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"The Nightengale" Elliot Freling

"I am the defender of the innocent. This is my city. Once more, evil will learn to fear the Night."

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a character in “Vigilante: Self-Served Justice”, as played by XShishioX


The Nightengale

ImageAge: 19 Years of Age, He's been fighting for two years, after training for seven.

Training: Elliot has had extensive training in the Keysi Fighting Method, Krav Maga, and Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū, a style of Eastern Swordsmanship. His focus within the school is with the Kodachi, or the single short sword, though he is equally capable of using the longsword, the spike chain, or dual swords. He is a master of close range combat, but is a complete novice when it comes to throwing or shooting weapons.

Weapon(s): Elliot prefers to use his own hands to incapacitate his foes, but he is not above using weapons to give himself an advantage. Elliot only ever carries three weapons with him, but they are always on him, even when he isn't under the mask. The first two are a pair of special Kodachi, twin-edged short swords, with split blades. He is capable of using them in pairs or as a single weapon with relative ease. He received them from his sensei after completing his swordsmanship training. Next, Elliot carries, a bladed chain around his waist. This chain is capable of being used to disarm and strike his enemies. It has a latch to attach a singular Kodachi to one end to turn it into a spike chain. Elliot is well trained in its use. Elliot carries a utility belt around his waist that holds several tools. Inside the pockets, and clipped to the latches, Elliot has several pairs of handcuffs, a pair of tonfa, smoke bombs, and a prototype grappling gun that has a small, but powerful, winch inside it.

Reason for putting on the mask: Elliot holds a minor grudge from being bullied in the past. His vendetta against crime is only aided by the targetting of his martial arts school as a training ground for the local mob boss's henchmen. However, his main source of umbridge against evildoers is that what they're doing is just plain wrong. His sense of justice is overly developed, wanting to right all the world's wrongs and make the villains pay the price to cleanse their filth from the world.

Costume: Elliot has a skin tight, black, suit that he wears when he goes out at night. It is reinforced with kevlar plates and carbon fiber to protect Elliot's vulnerable areas. It is thick enough to protect him from most gunfire, will stop a knife with relative ease, and dull the bite from most strikes. He wears lightweight, kevlar plated boots that go up to the middle of his calf and similar gloves that protect his hands from blades. He wears a black duster over the top of his armor and a belt on his waist that has clips for his gear and his chain. Finally, Elliot wears the haunting white, kevlar-ceramic mask.

Under the Mask...


Real name: Elliott Freling

History: Elliot is the son of the head of the Freling Conglomerate. It's a moderately successful firm that deals with investing in businesses. The company is a form of advanced loan/investing firm that helps up and coming businesses get on their feet and then takes a small portion of the profits to reinvest and help out local charities over the next five years of the business' growth. As such, Elliot has had a relatively easy childhood, he has always had access to ample funds for sports and games, but never let the wealth go to his head. His teachers have always remarked upon how genial, generous, and kind he is, never seeming spoiled or snotty.

However, he was born into a loveless marriage. His parents, while amiable, were never truly in love with each other. They have each had numerous affairs, but neither will break off the marriage, due to the socioeconomic impact as well as the impact it would have on their son. Elliot has known since he was seven. However, that's not the end of poor Elliot's problems. As the son of a successful businessman, as a child who was not spoiled by his parents money, and as a genuinely gentle little boy, Elliot was bullied as a child. His tormentors weren't poor, they were also rich kids, his classmates at the various boarding schools he attended. They didn't stop with verbal or psychological abuse. They took his things, they beat him up, and they made him so afraid to be alive that Elliot was bounced around to different schools, only getting pounced on by the local bullies. When Elliot turned ten, after seeing the way that locals were standing up to crime, being something bigger than themselves, Elliot decided he would change his entire life. Elliot asked his father for money, as he often did for sports or other toys, and Elliot's father didn't ask why. This time, Elliot took his money to a local martial arts studio, one that focused on brutal hand to hand combat. Elliot was tired of being bullied. He personally asked the teachers there to push him harder than they would push anyone else, to the point of endangering his own health. So they did. Elliot learned quickly, and he excelled, often surpassing the expectations of his teachers. His parents often asked what he was doing at such places, but Elliot just told them that he was learning for the sport of it, which his father endorsed heartily, said that it would turn Elliot into a man, that way they wouldn't have to keep sending him to different schools. When he finished his hand to hand training, Elliot found the thrill of weaponry, the primal joy of fighting with your life on the line. He asked his teachers to refer him to a reputable school, so they did. Eliot was taken to the school where he would meet the biggest challenge of his life.

Elliot was kicked out of the school on his first day there. The teacher there called him a hack and said the dojo wasn't taking on students. Elliot, not to be deterred, stuck around after hours. The sensei dodged through the alleyways and led Elliot, though he didn't know it, to the lair of a mob boss. The man had given the sensei a loan and was demanding more money than the interest on the loan was worth. When the man refused to pay, and offered them the building, the boss only laughed. The boss said that he had a better way for the sensei to repay him: train his men. When the sensei refused, the boss threatened the sensei's family. Silent raged building up within Elliot, he lashed out, brutally attacking the boss's men, and forcing the boss to surrender the hold he had over the swordsmanship sensei's family. Expecting nothing, Elliot left once he was done, feeling good about himself, and reaffirming his belief that what he was doing was right. Just as he was about to leave, the sensei told him to wait, that he would train him. Elliot bowed simply, thanking his sensei, and left for the night. He showed up early the next day, helping his sensei to clean up the dojo, re-open the business, and bring in more, talented students. However, the sensei had eyes for no one but Elliot. He pushed him harder than he had ever pushed anyone. He trained him to be his very best student, good enough to start up his own school. Once elliot was done, Elliot thanked his sensei and told him about his plans to be a hero. The man said nothing, only handing Elliot the weapons he now carries. Afterwards, Elliot used some money from his parents to put together his suit, his equipment, and enough cash to get on his feet and move out of the house. He lives in a studio apartment downtown and works his own job to pay for his expenses within his father's company. He's been fighting crime for a two years now, but never on any large scale. He stops small robberies, drug deals, and beatings when he can, but he knows that there's no real way to end the daily grind without drastic steps against the evil infecting the city.


Family: No siblings, just his mother, Annabeth, and his father, Drake. It's from them that he gets his strong features, his dark hair and blue-grey eyes as well as his natural good looks.

Appearance: Elliot is 5'11" and well-muscled for his size, having very little fat on his body. He weighs roughly 160 lbs and is more lean than he is bulky. Elliot has grey-blue eyes and dark hair. His features are sharp, but not overly angular. He has a handsome face and a kind smile often graces it, making him seem amiable and pleasant. When off duty, Elliot likes to dress sharply in business casual. He usually wears well-pressed white or blue dress shirts, a charcoal black suit, and shiny black dress shoes. His suits are all tailored and fit him well. When he goes to the dojo to practice, he wears your standard work out clothes, shorts, a tank top, and running shoes. Every so often, when he's not going to work, or heading out to exercise, Elliot has been known to dress casually. He'll wear skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts, converse sneakers, and even hoodie sweatshirts. He likes to hide such purchases from his parents, lest they disapprove of his purchases.

Personality: Elliot is a very nice boy actually. Outside of his, "Night Job", Elliot is very generous, very kind, and more than a little silly. He's got a wide smile that he often wears and is not very shy in public places, often acting out and being a goofball whenever he likes. Elliot is a stalwart defender of good, and his eyes carry no fear, even when he's not suited up. Elliot speaks freely, and not too loudly, but is always polite and well-mannered. However, when Elliot suits up, he is nothing like his normal self. He is brutal, efficient, and coldly detached from the actions he takes while wearing the mask. "The Nightengale", is almost a second personality of Elliot's pushing him to defend justice and violently expel the filth that's invading his city.

So begins...

"The Nightengale" Elliot Freling's Story