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Victus Per Vitualamen » Places

Places in Victus Per Vitualamen

This is a list of locations that can be found in Victus Per Vitualamen.

All Places

Ichiro' Apartment

20 posts · 2 characters present · last post 2020-07-02 11:15:22 »

         Image"You do understand that Hime will try to demolish them, as will Takeo. Our kids are young, but they have a lot of untamed power in tame. It scares me," Kochou murmured and nodded to Takeshi, "this means I will have to ask help from my sister and her gang, although I would rather not. Yet again, they will be pulled into this in one way or another."

Luscious, still working on his magic, mutters under his breath: "I could always invite my brother, Kochou-sama. He is in the hiding, but to save you and others, he might crawl out of his cave." With those words, Chou shook her head and replied: "I am sure he has gathered a lot of strength, but he is still missing part of his soul. Would it be a idea to pull him out of everlasting medidation, I don't know, but I will leave it up to you." Luci just nodded and focused fully on Lucelle and Hikari.

x x x

"I know you will, Young Master," he replied and grabbed Ichiro's hand. By the energies coming from the other room, he could sense that the situation was dire and they were facing a bigger problem at that night than The Council and their mutated monsters. He squeezes it gently and sighs, "There is so much work we have to do. I guess our practice sessions are done in live action. Good chance for you to unleash your darker side and take control of it. As Kochou-sama likes to say: "You overcome your limits by reaching higher than your expectations reach.""

Home of Ichiro Matsumori

Chiyo' Restaurant

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         Image Tomiko looked up and nodded, he couldn't tell anyone anyone about this sickness embedded into his heart. He cursed his family and lately started to resent his mother a lot as well. All he had been living was misery and pain, he wanted to be happy. Maybe he did need to die?

He noticed Asao concentrating on other people, so he carefully plopped off of his barstool and just walked towards the door, unlocked it and quietly slid outside, away from everything. He was on a mission, and he was going to do that right there and then.

Chiyo turned to look at Raiden and smirked, wrapping his long, elegant fingers around Raiden' chin and licked his lips, falling into the kiss next. "I know. I can't wait," he purred against his husband's lips and enjoyed this feeling a lot, not even noticing that Tomiko had left.

ImageThe man on the floor was so into the kiss that he happened to nibble the lip of smaller male in front of him. "Mmmmm, yummy. You taste so good Su-Su-chan," spilling the nickname with a moan, nickname that he had been using in his only until that day.

Tomiko felt the darkness, and he was suddenly completely out of his mind. He saw some shadowed figures in the distance on the street and started walking towards them, the heart beating faster and faster. He felt like it was going to burst any moment now and he wanted to get rid of this feeling. He wanted to feel at ease, like someone at ease, love someone at ease... so much that only thing in his mind was echoing over and over again: "Kill myself. Kill myself. Kill myself."

Popular restaurant.

Club Dolce

Host Club owned by a slave master Genzo.[b][/b]


One of the few temples still intact.

Racing Grounds

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         Image She wasn't Hikari at that moment, nor was she Lucelle. She was something that had been sitting deep within that young female, whom had grown quite the bit. Everything had happened in such a fast pace, and although she had been avoiding going to school, she was still having the time of her life and she was still being bullied, even from the distance, even from the shadows. Hikari knew they were tailing her, wherever she went and living at home had become a nightmare.

All those writings on the windows, they even had murdered her familiar - a bakeneko, whom she had found laying in pool of blood on the balcony, mutilated. Whatever they wanted, they weren't going to get it and as much as she kept resisting, the harder they kept coming at her. Hikari hated that. Lucelle hated that. SHE hated that.

Leaning against the hood of her racing car, she was sucking on a lollipop and wearing rather... revealing and skinny clothes. Not that she cared anyhow.

On the border of the grounds.

White Chapel

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What the boy that was about to enter didn't know was that Luscious wasn't the new ally
that some of the VPV members thought he was. They just hadn't seen him before, as
the man had always been hidden in the basement of this god ridden church, always
alone, always working on something. He didn't need any sleep nor any food, as he wasn't
human or anything like that. He was something... or more like someone that had been
present in Kochou' life longer than anyone, and Takeshi had been his drinking buddy for
some time now.

Luscious had been reading in the chapel, when he sensed someone entering the main hall.
He looked unusual to himself, but it was still one of his main looks that he cherished lately,
and so he bit into his lower lip and perked up, when he heard the soft and angelic voice:
"Yes?" He stood up, and turned towards the male couple of meters away:
"I believe Takeshi has sent you?"

The Chapel of Chaos

Kochou Office

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         Image It was Eiko! Eiko was back! After all these years, when she had told her not to return, she had. Kochou was furious, but she was in complete shock and pain more. Stumbling through the portal, she fell on the floor in her office and felt like she was going to choke. Breathing heavily, she was unable to stand up, unable to breathe normally. It was as if seeing a ghost!

She knew, she had to tell Takeshi about this! She knew she had to tell Hikari and Lucious about this, but it seemed like a small history lesson was about to happen to Takeshi at that late hour. And with this memorylane of Kochou... the Death worried that it might trigger some memories of her partner as well... some of their past.

Death's Office

The Ruins

Also known as Old Tokyo.