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Daichi Yamazaki

I make the rules.

0 · 144 views · located in Chiyo' Restaurant

a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by SofiUnnie


Name: Daichi Yamazaki
Nicknames | Aliases: ChiChi; Chico; Dai-chan; Strawhat
Base Name: Neru of glamhaze
Age Real | Age Appearance: 23 | 20
Species: Fire Demon
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 163 cm

Distinguishing Features:
His eye color changes and varies due to his demonic self; has often longer-type of hair. Daichi likes to dress casually in most parts and is often seen wearing a strawhat, small katana and a strange staff gifted to him by Inari-sama. His hair-color also varies, but it is mostly in darker tone.

Occupation: Gardener and healer; protector of the innocent

He used to be a very bitter boy, with a lot of gentleness and kindness in his heart towards other creatures. He never tolerated any other human, but now he has found the passion to help human and supernatural alike out in situations that are usually against them. Doesn't let anyone close and prefers his secretive, hermit life to anything having kind of like peaceful side to himself. Very guarded, when it comes to his personal space and may lash out on certain situations that get on his nerves.

When he becomes comfortable around someone, he is bubbly and a bit shy, strange and flirty. He understand the clockwork of his mind and emotions perfectly well, although at times he pretends to be more stupid than he really is. If he becomes to like someone enough, Daichi may start teasing them or playing innocent pranks on them - he doesn't generally realize it himself.

Abilities | Powers:
x Able to bind spirits and smaller-type of creatures to himself.
x The element of fox-fire is under his control.
x Enhanced senses and stamina.
x Night vision.
x Language of plants and foxes.
x Martial arts.

x Inari-sama.
x Hacking,
x Causing a bit of innocent trouble.

x Fighting if it is not necessary.
x Slavemarket.
x The Council.
x Having no true family around.

x Protected by Inari-sama.
x Agile and swift on his feet.
x Has stopped aging.
x Predator instincts.
x Can not be detected by canines.

x Stubborn.
x Easily irritable when injustice is around.
x Water freaks him out.
x Not having meditated for long can put him off of being calm.
x Being extremely drunk may reveal his kitsune-eyes and fangs.

Daichi was born four years after Chiyo, as the youngest member of his family. First years of his life seemed to be normal, until it all turned into hell. Chiyo protected him from all the abuse and he was dependant of the older sibling, until Chiyo suddenly disappeared. It left Daichi into the hands of the cruel parents, who kept drinking and taking their anger on him for fun. He was only fifteen, but two years later he had the same destiny as Chiyo - being sold to the slavery.

Daichi still doesn't know to this day that Chiyo was sold away, and partially believed that his older brother whom he looked up to didn't bail on him. But when there was an upbringing of the slaves, he fleed along with them. Finding an innocent little fox child, he took her with him and hid her away. The runaways managed to be hide for the time being, but when caught again, they wanted to kill Mina, but Daichi stopped them. Being stubborn young boy, he opposed them and ended up getting killed.

With the strong will to live, hiding deep within him, he rose as a demon and was adopted by Inari-sama, the deity of Kitsunes. Thus, he was gifted some of the Kitsune powers, becoming a fire demon on his own.

He has been living in the ruins for some time now, helping around citizens that live there as well, and nearly ever goes into the city. He is known as Strawhat due to him wearing such clothes and never shows his face to anyone. Kochou knows about him, but she has never seeked Daichi out and is just grateful for having him in case member of a VPV isn't around.

Gender: Male
Orientation | Relationship Status: No preferences | Single, but not looking

Mother | Deceased
Father | Deceased
Chiyo Takeda | Older Brother | Alive
Raiden Takeda | Brother-In-Law | Alive

Chico aka Taki | White, Fat Cat | Bakeneko
Mina | The Baby Fox Spirit he saved and died for
Many fairies and pixies that live in his garden

Possible Enemies:
the Council
Slave market
Anyone evil, really

So begins...

Daichi Yamazaki's Story