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Vikindol is a Continent on the planet Vikaldro. Here many adventures take place and many stories are told. Play as thieves, warriors, and spellcasters as the threat of war rises.

490 readers have visited Vikindol since mezmertized created it.


In the first era, the Goddess of life, death and forgiveness, birthed the first men, and elves. Her brother and sisters created there own versions of these people, to show how mighty they were to her! And slowly the first men grew into towns, building houses and herding animals. The dwarfs learned metal work and mining, and through patience, the Elves gave magic to the world.

Eventually the men spread wide, building castles, and kingdoms. The Orcs build there own castles to the east, and the Wyvern in the desert west. This change from tribal beings running about to castles and kingdoms led to the second era. But this era was anything but peaceful, each kingdom wanted not but land to farm, and people to work. The great wars between them sprouted alliances and generations of distrust. The Orcs and Dwarfs fought with Men and Wyvern, and the eventual split of the elves brought the elegant Wood elves, and the deathly dark elves.

The wars brought blood shed and hatred into the world, but that would change due to one man, King Jorgeth Mirden of Mirden edge, a castle on the edge of a cliff, giving them only on way in, up the large hill side. Using his magic so strong even the elves looked on with amazement. He used it to control the greatest creature of the world has seen, the mighty Hydra. It's five heads black as tar spewed molten sludge that was hot enough to defeat the dragon riders of the west. and eventually controlled all of Vikindol. the Continent was split into five kingdoms, of north (Human), West (Wyvern), East (Orc), Central (Wood Elf), and South (Human). Starting the Third era, the Era of Mirden.

It is now 3E621, and the Empress Helen Mirden, rules over the five kingdoms, with a ferocity none have ever seen. Her only daughter princess Viirdosa, and is the cause of the incident known as the Blood rat. Where one hundred men were but to death by plague rats for there rumored night with the princess.This and many other events have brought many whispers of a rebellion, not the first but this one is said to be the one to topple the crazed empress.

you are an adventurer, or a wandering sell sword, perhaps a novice mage looking for knowledge. Ether way you have found your way to the southern city of faafengarden, a city of fine wine and silks, a place one can lose thine self in the boundless tastes, and where one can lose there coin. Why have you come all this way? For you have received a letter to come to this city and met a group known as the Keepers of Arcana.

More information of this world:
There are a many of creatures that cover the world, from the Greek griffin, to the prehistoric T-Rex, so you will find a great many things in the wild.
The followers of Forgiveness: These people believe that the Goddess of Life, death, and forgiveness is the only god, and the others are demons!
The many folk: your average Joe that believes all the gods are real, but usually only prays when they think the'll help.
Believers of Paaga: they listing to the words of the god of hate, war and destruction. They use magic to summon Imps, Gargoyals, and Succubi! seen as evil, and is one of the few illegal religions.

Toggle Rules

No Godmodding
Characters must be one the following races -
Human – Large populace over large land they are most dominate.
Dwarf – Living mostly in the mountain lands they are master crafters
Half-Giant – Half giant half human, the half-gaint are ranged to be 10 – 16 feet tall.
Orc – The most fierce and battle heavy, Orcs are seen as ugly but shouldn’t be angred
Goblin – Not in hold of any Kingdoms they are tribal, and not seen as equal to most.
Wood Elf – The Elves of the great Forrest are usally peacfull.
Dark elf – Dark elves the mountain twins of the Wood elves, seen as usually spies, assassins, and cutthroats.
Jaiq’Xen (Tiger People) – the Jaiq’Xen come from a different land then Vikandol, good runners.
Wyvern (Dragon People) – The dessert folk of the west, having hardy scales.
Minotaur – very strong , they hold no kingdoms, and are workers for the dwarves.
Saytr – Known as the free folk, they aren’t tribal, but see all of there kind as one.

Characters cannot start with magic enhanced weapons or armor, nor can they be in hold of a kingdom or be entitled to one (First born of a lord).
Starting character may have - Leather, Furs, and Chain-mail armor (can have a combination of two). Steel or iron weapons only! (if you believe that your specific character should have a different type of armor or weapon make, send me a message explain why!)

Rules on Magic -
Being a advocate of magic means you had a teacher, and this teacher specialized in a specific magic, maybe healing people, burning people, or perhaps controlling people, ether way you will specialize in one form and be weak in all others.

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Kaadon slowly made his way from the harsh north, down to the city of Faafengarden. It may be only morning but in Faafengarden it was warmer then all the time Kaadon had spent in the north! Making his way to the sandstone archway into the city, one of the four guards men eyed him down.

The guard with steel armor, and open faced helm stared, expression blank. I from beneath my hood met gaze with him, he was maybe six and a half feet maybe taller, holding spear and shield. Stopping a yard or so away, as the four stood together in place of a door.
"What do you need from the city of Faafengarden?!" Yelled the guard standing beside the wide eyed one.

"I have come for the Keepers of Arcana!' I replied, holding up small rolled up piece of paper 'They sent for me"

The wide eyed guard put three fingers out from the grip of his spear. Not understanding this I ignored him. The guard next to him, simply shifted away to allow my entrance. The wide eyed guard seeing I had not a clue of his hand sign, relaxed and did the same as the others.
Finally into the city, I looked at the letter, and made reference at the specified time, 'when the first moon teases the sky'
That gave me a lot of time to plunder the great city of Faafengarden. I went to a pub, Giantsmarsh it was called. The Giantsmarsh was small, but it had a full house, leaving me to stand at the corner of the bar. Being in Faafengarden, wine was the only suitable liquid.
"What would ya like?" Said the bartender, a half giant who had to bend slightly.

"Dragons gold, would be nice" The bartender nodded and went to the back to look for a bottle, as I leaned on the counter thinking of the guard and his strange hand jester.

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Character Portrait: Kaadon Moltbane
Character Portrait: Yavik, son of Mavro


Character Portrait: Yavik, son of Mavro
Yavik, son of Mavro

A dwarf, a drunk and a fighter

Character Portrait: Kaadon Moltbane
Kaadon Moltbane

The Sellsword of the North!


Character Portrait: Yavik, son of Mavro
Yavik, son of Mavro

A dwarf, a drunk and a fighter

Character Portrait: Kaadon Moltbane
Kaadon Moltbane

The Sellsword of the North!

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Yavik, son of Mavro
Yavik, son of Mavro

A dwarf, a drunk and a fighter

Character Portrait: Kaadon Moltbane
Kaadon Moltbane

The Sellsword of the North!

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