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Vices and Virtues

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

partially inspired by the hatfields and mccoys, as well as boardwalk empire



September 5th, 1850, New Cross Island, Georgia --Two civilians are killed in a drunken fight between Edgar Spatten and Joseph Ralter. One of those civilians is Marie Yolter- the fiancee of Mr. Ralter's younger brother. This launches them into a feud that would last for two and the seven decades on New Cross Island. Both heatedly encourage the other to leave the island. Both decline the suggestion.

January of 1870, New Cross Island, Georgia --Kenneth Ralter, eldest son of the late Joseph Ralter, is sentenced to prison for arson on the house of Meredith and Louis Spatten. He would not make it to the jail, murdered in the night by a jail guard from the branch family of the Spatten's. He was sentenced to the chair.

October of 1885, New Cross Island, Georgia --The Ralter family constructs a boardwalk, making New Cross Island a hot spot for tourism.

December of 1885, New Cross Island, Georgia -- The Spattern family stretches it influence by purchasing much of the commercial district of New Cross Island, located adjacent to the popular boardwalk.

-A period of Silence-

June of 1915, New Cross Island, Georgia --Theodore Spattern, great-grandson of Edgar Spattern, runs away with Joanna Ralter, great-granddaughter of Joseph Ralter.

July of 1916, New Cross Island, Georgia --Theodore and Joanna are found dead in Ocean City, New Jersey. A brawl erupts between Anthony Ralter and Cameron Spattern, resulting in the death of both.

December of 1917, New Cross Island, Georgia --Spattern and Ralter family agree to cease fighting.

July of 1919, New Cross Island, Georgia --Ruth Ralter, age five, is found dead in the forest by a creek. Fights erupt between Spattern and Ralter family. Murderer is never confirmed.

January 1st, 1920 --Prohibition era officially begins.

November of 1920, New Cross Island, Georgia --Jon Ralter, younger brother of Joanna Ralter, is taken in to New Cross jail to be tried for dealing with alcohol. He is found not guilty one week later, by a judge from a branch family.

September of 1921, New Cross Island, Georgia --Gerard Spattern, elder brother of Theodore Spattern, is named sheriff of New Cross Island, Georgia.

June of 1922, New Cross Island, Georgia --Louisa Ralter is found raped and dead in the alleyways between Spattern and Ralter territory.


The Spattern and Ralter family are infamous on the prosperous island of New Cross, known both for their great contributions to its growth and for their crimes, all beginning with a drunken brawl in 1850. Anything more than hatred between the two families is unheard of, and their names alone are sure to bring up the mentioning of various new stories. While both are loved and hated by the regular residents of the town, it is the Spattern family who are considered to be the law of the city, as well as the owners of many of the shops that can be found across from the boardwalk. Meanwhile, the Ralter family is known for their ownership of the entertainment aspect of the city, for spontaneous events and generous donations to the schools and churches of the area.

The current year is 1922, two years into the Prohibition Era and under the newly inducted president Warren G. Harding. The most recent major feud between the Spattern and Ralter family is based around the raping and murder of Louisa Ralter, the eldest daughter of Anthony Ralter and the cousin of Jon Ralter. Naturally, the Ralter family blames the Spatterns, while the latter claim complete innocence. There is a long history of violence, deceit, taboo relationships and general tension between the families, and the spilling point has been reached. Backed by the Ralter's family's alcohol trading business and the Spattern family's political corruption, this is the fight which residents of New Cross Island have been dreading for years, ever since Theodore and Joanna were discovered dead in New Jersey.

Only time will tell the outcome between the two families, especially as the elder generations have all died, with the exception of the matriarch of the Ralter family and the second son of the Spattern family's previous generation.


The Spattern family has great power over politics in the South-Eastern portion of the US, and the eldest son, Gerard Spattern, is currently the town sheriff, and pulls the strings behind the current mayor, a branch family member. Their primary branch family is the Evans, who serve mostly to assist them. The Spatterns control the commercial district of New Cross, including most of the shops and grocery stores that are separate from the Boardwalk. They have a monopoly over groceries, and therefore may raise prices as they wish, safe in the lack of competition. They are viewed as the more lawful of the two (think of them as 'Lawful Evil'), and therefore are looked on with a better view by the older generation of the Island. They put more effort into appearances, preferring to deal corruption in a more subtle way.

Gerard Spattern || 26 || Sheriff || Eldest Son || Kit Harington || Open

[Female Name] Spattern || 22 || [Insert Job, if any] || Eldest Daughter (Everyone knows, no one says illegitimate child || Cara Delevingne || RESERVED for Horseygirl

Joseph Spattern || 19 || Studying Law || Third Son ||Steven McQueen || TAKEN by Geekly

[Female name] Evans || 24 || [Insert Job, if any] || Only Daughter || Ashley Greene || RESERVED for BandGeek

[Male name] Evans || 18 || [Insert Job, if any] || Only Son || Logan Lerman || RESERVED for Horseygirl


The Ralters built the Boardwalk which began the island's flourishing under the sudden burst of tourism. They are known for rubbing elbows with high society, including millionaires, actors, and singers. The current head of the family is the eldest son and second child, though the most revered member is Cynthia Ralter, the eldest living member. While they are not as beloved by the elder generation as the Spatterns, it is the younger generation who idolize the family, known for their fantastic spending and parties. They are currently attempting to wrestle political power away from the Spatterns so that they may completely dominate the island. Their primary branch family is the Bennets, who are their equivalent to the Evans family. They vary from the Chaotic to Neutral Evil. Although they put less effort into appearing proper than the Spattern family, the Ralters have always loved to play the benefactor. They are devout Catholics.

[Female name] Ralters || 25 || [Insert Job, if any] || Only Daughter || Skyler Samuels || RESERVED for Horseygirl

[Male Name] Ralters || 23 || [Insert Job, if any] || Only Son, Patriarch of Family || Chris Zylka ||Open

[Male Name] Bennet || 23 || [Insert Job, if any || Only Son || Eddie Redmayne ||Open

Margaret Bennet || 20 || Singer and Entertainer || Eldest Daughter || Nicole Kidman || Taken By OurStars

[Female Name] Bennet || 17 || [Insert Job, if any] || Second Daughter || Sophie Turner || Open

Other influential or relevant members of town. They can be customized, including alliance.

[Name] || Female || 24 || Young Actress || Adriana Lima || Open

Robert Callowell || Male || 19 || Ralters Spy Planted in Spatterns House || Andrew Garfield || Taken By OurStars

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[center]Image or Gif of Character
[b]N a m e ?[/b]
[b]G e n d e r ?[/b]
[b]A g e ?[/b]
[b]O r i e n t a t i o n ?[/b]
[b]R o l e ?[/b]
[b]O c c u p a t i o n ?[/b] If Applicable

Image or Gif of Character
[b]L i k e s ?[/b]
[b]D i s l i k e s ?[/b]
[b]F e a r s / W e a k n e s s e s ?[/b]
[b]S t r e n g t h s / S k i l l s ?[/b]
[b]P e r s o n a l i t y ?[/b]

Image or Gif Of Character
[b] C l o t h i n g  S t y l e ?[/b]
[b] A p p e a r a n c e  D e s c r i p t i o n ?[/b]

Image or Gif of Character
[b]H i s t o r y ?[/b]
[b]O t h e r ?[/b][/center]

Toggle Rules

1. You May Have Up To Three Characters
2. Characters Cannot Be All One Gender
3. Reservations Last 48 Hours
4. As Long As Someone From Each Family Is Taken, Other Spots May Be NPCs
5. Common Courtesy Applies
6. Keep Everything PG-13

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Character Portrait: Robert Callowell
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Character Portrait: Margaret Bennet
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Character Portrait: Robert Callowell
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Character Portrait: Margaret Bennet
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Of course, and accepted as well.

Re: Vices and Virtues

Can I reserve the third Spattern son?

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Can I reserve the second daughter of the Ralters?

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Yay! I finally finished her! Hope you like her. I tried to find gifs where she looked kinda old-fashioned.

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May I be the young actress?

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Both Accepted (Including the Face Claim Switch :-) )

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I'd like to claim the female Evan's person.(don't know how else to say that)..but I'm not sure if she is open.

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I'll also take the only child (male) from the Evans, then.

As for the face claim, I was hoping to change the eldest daughter from the Spatterns to clara delevingne, if thats alright with you?

Re: Vices and Virtues

What Face Claim did you have in mind?

However, you may only take either one of those characters, one and a male character, or both and a male character. ^_^

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Can I reserve the eldest daughter from the Spatterns and only daughter from the Ratlers?

Also, can I change one face claim?

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