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Mirielle Aronson

Pocket-sized Metal Manipulator

0 · 174 views · located in Viemera

a character in “Viemera: Seed of Revival”, as played by Guilty Carrion


Name: Mirielle ‘Miri’ Aronson
Gender: Female
Age: 21


Mirielle is a very unassuming young woman, standing at a measly 5’2” with a fairly curve-less body and broad shoulders. Her oval eyes are a coppery brown, usually brimming with a nervous but friendly energy if one catches them. Miri’s skin is an almost ghostly pale, with several light freckles on the bridge of her nose and cheeks that never seem to fade, occasionally having an ‘explosion’ of them after a long day in the sun. Her wavy hair is snow white, and despite the common belief otherwise, is naturally that colour. When it’s loose, it reaches to the small of her back, but it’s usually kept tied in a thick braid or tucked up under her hat. There is a deceptive amount of it, and she’s rather protective of it all.

At home or in public, Miri prefers baggy and comfortable, such as hoodies or loose jackets. She’s rarely without a newsboy cap atop her head, but when she does forgo it she tends to wear a headband to keep her hair out of her face. Cargo pants and sweats round out most of her leg wear, with a pair of reliable, battered old skater shoes adorning her feet. She rarely wears ‘loud’ colours, preferring a wardrobe consisting more of beige, pale grey and blues, and some mauve. She wears an old, patina copper watch pendant on a dull copper chain around her neck, and it is a rare sight to see it not somewhere on her immediate person.

Personality: Mirielle is a rather docile young woman, friendly and clearly shy but willing to try to break that shell. She’s happiest in small groups, much preferring to have privacy and a strong sense of intimacy with one or two friends than be anything akin to a socialite. Her loyalty to those few friends is unquestionable, and once you’re in her good books, Miri is ever eager to help in any way she can.

Miri has suffered from Scopophobia much of her life, an incredibly pronounced fear of attention and crowds, and still has difficulty choking it down when stressed or upset. She's made immense progress over the years though, and while her fear will likely never be truly conquered, it takes much much more to provoke the panic attacks that used to cripple her in the mere presence of crowds.

She believes genuinely in the good inside people, preferring to consider the reasons behind an action before judging someone truly wicked. In the same breath, she has difficulty refusing favours or calls for assistance, easily getting swept up in the flow if she can’t find the confidence to assert herself. Some might view this as weakness, but behind her kindness is a very fragile thing, and once it’s prodded the wrong way, Miri can be surprisingly cold and has a sometimes brutal sense of ‘justice’.

Type: Manipulator
Powers: Metal Manipulation
Ferrokinesis - Miri possesses the ability to manipulate and ‘command’ any form of metal with her mind, moving it independently of other external forces. This manifests as a peripheral ‘sixth’ sense, most metal within a certain proximity creating a ‘ping’ of sorts within her mind. It’s mostly ambient, as conscious awareness of all the moving metal in modern life would drive anyone mad. Her power largely manifests within a roughly 30 foot radius, and the closer Miri is to the metal she is attempting to manipulate, the greater effect she can achieve with less exertion.

Metal Malleability - Beyond moving ambient metal, Mirielle can alter the malleability of metal she ‘commands’, allowing her to mold the metal into varying shapes and objects through attentive application of force via her kinesis. The constructs can vary in complexity, as rapid thought lends itself best to simple designs or particularly strong memories, but in low stress situations, Miri can take the time to create much more complex operations. She is still limited by her own knowledge, and is unable to make anything autonomous, and it bares similar limitations to her kinesis, the closer her proximity to the metal, the greater ease she can mold it into what she desires.

Power Feedback: Mirielle’s feedback manifests as an internal heat, an uncomfortable warmth at first that grows hotter if she doesn't refrain from using her abilities. She’s unfamiliar with the exact ‘limit’ of this heat, as it rapidly grows beyond discomfort and becomes pain. The heat can be felt if someone touches her, and she describes the feeling as if her body was ‘molten just beneath her skin’. The exact length of these heat surges vary, and don’t necessarily stop when Miri ceases using her power.

Bio: Mirielle was born in Niska, one of many mountainous resort towns in Tel Aruhn that survive largely off tourists, her parents running a small grocery that supplied much of the resident populations needs. Her childhood wasn’t anything tragic or amazing, but the development of canities, the premature whitening of hair, made her incredibly self-conscious, bringing unwanted attention from the ‘oddity’. This only grew worse as she entered school, her shyness and odd hair making her an easy target for bullies to pick on without repercussion. She isolated quickly, learning where to hide and go to avoid the endless teasing, but she never brought it up to the teachers or her parents, hiding behind fake smiles and lies to avoid ‘causing trouble for someone’.

This continued throughout most of her school life, pushing her further and further into her shell; growing more and more terrified of receiving any amount of attention from just about anyone. This seemingly unbreakable cycle came to a rather abrupt halt when her abilities began to manifest. The day had seemed no different than any other, aside from a growing ‘noise’ and tingling pull that she just couldn't place, but the unending sensation quickly got under her skin. One of her regular harassers caught her after classes had ended, and instead of her usual timidity, Miri’s growing irritation made her snap with fire she didn’t know she had in her small body. She ranted and screamed without hesitation, and the growing fear on her would-be bully’s face spurred her to keep yelling until he scrambled away in a panic. The sight made her heart surge with pride at her unexpected ‘might’; and it was only after she calmed that she noticed the mangled metal bat clutched in her hand, it’s length twisted and crooked in ways that shouldn't have been possible. Which didn't even explain where it came from in the first place.

It didn't take long for Mirielle to put the pieces together, her sudden awareness of the metal around her and the way metal seemed to ‘bend’ towards her fingers making it a rather difficult thing to ignore. Her new-found power became something of a crutch for her anxieties, her understanding of what she was capable of letting her feel more and more secure in her daily life, bringing a halt to her worsening social anxieties and giving her the confidence to bring her issues to those who could help her. A brief visit to a psychiatrist revealed her scopophobia, plans were made to keep it from worsening and help her cope with it, and her life smoothed out considerably from it’s rougher patches. She graduated without any further incidents or problems, and began to look for her place in the world.

It would have been easiest to simply inherit her parent’s modest business, but despite her timid heart, she felt there was more she could provide with her abilities, a chance to provide for a greater good. The natural comfort metal provided narrowed her focus, but her hunt provided little results. It wasn’t until she caught a news story about a recent collapse on one of the many vacation resorts in Tel Aruhn that something sparked, learning about the faulty structure despite a recent ‘inspection’ saying it was fine. Allegations of mistakes and bribery were casually mentioned, and the thought stuck, fed by a twisting heat that echoed to that old pride of power.

Her grades were nothing to scoff at, and after some heavy research and discussion with her parents, Mirielle set her sights on the field of forensic engineering. While it is far from her home, Nexia University’s reputation and impressive selection of courses made it the best choice for making her goal a reality, even if the big city is more than a little unsettling for someone from a little mountain town.

So begins...

Mirielle Aronson's Story