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Amber Orland

~ I am who I am, no use in changing. ~

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a character in “Viral Outbreak”, as played by LogantheCope



{ "Sorry in advance for the strange things I say." }


|{Full Name}|
Ambrosia Mae Orland
"No, I'm not joking."

"Call me Ambrosia and I'll never talk to you again."

"Why does it matter?"

"Got a problem with it?"

Trench Knife - Something her grandfather once owned. He kept it in pristine condition and it is surprisingly very sharp for being so old.
"Its kind of a family heirloom but I'm sure pop-pop won't care if I use it."

Her Own Home (More detail on that later)

College Student


|{Hobbies || Talents}|
- Yoga; Pretty much the only kind of bending she likes to do, its a super lame hobby but she loves it.

- Blogging; She runs - or rather ran - a blog dedicated to her childhood was a big hit for a while.

- Jogging; One of her favorite things to do to blow off some steam, that doesn't involve whispering woosah to herself a million times in order to calm down.

- Juggling; The Weirdest skill she has, she blames the Internet for this one.

- Making people feel uncomfortable; Okay so maybe its not much of a talent, so sue her.

- Self-Defense; She took a class once at the behest of her brother, and now she can pretty much handle herself in a fight.

- Hiding; If theres one thing Amber is good at, its finding a quick place to hide.

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
- An irrational fear of Aliens; She watched "Signs" Once and didn't sleep for a week.

- Absolutely hates Lightening/Thunder; Had a bad experience as a child and hasn't spoken of it since.

- Bats; Went into a cave once on one of those tour-thingies they have in Colorado, and got smacked in the face by one.

- Gets bored easy; If it isn't fun she isn't doing it.

- Has a hard time with change; Childhood trauma, yadda, yadda, yadda.

- Bad at making conversations happen; It happens, especially when you have a brother who enables your socially awkward ways.

- Emotionally inept; Pretty much the same as above.


Amber is pretty average, so to say, with looks that aren't spectacular or overdone. She isn't big on make-up so she usually doesn't wear much and prides herself on not looking like a troll without it. Her hair is long, mousy brown in color, she keeps it tied up whenever it starts to annoy her by flying into her face. Her eyes are brown as well, and seem to show the most emotion most of the time. She's rather short, standing at 5'4" and weighing little over 130lbs. She isn't exactly skinny, but isn't overweight either. In general she seems to smile a lot, but most of the time its from discomfort or sudden anxiety. She dresses in simple clothes, plain t-shirts and jeans. A pair of beat up high-top converse shes had forever, and a jacket whenever shes feeling chilly. She doesn't have any tattoos simply because she doesn't think she can handle sitting still for that long to get one. Her ears are pierced but 80% of the time she forgets to put in any earrings.

{Reckless, Sarcastic, Caring, Awkward}

Her reckless nature has always gotten her into trouble, no matter what the situation. She seems to be unable to sit or stand still for too long, always needing to occupy herself with anything. If she isn't multi-tasking and keeping herself busy she starts to think too much. When she thinks to much she begins to go a little nuts with the stuff she thinks up. She gets extremely stir crazy if she is unable to leave her home for some time, despite hating most social events. She will attend social gathering just for the sake of not being stuck at home. For the most part Amber isn't all that complicated, her quite nature could suggest that she is shy but rather its more insecurity than anything else. She is self conscious at the best of times and at the worst she is downright self-hating. Of course when anything bad happens Amber always blames herself for it. Which is kind of the number one reason she hates when things change.

Amber is extremely sarcastic when she wants to be, and half the stuff she says can come out sounding either really rude or really stupid - depending on the situation. She doesn't intend to hurt peoples feelings though, as she is a rather caring individual. Its just that her filter may need a little bit of dusting off every now and again for her to actually say anything resembling serious. Amber can be downright awkward at times, as she is about as bad at handling social situations as she is at handling her own emotions.


Amber could go on and on about her childhood, and it can be said that she misses it dearly. Contrary to what most would first think Amber did not grow up an only child, and in fact had an older brother whom she spent most of her time with. Despite being two years older Tim (AKA Timothy Orland) didn't exactly mind having his younger sister hang around. Which Amber as a child thought was mega cool. They were for the most part inseparable, and the kind of children that would find any way to make trouble wherever they went. Their summers were mostly spent at their Aunts house in Colorado, where they would go on many "adventures." But as most tend to do, as they got older their dynamic started changing. Tims teenage years put a rift between them, and though Amber didn't really understand why he wasn't hanging out with her she tried to take it as best she could. It didn't help that for her, making friends was nearly impossible. She spent the last two years of elementary school friendless and lonely, and the transition to middle school made it even worse. Eventually her separation from her brother became a good thing, she learned to be independent and deal with things on her own.

As she got older the rift between her brother and herself began to mend itself. Until things began to go down hill, their parents were fighting almost constantly and the bills began to pile up. The threat of divorce hung heavily over the household for several months. Fortunately it never went any further than a threat, but the stress of those months had amounted to something akin to a tension in the household. Amber did everything she could to escape the tense situations but things were never the same after that. Her last few years of high school had her in and out of part-time jobs. Trying to hold down something stable so she could move out of her parents house. She just never seemed able to keep one, but never stopped trying either. Eventually she went on to College, hoping to find somewhere suitable to work after getting a few more school years out of her system.

Her one and only saving grace was when she met Shane. They had met at a Cafe Amber was working at, at the time Amber hadn't exactly expected to end up in a relationship. But Shane was...Special, different from most and somehow Amber found herself able to talk to her much easier than she ever had been able to talk to anyone before. Things were going great for the year that they were together, and Amber had even managed to come out of her shell with Shane around. Until she caught Shane with another woman...Amber was devastated, angry, and above all else in utter disbelief.


|{Face Claim}|
Ellen Page

|{Dialogue Color}|



So begins...

Amber Orland's Story


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#, as written by Chandz


Time: Midday
Virus Status: 7 Weeks Active
Current Location: Driving down an empty highway
Personal Status: Healthy/Alone

With road stretched out for miles ahead of him, Declan could only hope for empty roads. He knew that the chances of having roads stretch out for miles without a Zygr'n in sight was something just short of a dream. The fact of the matter was that more often than not, one couldn't turn a corner without seeing at least a small group of them, let alone one of them. Declan had been driving on this stretch of road for a while now, encountering a group of the dead every couple of miles. Rather than driving by them, Declan finds it almost necessary to pull his Jeep over on the side of the road and grab the shotgun out of the back of his car. He'll brazenly walk over to the lot of them and take the shotgun to each of their heads. He makes sure to stand at a distance from them with a simple face mask over his nose and mouth. Dec has no idea how these stupid shits work. He knows as much as much as how to kill them - he learned that you have to get rid of the head otherwise you'll just be dead people food - and that if you get scratched or bit by one, you're essentially screwed.

With his Jeep filled with as many of the the materials he could find ranging from guns and ammo, and any nonperishable foods he could scavenge along the way at any of the houses he found his way into, Declan made his way to the city. Essentially he knew it was a bad idea but he was running out of materials that were really necessary, weapons and gasoline. He needed to get into an ammunition store to see if he could find anything that could help and he needed to find a gas station. Along with the material stuck in the back of his Jeep, was a radio that Declan used to try to radio to anyone who could hear. Declan kept it on often just in case but he usually only just heard static come from the device. Declan clicked it off - he was getting sick of listening to the white noise - not there was anything else to listen to, ever since the outbreak nearly everything electronic stopped working.

Declan rode to the entrance of the city, stopping as he reached the sign that read "Welcome to Chicago." Declan put the car in park and stepped out, walking around his car. He stopped to look at the sign for a quick second, ran his hand through his hair and sighed, blowing air out of his mouth loudly. "Here we go." He walked to the trunk of his car and pulled out an utility built, within the belt was a handgun, a walkie talkie, a few smoke bombs and his knife. He buckled it around his waist and got back into the driver seat of the jeep. He took the car out of park and accelerated towards the inside of the city.

Reaching the inside of the city, Declan parked his car within an alley. He turned the car off and put the keys in his utility belt. He started walking towards the inner parts of the city. He needed to get his materials as quickly as possible and then he needed to get the hell out of dodge. He walked down a street filled with dead bodies, some missing heads, all around the streets. Cars were stopped and open, debris from the looting all over the place. With each step Declan took was a crunching of glass under him, Dec walked carefully to not draw any unwanted attention to himself. Dec drew his glock from his belt and aimed it out in front of him. He needed to be ready for anything that came his way. The man peered out in front of him and noticed a police station ahead of him across the street. He quickly made his way towards the station, hoping that he'd be able to get the weapons he needed from there.


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Dr Belle Attie. She didn't really have a field of medicine she preferred. She was into it all. She just worked where needed. She since the disease had been working non stop on finding a cure. Some and most other doctors with their family trying to be home and spend time with their families.

Unlike everyone else she was alone most of her life anyone. Her mother dead. Her father living with another family so that didn't matter. Though she had bought food and journals to write down what happens each time. She found it was a lot of extra work but it was worth it so the future people might read it or need it.

Belle went down the stairs of the hospital and she went into the on-call room. She had been making that into a bedroom sorts and made a bunk bed with a rack of fresh clothing for her. Mainly her lab coat and scrubs. Since she practically lived in wearing those kind of clothes anyway.

She changed into her outfit and put her gun in the back of her pants.

She wanted to save lives. But she needed to save her own because maybe out in the world there were other doctors trying to save people from the virus too but she felt alone in the matter. She felt like she was the only one who cared about her job and about doing the right thing.

She walked down the halls to an office with a microscope and looked into it looking at the mechanism that she had collected of the virus. "This is going to be a long day!"