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Paul M. Reele

Don't cross me.

0 · 261 views · located in san francisco

a character in “View Of Terror”, as played by GarrettMMiller


Name- Paul Michael Reele
Image- Scar across left eye and mouth,Blind in one eye, tattoo of a doe with the name "Angela" on left arm, Short blonde hair
Age- 18
Height- 6' 1"
Weight- 180 lb
Personality- Shy,
Status- Single
Powers- Can control and bend elements
Likes/dislikes- Few
Weaknesses/strengths- I have none
Ability-Quick, Parkour
Fears- My loved ones dying
BackStory- My parents died when I was young

So begins...

Paul M. Reele's Story


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The state prison was a 3 story building, counting the basement where the high level security cell was. Due to a pay cut there were only a few personal at the prison. For the most part the prison was empty anyways so there wasn't much need for guards. But today was different.

A black SUV pulled up through the gate, it was stopped by the overworked gate guard.
Paz rolled down the window of the SUV.

“ Hey Larry, how’s the wife and kids?”
“Not bad , haven't seen em in a while.”
“Overworked and underpaid right?” Paz handed him some paperwork which
Larry lazily signed.

“Paz.” Isaac handed him a paper from the back seat of the SUV

Isaac schofield, the Sergeant Major was sitting in the back seat with the prisoner.
Isaac was sitting across from her in the back seat, the front sight post was superimposed on her sternum , she so much as flinched wrong he’d kill her on the spot. His eyes watched hers rather impartial tho , almost as if he wasn't holding a gun to her and she wasn't in a straight jacket.

“Oh, yeah, Here ya are Larry.” Paz passed the man the papers.
“Looks like you get the night off pal.” Paz smiled as Larry’s eyes lit up.” Tell your old lady I say hello and what not. “

“Thanks, and will do. Y’all keep safe.” Larry turned and started packing up his gear as Paz drove into the compound. Larry closed the gate behind them.

Paz’s face went lax after they were out of sight from the gate guard. “Hope he enjoys his night off, heard they were gonna cut him from the program.”

“Sucks , but sounds about right.” Isaac said from the back.

They pulled into the garage and were met by two guards, Paz parked the car and opened the door for the prisoner. ‘Come on, out.” He said aiming his rifle at her, making sure he kept his distance from her. Only when Isaac saw Paz’s finger on the trigger did he move to get out the door.

“ Alright , move.” Paz said to the girl , gesturing with his head which way she should go.
The other two guards opened the metal doors. Isaac kept pace with Paz watching the rear.

Their gear clicked and clattered in time with the clack of their boots as they walked down the hallway.
After going down some stairs and going through two or three long hallways they came to a Glass prison cell. Isaac pulled a collar looking thing off his belt , and with a flick of his rest it snapped into shape.The collar was to make sure she was alive, and kept her from getting to close to the wall of the cell.

“Hurt him and I will make sure you get worse than a burning witch.” Paz said walking around in front of the girl, the barrel of his rifle pointing at her gut. “ Ever been shot?” He asked looking at her eyes. A smile tugged at his lips seeing the reaction he wanted. “ Best thing about it, I can keep shooting you cus I know how to fix it, and down here, no one beside Isaac would hear the shots.”

“Paz..” Isaac said in a tone that one would use when someone brought up some old joke everyone had already heard 6 times that day.

“ What? “

Isaac shook his head and placed the collar on her, it beeped when activated.
Isaac glanced down at his left forearm and there was a little iphone looking device that showed vital signs.

“ She’s in the system now.” He said as he heard her into the cell.

Paz frowned a bit knowing he wouldn't be able to have any fun with her now, least as long as Isaac had tabs on everything….which he always did.

“ Go set up the other stairwell, non lethal and then start on patrol. cover sectors 3 and 4. “ Isaac said walking down the hallway, holstering his pistol and moving his m1a to where he could bring it up quickly if need be.

Paz waited til Isaac left and then turned to the girl. “ You and me have a date later babe.”He winked then wandered off to do Isaac’s bidding leaving the girl alone in the stark white cell.

The cell wasn't bad it had a wash room , a few food goods, but otherwise it didn't have anything useful.

Isaac tapped a few buttons on his wrist mounted device and the straight jacket went slack , allowing her to move freely now, inside the cell anyways.


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#, as written by RazorX
James enters the jail site. She smirks at seeing how the witch is liking her new cell. He heads down the concrete stairs until he reaches the room. James walks over to the cell and stars in. (She looks should I put this miserable.) He thinks to himself. He takes a breath and finally says to her "Oh you poor, poor, witch...You don't want to be in here anymore..huh.." He smirks

"It's not every day I can talk bad to a witch..heck i didn't think witches" He paused looking down than back at phoebe with a huge grin on his face, which than went to a frown

"..Until you killed that man.." He laughed. James studied her (if I hadn't had found her out for being a witch she's make a great wife...) he thought to himself.

"Want to tell me where i can find other witched hmm?" He paused and a smirk swept across his face

"Or shall i just go off a hunch and see if your sister and brother are ones too? It would make sense.." He himself oh he loved messing with people

"but seriously, why did you kill that man? what did he ever do to you?" He asked, pacing back and forth..starring right at her he knows she can hurt him, so James has all the freedom of speech he can have.

"Or are you just plain evil, i mean as you say your a good witch only someone truly evil would kill a man don't you think?" He smirks again he stops in the middle looking at her. He often gets to out of making people feel this way he says to himself that it makes up for all the lives you've hurt the peoples family's you've ruined. But he doesn't really care for that all he likes is the fame and the money involved in finding things like this. He could care less how the family's of these people are feeling after it's all done. and over with. James looks to his right at the clock.

"Well looks like you have still awhile to go in here so you mind as well get yourself comfortable, oh and don't worry i'll be back." He says before he just stays in silence starring straight at her through the glass. He gives her a smirk.


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Okay...know what..if no body posts from now till I get home from working with my dad I'm flagging this roleplay closed and never roleplaying with any of you again. I mean seriously it's been 4 forking days since the last post and no one is going to reply. All I ask for is one completed roleplay and you guys can't even try and help me succeed in doing so.. Sees how much you giys are committed.