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There is no escape of the Death... or me.

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by SofiUnnie


Name: Luscious
Nicknames | Aliases: Luci; Lulu; Master Luscious; White Monk; Priest; Father
Base Name: Kamenashi Kazuya
Age Real | Age Appearance: Ancient | 39
Species: Priest of Chaos
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 192 cm

Distinguishing Features:

His long, white hair that are slightly curly - although he can take more human form,
which would be brown or darker hair and handsome face. Is often seen wearing a hat to cover his horns.

Advisor to VPV;
High ranking member of VPV;
Collector of souls - specially those of evil kind;
Healer of VPV;
Teacher of Takeo, Hime and Hikari

He is known to be the most eccentric one of the bunch, and by the way he carries himself, people are often left in awe even if he just passes them on the street. There is something very gentlemanly about him and no one has ever heard him speaking in foul words. He is wise, and can become clumsy in expressing his emotions, even to Hiromasa, who means the world to him.

It will be hard to gain his trust, and although it seems that his kindness can be used, one is easily decieved by that outlook. In the depths of his mind, he is far from being anything like that, and won't hesitate to jump the gun if he sees it necessary.

Doesn't speak much or if he does, he nearly ever raises his voice. He may be patient, but at the same time he gets agitated easily if things doesn't go as he wishes and frustration is easy to come by.

Abilities | Powers:
x His bare hands can drain someone empty from their energy and in worst cases even kill one.
x Banishing the evil souls back to where they belong.
x Exorcism.
x High level in manipulating the magic.
x Controls the shadows and chaos.
x Capable of eating souls if he wants to.
x Able to take the form of a small, fluffy demon with tiny horns and a tail.
x Taking different, real forms of himself.


x Helping out Kochou and Takeshi.
x Rainy days.
x Sleeping in the church.
x The sacred library under the church.
x Researching and inventing.

x When he isn't wearing his gloves.
x People stepping over the line and being crude.
x Innocent people dragged into messy business.
x When people see his horns.

x Can withstand cold.
x Strongminded.
x Ectremely loyal to Kochou and her Organization.

x Takeo, Takeo's baby sister, Hikari, Ichiro - plus other of his gang members.
x When he isn't wearing his gloves, his touch can drain someone empty from their energy and it can end up deadly.
x After a long and hard spellcasting he needs to sleep from days to weeks, and even if he is awake at that time, he will be very sickly and weak.

History & Other
it is still quite unknown of how this creature happened to the world, but as long as Kochou knows he has always been by her side, serving as not just a friend, but also as a healer and advisor for her Organization. Luscious has always been the key to a lot of things, and with his wide knowledge in what he does plus magic, he always may have solutions to the stickiest of situations, as if being the walking library himself.

He was just created by the essence of Chaos and Death, by Universe itself - and there are many others like him, although most of them doesn't like to serve anyone specifically like Luscious has decided to do so. Being the man he is, and having lived a long life, he has turned to be a rather eccentric creature indeed.

At one point, he found himself of having the emotions of love towards his close friend, Hiromasa, whom had effects on him like anyone else never had. Due to Hiromasa' own natural powers, it seemed as if instead of drawing the evil out of Luscious, they balanced the Priest out instead, and he became addicted of Hiro aside feeling purest of love towards the other male.

At one point, when Takeo was still a very young boy, Luscious and Hiromasa were sent away to the mountains along with the kid to train and teach him. Until a certain age, the three of them lived there peacefully, until Kochou and Takeshi came and told him that it was time to return.

It has been years now, when they have built up the leftovers of Tokyo after the meltdown of the world and are trying to keep it peaceful for the citizens that live there peacefully and to keep the other gangs acting up too much. But lately, the Council, VPV most hated enemy has started to surface again with their evil plans and the tough times are ahead again.

>>> Anything Extra:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Genderfluid

Kochou Kimura | Boss
Takeshi Kimura | Drinking Buddy
Hiromasa Miyazaki | Future partner and love of his life
Takeo Kimura | Student
Hikari Kimura | Student
TBD Kimura | Her Babysitter
Ichiro Matsumoto | Friend
Raiden Takeda | Friend
Chiyo Takeda | Friend
Jae Hwa Heung | Takes her like his daughter

So begins...

Luscious's Story


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Character Portrait: Luscious
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ImageHiromasa sighed, staring at the church towering before him with a somewhat irritated expression. Takeshi had given him a stupid errand, in his opinion. Deliver a letter to a new ally of The Organization. Couldn't the dhampir just pop over himself? If it was this important, that seemed like the better option.

After a few more moments of contemplative silence, Hiromasa knocked twice on the door before entering. Glancing around, he arched a brow before stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

"Hello?" he called out, clutching the black envelope in his hand. "Is... anyone here?"