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Astrid Butler

0 · 187 views · located in New York

a character in “Victims of the Bond”, originally authored by Mei, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Astrid Rose Butler

Age: 20

God: Apollo

Mind Control

Weaknesses: Can't say no to people, Failure, Emotional at times, Disappoints so much when something goes wrong, Shy to express herself to groups

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Astrid is about 5 ft 6 in. She has long brown hair that is naturally wavy and blue eyes. She is a slim girl, she is about 121 pounds. She dresses normal clothes.

Help People

False People,
Annoying People,

Hurt someone that she likes,
Once again Failure,
Lose someone important to her

She is a girl who has lost a lot during her life but still she remains positive. She doesn’t trust in people, not anymore but she is someone who always can count on. Loyal, friendly, caring with her friends and family, of course.
Astrid always is going to protect her loved ones, she will not let anything happen to them. She is also: rebellious, determined, and a true warrior, never surrender. Depicted as brave, fearless, selfless, extremely resourceful and highly intelligent,
Astrid has strong and independent survivalist instincts due to her difficult past and is good at thinking outside the box. She is not socially adept and has a hard time making friends due to the emotional strain on her life which has made her hard and cold. She is more concerned about feeding her family than being social, making her awkward around people. Though Astrid can be rather blunt, bitingly cynical and cold she has a very vulnerable side which she only shows around her family, and she has a natural maternal instinct. She is usually very logical except for times when her emotions get in the way.

Her mum met her step-dad when she was five. After he came into their lives, things changed. At times he could be ok, take them out as a family and stuff, but at other times he'd get into these nasty moods.
When he was in a mood and going at mum, she used to get between them, even though they both would yell at her to go to her room. Sometimes she got hit by him if she got in the way... but she hated to see mum get hurt.
One night she got home late and her little step-brother was crying, and her step-dad was screaming at her mum, she had a cut on her arm. He was really aggro and she saw him throw an ash-tray at her head. Mum said for her to take her brother and go next door, she looked so scared.
Even though things quietened down for a while, her step-dad didn't change his ways much. He used to hurt their cat, kick it or throw it around if he was mad. He used to pick on her step-brother too, saying he's turning into a wimp and stuff. She could never relax at home, she would have liked to stay out but she didn't want to leave her little brother there on his own. Eventually things with him went a bit quieter. Mum found another place to live and they moved there. Recently he took mum to the Family Court because he wanted to see her step-brother. So now about once a month her step-brother has to go to an auntie's place to see him, but she don't. After a long year she finds a god called Apollo who started to help her.



So begins...

Astrid Butler's Story


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Lennon Price

Lennon followed the other Chosen into the dining room. She walked through the double doors and saw a table for twelve covered in food with a basket of ribbons at the center. She sat down, leaving a chair between her and the cat-looking guy. ”Fancy,” she said, looking around the room.

The barista showed up with her coffee. ”Do you want you pie now, or with dessert?” he asked.

”Ummm....” she said, thinking. But before she could answer, her vision became blurry and the room started to spin. She knew what this meant.

The dining room around her was replaced with the outside of the coffee shop. It was dark outside, as dark as it could be in New York City, and the smell of smog and different kinds of food filled her nose. The gentle breeze of the nighttime air made her shiver. The barista came out of the shop in uniform but wearing a sweater. He checked his watch, then stood on the sidewalk, watching the traffic. He looked left, then right and saw an opening. His eyes on a white car to the right of him, he started crossing the street. When he got about halfway across, a bus to the left of him hit him at full speed.

”Miss?” she heard someone saying, which jerked her out of her vision. She looked up at the barista who was still waiting for an answer.

”Ummm, you know? Cancel the pie, I'll just stick with the coffee.” The barista walked away and she looked down at the steak on her plate and felt a little queasy. She looked over at the cat-guy and saw him digging into his steak with gusto. She picked up her plate and scooted over to the chair beside him.

”Hey, you want mine? I've suddenly lost my appetite.” She saw him glance over at Kat at a few times, who was listening to the obnoxious blonde guy, and she rolled her eyes. She leaned in closer and whispered to him, ”Oh my Hades, you couldn't be more obvious if you clubbed her over the head and dragged her back to your cave. You know, Bonding ceremony or no, you should tell her how you feel. Life's too short.” She thought back to her vision. ”I mean, you could get hit by a bus or something. And anyways, you'd probably be a much better boyfriend than that,” she said, pointing to the blonde guy.

Still talking to the cat-guy, but saying it loud enough for the blonde guy to hear, she said, ”I haven't been so disgusted by someone eating since my cousin discovered pot brownies.” She looked at the blonde guy after she said this, leaving little room to doubt who she was talking about.