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Juno Guzman

"I'm not one to shy away from making the tough decisions."

0 · 194 views · located in New York

a character in “Victims of the Bond”, as played by Augustinsect


You never give me your money-- the Beatles
"I never give you my money. I never give you my invitation."

Juno "June" Guzman



Eye Color:
A steel grey color

Hair Color/Length:
A wavy, mid-length, natural brown. Shines gold in the light.

5' 5"


Nationality: Mexican

Job: Works part-time at a local fast-food diner while studying business at NYU.

"And in the middle of the celebration, I break down."

Personality: There is no room in Juno's life for hesitation. She's dominant, assertive, and stubborn to no end. She is quick to speak her mind, even if no one's asking, and isn't afraid to trample on others' feelings along the way. That's not to say she's cruel. It's just that Juno doesn't have time for your bullshit. She likes to get straight to the point and fast. Juno is impatient, and often gets frustrated with both herself and others at the slightest mishap. She also has a problem with jealousy. She often ends up disliking people who have it better than her-- whether or not they deserve it or not. She doesn't take people's pity or charity very well at all. But she won't lash out. No, she's too good for that. Juno expresses her fury in cold, calculating glares and knows how to hit where it hurts.

Don't worry, Juno has a good side too. A hard-worker to a fault, Juno gets things done and she gets them done well. She treats friends with an intense and aggressive loyalty, and will stand with them till the end. On her days off (which are few and far between), she is actually quite playful and kind. Unfortunately, given her current circumstances, Juno is often seen frazzled and moving and busy, and so often does not have the time to flash more than a brief smile in her friends' directions.

Special Skills/Abilities/Powers:
Aura of Duty-- Juno has the will to carry on when everything seems lost. There is a burning flame of hope in Juno that cannot be extinguished

Time Manipulation-- In brief periods of no more that fifteen minutes, Juno can freeze time. It drains her quite a bit, but Juno relishes the short moments of tranquility they provide

Telekinesis-- self-explanatory
Ice Cream
Swing sets
Books about Great People

People who talk sloowwwlly
Small talk


"See no future, pay no rent."

Typical Attire:
Layers. Always layers. Juno gets cold quickly, and is often seen wearing beanies and fingerless gloves indoors

With 7 young children in the house, Juno's god forsaken mother decides to pick up and leave, leaving Juno's bum father to take care of the family. Seeing the mess that he would make of the family, Juno decided to take on the responsibility of mother herself. By age 10, Juno was caring for her seven siblings practically on her own. But it was exhausting. Juno was becoming more run down, haggard, and anxious. With the youngest of the kids diagnosed as autistic, and no steady income from the father, keeping away child services was more and more difficult. One night, Juno broke down. She couldn't keep her family together, no matter how hard she tried. That's when Hera came down and gave Juno her choice. Crying thank you, Juno agreed without a second thought. It was only later, when the emotions simmered down again, that Juno really considered what she'd done. With the bond and the powers, Juno is still even now warily awaiting the price that must be paid for these gifts.

Juno is currently studying business at NYU and working part-time at the local fast-food joint.

"All the money's gone, nowhere to go."

So begins...

Juno Guzman's Story


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#, as written by Belynta
Meredith Mackenzie

Meredith had to stop herself from staring at just how much Ares's chosen had piled on his plate, she had a healthy appetite but doubted she would manage half of what he had in front of him. She had some idea of how he had gotten to be so big and how he stayed that way. Not that she was complaining, he had very nice biceps, but it also occurred to her that if he really wanted to he could flatten her without much effort. Yet surprisingly given his size and intimidating appearance she found herself feeling oddly safe around him probably because she knew he could take on anything that happened to be threatening her. She already liked the way he looked but when he pulled a chair out for her he rose in her estimation. A guy with manners was not easy to find nowadays.

She piled a her plate with food and although small compared to the giants next to her it was large in comparison with what most people Meredith knew ate. But then she had always needed to eat a lot, a downside of her 'gifts' from Apollo, she had long ago stopped worrying whether others thought she was greedy or piggish and so she simply focussed on enjoying the food. She had to admit it was good, whoever had organised this had spared no expense and Meredith couldn't remember the last time she had eaten so well. In between bites she watched as Jaime took out a hip flask and poured out a few drops on the floor before taking a sip, he then placed it on the table and invited her to have some.

Meredith drank quite often, as with her higher metabolism she could drink more often and in larger quantities than most people as her body quickly burned up the alcohol. Due to this she had gotten used to having either a glass of wine with her dinner or a bottle of fruit cider. She didn't often drink vodka but she knew the good stuff when she heard it. She lifted the hip flask and took a sip appreciating the pure flavour and burn as it slid down her throat.

"That's good." She said appreciatively before taking another sip.

She observed the others as she ate and saw a few were talking with each other and some were not. She noticed the goth looking girl looking particularly pissed off, the blonde guy had started talking to her and clearly he wasn't welcome. She didn't blame the girl and smiled at her sympathetically before turning back to Jaime.

"So what do you reckon they'll get us all doing? I mean, are we gonna have to hold hands and have them tied together or something? God I hope not, being bonded sounds bad enough but actually being tied together?" She shuddered in disgust at the idea. Then she grinned. "Though depending who you're tied with it could be fun." She said wickedly.