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Kochou Kimura

Looking for the Death? You are looking at her.

0 · 233 views · located in New Tokyo

a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by SofiUnnie


Kochou Eleanor Kimura

NAME: Kochou Kimura; Also known as Eleanor Kimura
ALIAS/NICKNAMES: The Original Moth; Black Death; Chou; Black Butterfly; The Mother; Black Bitch and many more
BASE NAME: Kuroki Meisa
AGE: Looks about late twenties. + Timeless
SPECIES: the Death itself, but tells people that she is a Demonic being
HEIGHT: 178 cm
OCCUPATION: CEO of the Organization - VPV


It is noticable of how beautiful this woman is, as she stands tall, confident and proud of what and whom she is. Although it has been a long time since she has swapped her bodies and finally took the form that she had almost forgotten - one of her first female bodies ever, that was safely tucked away, even from the closest people in her ring.

She has long, dark brown or black hair; perfect shape of a body and rather young looks to herself, which she can easily manipulate if she wishes to. There is a black moth tattoos - two of them - on her left hipline. First it had one, but after falling in love with Takeshi, she added another one.

Chou can be straight-into-your-face-type of a person, while she can be a person who hides her true means and plays games that have ending that only she knows of it. One won't fail to notice that she is quite a confident and strong woman, knows exactly what she needs to do and where she needs to be; doesn't hesitate to speak up or be harsh and show discipline, or even go to the extent of extreme horror and violence. Often, she doesn't need to say a word to their subordinates, they just need a certain look coming from her, and they already know what must be done.

Many of those that have learned her personality, or just seen the cruel and cool side of Chou, they often get surprised by the fact of how motherly, loving, kind and tender she is capable of being - specially if it comes to her husband, Takeshi; or their adoptive children Hikari and Ichiro; or one of their workers - Hiromasa. Although she knows that most of them can take care of the issues by themselves, there is always a certain part in her that guards over them wherever they are. Although sometimes, or often, Kochou likes them to go through sufferings and pain only to make them stronger, and although it pains her to oversee those happenings of life, she won't interfere unless it is something that as a Death she has to interfere.

Doesn't like and won't openly say what she truly is, and lefts off impression that she is a mere subordinate or just a demonic being on powerful and high wave.

+ Able to create the illusion of black butterflies and moths, that can fall into black feathers or just dissolve into the air.
+ The control over matter and essence of death and its shadows.
+ Can return someone back to life - but they would become demonic beings or most likely, a shinigami. Every person/soul she brings back, generally have to give her something in return or just initially become bound to her.
+ Can bound someone to her without having to bring them back to life.
+ Able to manipulate with people' blood.
+ Great illusionist.
+ Knows of how to handle old-time and modern weapons, as well as deal with technology.
+ Can consume souls, if she wants to.
+ Can bring forth a gigantic, albino snake/chinese dragon.

x The idea of family she has currently.
x Loyalty.
x Takeshi.
x Hacking.
x Dark rooms.
x Nights In Tokyo

o Anyone in her close ring/family going through hard times.
o Worrying about Hikari, Hiromasa and Ichiro.
o Although she doesn't show it - when Takeshi is away for too long.
o Disobedience.

x Enhanced senses and supernatural agility, strength and stamina.
x Doesn't need food or drinks for survival.
x Heals extremely fast.

o She is killable, but only the body she carries. She has many more bodies in reserve and some are the copies of the previous ones.
o Some ancient grounds and holy places keep her away.
o Kochou senses, when someone she has created or has a bond with her, dies or is eliminated - those that are on higher levels cause her some sort of pain or migraine.


Often mistaken as one of the four horsemen, she not one of them, but a completely different essence that one can find from chaos itself or from the universe and circle of life. As long as there has been life, she has been there as well - but the person that people know her being at that era started long before Edo period in Japan.

A strange surge of energy made her choose a freshly died teenager body, consuming the soul that had been suffering from hard farming life and escaped the scenery. It took her quite a while to get used to the body that she was now wearing and get to know the customs of other beings and humans, learning the manners and emotions as if she had been an alien of sorts, and Chou wasn't too much off of that.

She had lived many lives throughout the eras and different times, and traveled the world - in the skin she first found, or any other new ones that she thought were suitable of having. When she first created VPV aka The Organization and her beloved Black Moths, she wasn't sure of what might happen next. Little by little she gained followers, and one of her longest companions had always been an eccentric Priest, who called himself by the name of 'Luscious'.

As she met with Takeshi Kimura at that dark alleyway, he tried to kill her in the face of a council member, but failed. As she bled, she smiled and convessed of whom or what she truly was, and that she was the reason behind The Black Moths. He came to her, and served beside her, until she managed to disappear. With Takeshi, the Organization became to be glorious, strong and beautiful, but as he left, a lot left after him. There were only very few that stood proud beside her and tried to fix the ruins of VPV that it had turned to. Chou wasn't the same anymore, and she certanly had her moments where she became someone who went on full blown killing-sprees, unable to be stopped and then, with right tools Luscious kept binding her and locking her up, so their leader would cool down.

As Takeshi had returned, and hearing of his story, Chou - out of the deep love she had for him, and by the understanding that without him, the Organization will fall apart completely - she took him back. They become something more, her gaining a last name she thought she would never actually have, and turned him from dhampir into immortal and unkillable like herself, giving him a part of herself - the essence of death. Takeshi became a demonic being, and beside The Original Moth, these two have built VPV back to its former shade - but this time, it is something better and bigger.

+ VPV hands out black cards with golden moths on it for people - there aren't many of them, but this is for those who may have the need to use it to call for the Organization' help. These cards disappear after they have been used, and one can be used only once. It is extremely rare for a person to have two cards given throughout their lives of existence.

+ She has been with Takeshi in many previous lives: as a slave girl to a powerful demon lord; a demonic witch in the mountains to a scholar, who is close to the King; a geisha to the gang lord, who takes over a village and rules it ruthlessly; a princess to a samurai.

+ Her and Takeshi in one of the past lives had two daughters, whom became demonic/chaotic vampires in a sense. They caused a lot of trouble and due to their grave mistake, Takeshi died - making Chou punish them by putting them to sleep in underground, well hidden catacomb. These two were found by Akiyama Queen and her scientists, by accident - they were taken, woken up and experimented on which made them lose their memories after they managed to escape from their deaths. They now live as hackers, fighting against The Council.

So begins...

Kochou Kimura's Story