Aphiel Baros

Let the blacksmith wear the chains he has himself made

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a character in “Vilentia: The Forsaken Ones”, as played by Arik223


Name: Aphiel


Age: 29

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 195lbs

Basic Personality: Aphiel is serious and hard working. He takes pride in his work, and always keeps a promise. Aphiel believes that respect is earned and not deserved. Aphiel is usually calm, and not one to get angry quickly, but if he does it won't be pretty. Aphiel is a superstitious man, with daily routines and habits that he follows. Although Aphiel is great at being a blacksmith, he yearns for adventure has always wondered if there isn't something else out there calling his name. His mind is usually preoccupied with the unknown. When Aphiel isn't smithing, he trains with the weapons he creates.

Basic Background: Aphiel comes from a long line of blacksmiths. His mother and father were both blacksmiths, as were their parents before them. Aphiel and his ancestors before him have lived in the same waterfront city for generations, and are known to be most respectable and skilled blacksmiths in town. With such a reputation comes a lot of responsibility. Aphiels spent most of his childhood being an apprentice to his parents and learning to become a master blacksmith. From a young age, Aphiel knew that his heart was not fully in it, and that there is a strong desire in his heart to explore the world. He had only seen inside the walls of his city, and on rare occasions the surrounding forests. Aphiel would normally train in secret, practicing with swords he had crafted. When Aphiel was about 19, both of his parents taken ill and passed away, leaving Aphiel with the responsibility of carrying the family torch. Just how much longer can Aphiel be a blacksmith before going to pursue his dreams of seeing the world?

So begins...

Aphiel Baros's Story