Vincent Kincaid

Force Manipulator

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a character in “Viemera: Seed of Revival”, as played by Isokanumaki


Gender: Male
Age: 22
Personality: Vincent views the world as a mystery that is just waiting to reveal fantastic and horrifying experiences. The thrill of which is more than enough to keep his enthusiasm for discovery at a constant high. Whether the situation is dire or mundane, Vincent takes life head on with causal humor and lightheartedness. His tendency to run his mouth against those who insist on making it a bad day for him often places him in deeper trouble; despite the additional trouble he occasionally receives by doing so, Vincent refuses to let his wit and humor be silenced.

Amongst his peers, he often seeks forms of friendly competition to keep things interesting when there is a lull in activity. During which, Vincent will always talk a big game even if he is beyond outclassed solely for the sake of making things more amusing to the onlookers. Win or lose, he accepts the outcome with the same playful vigor of a rematch and cheerful banter.

Type: Manipulator
Powers: Force Manipulation
Force Redirection – With this manifestation of his ability, Vincent is able to create a loophole in the physical law that governs forces being equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Much like how a lightning rod redirects electricity to a ground, Vincent is able to displace any forces acting upon him into anything he is in contact with. For example, if somebody was to try to punch him in the jaw while he was casually leaning against a brick building, he would be able to utilize his ability to transfer the forces between the attacker’s fist and the wall with all the same results of what would happen had the attacker punched the brick wall directly. Furthermore, he has some measure of control over the area of which this force is applied, whether it is a pinpoint focus or a wider area distribution. Apart from the Essence required to relocate these forces, the objects he is transferring them into must be able to sustain them otherwise any excess forces would be transferred back into him. I.e. Vincent wouldn’t be able to transfer the impact of a bus into his clothes, for the forces involved would easily tear the fabric to shreds with plenty left over to do the same to his body.

Force Amplification – This manifestation of Vincent’s powers is more of an exploit of his Force Redirection ability in that it redirects the force back upon itself so that the initial iteration effectively has no ‘opposite’ and instead doubles the original force applied. As a result and in keeping with the physical law, balance is instantaneously restored to the equation except now the forces on both ends are doubled. From there he could repeat the process through another iteration, effectively causing the forces applied to increase exponentially until, upon the final iteration, he redirects the force he would experience into another object as he would with a normal use of his Force Redirection ability. At present, the limitation of this ability is less about the number of iterations he could perform and more about the maximum force his is able to achieve before he doesn’t have the skill with his ability to do another. At present, this upper threshold is approximately on par with the force generated by a heavy swing with a 20lb sledgehammer unless he really takes a fair amount of time to prepare for something heavier.

Power Feedback: Temporary loss of consciousness
Bio: Vincent’s upbringing is rather typical of the nuclear family. Good grades, cozy household environment, and plenty of friends that encouraged the sort of victimless mischief that is so often written off as ‘boys will be boys’. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of him is his choice in hobbies; since his early teens he had taken a strong interest in blacksmithing after a family vacation allowed him to see a live demonstration. Since then he had grown an insatiable affinity for metal working. Whether it is hammering away at one of his countless crafting within his homemade forge or welding and shaping something together, be it sculptural or utilitarian, it was something that had become a way to express his creativity.

It was while he was in the workshop at his local art museum shortly after his 16th birthday where he was taking classes that he inadvertently first discovered his powers. Vincent was doing what he always does when somebody tries to exert any sense of superiority over him and was responding to a classmate’s chip on their shoulder with contentious quips that were intended to push the kid’s buttons until they got frustrated enough to leave. Instead, he threw a heavy punch directed towards the back of Vincent’s head while he was focused on hammering out a piece of plate metal. Vincent felt a slight nudge on the back of his neck in the same instant a fresh dent suddenly appeared in the metal while a meaty, crackling sound came from the source of the nudge accompanied by an agonized cry just beyond it as the kid gripped his mangled fist. After that incident piqued his curiosity, Vincent proceeded to experiment with his newfound ability once he was certain it was real rather than a delusion. It was around the time he found that he could hammer cold metal with his bare fist with all the same effect as using his smith hammer that he was fairly certain it wasn’t a figment of the imagination.

Not everything in Vincent’s life was lighthearted and jovial; ever since he could remember, his dreams were regularly plagued by night terrors. At least once a week, Vincent would wake up screaming and completely covered in sweat from a nightmare he could hardly remember. Ever since he came into his powers these dreams have gained some degree of lucidity, but he could only vaguely recall still-images of the vague, twisted, and shadowy specters that haunted his nightmares. While these images were unsettling with one such entity particularly fearsome, he still could not determine what it was about the context of his dreams that causes him to wake up screaming.

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