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Elliot Noon

"An avatar is more than just superficial changes."

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a character in “Virtual Loss”, as played by Cienpher


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Elliot Noon

Real Life Appearance; When he entered the game, Elliot didn’t mess around with the avatar creator too much – in fact, anyone who knows him in real life would easily be able to identify him. After all, he kept his lean build, his all five feet eleven inches of his height, and he still wears that ever-present peaceful smile. They would, however, be surprised by his choice in coloring. Never would they have expected him to go with such striking, outlandish hues for his avatar.

Firstly, his soft dark hair has been replaced by a starling shade of red – a shade far too vivid to be natural. It’s a color that would stand out wherever he goes, and his attire adopts a similar concept in a more muted manner. Although he doesn’t really care what he wears as long as it is comfortable and presentable, Elliot’s donned a semi-casual look for this game, all in warmer hues. The dark red vest may match his hair, but it is a stark contrast to his pale skin. Peculiarly enough, although he was fair to begin with, Elliot has altered his skin to a shade that is unnaturally white. Paler than death, some might say.

However, perhaps more peculiar than everything else (which is, indeed, peculiar enough already) would be the clashing hue of his eyes. Although he has clearly taken to a red-based color scheme, the color of his eyes deviates from the pattern drastically – Elliot has retouched his eyes into a completely unnatural, almost eerie shade of aqua blue.

All in all, it’s no question that Elliot’s online avatar is quite the memorable figure.

“It turned out flashier than I expected, but what’s done is done.”


“Hm… you tell me. Is it a misnomer?”

“Let’s just say I needed this game. I’m not saying more.”

“Hm. I wonder what the legal age in a virtual world is…”

“Haha, sorry. I didn’t think you all blind. My mistake” *smile*

“Well, now we’re getting a tad personal, aren’t we?”

Love Interest:
None ((for now))
“Some things are better left unspoken.”

Personal Information


oHelping Others (reality)Helping Others (game)x
oPeace (reality)Peace (game)x
oStrawberry MilkSpicy Foodsx
oDrawingCriticism x
oNicknamesHis Real Name x
oPlayer KillingPeople who don’t separate games from realityx

‘Well don’t I sound wonderfully bipolar…’

At first glance in Virtual Loss, Elliot might seem a calm and pleasant person – he wears a placid smile and has this sense of peace about him. However, just a short bout of interaction reveals that beneath a layer of whimsical words and apparent sensibility, he actually doesn’t take much of anything seriously at all. As he would put it, “If it’s a game, then we should play.” Now, perhaps that statement would be better received if it didn’t always have that teasing lilt to the words. It’s obvious that he isn’t intentionally being malicious, but it’s also clear that he doesn’t really care what others think of him.

The simplest summary: he seems mature, but he purposefully acts childish and insouciant.

That’s actually because, to Elliot, virtual reality is an escape from the pressures of the real world, a paradise for a childish side he can’t express in his daily life. It’s because of this that he can be completely carefree in this game. Although much of his behavior can be disagreeable (… unwarranted teasing, purposefully stirring up trouble, deliberately making bad decisions just to see what happens, player killing, loot stealing, etc…), it is also obvious that he seems rather calm and at peace in Novum Vita-.

See, make no mistake – Elliot isn’t a bad person. No, in fact, those who know him in real life would call him an exemplary young man. In real life, he is the antithesis of his online persona. Compassionate and hardworking, he is renowned for his ever-pleasant nature and willingness to help others. He is reliable, and those who know him would say that being around him is almost a calming experience, as if all the bad things are just sucked away. They are so caught up in his successes that they don’t notice that he wears that placid smile like a bad habit – tired and unintentional. This disciplined, peacekeeping, mild-mannered role model is also Elliot Noon.

In his mind, his real life persona is part of an elaborate façade, designed to satisfy his family and peers. His smile has lost meaning as he lived life trying to fit a mold made by others. At the same time, his free-spirited online persona is another costume, designed simply to counteract and balance out the other – to grant him the freedom he doesn’t have in real life. Elliot makes a clear distinction between the two personas, just like he makes a clear distinction between games and reality.

So what happens when games and reality become one and the same?

Well, the poor soul will be at quite a loss for what to do. Elliot was raised in a very ‘rational’ environment, where fairies were fake, spirits were a sham, and getting stuck in a virtual world only belonged in science fiction. Couple this with a bad tendency to only see the things that support his beliefs and ignore the things that go against them, and we have the young man in quite the dangerous situation. The instant he realizes that games and reality are no longer separate entities, that there are severe consequences to his actions online as well, there will be a lot of decisions he regrets making. Should that happen, he would lose his refuge from responsibility and his peace of mind. He wouldn’t know what to do or to think.

And thus, here we have the two facades – then what is his true personality? Well, Elliot doesn’t know. Perhaps it’s the unseen balance between the two, and perhaps as games and reality begin to merge, the two personalities will as well. Perhaps this journey will be good for him.

… Perhaps.

“Yes, yes – are you quite done invading my psyche now?”

- Switchblade
- Signal Whistle
- Sleep Bomb x2
- Smoke Bomb x5
- Rations
- 2m Square of Waterproof Cloth

Simply put, Elliot is far from a sharpshooter. He can handle anything pretty well as long as it isn’t a projectile. As for his initial weapon of choice, a low-level scythe seemed pretty cool until it started glitching… damn bootleg copy of the game. Instead of solid, the scythe seems to be a semi-holographic projection of sorts, and his attacks only succeed about three out of every five attempts – more often than not, the blade just phases harmlessly through its target or even worse, phases partway and then gets stuck in whatever it was swinging through. Well, he has a switchblade with him too, but that’s already proved itself pretty useless.

“I’d be lying if I said I’m not disappointed…”

Elliot never went for the typical power in games, and he’s gone and done it again – he doubts that many people choose the injury transfer ability. It’s not exactly the most efficient, but at least it’s unique – given that he has enough energy and can make prolonged physical contact, he can transfer any injuries he has sustained to his opponent instead. The more damaging the injury, the more energy and concentration it takes to transfer. Due to these limitations, it can be rather difficult to use as an offensive ability. However, this can be a beneficial power in terms of support, since he can opt to transfer the injuries of others over to himself instead.

Multitasking – Elliot is well rehearsed in the difficult talent of multitasking. He can juggle up to five things at once and complete all tasks to decent quality.

Silvertongued – There’s a reason why he’s the peacekeeper in real life, and that’s because he knows how to talk! Elliot’s persuasive abilities are above average, and whereas they’re used in real life for negotiation, online it might be better to say that he uses them for manipulation instead.

Ever since he was a little boy, Elliot’s parents told him to become someone great. Now, perhaps these words were meant to be encouraging, but after the words were repeated a hundred times over, a mantra of sorts seared into a child’s mind, the encouragement became little more than pressure. It wasn’t a hope that he would become someone great – it was an order: he must become someone great. To sum up his days as a student, the boy worked abnormally hard for a child in order to be a perfect – someone his parents could be proud of. It was the start of what would grow to be a negative cycle of meeting impossible expectations.

By the time he realized what it really meant to meet every expectation, satisfy every person he met, it was too late. He had already ventured too far in. Once he entered high school, his parents began checking in on him regularly to make sure he was studying and not getting distracted, and everything just got even harder to manage… And, well, the rest of his school years are unimportant. Top ten grades of his grade every year? Check. Eventual student council president? Check. Check. Check. He built up a reputation as a role model, the one people could always ask for help, the one who always had a smile to share, the one who could make all the bad things go away – compassionate and reliable. Unwittingly, by trying to satisfy his parents, Elliot had cast himself into a mold from which he couldn’t break away. But it didn’t matter. All this is irrelevant.

What is relevant is when he started to turn to the internet. Thanks to his parents’ surveillance, his introduction to online media was relatively late compared to that of his peers – he only got to mess around with it starting in his third year of high school. However, the first thing he realized was this: the internet can be anonymous. He wasn’t going to be held responsible for anything he did or said as long as he was careful. There was no image to uphold. It was a form of freedom he didn’t have in real life. He didn’t start online games until his first year of university – he couldn’t when he lived with his parents because they would have thrown a fit. However, in the safety of his dorm room, away from the expectant eyes of professors, family, and his peers, he began to delve into different virtual worlds.

He turned to online games.

There, he was the antithesis of his real life persona: rebellious, conceited, uncaring of how people perceived him. He made stupid decisions on a whim, did crazy things – player killing, loot stealing, if it didn’t get him banned, he didn’t mind doing it. After all, it was just a game… but that was exactly why it still wasn’t enough. That was just clacking on some keys and speaking into a mike. That wasn’t really ‘him’ at all. He still wasn’t free. He was just deluding himself.

So when his friends picked up on the hype about a virtual reality experience, he laughed and told them to study for exams… but secretly kept the name in mind. Virtual Loss. Virtual Loss. Was that the answer? If he could enter the game world for himself, a world with no real consequences and no expectations, would he be able to find the self he lost somewhere along the way? Deluded by this question, he signed up for the chance to be a beta tester for the game.

He didn’t win.

That should have stopped him, but it didn’t. Instead, the more he tried to forget, the more Elliot realized how dissatisfied he was in his current life. He wanted to break away from the mold he had shaped himself to fit, but he couldn’t do it alone, and there was no one around to help. His only chance was that game. Virtual Reality. That’s what he believed.

So he found a pirated copy and some less-than-authentic-looking equipment… but he was willing to give it a shot. Whatever happens couldn’t be worse than the nonsense in real life, right?

“I think we’re quite done here.”


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