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Pandora Varys

Genetically engineered Chimera and Summoner

0 · 380 views · located in Durken

a character in “Vex-Chari-Noda : Shattered-World-Torn”, as played by RavynArcadia


Character Sheet Application Form


Name: Chimera Project #77
Code name: Pandora’s Box.
Calls herself Pandora Varys
Her tail is named Nagi.

Species: Chimera/Genetically engineered life form

Gender: Female body. Male tail

Age: Real age is unknown. Started counting after she woke up from suspended hibernation with no memories aside from her abilities and name. She started counting after she woke up and is 5 years old but fully adult mentally and physically.

Following: Person of Magic

Personality: Though she was an engineered creature, she is quite kind and slow to anger. She is fond of children and will go out of her way to make them happy or protect them. In battle, she will often have her tail incapacitate any enemies so she can escape without killing. Just because she doesn’t like killing doesn’t mean she isn’t capable. She has a large selection of beasts she can summon with her mirror and her tail is capable of delivering a large range of venom from knockout to instant death in liquid or gas form. She is immune to all of his attacks. Her tail is sapient and has a mind of it’s own but will listen to Pandora. The tail can also talk telepathically.

Character Overview: Pandora and her tail Nagi have no memory from before they woke up aside from their names, her summoning abilities, their own respective abilities, and those of her summoned beasts. Since her tail is a snake, it does have a habit of occasionally eating other food type creatures. Though Pandora makes sure they aren't sapient. This can provide nourishment for her as well but she doesn’t like eating this way.

Home World: None. The one she woke up on was filled with the ruins of a research facility. She doesn’t consider it her home in any way.

Important Persons of Interest: Pandora does not know if she is the only member of her race but since she has yet to meet any other, she believes she is the last. All previous either died instantly or lingered and eventually died. The researcher in charge of her project was known only as Doctor or The Doctor. Even in paperwork his true name is not written. Whether he survived whatever happened to the facility is unknown.

Preferred clothing preferences: For a long time she traveled without any clothes. Mostly because she didn’t see the point in them since none of her bits were overly visible when she moved. Lately she acquired a Solarian outfit and has been wearing that. No matter the clothing she wears, she has her summoning mirror around her neck. It is heavily enchanted and is virtually unbreakable.

Preferred method of combat: While she doesn’t have many offensive magical abilities, she is very proficient in elemental wards and stripping wards from people and places. Curses are also something she can break but not cast. She tries to avoid combat and will usually let her tail use his venom to knock out those attacking her. Failing that she will try to do what she can to incapacitate instead of killing. If she can’t do that she will break out one or both of her weapons and do everything she can to grant swift deaths.

Preferred occupation: Currently she doesn’t know what she wants to do so she wonders the worlds for anything that catches her interest.

Standard Equipment:
Standard Solarian outfit: Modified for her body and tail
Small backpack: Enchanted to be much bigger on the inside. This can hold her weapons as well as food and water for long journeys without any additional weight.
Sword: Small sword with a curved black blade and a green hilt with a snake design where the blade meets the hilt and the blue diamond attached to the base. Her snake tail can use this weapon while she uses the axe.
Axe: Two handed black bladed axe with holes cut out to reduce weight. The shaft is silver colored and a snake design near the axe blade and the base of the shaft. Both weapons are enchanted to prevent and heal damage.

Advanced Equipment:
Summoning mirror: Heavily enchanted to where it’s virtually indestructible. While her mirror can summon beasts to help defend her and attack her enemies, it can also create intangible illusions to assist in her escaping. Should her beastly allies be slain, they are drawn back in the mirror and can be summoned again after a few hours to a day.

Extras: Chimera Project Overview.
The goal of the Chimera Project was to create an army to take over the shattered worlds. Or as many as he could. The ideal creation would be heavily resistant to magical attacks and trained to use any possible projectile, bladed, or blunt weapons. The tails were added to handle large crowds and to easily incapacitate prisoners. The doctor and his allies collected genetic samples from many worlds to pick the best rates and incorporate them into their army. The Doctor that created Pandora is an ancient. He gained some of the knowledge to genetically engineer lifeforms and was able to find or experiment to gain the rest. With this knowledge came a large dose of megalomania.

Video and audio excerpts from surviving notes:
On screen was a human male with an apparent age between 40 and 50 years. He is in a scientific lab with various scientific materials around him. The lab looks exceptionally clean and pristine.
“The first of the chimera project products were utter failures. Some were too feral to be usable, some were so weak to magic a simple spell slew them. As we progressed it improved but results were still disappointing. We toned down the aggression in hopes of improving control over the subjects and increased magical resistance. We succeeded on the former but failed on the latter. Erin suggested adding magical abilities and teaching them every spell ward known and hopefully unknown. There was risk of them being unkillable and potentially dangerous should they turn on us. A kill-switch was added to prevent this. A small charge implanted in the neck of each subject that could be activated in case of rebellion.” The doctor sighed. “It was unfortunate that we had to use this on more than one occasion. Still we did not give up. On to subject 44…”
Video ends

“Ah, Current date is… Whatever. When the world shattered I stopped caring. We finally had a success with subject #77. Some of the researchers have begun calling her Pandora. A fitting name from the mythological figure of Pandora and her box. So I made her code name Pandora’s Box. The first of our army. Today we are letting her rest and will put her through tests tomorrow.”
End of video log

The screen displays the title Pandora’s Box Test Results.
“We couldn’t be more excited. She has passed every one of our tests with flying colors. With her wards up, elemental magic flows off of her like water. She can use any weapon ranging from guns and bows to blades and maces. She shows a preference to the axe and short sword. It was unexpected but we still have her train in all the others. Another trait she has presented was the ability to break curses. Even powerful ones she can break with some effort. The only downside is she has little offensive magical abilities. She can create some clean water to drink or start a small fire to keep warm but it ends there. In spite of all this we consider this a success.”
End of video log

Video starts with the doctor onscreen looking very excited.
“We don’t know how but it appears she has the ability to summon beasts. We had a group of prisoners given antivenin to her snake tail’s venom attack her when she was defenseless. A Two headed hellhound looking beast appeared and utterly destroyed the prisoners. Once done, they vanished into the mirror. More tests must be ran.”
End of video log

Video starts with the doctor holding an ornate mirror.
“Her memory of summoning beasts seems to be gone. I decided to give her this mirror crafted and enchanted by a group of creatures with feathered wings calling themselves dragons. It is virtually indestructible as per my requests and made with metal only they can create. We told her that if she focuses through this mirror she can summon beasts to assist and defend her in combat. She believes this so much that when we took it away she was unable to summon them even though it was a natural ability. We are using this as another way to help keep her abilities under my control. The amount of beasts she can summon are currently unknown. She could be limited to the hellhound or she could have a large selection she can summon from. Only time will tell.”
End of video log

Video starts. No title screen.
“Whatever caused the success with #77 we have not been able to replicate with her potential siblings. Nor could we replicate her summoning ability on the ones that survived long enough to test. We have met with over two dozen failures. Some researchers have debated cloning her and have begun work to do so. During our last training sessions Subject 77 has shown… some unexpected tendencies. She went up against some prisoners we secured while raiding a nearby world and instead of killing them as ordered, her tail exhaled a sleeping gas and knocked them all out. Once down she refused to kill. The decision was made to wipe her and the tail’s personal memories and leave only her training and knowledge of her abilities. Once completed she was put so sleep and placed in a tank until her clones were viable and usable. This will be my last video for a while and I hope my next one will have better news.”
End of log.

Final video log.
The video shows the same lab from the previous ones except heavily damaged.
“The cloning facility has been destroyed. What notes I haven’t managed to save have been destroyed as well. My dream of putting the worlds under my control have failed. I have angered too many worlds too quickly.” He sighed and rested his head in his hands. “I have had Subject 77 moved to a safer location and put in cryo sleep. Hopefully my enemies won’t locate her. They are sure to kill her if they do. My hope is that I can rebuild on another world and bring her there when it’s safe. If something does happen, she will automatically thaw out when the power source on her cryo tube fails. My line will continue and my knowledge of Subject 77 will be passed down. If I die before I can take over the known worlds, my progeny will continue my legacy.” The room shudders and a light falls onto the floor. “I’m not sure how long it will be but this won’t be the end of me I wi…”
The video goes to static and ends.

License to be Killed: No

Summons: Currently only one summon can be out at a time. If Phoenix is automatically summoned, her current one is drawn back into her mirror.

Linea and Ash: Two headed hellhound. Wields fire magic and (when summoned in it's two legged form) can create weapons out of fire. Both heads can talk. One male one female. Can talk to Pandora telepathically.
Frost Wyvern: Ice breath and manipulation. Can be used for flying transportation.
Two Ravens Huginn/Muninn: Usually appears in feral raven form and used to scout areas and report back. She can use her mirror to see through their eyes if desired. Can appear as anthro form but very rare.
Winged Kitsune: Illusion magic, teeth, and claws.
Phoenix: One attack per summon. Devastating fire attack that burns away the souls of enemies and heals allies as long as they are not dead. The attack can damage the surrounding area. Once the attack is completed Phoenix vanishes back into her mirror. Phoenix is summoned automatically when Pandora is severely wounded.
Quicksilver Dragon: Used to access locked doors thanks to his liquid like form. Can replicate almost any key to any lock. He can also use his form to cage enemies or create a wall around Pandora to protect her from projectiles and other attacks.
Ink Wolf: Summoned wolf can appear as a white wolf with black eyes that that cry liquid darkness, black tipped ears, and a black tail with dark strands. It can also appear as a black wolf with glowing white eyes. Ink wolf can summon darkness even on the brightest of days. Area of effect can vary. The darkness effects everyone and everything except those immune to those types of effects, Inkwolf, and Pandora.

So begins...

Pandora Varys's Story