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Christi Madone

Numer Uno

0 · 137 views · located in Limbo

a character in “Victims' Limbo”, as played by MistressDarkstar



Christi is a mix between the two above images. She has dark hair but bright eyes; the facial features are similar to those in the images. Christi is relatively tall and is about 130 pounds in weight, which is mostly muscle, as she will point out. Other than the basics, she has bony hands that are roughed up like she did a lot of handy-work. This is proven quite the opposite to her friends, who know her full history (to be discussed later). She has several scars on her legs, which also have their own stories.

Nickname: Chris, Chrissy
Age: 16-17 (TBD)
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age at Death: 17


Christi is not very upity but she isn't selfless either. She is within the minority clique at her school, but she has a lot of friends. Christi tends to be a little selfish and boastful but she never has anyone tell her otherwise. She is very athletic and likes to brag about her toned muscles, and particularly shows off her legs by wearing shorts. Although, Christi is pretty girly, she does like to be odd and wear the more boyish clothing. She wears baggy shorts with lots of pockets (not quite cargo, though) and wears form fitting t-shirts that are semi-girly. Sometimes she'll wear her hair down, but it is mostly up in a low ponytail. She also wears two bracelets (of no particular meaning) and five rings (3 on one hand, 2 on the other. One is a Purity Ring as she is Baptist in religion, even though it doesn't show too often). Her shoes are none other than Converse, usually ankle high.

Christi is very nice outwardly, but inside she criticizes a lot of things in nature. She is also quiet in classes, but loud with her friends. She is well known throughout the school, but she is not too popular in that, people may know her, but they don't pay attention to her. Despite this, she has an oustanding reputation for being sweet, smart, and quiet in public (except when she's surrounded with her friends which is almost all of the time). Christi is not hyper or wild, but she likes to rebel. She also plays Soccer, bowls, and skateboards. Her physical appearance, therefore, is sort of misleading as well as her first-impression-personality.

Side-note: Due to her history, she sometimes has small outbursts that are attributed to the trauma of her brother's death.

(Reputation is stated above)


When Christi had just turned 17, her brother got in a terrible accident with her in the front passenger seat of the car. He flipped it a few times and died upon impact. Christi was knocked unconscious and woke up momentarily before entering the ambulance with multiple gashes on her face, legs, and hands. Her right arm was broken. She also sustained a few broken fingers along with glass being embedded in arms, chest, and legs. Out of everything, her legs were hurt the most since she was in shorts and now she was multiple, large scars running down the whole of her legs. A broken ankle and dislocated knee also ensued from this wreck along with several minorly shattered bones, leaving her in the hospital for only a few days, mainly to sanitize the glass-embed sights as well as the deeper of the gashes. Christi also had to spend multiple weeks visiting the Psychoanalysis center of the hospital to receive therapy over her brother's death.

How she died: Christi was murdered one day unexpectedly. She only remembers being hit by a car just enough to break her already sensitive legs (due to the wreck). She lay there in agony as the 'murderer' got out of their car. They then dragged her into the car where she passed out. When she awoke, she was on top of a steep hill that could resemble a small cliff with a drop big enough to seriously injure you, if not kill you. The murderer drug her screaming self to the side and threw her off where she fell to her death. There is more to the story, but it has yet to be discovered. Now, Christi suffers severe mental, trauma-related outbursts that are several steps up from her outbursts previously.

Injuries sustained: Shattered shin-bones, blood running down her legs and random blood spatter on her clothing. As a 'ghost' she can still stand just fine, but the bones are shattered completely. Her hands are skinned up pretty severely as well, and her face has multiple cuts and gashes in it. As for the latter part of her death, she sustained a broken arm and a half way shattered skull, which created a fragmented hole covered by her hair, which, at certain spots, is caked in blood. Christi's eyes are wider than normal, though not wide enough to truly freak people out.

So begins...

Christi Madone's Story