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Jackson Young

"What are you looking at?"

0 · 130 views · located in Present Day America

a character in “Viral”, as played by DLTrapKeep


Jackson Young (Goes by Jay, or Jacks)






None as of yet.

Standoffish, Stubborn, Aggressive, Quiet, Cold, Careful, Considerate, Honest, Morally inclined.

Likes- Smoking, Horror Movies, Fighting, Candles, Rocks, Nighttime, Rain.
Dislikes- The color pink, Crowds, Sleep, Artificial light, Thieves


Skills/Advantages- Strong Boxer, Fast reaction time, Fast Runner, Good hearing, Good eyesight

Weakness/Disadvantages - Mild Paranoia, Short fuse, Disregards own safety in lieu of violence, Not good in a team, Ignorant of others feelings.

Brief Background Story

Jackson grew up the same as most inner-city youth do. Surrounded by dope, gangs, and violence. Mom was never around, usually off selling herself for a piece, and dad got laid out when Jackson was just 6. The local plaza runners took him in, got him into fighting first, then boxing. Once he was 14, he began doing hits for cash. by the time he reached 19, he had enough money to get out. Moved in with a girl he had been seeing, from the outskirts of the eastside. Three days in, she snuck off with a pillowcase of his cash and never came back. He snapped, any bit of faith he had in humanity was gone. Fuck em all, they can all get it.

Jackson showed back up in the plaza the next day, took his old spot back, and started working for the boys again. Four years passed, and he had once again, saved enough to get out. Long story short, he saw a post on facebook looking for a roommate, and decided to see. He met his roommate, paid him 6 months up front, and that was that.

He mostly sits in his room alone watching horror movies, staring at his rock collection, or on the balcony smoking cigarettes and the occasional joint.


PS: Can I switch the FC?

So begins...

Jackson Young's Story