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Tomiko Akiyama

Is there salvation for me?

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by SofiUnnie


Name: Tomiko Akiyama | Tomiko Takada
Nicknames | Aliases: Tomi; Mimi; Tom Tom; Otaku-Baby by Takeo
Base Name: KØu of CLØWD
Age Real | Age Appearance: TBA | 27
Species: Vampire-Witch
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 175 cm

Distinguishing Features:
Tomiko's face-lines are as if modeled after the most beauitful dolls in the world, and this is something that is instantly noticed by everyone. Plus the sadness he carries in his eyes is rather mysterious and noticable as well.

Occupation: Dollmaker | Pianoplayer

He is seemingly quiet and shy young man, who likes to spend time on his own, mostly thinking up songs, sewing his dolls or playing piano and reading. He isn't used to being around other people due to grown up alone most of the time, and thus he may end up being unnecessarily polite and awkward. However, he has wide knowledge in manga and anime, so if someone talks about these themes, he fires up and his hidden confidence will show, but it will go away as quickly as it shows.

Tomiko closes himself on any kind of flirting and actions like that which are tossed at him, and will run away from that person instantly in the case he would have a crush on them. He hates embarassing situations and this is also, when he would just stand up and walk away somewhere near or completely out.

He feels and believes that he is a monster, because his blood is in different color and he isn't the typical pureblood vampire, and this is a low bow to his overall confidence and one of the main reasons of why he keeps himself away from people.

Abilities | Powers:
x His witch talents and powers lay in creating living dolls, no matter of the size. They are his only companions aside few other friends he has.
x He gets visions of other people' minds and thoughts here and there and he can't control that.
x Due to the species that he is, and not naturally born, his blood is in the color of emerald blue and has some magical abilities which could be used to create spells, weapons or heal.
x Can spell a person under his charm and make them do things for him, if he desires to.
x Has a strange connection to foxes and kitsunes, who are designated spirit animals to him.

x Reading, collecting manga and anime.
x Candlelight.
x When people take him as a beautiful object and an actual personality.
x His three friends that he seems to be getting close to - Takeo, Ichiro and Hiromasa.
x Clean enviroment.

x Being in an embarassing situation.
x His blood.
x Songs not working out the way he wants them to.

x Has strangely comfortable aura of him that makes people want to be around him.
x Doesn't need to survive on blood due to witch genes.
x Due to his magical blood, magical weapons may not have any affect him or just not wound him.
x Doesn't age after age of 21.

- When he starts to have a crush on someone, his heart will start to ache unbearably a lot and will make him sick, a reason of why he doesn't let anyone close to him romantically. This is his curse.
- Weak heart.
- Will sneeze, sometimes violently, when he is around dogs and wolves, or other types of canines.

Being created by Akahana Akiyama, the boy was not just a pureblood vampire, but also a witch; and that was against all of the Akiyama' clan wishes. But the inability for Akahana to give birth made her create this beautiful being, who was complete opposite of the clan demeanour in general and was shunned from early age on.

His mother, however, seemed to hold a soft spot for the boy and spoiled him endlessly, showing signs of affection, kindness and love that was against the Akiyamas temperament, and against Alaire' likeness overall. Thus, Alaire, having a lot of affect on Akahana, managed to persuade the Queen into sending Tomiko away to a private school for boys, where Tomiko mainly grew up.

In age of thirteen, he came back home on his own, having had enough of the lifestyle and Akahana was beyond happy to see her son back in her embrace, but Alaire was not happy and thus seeing of how the boy was - timid like a prey, the Akiyama Clan asked Alaire to send the kid away again.

In age of fourteen, barely having been at home for near a half a year, he was exiled by the Council and the Clan due to Alaire playing the game behind Akahana's back, and not wanting to lose her position, she agreed to do it. It made Tomiko hate her and Alaire to the core, and has sworn revenge against the Council no matter what.

Before leaving the home, he was cursed by Alaire, who told Tomiko that the kid was never able to love anyone again; and from that point forward, Tomiko has lived on his own in Tokyo, witnessing the change of the Japan and kept himself away, learning from the books until in age of twenty-six he strolled outside late at night and stumbled into Takeo Kimura, with whom he strangely befriended and who started to drag him out of his apartment, soon after finding himself in the group of four - Tomiko himself, Takeo, Ichiro and Hiromasa.

He still tries to get used to it all, but being alone for so long has given him a deep scar, that needs a lot of help to heal.

Orientation | Relationship Status: Genderfluid | Single

Akahana Akiyama | Mother | Estranged x Hates her
His mother is the leader of Akiyamas, the clan of pureblood vampires, the woman who is ruthless and filled with evil; and strangely enough she has let Tomio live as he likes and has protected him from her devilish nature by sending him away from home. She is also part of The Council.

Close Friends:
Takeo Kimura - son of Takeshi and Kochou Kimura
Takeo knows who Tomiko is, but that doesn't stop him from getting along with Tomiko.

Hiromasa Miyazaki
Ichiro Matsumoto

Alaire, Mother's Butler - he hates him to the guts.

So begins...

Tomiko Akiyama's Story

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Image "His energy feels of an enemy," Chiyo replied telepathically, tossing glares at Asao, but trusting Raiden's words, "he feels like... like... like... Kimura. Raiden, are you sure this is safe? Does Takeshi know? Kochou?" He was slightly panicking in their shared thoughts, yet he kept his cool outside of it.

"NO! I AM NOT OKAY! THOSE DAMN BASTARDS!" Takeo replied, shouting out, and glaring at others, then clearing his voice, he pretended like he was actually okay and enjoying this, "Just kidding. Kidding, Kasumi-chan. I am actually quite enjoying it." And with those words, he grinned at the beautiful boy, yet the next moment tossed a chaotically deadly glare at Raiden, his Senpai.

Managing to get his cool back, Tomiko took a peek at the man beside him, and shifted himself on the stool at the bar, taking another nervous sip of his wine. "It is not about being afraid, Sir. It is something else," he spoke after a moment, then added with more confidence, with his pureblood hybrid pride, "I may be shy and awkward, but I know for sure that I am not afraid." He turned to look into Asao' eyes, boldly and his eyes turned into Akiyama' signature color for a mere moment, then faded away again. Tomiko grabbed the shirt above his heart, trying to catch a breath. "Why is he so beautiful?" The boy thought to himself, then whispered under his breath: "I am just a monster."