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Zenko Miyagi

Who am I? What part of myself have I lost?

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by SofiUnnie


Name: Born as Ezekiel Maharet | Currently Zenko Miyagi
Nicknames | Aliases: Z; Zen; Baka; Okami; Wolfboy
Base Name: James Takeshi Yamada
Age Real | Age Appearance: Over Thousand | 22, pretends to be High School Senior
Species: Pureblood, Ancient Hellhound
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 182 cm

Distinguishing Features:
Handsome face, pierced ears and melanholic look on him wherever he goes.

Occupation: Gamer or just a freeloader.

Z isn't a simple nor easy persona, rather the type of mysterious and alluring aura. He is proud being, taking pride not just in his heritage, but also from his looks and skills. If he has promised something, he shall try his best to fulfill this act. Even if he seems laid back and careless about some things from the exterior and for unknown eyes, he still has his own regulations and rules, that he follows every day.
It seems as if one could never truly anger him, as the male remains calm in various situations, trying to keep his head cool and fair. Even if he feels himself being pulled towards the emotion of anger, the demon does his best not to fall into this, or just remain calm - since the calm-rage is the most dangerous one for someone to witness. Though beside all this, he keeps being smooth, somehow elegant, cool and mysterious. He doesn't let people close to him easily, and so far after starting to live his new life, the only close person to him has been Eiko, his older adoptive sister.

If he wants to achieve something or has a certain goal, he will go for it no matter what. He seems to be unpredictable to most, but it is only part of his overall act.

Abilities | Powers:
+ Able to sense death nearby, or sense if the person is about to die within a week or so.
+ Able to take the form of a hellhound.
+ When he bites someone in his hound form, they will get poisoned and if it is not cured, they will suffocate under the most horrible nightmares one can ever imagine.
+ Natural hunting senses and intelligence.
+ As soon as he has the proper scent of his target, it is for life and if the target gets on his bad side in any way or is ordered to kill, through this scent it is easy for him to find them.
+ Has ability to turn himself transparent/invisible by wish.
+ Solving puzzles, including disarming and building the most complex bombs to the simplest ones.

x Ramen.
x Sleeping in.
x Smoking.
x Tea.
x Ukes.

o Eiko-chan being too commanding.
o Crying or seeing others cry.
o People who do not understand that his 'Yes' means 'Yes' and 'No' means 'No'.
o Fangirls.
o People taking pictures of him.

x Able to be calm in nervous and life-threatening situations.
x Extremely loyal to his family and friends; no one can sway nor bargain him.
x Enhanced senses like hearing, night vision, smell, eye sense, speed, stamina, strength.
x Has the ability to change his eye color into either his normal, light blue or yellow.

o Special salt can keep him trapped for a certain amount of time, but not for too long.
o Can be killed only by Angel's blade.
o Extremely cold places cool him down and it may become hard for him to function.
o His prideful persona that often gets in the way of things, but there are those of few whom is able to pull him back to his two feet.
o Not able to show his tears to anyone - and by this holding them inside may cause him silent explosions, as well being meaner and more cold towards others.

Ezekiel was born Underworld, to the legends and historians known as Hell. His clan still rules the many strong parts and levels of it with iron fist, being one of the most honored warrior-clans ever seen in these flaming lands.

Being born with absolutely feminine features, it wasn't nothing to be surprised in those lands of Maharet' family. They aligned from the beauty and grace, having roots hidden deep in the soil of Japan. Though, the boy quickly learned of how to use his looks for what to get for himself and his blood, aside many other useful skills.

It was long before the period of Edo, when Lord Maharet was sent to the Earth, to the lands of Japan. Being the pureblood of the Princes, he chose his own path and thus found himself working for one of the major clans of these times. Ezekiel was on the verge of marring a pureblood warrior clan' prince, taken as a female, if he hadn't accidentally killed the poor boy. Being banished out of these lands, he hid himself into the mountains, to regather his pride and stength.

Traveling to Kyoko, Ezekiel started to learn, practice and perfect the skills of becoming a Geisha. Over 60 of years he learned from the best, until he became one of the best, himself. These days his services cost a lot of gold to one, whom needs or desires for them, the Pureblood Prince performing either only to the Nature or to the Noble.

Until the day he was caught into slavery to Lavaliere later on, where he met the beautiful boy named as Toku. It was as if new change for love had been given to him again, and they were deeply in love, Ezekiel taking Toku's virginity.

After managing to get out of the slavery together, Ezekiel' real happiness didn't last for long. Yet another obstacle was passed onto his path, and being caught in a bad car accident he was announced dead, although he just disappeared.

Found by Kochou Kimura' younger sibling, Eiko Miyagi, she understood whom he was quickly and adopted the boy into her family, a small gang of 'orphans' like she prefers to call them as such. To keep the prince safe from any other harm, she tried to help him to regain his memories, but in time understood that it would never return. Giving him new life, and new name, they lived in a small village in Italy, she found him take a whole new look to himself.

Looking like a high school student, they had decided to move back to Tokyo, after having saved a victim of the Council' and their experiments. Zenko now lives as a high school senior, while Eiko-chan tries to go against the Council and avoid her older sister, Kochou.

Gender: Male

Orientation | Relationship Status:
Homosexual | Taken, if he would only remember it
Zenko doesn't like any advances made on him, so he avoids all this drama surrounded around it!

Eiko Miyagi | Older Sister | Death
Kenta Miyagi | Older Brother | Shinigami
Shin Miyagi | Older Brother | Vampire
Juro Miyagi | Younger Brother | Experiment of the Council, saved by Eiko

Family Members That He Doesn't Know About:
Kochou Kimura | Aunt
Takeshi Kimura | Uncle
Takeo Kimura | Cousin
Hime Kimura | Cousin
Hikari Kimura | Cousin | Schoolmate

Close Friends:
None, he has distanced himself from everyone.

Love Interest:
Toku | Someone he used to deeply love and find that love again

Possible Enemies:
Some schoolmates here and there.
Old friends from former city they used to live in.
Just somehow he gets super agitated about slavery.

So begins...

Zenko Miyagi's Story