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Hale Soygazi

No thank you, Harry

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a character in “villains”, as played by alicevher


"No thank you, Harry," she said in response to him asking if they wanted any drinks, holding up her mostly full glass as an answer. Her eyebrow arched as Zeke pulled a flask from his pocket, declaring it to be blue label. A sharp but playful retort was on her tongue, but she held it back; a good decision as she saw Shay's reaction to the question. It seemed genuine enough, but Rin felt like there was something else there. Something she didn't dwell too hard on. It wasn't her place to pry. She felt like Shailene would afford her the same courtesy.

"I completely agree. However, despite my best efforts and the sheer amount of top quality alcohol on offer, people just don't seem to be in to it," she remarked, glancing around. God, her parties used to be legendary, and she'd be damned if this one went down as a failure. Had even more rumours about her family, hell, Rin herself gotten out? Had any of them even been true? She shrugged it away as Harry reappeared with a glass of red wine for Shay and a glass of what looked like Coke, presumably with something else. She held up her glass to them.

"Here's to fresh starts. Leaving the past behind and all that jazz," she declared. "Now, what do they say? The best leader leads by example? Well, then, gentlemen and lady, I think that's exactly what we need to do." She drained her glass and started for the nearest dance floor, hoping they would follow. She could feel the eyes following her, and that gave her a steely determination. She was Trinity Davenport, and she would give them something to talk about if it killed her. But this party would not be deemed a failure. Whatever else happened, it would not be a failure.

So begins...

Hale Soygazi's Story


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