Erin Pendergast

"As far as I'm concerned Percy is the only one for me."

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a character in “Victims of the Bond”, as played by slimmyjimjim



|| Name ||
Erin Brigid Pendergast

|| Nickname ||
Hot Head | Bridge | Gast

|| Age ||

|| God ||

|| Powers ||
Fire and lava resistance, manipulation, absorption and creation

|| Weaknesses ||
Any form of water, alcohol, and her own anger.

|| Sexuality ||


|| Appearance ||
Erin has long dark hair with even darker eyes though both of these change when she is provoked, when angry or upset her hair and eyes become as red as fire. She is very short in stature standing at only five foot three inches, but makes up for it with her slim figure only weighing one hundred and nine pounds. Most of the time she is seen wearing her school uniform a dark green long sleeved shirt with buttons running down two rows in the front with a matching dark green, short skirt and thigh high black stockings. Erin has burn scars on the back of her left shoulder which she got when she was young, she is very self conscious about it and will try and hide it from people at all costs.
|| Likes ||
  • warmth
  • stories
  • winning
  • pastries

  • music
|| Dislikes ||
  • losing
  • raining
  • soups
  • idiots

  • cats

|| Fears ||
  • losing control
  • losing her powers
  • being tied down


|| Personality ||

blunt | detached | cold | deceptive | monotone

Erin is a very closed off person speaking straight forward to people if acknowledging them at all, she i deathly afraid of being tied down figuratively as well as literally having had multiple nightmares about dissections. She hates asking for help always pushing herself to do things on her own even if she struggles with it immensely, she doesn't much like other people either seeing them as inferior not because of their lack of wealth or social standing like her mother believes but because of the lack of intelligence they all seem to have.

Being very well read she prides herself in knowing a lot of information and being very learned, however she doesn't just learn about facts when she reads her books but instead her favorite types of books are the ones with stories in them ones about far away lands and fictional characters. She only wishes that some day she will be able to go to those far away lands in the hopes of getting away from her mess of a life.

Mind you Erin can have her soft side show from time to time like with her stories or with her dog but the only time she is truly as easy is when she is playing the piano having spent most of her time in doors she has had plenty of time to practice and has never stopped loving it playing until her hands cramp up. She really loves classical and some jazz music and will lose herself in the music when given the chance, there isn't much that she does care about but music is one of her biggest it's where she feels like she can escape.


|| History ||

Erin was a very privileged child growing up as the only child of a very wealthy business man in a luxurious home with her neglectful mother and dozens of servants. it wasn't until she was five when she was locked in the family car and it suddenly combusted setting the inside of the car on fire little Erin trapped inside. This was then the god Hephaestus appeared to her as she was burning alive offering her to power to save herself if only at a price, she immediately agreed and was given the ability to manipulate fire. After that she made it out of the car with few burn marks her parents were mortified sealing her off from the outside world and confining her to her room and giving her a dog as company, Erin spent most of her life suppressing her powers and being ashamed of them.

She has only just recently begun to make her way out of the house from time to time feeling as though she is in enough control over her power to go out in public. She doesn't much talk to people usually going to cafes or reading at the library finding that talking to people leads to unintelligent conversations with even more unintelligent people. The only thing she feels close to is her dog Percy having grown up with him and them taking care of each other he is the biggest thing that she looks forward to in her day. Just a week ago Erin's parents have decided that they need to marry their daughter off least she be a burden to them for good so they engaged her to a business owners son who will one day take over the man company. He comes from a very wealthy family as well and are very excited about the engagement. On the other hand Erin is none too excited refusing to be held back by either an arranged marriage or a sacred bond.

|| Family ||

Father | Patrick Jim Pendergast | 45 | CEO | gruff, traditional, lenient

Mother Maggie Tarin Pendergast | 43 | trophy wife | tactical, cold, strict

Dog | Percy Pendergast | 12 | family dog | calm, loving, cuddly


So begins...

Erin Pendergast's Story