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Krystal "Barbie" Kay

An unexpected & preppy addition to Video Game High! xD

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a character in “Video Game High School”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~



✫ Full Name ✫
Krystal Kay [nicknamed: Barbie]

✫ Gender ✫

✫ Age ✫

✫ Class ✫
Senior foreign exchange student!(So it's her first year at the school even though she's a Senior)

✫ Game Specialty ✫
Barbie is a combo genius. Meaning she's a tough competitor for Sports, Fighting, and many RPG games. However her latest obsession is crushing people in everything dance related - from DDR to Just Dance & Dance Central.
All that aside, at VGH she's the Captain of the Fighter Games Team!

✫ Nationality ✫

✫ Likes ✫

The Ocean
Video Games

✫ Dislikes ✫

Judgmental people
Boring people
Video Game bashers

✫ Weight ✫

✫ Height ✫

✫ Eyes ✫
Baby Blue

✫ Hair ✫
Blonde, and reaches to the middle of her back when out.

✫ Personality ✫

Barbie is the epitome of preppy and confident. She enjoys standing out, but not because she's cocky, she simply enjoys being different than what is expected of a gamer-girl(as she likes to call herself).

Having an IQ of 130 she's the furthest thing from ditzy or stupid, so she's completely aware that people often judge her off of her looks, but instead of letting that bother her she lets her actions/accomplishments speak for themselves, an enjoys the shocked expressions she often gets when she creams a bunch of guys in a local gaming-lounge.

Confidence and Intelligence aside, Barbie is incredibly approachable and gets along with everyone. She hates fighting since she's not all that strong, and will avoid arguments like the plague. And if she sees someone looking sad/alone/lonely, she's one of the first people to walk over to them and start up a friendly conversation!

Everyone has weird quirks/habits, and she's no different. Barbie will eat people out of home, sing randomly when stressed or uber-comfortable, and she'll play up the whole "I'm a lost foreign girl" routine if she thinks it'll get her a free taxi ride or etc. little things here and there.

✫ History ✫

Barbie was born and raised by her American parents in Paris, France. Growing up with a model for a mother made her very fashion forward from a young age, and at age 8 she began a part-time print modeling career that followed her throughout HS.
However, when she was given the option to study abroad anywhere she wished for her Senior year her parents fully expected the young girl to pick some prestigious Liberal Arts Academy, however she instead chose to go behind their backs and compete for the right to enter her dream school - one heavily dedicated to Gaming - her secret passion!

When accepted she considered lying to her parents about where she was accepted to so they wouldn't deny her, but after a long night of thought she told them the truth. They were more confused then disappointed since she had kept her love for all things gaming secret, an after what felt like an eternity Barbie was able to talk her parents into letting her spend her last year of schooling at the reputable, yet Gamer-inclined, High School!

✫ Random Facts ✫

+ Her parents are Americans, she can speak both French and English fluently. However she has a noticeable French accent when she speaks English. +

+ Since Jr. High she's been heavy into cosplaying at all major conventions, and has won several awards for her outfits. Making her somewhat well known in Anime Otaku-land! +

+ I was going to say her parents rented a condo out for her to stay in near the school, however if someone would be cool with their characters family being her host-family, I can just say she was staying in a hotel until she was assigned a host family for the school year!(which would happen on the first day of school! xD) +

So begins...

Krystal "Barbie" Kay's Story


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Beauty rest was always top on Barbies to-do list after getting home for the evening, however last night was the first night in hew new abode an in turn she couldn't sleep much. So when her classmate knocked on her door letting her know it was time to go she had actually been ready for a while - dressed in a jade floral print dress and pink studded stilettos that made her an inch shy of 6 feet tall - and matched her large pink studded bag.

"Ready!" she'd call out, seconds before opening the door.
"Oh, an it's Barbie by the way. I'd so change my name legally if I could since everyone I know outside of my family never calls me Krystal but yeah - the parents aren't so thrilled about the idea."

After walking out into the hall and closing her door she'd scratch behind the huge bun she had tied her long hair up into for a moment before holding out her arm.
"Lead the way!"


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Character Portrait: Tyler Williams Character Portrait: Krystal "Barbie" Kay Character Portrait: Caleb "Shadow" Latham
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The ride to school wasn't all that long seeing as how they were only a few blocks away, which was a good thing since Barbie figured she could mix it up and walk to school on nice days.

As soon as they pulled in Tyler would begin to give her the run down and she'd giggle slightly when he mentioned he wouldn't be able to stay with her for the rest of the day.
"Of course you can't stay with me all day, that would be unreasonable and actually really odd, I'd start to think you were a stalker!" she joked, before stepping out of the car and brushing her dress off.

She'd half pay attention to Tylers friends as she applied her lip gloss in the vehicles side-view mirror, and then after she reread her schedule she'd wave goodbye to her new housemate and take off towards the front door.

Like most students the homeroom teacher was going to be her first stop, however when she walked by a group of guys playing Mortal Kombat 9 on a limited edition Xbox 360 she instantly back-tracked.
"Oh my God I totally love this game!!" she piped up, as soon as the match ended and the players returned to the character menu.
The two guys playing looked over their shoulders for only a second before turning back to the 39" flat-screen in front of them. However they'd quickly do a double take and stare at Barbie - confused.
"U-um, can we help you?"
She would put on a friendly smile, grab an empty chair nearby, and slide it in-between the two guys playing before taking a seat.
"Well I was trying to find the guy that's suppose to be my teacher, or one of those FPS kids Tyler told me to stay away from, but that can wait! Are you guys part of the Fighters crew!?"
The group of five guys just stared at her in silence for a moment, completely befuddled, before one of the two playing spoke up.
"Uh Fighters Crew? No. We are the Varsity AVG team, sub genre Fighting. Are you a, um, lost?"
"AH! Fighting Games, this detour of mine is perfect then! I'm Barbie, I'll be trying out for your team later today! I hear you're looking for a captain too, who knows, I might wanna do that as well!!"
The bubbly blonde earned a bunch of shocked expressions as she talked, however when she mentioned becoming Captain the looks on the faces of the guys around her morphed from complete confusion to a kind of confused humor as soft laughs escaped some of their lips.
Barbie just continued to smile as she crossed her legs and began to dig through her purse.
"I'm sorry, but that's just not possible miss-" the guy holding the Second Player remote would stop talking when he noticed her pulling out a custom pink cheetah print 360 controller
"Barbie, no miss, just Barbie. And what would you say if I told you I could crush your Liu Kang after three rounds with less than 10 moves?"
"-Impossible? Totally. Indulge my silliness though hmm??"

It took the short chubby red-headed boy a moment to answer. He wasn't sure what to make of her and her challenge, but after several seconds he decided to call her bluff.
"Yeah okay then, fine. Instead of 10 though, I'll be nice and allow you 15."
"Aww, you're too kind!"

The slender guy hiding within an over-sized hoodie to her left quickly signed off his controller so that she could log hers on, an after the guy to her right chose Liu Kang she'd chose her all time favorite - Kitana - and the game would begin.

She could hear snickers over her choice of character but they'd instantly stopped when her perfectly French-manicured fingers began to move.
Dodging an attempted three-fist combo, likely thrown out to test her, Barbie wasted no time in a combo of her own.
With complete ease she pulled off a thirteen hit original with 35% damage, and then as she evaded another attack from her taken aback challenger she randomly began singing "Dancing Queen" under her breath.
Next she mashed out a slightly more simple six hit maneuver with a punch of 28% damage, an after suffering a 18% health loss herself she'd finish the round with an eleven hit Xray combo that normally packed 46% damage, but in this case ended the match slightly short of that margin.

The next two rounds were much of the same until the very end of the third, where Barbie added insult to injury by finishing with babality.

"Aww, so cute when he falls! So what was that, 9 moves an a Fatality?" she'd say rather casually, as if she didn't just wipe the floor with the guy.
"How did you-"
"What? That? Oh that was totally nothing! Wait until tryouts, should be super fun!!"
Before another word could be spoken the warning bell for home period rang, which gave them five minutes to make it to class before the finale bell for the period went off.

"Ah gotta go! I need to find this room like now!!"
Barbie jolted up from her chair, shoved the controller back in her purse, and then after a quick wave took off down the hallway.
"W-what just happened there?" one of the guys would ask as they watched her run off.
"Kyle just got creamed by a Barbie named.....Barbie, that's what happened!" the guy in the hoodie chimed in with, before laughing.

After a few minutes of searching it hit Barbie that she had passed her room and needed to back track. "Gosh I really am a blonde!"
She'd begin to chastise herself aloud as she realized in her frenzy to be on time she didn't bother to ask the group of guys she had just left for directions. "I bet all the best seats will be taken by the time I get there!!"

Luckily within another minute she finally rounded the right corner and stepped inside her classroom's door frame just as the final bell rang.

"Woo! Talk about cutting it close!" she let out with a sigh, before scooting over to the last available window seat - in the very front.