Chiyo Takeda

Because of You, I became a better version of myself.

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by SofiUnnie


Name: Chiyo Takeda
Nicknames | Aliases: Chichi; Uncle Chiyo
Base Name: Uruha (the gazettE)
Age Real | Age Appearance: TBA | 27
Species: Immortal Being
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 168 cm

Distinguishing Features:
He often has lighter or blonde hair. Many accessories that he likes to wear with him. Serious or stoic face in most of cases.

Occupation: Restaurant/bar owner, that is quite famous and popular; Informator for VPV; Husband to Raiden

He used to have very low confidence and was a problematic young man, but after the years being with the love of his life, Raiden, he has changed quite a lot. He is now more confident, stronger in personality and mind, and knows how to hold his ground. He still, however, has moments when he feels like he is still not enough or not good enough, but Raiden is generally quick to smother these thoughts and emotions.

Chiyo is passionate about his work and love-life and VPV whom he considers as family; he is kind to those that have earned it in his eyes and heart.

Abilities | Powers:
x He can have Kitsune' ears and one tail, if he wants to.
x His eyes change into yellow, kitsune eyes when he uses mild fire-electricity magic.
x Has the power to charm out information he needs, and the person won't even realize it in most cases.

x Cuddling with Raiden.
x Playing his guitar and listening to rock music.
x Seeing familiar faces around his bar.
x Beer and whiskey.

x When Raiden is away for too long.
x Raiden seeing him down and miserable.
x His kindness being advantage of.

x Heals faster.
x Doesn't age.
x Doesn't need human food to survive.

x Raiden being all sexy,
x His close friends and little brother.
x Occasional depression.

Born to a poor husband and wife as the oldest son, he was not a wanted child nor welcomed, thus he was born into constant abuse and belittleing from early age on. He tried to be a good child at first, balance going to school and having part-time jobs to buy food for himself, although it was often take away by school bullies or by his parents to buy booze.

After his younger brother was born, the abuse was lifted on Daichi, and Chiyo became his protector, trying to save the kid as much as possible, until he was sold to slavery by his parents. Daichi believed and still believes that Chiyo left on his own.

In slavery, he met a strange man called Raiden, who tried to help him out of his miserable and depressive state of mind, and their friendship started on a rocky path - Chiyo constantly running away from Raiden and Raiden never giving up on him, until the friendship turned into so much more and Chiyo admitted that he was in love with Raiden, who turned out to be a Kitsune.

Managing to get away from slavery, Raiden took Chiyo to the God of Kitsunes, Inari-sama; who granted immortality for Chiyo so the two could be together forever. This gift granted the boy some powers he thought he could never have and enhanced some of his own, that he never knew he had.

Moving back to Tokyo, they became part of the Organization and Chiyo quickly found that he has found the family he never had. While Raiden is away on his missions, Chiyo is mainly working or taken care by Kochou as the mother-figure he never had.

Gender: Male
Orientation | Relationship Status: Homosexual | Married to Raiden Takeda

Raiden Takeda | Husband | Alive
TBD Takeda | Planned Child
Daichi Yamazaki | Little Brother | Alive

Close Friends:
Takeo Kimura | Boss' Son | Alive
Jae Hwa Heung | Friend | Alive

Possible Enemies:
x Council
x Slave Market
x VPV enemies

So begins...

Chiyo Takeda's Story