with her while they did other things, and she knew that it was important to have your full attention on the child.


Amira's home

3243 posts · 4 characters present · last post 2018-06-17 04:47:49 »

         Weston laughed as he heard her words and he nodded. She definitely seemed exhausted from all they'd done today and he didn't blame her. "We can definitely pick that up in the morning," he said with a grin. He got ready for bed, changed into some pyjama pants, and had a quick glass of water before climbing into the bed, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. "I love you, Amira. Thank you for another lovely day," he told her softly. He kissed the top of her head before closing his eyes, and in almost no time at all, he was sound asleep.

Amiras home on the outskirts of the city.

Birger's Living Quarters

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         =END SCENE=

Birger's house at the top of the tavern.

Valery's House

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         =END SCENE=

Val's house

Jasper's House

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         =END SCENE=

His House


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         Adrian was a complete fucking mess. Micah had spent all damn morning getting him to calm down, take his meds, manage to get him dressed and then tell him everything was going to be fine. When it was time to walk he happily walked with Dol. It was still really weird for him to be in a wedding, but Dol was gorgeous and her bump was way too cute in that dress and he felt like he was gonna die. Adrian got even more nervous as people came down the aisle. But then he saw Lorelei and all of that nervousness vanished as tears came to his eyes. He was about to marry the most beautiful woman in the whole damn world and he couldnt believe it. Micah looked at Adrian and saw his teary eyes and ended up smiling because he was so happy for his best friend. Lorelei got up there, and things went on as usual, Adrian and Lorelei said their vows and they kissed, Adrians goofy ass grinned pretty much the whole time he was so happy.


Birgison's House

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         Loris blinked and looked down at her, "Now you know I am going to have to make his ass jiggle and watch right?" He smirked and leaned down to kiss her temple. "Mmk you do that babe, I will be back later." He said softly and walked out the door and to his godforsaken parents' house.

Loris, Elise, Cora, and their unborn kids live here.

Kingdom Of Prericia

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         Ofelia woke Grace up and they got on the dragon. Grace was in awe of it. "You think the owner will let me pet it when we're done?" She asked and Ofelia laughed a little. "She's ours sweetheart. You can pet her when ever you want. The ranch I run, is one for dragons. You'll get to pet them, and ride them, and love them as much as you could possibly want." She said and Grace lit up. "Really!? On all of them?" She asked. "Well, most of them. Some of them are real big and grouchy." She said and Grace nodded. "Do you have other kids?" She asked. Ofelia nodded. "Mhm, we have Alois and Avery, theyre twin boys, and theyre six. Dont worry theyre easy to tell apart. And then theres Meriella, shes almost two, and then we have Lir, hes seven months old, so you will have all kinds of other kids to play with." Ofelia explained and Grace nodded a little with a smile. She was kind of glad she wouldnt be the only child.

Kingdom of Prericia

Masa's House

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         Nadia shook her head. "I didnt think I had a chance with you Masa. You're younger than me and you never acted interested in me in a way that wasnt like we were just friends. I'm not coming at you because you want to have practice. I dont want you to fuck up like I did...I know I deserve t be hurt like you did...But I had no clue I was hurting you, I didnt know you loved me. If I had I wouldnt have done any of that shit...Doesnt really matter though does it?" She said and moved past her. "Have fun with Dannie, I'm sure she'll be everything you think she is." She said and set his clothes and his umbrella did before walking out.

This here be Masa's house.

Autumn's House

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         Autumn nodded and waved before leaving and heading home. When she got there she tore through her clothes to try and find somethin and when she finally did it was late and she groaned. The next morning she headed towards her parent's house and went shower and ate before getting ready and going back to her place and chilling in the the chair, her feel hanging off the arms.

Levi had pretty much just went back to sleep after Autumn left. In the morning he got up and had breakfast, showered and got dressed and practiced playing the piano and violin for a little before he went to go get Autumn. He left and walked over there, past her parents house and up to the door where he knocked and then waited outside where he was, looking around at things for a minute.

Autumn heard the knock and blinked before realizing it was probably Levi and got up. She opened the door and smiled before stepping out. "Let's go." She said and then stopped. "Levi... when I was going on a date with Blake... were you hiding in my bush? I saw some purple hair... but... it could have totally been a different purple haired person." She smirked.

Levi blinked and then nodded. "Yup. That was me. I came over to ask you about going over to this music thing cuz a friend of mine was playing. Was gonna ask you and Jonny to come along, but I dont know where he lives so I came here first. But then I saw Blake and I hid in the bush. " He said and shrugged a little bit. "The bush was not very friendly to me either. Mean little bush..." He said, glaring at that specific bush.

Autumn's house in the back of her parent's property.

Cottage In The Woods

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         Nyleria raised an eyebrow slightly, but nodded. "Well...hopefully they get it straightened out. It'd be horrible for the poor girl to miss out on getting to be with her baby just because of some man..." She sighed, shaking her head a bit. When he told her to show him how she thought to kill seven to nine minutes, she giggled softly. "Well, here's one way," she murmured, tightening her grip on his neck and leaning up to kiss him gently, one hand entwining itself gently in his hair.

A cottage in the woods that used to belong to Uncle Q and his family. Now it will be the new home of Nyleria and her daughter.

Momma T's Salon

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         Mayelle looked up when Masami came back with Mari in tow and a grin came to her face. She laughed softly when he said that he had saved her and deserved a prize. She was a bit confused by his comment about interrupting something and Mari's comment about Nadia closing the space between them hadn't helped to clarify at all. Did Masami think Nadia was going to beat Mayelle up for some reason? She sure hoped that wasn't the case. "Mari, you're back! And Masa's alive!" she exclaimed with a giggle and a clap of her hands.

What the title says.

Codon's House

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         Nadia groaned. "Ugh. Masa thats perfectly normal 'dont let my son knock you up yet'..'got it momma T' See? Completely normal." She said. "Its like when normal parents tell you not to go get pregnant or give you the talk in a way that scares you outta it." She said and then blinked and scooted closer to Masa and looked around. "I swear to god Masa, if I punch a child, its your fault!" She said and then huffed. "Always trying to scare me...So rude..." She mumbled.

Codon's house/dojo Dol's dance studio

Ravendale City

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         After the incident, Erorn stopped by the tavern in town. He sat in the farthest corner or the room with the strongest drink he could afford. This was it for him. He wasn't going to go through this crap anymore, he just wasn't made for it. James hadn't changed he'd just been cut off from his urges long enough to trick both of them into thinking he was better. His eyes showed no remorse when he did what he did. He was no longer the same person he fell in love with.

Erorn's heart was ripped into a million pieces, and he felt like the pain would never stop. The alcohol did little to help, as he cried into his drink.

"What was the point? What was the point of any of it?" He sobbed as quietly as he could, talking to himself.
"What was the point of trying to help him when he turned on me? What was the point of loving him? Everyone I love hurts me. I loved Marcus and he treated me like dirt, I loved James and Luther and look what they did. Maybe Luther had the right idea. It's not like any of them has visions. It's not like any of them would know what I was doing." Erorn was now nearly growling with anger.

He downed the rest of his drink with gusto.

"No, I'm not going to go out that way. I'm not letting that bastard win." He said with a little bit of a slur before walking out of the tavern and into the night, unsure of where he was going, who he would meet, or if he would ever be able to love anyone ever again. He had been broken and it would take a lot to put him together again.

Ravendale City

Blackwood Manor

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         Erorn was sure it had to do with more than just the girl. She was just the straw that broke the camel's back. He did as James said when he said to stay laying down. He stared at the stars and it wasn't long before he passed out. His head had finally stopped aching and he was exhausted from all the mental link and the vision had taken out of him. Something about the way James said they were going home sounded a little odd, but he didn't think too much about it before he was dreaming. It was a nice dream. They were on the island and it was as though there had never been an issue between any of them. James was playing with his son again and this time Luther was there too. Erorn was standing next to Garnet and she smiled at him.

"You're a lucky man." She said as the dream faded away.

Childhood home of Erorn Swiftblade.


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         Elise giggled and then shook her head at him. "You can keep your hands on me. Just in less tickly ways." She said and gave him a sassy look before blushing and covering her face. "Ugh why do you gotta do this to me Loris, you're so sweet its rude." She said and then kissed him gently. "If you arent careful you'll give me a cavity. And then what will I do..." She said with a dramatic sigh. "You better save me from the demons. We cant get married if the demons get me you know. Then who is Cora gonna ask a million questions huh?"

One of the many country sides in the kingdom.

Guest Room #2

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         Elise giggled and let him drag her off for breakfast. She shot him a dirty look when he said he wasnt trying enough. "You gotta do your worst to keep me down loris. I wear six inch heels for fun. Ya cant break me, i'm too flexible." She said and winked back at him before going ahead and eating her breakfast. She was gonna miss the castle, but she couldnt wait to spend time off in the woods just them in a place that Loris grew up with. She couldnt wait to spend that time with him.

Guest Room #2 Occupied by Harper

Castle Hilyard

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         Elise giggled and then sighed. "Yeahhh. I understand she's a busy lady but she needs to visit more often. Adrian said she'd been pretty into trying to get his friend and her cousin together but theyre both being dipshits about it." She said and then shook her head about the flower thing. "If I lose you to a flower lady i'm taking Cora with me!" She said and then nervously got out of the carriage and stared at the castle like she was a little girl who got to be a princess for a day. "Its so pretty here..." She said softly, looking around at everything.

The home of the royal family and their servants.

Tower Room

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         Luther was walking around the kitchen as her food heated and thought about the maneuvers that they could use to get the stuff out of Penelo's house and into Barynn's shop. He heard footsteps and looked up to see a rushed Barynn and chuckled a bit. "You didn't have to rush." He said and took her breakfast out of the over and placed it on the table while he leaned against the counter. "We never gave Pene a time that we would be going over." He said softly.

The Tower Room is a small bedroom that is cut off from the rest of the house. It has a stairway in the stoned wall in the back, can be reached from inside the house too. There is also a bathroom below the tower just for whoever occupies the room.

Sugar Shack

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         Amanda covered her heart, "Me? The lame girl who only gets you the coolest gigs? Well of course. Where you wanna go? I will need to get changed though... unless you want to look like you are doing a charity thing tonight?" She said laughing while walking. She knew he moved across town, but her home was on the way.

A candy shop with all the sweets you could dream of

Guest Room #1

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Marcus woke up the next morning and chuckled when all he saw was the top of Erorn's head. He just thought it was adorable.
He kissed the top of his head and got up. "I think we should go to our own room, we have a lot to do today." He laughed and stretched.

Guest Room #1 that is occupied by Princess Romilly.


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Marcus turned around and smiled. "You are a genius! We could do that and so you know... Harper won't be terribly devastated in men. This will make you two's marriage go smoothly. Nice one, Erorn!" He walked up to Erorn and patted his back. "You just saved your marriage!"


Caecilius Woods

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         Atlas was glad to be away from all the crazy woman, but his relief was quickly destroyed by the idea that they had to follow Marcus around. Atlas nodded at the plan. It was a good thing Nasir was a literal giant or they might have lost Marcus in the crowds. "Just make sure he doesnt see your tall ass or he might get spooked if he really is involved in all of this." He said with a sigh as he followed Nasir around.

Caecilius Woods

Guest Room #4

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The words hit Erorn like a hammer to the face. He felt something inside him snap. It was like the internal walls he had built up over the last month finally broke. He felt like he was gonna cry, but by this point he was so emotionally exhausted that he couldn't even find the strength to do that. The flood gates were opened and he couldn't close them now. "I love you, but I can't do this anymore, Marcus. We're both the victims in this and we're both to blame. I can't pretend anymore. I've tried to be okay with everything that's been going on, I really have, but I'm not. I'm killing myself trying to act like everything is fine, but it's eating me from the inside out. I can't pretend that it doesn't kill me not to be able to tell you I love you and that sometimes have to go weeks between telling you so. I can't pretend that I don't want the whole fucking world to know I love you. I can't pretend that I want to marry Harper tomorrow, when we both know I want to marry you. She doesn't even need me to marry her, a hand maiden isn't required to be married. It's just another way for you cover up our relationship. I can't pretend that what you did with Romilly didn't bother me. I know she's your future wife and you love her, but it still fucking hurt and I don't care how selfish that is, it's how I feel. I can't pretend that all your teasing and flirting isn't slowly breaking my spirit. Every time you tease me or flirt, I know that it isn't going anywhere and it's just a painful reminder that you're just afraid of being caught." He sighed. He didn't yell, he didn't scream. He spoke calmly and in a level tone. "I know I brought this on myself and I can't pretend that that fact isn't hurting me either." He lowered his head in shame. "I would do anything for you. I'm willing to risk my life for you, I would give up anything to be with you for the rest of my life. My career, my home my family if I had one, all my money, anything just to be with you. But, if I stay, I'll risk exposing you. I can't do that. I can't ask you to expose yourself and lose your kingdom either. So the only option I can see is for me to go. You'll still have Romilly and she'll still have Harper. I love you and I always will, but for once let me do something for your own good instead of the other way around. If you value your kingdom, don't come after me, I won't think any less of you." He stood up, didn't take anything at all and just walked out of the bedroom to the front door.

Guest Room #4 occupied by Erorn.

Throne Room

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Marcus had been summoned to the throne room. Apparently his father wanted to talk to him about something. As he walked in he could see the tension from his father. All the servants and guards were ordered out and he knew then that it was something either he had done or it was very important.

Marcus sighed and walked closer, "What could I have possibly done this time, father?"

His father sat up straighter than he had been and looked down on him. He knew his father was trying to word whatever he wanted to say. The silence sat between the two for a while before his father spoke, "There have been rumors of you and your personal guard getting a bit too close."

Marcus' eyebrow raised, "What? What the hell is too close? We are friends... is that too close? I honestly don't know what to tell you father besides that you are foolish to feed their stupidity."

His father sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "I just had to make sure, son."

"Whatever you say father." He said before walking off. He had gathered all of the servants and told them that because they liked to be nosey that they are going to be on a strict time bases in the castle. They can only be in certain places for certain times and if they are cause in a place they shouldn't they would be fired.

Throne room


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Erorn was already trembling with anticipation. He'd been made to wait far too long. Bitch, get your ass back here and take me right here on the table.
"You're such a tease. You keep building it up like this and it won't be nearly as good as you're hoping for." He said as he stood up and snuck up behind Marcus and whispered in his ear. "It'll be better." He went to the door to the garden, he needed to cool down a little bit or he was going to loose control.


Left Hallway

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Marcus thought up something, "Josh, I think you should stay tonight. It is the least I can do. You came all this way to see your brother and that is what you will do. You an spend the night in his room since our guest rooms are booked up. I have to get some work done, but I will see you too later? Yes? Good." He smiled and walked off.

Left Hallway

Marcus' Bedroom

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Romilly snuck into Harper's room and thought she was asleep, but she was just lying there crying. She didn't even turn around when the door opened or closed. She never seen Harper like this and she wasn't sure what to do. If Harper did this to her months before coming here when she thought Harper was the only one she could lover more than life, then she would probably be just as mad and depressed. Romilly climbed into bed with her and didn't say anything. She didn't get too close to her in fear she would upset Harper even more. The storm had picked up and it seemed to make the room colder.

Harper turned around after some time and looked at her, anger written all over her face. "I hate you." She whispered. Romilly froze, she didn't know why she was so shocked to hear it.

It took a moment for her to collect her thoughts, "I can't say that I blame you... but it would have happened sooner or later. I couldn't just avoid it forever." Her voice cracked. She was about to start crying.

"On your wedding night it is kind of forced to happen... you went willingly into his arms. You wanted this."

She wasn't wrong... she did want it. Romilly wanted to push her hair back and tell her she was sorry till her very last breath, but it would be no use. "I will get a carriage for you tomorrow. You can leave on the first ship out. I am sorry I did this to you. I am sorry I dragged you here selfishly. And I am sorry that I fell in love with my soon to be husband, though now I guess I'm not. I rather be somewhat happy then live a life full of hate and bitterness."

Romilly got up and headed to the door. Harper pushed herself up and begged Romilly not to go and that she didn't mean what she said that she was hurt, but Romilly couldn't hear it. She had to let Harper go for her own sake. She walked out and closed the door before going into Marcus' room and curling under his covers. They were warm despite the lack of another person and it smell just like him.


Harper wanted to scream. She didn't mean it when she said she hated her. Harper didn't hate her she loved her too much which seemed to be the problem and now because of her big mouth she was being shipped back home. She didn't want to go back home, Romilly wouldn't be there. She threw the covers off and opened her door only to see Marcus, "Oh... I'm sorry... can I speak to Romilly please?." She asked. Marcus looked back at her and said that she wasn't here. Harper thanked him before closing the door and going check Marcus' room. She opened it to see Romilly and sighed.

Harper closed the door and locked it before climbing into bed with her. When Romilly turned she took both of her hands and cried, "Please don't send me away. Please let me stay here with you. I promise to marry Erorn. I promise to consumate it and have his child. Just don't send me back home. Romilly I couldn't bear being going home and you not being there. Please." She was shaking and crying. Romilly pulled her down gently and held her.

"It is selfish of me to keep you, Harper. I am going to love my husband, but not as much as I love you and I don't know how to get that to you. You are breaking right in front of me. Harper I have to-" Harper kissed her. She couldn't bare to hear anymore shit come from her mouth.

She loved Romilly and she was going to be with her anyway she can. Harper pulled away and looked down at her, "I am staying and that's that."

Marcus' Bedroom


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Harper knew from the moment she saw him that he wasn't leaving. She held tightly onto her bag and smiled, "Okay." When she thought about it she was truly alone in the castle. She walked passed him and stopped. No she was angry. She was pissed beyond belief. She turned around and shoved him. "I am so tired of you men coming in and fucking ruining everything! Maybe Marcus and Romilly are good for each other. You... you..." She grabbed her bag and stormed off she was done. She hated Romilly, Marcus, and now Erorn. They were all fucked up idiots who didn't know what they wanted or were just too much of a puss to go out and get it.

The entrance into the castle.

Fireberry Forest

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         Ofelia immediately rushed over to Nasir when he fell over and did her best to get him on the dragon, the dragon fortunately was able to flatten out enough that Nasir didnt have to move too incredibly much to get situated. Ofelia climbed on the dragon, and had it take off, flying full speed directly to Loreleis house. Ofelia didnt speak the entire time. All of this was her fault and she could lose him because she pushed him too much. They landed in front of Lorelei's house and she immediately knocked, praying that Lorelei would be home, telling her through the door that it was an emergency and Nasir needed help. Before Lorelei could open the door Ofelia had run back to Nasir to check on him. His breathing was slow. "I'm so sorry..." Ofelia whispered as tears streamed down her face.

Fireberry Forest

Underground Hot Springs

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Romilly was shown the entrance and told where to go. She followed instructions and sure enough she found him. He was relaxing in the springs so it seems and by the look of all his clothes that he was naked. She kept her distance. Sitting some ways back, but not too far where he couldn't hear her. "My dear future husband... will you please tell me what has gotten you so... stressed.."

Marcus sighed, turning around and looked up at her. "Keeping the kingdom safe is not easy work, my dear future wife." He said in a sleepy way. She moved a bit closer. She still didn't see anything, but she blushed anyway. He reached out of the water and took her hand. His was so warm compared to hers.

"So it seems, you did tend to worry us a bit and I know you were doing it for the good of your kingdom, but you had us both shook up. Though... Erorn seems to take it a bit harder than me." She cupped his face with her free hand. "I have complete faith that you will return home to us." He looked up at her and smiled. He pulled her down for a kiss. Part of her wanted to refuse it, she loved Harper, but another part wanted to sink into him.

Romilly decided to kiss him back, but in doing so she fell into the springs with him. He laughed, a good hearted laugh, and Romilly was sucked in. She swam up to him and kissed him. Romilly knew she shouldn't have, but she loved the way he made her feel safe. She loved the way he was warm and gentle. Romilly let herself go and he took all over her.

Underground Hot Springs

Marcus' Vacation Home

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Nasir and Marcus had left the kitchen and headed to their rooms to gather clothes and the stuff that would be needed for what was to come. Then they headed to get a carriage, which Marcus drove. He didn't want to have a servant be around and they were going to need the carriage to transport the guys.

On the way to Marcus' vacation home they talked about how they were going to go about things. They decided that they would have to stalk them for a bit and get each one alone before taking them. When they got to the house it was dark, but they lit candles and moved furniture around until it was late at night. A tarp was spread out with four chair sitting on top of it. Chains and ropes were next to each chair. On top of them, hanging, was a cloth to shove in their mouth if they got too loud.

Nasir was ready for this. His anger had been building up. Marcus was the calm one, he over checked everything and when all was done at the house they rested. The next day the began stalking their prey.


First one on their list was Harrison, he worked at his own restaurant. Nasir and Marcus stayed around the place. Each would take breaks before coming back and letting the other one go. It wasn't till late at night that Harrison closed by himself. Nasir and Marcus moved down the alleyway to the back of the restaurant where Harrison was. Harrison was taken aback from Nasir's body guard stance and the prince being there. He didn't see Nasir's fist coming towards his face.

When he woke up he was tied and chained to a chair in a house he hadn't seen before. He tried to talk but a cloth was stuffed in his mouth. He looked around and saw the tall blond man and the prince staring down at him. The tall blond began to talk. He said he was here to get revenge for the girl he assaulted almost ten years ago. Harrison froze. So she had lived and talked to someone who actually would do something. His hand gripped the chair. He was a stupid kid back then. Harrison wished he never became friends with Vincent. He hadn't even talked to the group since that night.

They took out the cloth in his mouth, but he didn't scream. The blond guy got to his eye level and told him what he was going to do to him and they he is going to wish he hadn't done something so horrible. Harrison told him he already regretted doing it, that if he could go back and stop them he would. Harrison said he wasn't going to beg for his life either, he knew Karma would come and find him one day.

The tall blond man and the prince looked at each other and shook their head. They shoved the cloth back in his mouth and began to pull his nails out. The pain was shot through his body and he screamed into the cloth. He couldn't help but cry. Harrison was hoping they would just kill him off pretty fast. The prince had looked away and the blond man looked like he didn't want to be doing this, but it had to be done.

Harrison knew, he didn't expect what he had after that night to last. Every night he thought about what happened and how he waited for Karma to come, but she took her sweet time, just like the blond was doing to him. The prince finally came over and poured alcohol on his wounds. Harrison jumped and tried to get away from it, the pain seemed to maxify now that the alcohol was on. The prince wrapped his fingers delicately before making sure the chains and ropes were on tight enough.

They left him like that all night. Harrison drifted in and out of sleep. His body was starting to ache. He heard the footsteps of the two men. The prince took the cloth out of his mouth and gave him water before feeding him. He told him that he was sorry, but he couldn't allow people like him in his kingdom. Harrison gave a small and tired nod. He knew he couldn't stay. He already came to terms with what he done and how he was going to lose his life because of it. He took everything from that girl, left her for dead naked in a cave... what kind of human does that? No human would. He wasn't, he knew he was a monster.

When they were finished feeding him they placed the cloth back in his mouth, tighten his chains and ropes, before leaving him in the empty house.


They left the first guy in the house tied up and gagged before going to find James. He would be working at a school, so they had to be careful not to be seen by kids and their parents or the other faculty. They walked around town until the school let out and then followed James until they were in an empty street. Nasir and Marcus cornered him. It wasn't as easy to get him knocked out and in the carriage as it was with Harrison. He fought them and was a pretty good fighter, but Nasir was bigger and trained by his own father.

James woke up in a chair next to Harrison. He looked paler than normal and looked down at his hands. His fingers were wrapped and bloody. He felt sick. The blond guy looked down at him and told James why he was here. His body tensed. He didn't how he would know... unless the girl didn't die. His mind spun and he thought about his wife and child. He tried to talk, but the cloth was getting in his way. The prince was the one to take it out. He told them to not hurt his wife or child, that he would take all of it, to just leave them out of it. They were innocent.

The blond looked at the prince and they walked out of the room. Nasir couldn't kill him, he had a family... the prince nodded in agreement. They decided the ones who had families would be tortured and then brought back to the castle to rot in Marcus' dungeon. They walked back into the room and told him he would live, but he would still be tortured and placed in the dungeon when it was all over with. James thanked them, crying as he thought about his family being safe.

The blond and prince looked at each other and shook their head before ripping out his nails. He screamed into the cloth, his body shaking. He started to gag and the prince hurried to take the cloth out before he actually vomited. Harrison didn't make a sound. He just looked over at James and shook his head, like he was disappointed in his weakness. The blond and the prince cleaned up everything before going back to torturing him. He thought he was going to die from the pain. He sure felt like death was slipping his arms around him.

The prince poured alcohol on his fingers and James screamed again. The prince began wrapping up his fingers before going over to Harrison and and torturing him more. His screams terrified him, but he looked like he accepted it. James didn't know what Harrison did after that night besides move. He seen him around in his restaurant, but he refused to take his family there.

Maybe he accepted his fate. James couldn't do that, he had a family to think of. He could accept anything that happened to him. The image of the girl that night flashed across his mind and the look of fear and pain. James jaw clinched. He had a little girl of his own now and to think of men doing that angered him. He didn't deserve his family. Didn't deserve their love, but he was selfish and took it. Like he took what wasn't his all those years ago.

They cleaned Harrison up for the night and made sure they were both tightly bound and gagged before disappearing. He looked over to Harrison whose lip was busted and his face was bruised. Harrison looked at him and shook his head before he dropped his head. James drifted to sleep, but jolted up after what seemed like five minutes. It was like that all night till he heard the men come. They fed both of them and gave them something to drink before cleaning their wounds and bandaged them again. Both men checked their restraints before leaving them in the house.


Abram was an escort. It wouldn't be hard to get him in the carriage and to the house. They waited till night time to go to stop him before going to his apartment they pretended to hire him and got him into the carriage. The prince sat in the back with him. He had no idea the prince was into men, but Abram didn't mind. He liked men and women equally. His job was technically more than an escort, but he had to keep it hush so that he didn't get put in jail again.

Abram turned to the prince and slid hi hand on his knee and up. He could feel the prince tense up and before he could say anything, the prince had his hand on his neck and pinned. He told Abram not to put his disgusting and worthless hands on him again. Abram looked up at him with confusion before it turned to anger. He tried to get the prince off of him, but the prince was way too strong. It seemed like an hour had passed before the carriage stopped. When the blond man open the door what he saw confused him. He told the prince that they didn't take him so he could be play with him.

The prince threw Abram out and scuffed, saying a piece of trash like him couldn't ever hope to be with a prince. Abram scrambled up and was going to swing at the prince when the blond swung. It took one hit for him to pass out. When he woke he was tied and bound to a chair, a cloth on his lap. He looked around and saw his old buds from the island were there with him. It took a moment to realize that they were there because of that stupid girl.

He looked up at the two and growled. Abram asked if this was about the stupid girl and wonder why she hadn't died back then. The blond swung, this time punching his throat. Abram coughed and jerked in his chair. The prince looked up at the blond like he wasn't supposed to do that. When Abram came too he laughed. He told them that the girl had it coming. She practically wanted it after Harrison was done with her. This time the prince swung and kept swinging till the blond pinned him against the wall and told him to calm down.

Abram just laughed as his face throbbed. He didn't care about the girl and surely didn't regret it. He had fun that night. He loved the look in her eyes when she realized what was happening. The way she screamed... then he screamed. He felt the searing pain as go up his leg. He looked down and saw from the top of the knee and down was gone. The two guys also screamed against their cloths. Before he fainted he screamed again as he got stabbed in his abdomen repeatedly. It seemed to hit all of the spots that wouldn't kill him if they were tended to correctly.

The last thing her heard were footsteps going away and the sounds of his old friends screaming.


This was the last one before going to get Vincent. They realized that this was going to be a little bit tougher to get him knocked out and in the carriage. They would be playing in his stomping grounds. It was late at night, they had stalked him for a few days and realized that he worked along. Marcus was the distraction. He went in and told the story of how they needed a blacksmith to do a certain job at the castle since theirs were gone for while. Virgil seem to buy into it and when they were busy talking Nasir put him in a headlock until he passed out. It wasn't an easy thing to do. Virgil flailed, threw all of his weight against Nasir, and almost got away from him. Plus it took a good while for him to pass out.

When all was said and done they headed back to the house. By this time Harrison was almost gone and Abram was somehow hanging on for dear life. They didn't do too much to James, but enough where he would be suffering for a long time. Now it was Virgil's turn. When he woke up he was tired to the chair. He looked around and saw his old group of friends. It clicked instantly what was going on. The girl didn't die in the cave that day and she told someone. They had finally found all of them.

Virgil went to clinch his teeth when he noticed his mouth was stuffed with a type of cloth. The prince and some blond guy were talking to each other a ways from him, but then the blond man turned around and got eye leveled with him. He told him that if he hadn't had kids or a family he would be dying today. That when they were done torturing him that he would be staying the jail at the castle.

Virgil tried to talk. The blond man slipped the cloth out of his mouth. He asked if they will be doing anything to his kids. The blond man scuffed and said he wasn't a monster like them. He shoved the cloth back in Virgil's mouth and began to do what they had done to all of the other men. Virgil screamed in pain and even passed out.


Nasir slit Harrison's and Abram's throats at the end of it all. He couldn't stand seeing them pussy foot around death. The other two were going to need doctors, but Marcus assured him that he was going to get ones that he trusted and that they were going to keep quiet about everything. It took almost all day to find a nice spot to bury the bodies. They each dug a hole deep enough to stack at least four bodies and covered them.

When they got back that took the other two to one of the bedrooms and let them actually sleep. The next morning they cleaned and packed everything up into the carriage before heading off. It had been a week to get everyone and do everything. Nasir hated that it took so long, but he did what needed to be done. Marcus gave him a single horse so that he could get back faster. Nasir thanked Marcus for everything he did for him and for his friend. He asked Nasir who exactly is his friend was. Nasir was reluctant at first, but Marcus had a right to know now. He told him it was Ofelia and that the thought of someone hurting her boiled his blood.

Marcus agreed and told him to get going. So that is what Nasir did. It took him half the time to get to get to his village than if he took a carriage. He had went straight to Ofelia's. He hopped off the horse and ran to her house. He banged on the door and almost broke it. There was no answer. He stopped and thought about where she might have been. She did have big dragons. He took off towards the field. He ran as fast as he could, he needed to know she was safe. Nasir prayed she was alright. If she got hurt because he was too stupid to get back in time... he would never forgive himself.

He had just gotten to the clearing. Nasir was running so fast that when he tried to stop he slid. He watched in horror as the dragons going at Vincent.


Marcus walked into the castle Romilly and Harper had just walked into the entrance themselves. Romilly ran up to him and gave him a big hug. She started crying and called him a selfish jerk for not letting any of them know how he was doing. He held her close and ran his hand through her hair. He told her he was sorry and that he just got caught up in the work and that he wasn't used to letting people know how he was. Then he turned to Harper and the both bowed to each other. Harper looked shocked that he would ever bow to her. Marcus apologized for not being there when she arrived. He told her that he hoped she will come to love to live here and that she was okay with everything.

Harper thanked him for being so kind and generous with her and Romilly. She said that she has loved being here so far and that his mom was an angel. He gave a small chuckle at the comment about his mother. He was glad that she was so accepting of having someone from Romilly's home being a personal maiden. Harper also mentioned that Erorn wasn't doing to well. That he has gotten depressed and even might be drinking. Marcus sighed and bowed, excusing himself and letting them go where ever they had planned on going before he walked in.

Marcus got to Erorn's room and knocked softly. "Erorn? I am home." He walked in and saw him sleeping on his bed. He grabbed the bottle and placed it on the nightstand before tucking him under the covers. Bending down Marcus kissed his forehead and whispered that he was deeply sorry.


Elwin had been up for a while. He was already dressed when they walked in. He walked over, bent down and played with Forrest before he stood up and kissed Atlas softly, "Would you mind walking with me to Roshia's? I promised Rowan I would watch her when he had to leave. Roshia is a mover.. she can't do the sitting thing. It would be nice if you came and helped me. I am one man... Roshia is like eight hundred men in one when she is cooped up." He pouted and gave Atlas puppy dog eyes. Forrest had stood up and clung to his father's pants leg, looking up and also giving him puppy dog eyes.

Marcus' home away from home.

Servant's Dining Area

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Marcus was getting a bit annoyed, "Friend's don't go on dates and now if you'll excuse me I have a date to plan with Romilly." He got up and walked out. He didn't even want to look at him right now.

Servant's Dining Area


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Romilly had been in the garden. She heard it was a sight to see and that it was a calming place. She had been in there for some time when she heard Marcus' voice boom telling all the servants to leave. She turned around to see all of them walk out. He walked up to her and she bowed, "Hello, Prince Marcus."

"Please, no bowing and just call me Marcus." He said softly.

She nodded, "What can I do for you... Marcus." She felt funny dropping off the prince in his name.

Marcus chuckled, "I wanted to talk to you about a truce... in a way. I can tell you have someone you are in love with and I know it isn't me." She was starting to panic. She was about to say something, but he raised a hand, "It is okay, I am not angry. It is totally understandable. I want to know about this person who has your heart. Maybe I can have them come here. We can work something out that can bring you some kind of peace here."

She teared up. Romilly didn't know a prince to be this kind to her. "I... I am in love with a lady named Harper. She is a farmer in a village back at home. I love her so much, but my family would never allow it." He got up and held her. She stiffened at first, but soon leaned into him. "I am so sorry... I will do whatever it is you need me to do. I will marry you. I will have your children." She held his hand, but he didn't move it away.

"It is quite alright, I am in love with a man who... well... it is a bit complicated. So we get married and after we will work on getting her here... is that okay with you?" He asked her.

Romilly nodded happily, "Very much, thank you! Wait... we... we still have to have..." She blushed. Marcus laughed and patted her hand.

color=#B8860B]"We will get to that after we settle everything, okay? I have to go, but I will have a servant tell my father that we agree to marry for the kingdom and that you would feel a bit more comfortable if you had your friend Harper here. He is a very understanding man. You continue your time here, Romilly."[/color] He kissed her hand before taking his leave and she sat there happily.


Seaside Moondust

The family business/home.

Right Hallway Second Floor

Right Hallway Second Floor

Guest Room #5

Guest Room #5. Occupied by Nasir.

Library and Records Room

The place where the king keeps his books.

Left Hallway Second Floor

Left Hallway Second Floor


Entrance Stairway Owner: Sambea

Stairway that leads to the second floor.