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The Rover

"You're a horrible exuse for a person."

0 · 191 views · located in The City of Lansburg

a character in “Vigilantes and Gangs”, as played by Szeptanie-tosia


Name: Donka Castle
Street Name:The Rover
Age: 22
Class: Charmer
Physical Description: Romany physic. Dark brown, thick, curly, dread lock, hair that is pined up with cloth, leaving her bangs parted to the side falling around her face with loose curls fluttering down past her breast. Small round head, with pointed facial features, small dark brown eye brows, piercing deep blue eyes, and thick, small, deep pink lips. Slender built, strong slant arms, and luscious breast. A tight flat stomach, among sharp hip bones, rounded butt, in addition to sturdy lean legs.
Personality:Donka is charming, snarky, impulsive, vivacious, eager, spontaneous, and arrogant.
Why did they became a Vigilante: Donka grew up in the Boyash sub-group, learning the ways of the bohemian life style. Travelling the world she noticed the same thing everywhere she stayed, petty criminals trying to prove themselves, making pathetic attempt to impress the world. Causing to infuriated her, she decided to put a stop against the weak minded avenge gang member and other criminals.
Short Bio: Donka dances at a gentlemen's club in the city, keeping her bohemian life style avoiding real jobs. It is an easy way getting close to spineless bastards. She wears cliché rover clothes, getting her the street name "The Rover".
Uses a Heritage Arms 6 Round 22LR/22 Mag Revolver w/4 3/4" Barrel & Silver Satin Finish.

So begins...

The Rover's Story

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The music's reverberation rippled in the air, only seen by the massive about of cigar smoke. Cheap perfume and water downed whiskey swirled to every table, making the stuffy warehouse a cliché "gentlemen's" club. Crispy, sweaty, dollar bills fell from shaking, weak, boys hands and landed neatly at her feet.
Donka's hips caught every beat, and moved with the rhythm as though born to flow with sound waves. Her dreadlocks were pushed up in a bun, and her loose curls moved with the body. Clothes slipped down her small frame, revealing smooth, clean Romani skin. The crowd went wild, throwing more items, as Donka twirled around the stage, and grinding the pole.
This was her last dance, before she would go out and do what everyone seemed to lack the ability to. The idea of what was going to happen to a low lift thug, entered Donka's mind, while still pulling off her last dance bit.
As Donka was doing the "Butterfly", images of last night's glamour actives played inside her head.
The revolver seemed like a sliver dragon, breathing smoke out of the its mouth, after an attack. Blood dripped out of a small bullet hole in a man's chest. His brown eyes were wide, and per surprise was on his rough, tan, face. Every inch of the alley smelled of gun smoke and blood. Donka's mouth didn't even twitch when the other two men shouted, and came up with empty threats.
Her arm dropped down and her body moved, missing the knife that was lodging at her. She was quick and pistol whipped, causing the man to drop on the floor cold. Donka shot the man in the back of his ,dirty blond, head cleanly. It was all too easy killing them.
The last man didn't even try, he ran at her, slowly, and right as his arms were above his head, to strike her, there was two bullets right through his chest. His bat fell to the floor before he did, making the tin echo across the alley way. The man's last words were a waste, on curses, and "You're dead".
The music stopped, and Donka laid on the dirty stage picking up, even filthier dollar bills. Tonight was going to be interesting, she thought as she hurried off the stage.