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"Nothing is as obnoxious as other people's luck."

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a character in “VII”, as played by ShudderFox-



Imageโœ– Full Name โœ–

โœ– Nicknames โœ–
Levi, Lee

โœ– Gender โœ–

โœ– Sign โœ–

โœ– Sin โœ–

โœ– Face Claim โœ–

Imageโœ– General Appearance โœ–
Although he swears heโ€™s over six-foot, Levi actually stands around 5โ€™ 11โ€™โ€™ and weighs around 155 pounds. Heโ€™s got a lean frame similar to that of a runner, and despite not being the biggest, most muscular person, a lower body fat percentage allows for some muscle definition to be seen. Leviโ€™s hair is golden blonde and often styled so that it stands straight up on top of his head. When itโ€™s down, it frames his face, getting longer the closer to you move to the back of his head. Leviโ€™s eyes are a crimson red. As for his sense of style, it often rivals his eyes and hair in terms of capturing peopleโ€™s attention. He doesnโ€™t have any particular theme, he just wants whatever he doesnโ€™t have. Itโ€™s not uncommon to see him in flashy jewelry, fur, leather.

โœ– Powers โœ–
Power Replication. Levi can replicate powers that others use on him. As much as he'd like it to be, it's not permanent and often fizzles out after short period of time.
Adoptive Muscle Memory. After observing a movement, Levi can replicate it instantly.
Telekinesis. Levi can move objects with his mind. To be honest, he mostly uses it to take things away from people without physically walking over to them.

โœ– Weaknesses โœ–
Easy to manipulate. Since he can't resist going after what he doesn't have, he can be predictable and lured/tricked into things. Lacks empathy. Levi is determined to get what he wants with no regard to another person's feelings, and can't understand why anyone would take offense to him. One-track mind. While he is goal oriented, Levi often only focuses on one thing at a time rather than the big picture. Lacks passion.

โœ– Personality โœ–
Envy is quite literally the core of Levi's being. To those who don't really know him, he may not seem like the type to let his need to take what you have get the best of him. He's not inherently loud or violent. He doesn't look for trouble. In reality, when he's not triggered by the sight of something he doesn't own, he can be a pleasant person to be around.

Unfortunately for everyone, he can't stay in a room by himself forever.

The thing is, Levi has to feel superior to others. When he comes across a person who has something he doesn't -- status, objects, skills, etc -- he immediately takes it as a threat and goes on the offensive. This can lead to a lot of impulsive decisions, such as taking credit for another person's success, buying things he doesn't need because another person has it, or sabotaging someone. He'll pretend to like/love somebody just to ruin their reputation or take something from them. There's really no telling what he'll try to do in order to take out what he see's as an "advantage" for another person.

As a result, Levi can be a difficult person to get along with. He can't be happy or sad for anyone else without wanting the attention for himself. He's also not the most supportive, because if he helps you get what you want, he won't have it.

One minute everything is normal, the next he can't stand you because your shoes are better. He'll find a way to deprive you of them and secure a pair for himself, then everything is back to homeostasis. And if you try to call him out or express your feelings about his behavior, he'll defend himself to the end. Levi really doesn't see anything wrong with how he acts because he can justify it. Feeling inferior to others makes him uncomfortable, so he does something to drive that feeling away. Seeing others with something he doesn't have makes him feel deprived, whether he is or not.

Levi doesn't actually care about the things in his life though. Once the chase is over, his things are just things. His room is filled with junk he got just because he saw someone else with it. On the other hand, he's fiercely protective of his possessions and is easily frustrated when people touch/move his stuff without permission. As for people, his emotions change with the wind. He likes you, then you're a threat. However, he doesn't truly harbor any ill-will toward anyone. He says and does a lot of things in the moment just to get what he feels he needs.

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So begins...

Leviathan's Story