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Veritas Isle

Marcus' Vacation Home


a part of Veritas Isle, by Fauna.

Marcus' home away from home.

Sambea holds sovereignty over Marcus' Vacation Home, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Marcus' Vacation Home

Marcus' home away from home.


Marcus' Vacation Home is a part of Asmaria.

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#, as written by Sambea

Nasir and Marcus had left the kitchen and headed to their rooms to gather clothes and the stuff that would be needed for what was to come. Then they headed to get a carriage, which Marcus drove. He didn't want to have a servant be around and they were going to need the carriage to transport the guys.

On the way to Marcus' vacation home they talked about how they were going to go about things. They decided that they would have to stalk them for a bit and get each one alone before taking them. When they got to the house it was dark, but they lit candles and moved furniture around until it was late at night. A tarp was spread out with four chair sitting on top of it. Chains and ropes were next to each chair. On top of them, hanging, was a cloth to shove in their mouth if they got too loud.

Nasir was ready for this. His anger had been building up. Marcus was the calm one, he over checked everything and when all was done at the house they rested. The next day the began stalking their prey.


First one on their list was Harrison, he worked at his own restaurant. Nasir and Marcus stayed around the place. Each would take breaks before coming back and letting the other one go. It wasn't till late at night that Harrison closed by himself. Nasir and Marcus moved down the alleyway to the back of the restaurant where Harrison was. Harrison was taken aback from Nasir's body guard stance and the prince being there. He didn't see Nasir's fist coming towards his face.

When he woke up he was tied and chained to a chair in a house he hadn't seen before. He tried to talk but a cloth was stuffed in his mouth. He looked around and saw the tall blond man and the prince staring down at him. The tall blond began to talk. He said he was here to get revenge for the girl he assaulted almost ten years ago. Harrison froze. So she had lived and talked to someone who actually would do something. His hand gripped the chair. He was a stupid kid back then. Harrison wished he never became friends with Vincent. He hadn't even talked to the group since that night.

They took out the cloth in his mouth, but he didn't scream. The blond guy got to his eye level and told him what he was going to do to him and they he is going to wish he hadn't done something so horrible. Harrison told him he already regretted doing it, that if he could go back and stop them he would. Harrison said he wasn't going to beg for his life either, he knew Karma would come and find him one day.

The tall blond man and the prince looked at each other and shook their head. They shoved the cloth back in his mouth and began to pull his nails out. The pain was shot through his body and he screamed into the cloth. He couldn't help but cry. Harrison was hoping they would just kill him off pretty fast. The prince had looked away and the blond man looked like he didn't want to be doing this, but it had to be done.

Harrison knew, he didn't expect what he had after that night to last. Every night he thought about what happened and how he waited for Karma to come, but she took her sweet time, just like the blond was doing to him. The prince finally came over and poured alcohol on his wounds. Harrison jumped and tried to get away from it, the pain seemed to maxify now that the alcohol was on. The prince wrapped his fingers delicately before making sure the chains and ropes were on tight enough.

They left him like that all night. Harrison drifted in and out of sleep. His body was starting to ache. He heard the footsteps of the two men. The prince took the cloth out of his mouth and gave him water before feeding him. He told him that he was sorry, but he couldn't allow people like him in his kingdom. Harrison gave a small and tired nod. He knew he couldn't stay. He already came to terms with what he done and how he was going to lose his life because of it. He took everything from that girl, left her for dead naked in a cave... what kind of human does that? No human would. He wasn't, he knew he was a monster.

When they were finished feeding him they placed the cloth back in his mouth, tighten his chains and ropes, before leaving him in the empty house.


They left the first guy in the house tied up and gagged before going to find James. He would be working at a school, so they had to be careful not to be seen by kids and their parents or the other faculty. They walked around town until the school let out and then followed James until they were in an empty street. Nasir and Marcus cornered him. It wasn't as easy to get him knocked out and in the carriage as it was with Harrison. He fought them and was a pretty good fighter, but Nasir was bigger and trained by his own father.

James woke up in a chair next to Harrison. He looked paler than normal and looked down at his hands. His fingers were wrapped and bloody. He felt sick. The blond guy looked down at him and told James why he was here. His body tensed. He didn't how he would know... unless the girl didn't die. His mind spun and he thought about his wife and child. He tried to talk, but the cloth was getting in his way. The prince was the one to take it out. He told them to not hurt his wife or child, that he would take all of it, to just leave them out of it. They were innocent.

The blond looked at the prince and they walked out of the room. Nasir couldn't kill him, he had a family... the prince nodded in agreement. They decided the ones who had families would be tortured and then brought back to the castle to rot in Marcus' dungeon. They walked back into the room and told him he would live, but he would still be tortured and placed in the dungeon when it was all over with. James thanked them, crying as he thought about his family being safe.

The blond and prince looked at each other and shook their head before ripping out his nails. He screamed into the cloth, his body shaking. He started to gag and the prince hurried to take the cloth out before he actually vomited. Harrison didn't make a sound. He just looked over at James and shook his head, like he was disappointed in his weakness. The blond and the prince cleaned up everything before going back to torturing him. He thought he was going to die from the pain. He sure felt like death was slipping his arms around him.

The prince poured alcohol on his fingers and James screamed again. The prince began wrapping up his fingers before going over to Harrison and and torturing him more. His screams terrified him, but he looked like he accepted it. James didn't know what Harrison did after that night besides move. He seen him around in his restaurant, but he refused to take his family there.

Maybe he accepted his fate. James couldn't do that, he had a family to think of. He could accept anything that happened to him. The image of the girl that night flashed across his mind and the look of fear and pain. James jaw clinched. He had a little girl of his own now and to think of men doing that angered him. He didn't deserve his family. Didn't deserve their love, but he was selfish and took it. Like he took what wasn't his all those years ago.

They cleaned Harrison up for the night and made sure they were both tightly bound and gagged before disappearing. He looked over to Harrison whose lip was busted and his face was bruised. Harrison looked at him and shook his head before he dropped his head. James drifted to sleep, but jolted up after what seemed like five minutes. It was like that all night till he heard the men come. They fed both of them and gave them something to drink before cleaning their wounds and bandaged them again. Both men checked their restraints before leaving them in the house.


Abram was an escort. It wouldn't be hard to get him in the carriage and to the house. They waited till night time to go to stop him before going to his apartment they pretended to hire him and got him into the carriage. The prince sat in the back with him. He had no idea the prince was into men, but Abram didn't mind. He liked men and women equally. His job was technically more than an escort, but he had to keep it hush so that he didn't get put in jail again.

Abram turned to the prince and slid hi hand on his knee and up. He could feel the prince tense up and before he could say anything, the prince had his hand on his neck and pinned. He told Abram not to put his disgusting and worthless hands on him again. Abram looked up at him with confusion before it turned to anger. He tried to get the prince off of him, but the prince was way too strong. It seemed like an hour had passed before the carriage stopped. When the blond man open the door what he saw confused him. He told the prince that they didn't take him so he could be play with him.

The prince threw Abram out and scuffed, saying a piece of trash like him couldn't ever hope to be with a prince. Abram scrambled up and was going to swing at the prince when the blond swung. It took one hit for him to pass out. When he woke he was tied and bound to a chair, a cloth on his lap. He looked around and saw his old buds from the island were there with him. It took a moment to realize that they were there because of that stupid girl.

He looked up at the two and growled. Abram asked if this was about the stupid girl and wonder why she hadn't died back then. The blond swung, this time punching his throat. Abram coughed and jerked in his chair. The prince looked up at the blond like he wasn't supposed to do that. When Abram came too he laughed. He told them that the girl had it coming. She practically wanted it after Harrison was done with her. This time the prince swung and kept swinging till the blond pinned him against the wall and told him to calm down.

Abram just laughed as his face throbbed. He didn't care about the girl and surely didn't regret it. He had fun that night. He loved the look in her eyes when she realized what was happening. The way she screamed... then he screamed. He felt the searing pain as go up his leg. He looked down and saw from the top of the knee and down was gone. The two guys also screamed against their cloths. Before he fainted he screamed again as he got stabbed in his abdomen repeatedly. It seemed to hit all of the spots that wouldn't kill him if they were tended to correctly.

The last thing her heard were footsteps going away and the sounds of his old friends screaming.


This was the last one before going to get Vincent. They realized that this was going to be a little bit tougher to get him knocked out and in the carriage. They would be playing in his stomping grounds. It was late at night, they had stalked him for a few days and realized that he worked along. Marcus was the distraction. He went in and told the story of how they needed a blacksmith to do a certain job at the castle since theirs were gone for while. Virgil seem to buy into it and when they were busy talking Nasir put him in a headlock until he passed out. It wasn't an easy thing to do. Virgil flailed, threw all of his weight against Nasir, and almost got away from him. Plus it took a good while for him to pass out.

When all was said and done they headed back to the house. By this time Harrison was almost gone and Abram was somehow hanging on for dear life. They didn't do too much to James, but enough where he would be suffering for a long time. Now it was Virgil's turn. When he woke up he was tired to the chair. He looked around and saw his old group of friends. It clicked instantly what was going on. The girl didn't die in the cave that day and she told someone. They had finally found all of them.

Virgil went to clinch his teeth when he noticed his mouth was stuffed with a type of cloth. The prince and some blond guy were talking to each other a ways from him, but then the blond man turned around and got eye leveled with him. He told him that if he hadn't had kids or a family he would be dying today. That when they were done torturing him that he would be staying the jail at the castle.

Virgil tried to talk. The blond man slipped the cloth out of his mouth. He asked if they will be doing anything to his kids. The blond man scuffed and said he wasn't a monster like them. He shoved the cloth back in Virgil's mouth and began to do what they had done to all of the other men. Virgil screamed in pain and even passed out.


Nasir slit Harrison's and Abram's throats at the end of it all. He couldn't stand seeing them pussy foot around death. The other two were going to need doctors, but Marcus assured him that he was going to get ones that he trusted and that they were going to keep quiet about everything. It took almost all day to find a nice spot to bury the bodies. They each dug a hole deep enough to stack at least four bodies and covered them.

When they got back that took the other two to one of the bedrooms and let them actually sleep. The next morning they cleaned and packed everything up into the carriage before heading off. It had been a week to get everyone and do everything. Nasir hated that it took so long, but he did what needed to be done. Marcus gave him a single horse so that he could get back faster. Nasir thanked Marcus for everything he did for him and for his friend. He asked Nasir who exactly is his friend was. Nasir was reluctant at first, but Marcus had a right to know now. He told him it was Ofelia and that the thought of someone hurting her boiled his blood.

Marcus agreed and told him to get going. So that is what Nasir did. It took him half the time to get to get to his village than if he took a carriage. He had went straight to Ofelia's. He hopped off the horse and ran to her house. He banged on the door and almost broke it. There was no answer. He stopped and thought about where she might have been. She did have big dragons. He took off towards the field. He ran as fast as he could, he needed to know she was safe. Nasir prayed she was alright. If she got hurt because he was too stupid to get back in time... he would never forgive himself.

He had just gotten to the clearing. Nasir was running so fast that when he tried to stop he slid. He watched in horror as the dragons going at Vincent.


Marcus walked into the castle Romilly and Harper had just walked into the entrance themselves. Romilly ran up to him and gave him a big hug. She started crying and called him a selfish jerk for not letting any of them know how he was doing. He held her close and ran his hand through her hair. He told her he was sorry and that he just got caught up in the work and that he wasn't used to letting people know how he was. Then he turned to Harper and the both bowed to each other. Harper looked shocked that he would ever bow to her. Marcus apologized for not being there when she arrived. He told her that he hoped she will come to love to live here and that she was okay with everything.

Harper thanked him for being so kind and generous with her and Romilly. She said that she has loved being here so far and that his mom was an angel. He gave a small chuckle at the comment about his mother. He was glad that she was so accepting of having someone from Romilly's home being a personal maiden. Harper also mentioned that Erorn wasn't doing to well. That he has gotten depressed and even might be drinking. Marcus sighed and bowed, excusing himself and letting them go where ever they had planned on going before he walked in.

Marcus got to Erorn's room and knocked softly. "Erorn? I am home." He walked in and saw him sleeping on his bed. He grabbed the bottle and placed it on the nightstand before tucking him under the covers. Bending down Marcus kissed his forehead and whispered that he was deeply sorry.


Elwin had been up for a while. He was already dressed when they walked in. He walked over, bent down and played with Forrest before he stood up and kissed Atlas softly, "Would you mind walking with me to Roshia's? I promised Rowan I would watch her when he had to leave. Roshia is a mover.. she can't do the sitting thing. It would be nice if you came and helped me. I am one man... Roshia is like eight hundred men in one when she is cooped up." He pouted and gave Atlas puppy dog eyes. Forrest had stood up and clung to his father's pants leg, looking up and also giving him puppy dog eyes.