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Lewis Caldecott

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a character in “Virtual Reality is the better Reality”, as played by flickery


Name- Lewis Leighton Caldecott
Age- 21
Gender- MaleImage
Appearance- Very Pale skin from almost never going outdoors with stubble still clinging to his jaw, Lewis keeps his hair long, rather -he doesn't spend any effort trimming it. Instead, he just lets it break off to whatever length it desires. This is the only sign of who he truly is, for otherwise he dresses impeccably for any occasion, almost to a sense of style. He also appears to greet everyone he meets with a certain cheer and charm that would easily make him friends, along with a dollop of humour. If there was a World Record for The Best First Impression, it would be the one he makes.

Personality- Outgoing (doesn't mean he goes out, just aggressively active), friendly, helpful and overall good guy. He's always there to lend a hand or to advise you on something. Dilligent to his work, his colleagues look up to him and he often treats them to drinks. A soul who seems predisposed to violence but is always the first to stand up for the ladies.

Hobbies- Detective Novels, Cooking, Gaming.
Romance- Highschool girlfriend, College girlfriend.
Orientation- Appears heterosexual *see in-game character
Work- Engineer
Other- Lewis is a Gaijin, directly translated alien in the japanese language. He moved to where he is from Britain roughly three years ago.
Location- Japan, Kumagawa
Username- age_limit

Virtual Reality character

War Tiger (more of a title than a name)
Physiologically 21
*Males are refered to as Beast-men while females are called Nekos.

Of the beast-men race and generally sturdy-tall, he looks like a veteran player in the way he wields his weapons but looks can be decieving. For he is statisically a beginner character, with no particular abilities. His hair is of the same colour in real life, the programme picked the race and appearance for him when he loaded.

His true personality, apathatic, insensitive and honest to good "Dead Inside". His virtual reality life is the only one time he can truly be himself without all the social norms, finally he can peel off that mask and stop being his ideal self. He seems more interested in finding glitches than 'leveling up' per say, while realizing it is necessary, he doesn't go out of his way to do it unless there's some reason. He can some times be cheery but that's really just a transition phase, it's hard to kick old habits.

Two worn cutlasses.

Portable Dimensional Box, an event quest-only item that let him carry half more inventory and allows him to pull them out quickly without carrying a backpack. From "Lost Shrine of Marriam" quest.

None. Has more than enough experience to gain some but hasn't picked any.

Romance: None so far.
Orientation: Has mild heterosexual tendencies but seems otherwise insensitive to it.
Work: Disenchanter. He recieves daily quests from Arcaneaum (Magick Shop) in the starting town.
Other: He hasn't picked any 'class' or techniques and is generally considered a level one.


This profile can change and is expected to change in time.

So begins...

Lewis Caldecott's Story

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"Ah yes Yoshine-san, I'll of course be going to her wedding!"

"Say, you wanna come with me? Bring along someone too. Okay, great!"

"I know, right? Shame those Grade-A loins will be off the market. Send Taichi my condolences."

A young blonde man jovially sauntered down the street as he talked on his phone with his buddies, greeting neighbours as they passed. Old-Lady Hakida, who was watching him from her laundry stand, would often tease him about about some of his lewd comments. But in time, even she got used to it, it was his way of mixing in with his over-active colleagues at work and the young man never meant any harm. He was often respectful and would even come over to teach her some English in his free time, company that an old woman could occasionally use in this quiet neighbourhood especially when her children were often abroad.

"Hi Mrs. Hakida." The youngster waved back, pressing his thumb to the speaker as he noticed her squat figure amongst the drying white sheets, startling the discreet old woman who quickly darted back behind her laundry. Even at her age, she could tell he was a handsome man who was...or at least not bad-looking. 6' Tall, well-dressed and impeccably polite, despite his fractured use of the japanese language. Rich too, she guessed, anyone who lived in this area was usually well-off afterall. His house looked well furbished on the outside, with a roof top garden and back up generator, but she has never gone the inside before. No one has for three years. The only furniture she's ever seen was the door plague outside his house, it read in English "Lewis Caldecott".


Locking the doorknob, he let out an tired sign of relief and hung up the phone, leaning against the door till it shut. He stood there for a few moments, dangling his head and letting the briefcase slip from his hands to his feet. It took a long while.

...And then he looked back up.

His entire expression had changed. An emotional blank slate. No longer was there the mirthy smile that was there a few seconds ago, instead his lips were pursed in a rulered line. His eyes glazed over as they stared blankly at the halls devoid of furniture and his limbs automonously picked up the briefcase and dropped it on the shelf. Passing the doorway, he turned to look at a list of names tacked to the wall.

"Relationships with Other People" it read.

And put a tick besides the name "Hakida Omimura", then dropped the pen and walked off without any lingering sign of interest. The rest of the dwelling was dim with barely any light shining through, it's curtains were closed and dust settled anywhere untouched by humans. The coffee table, sofa, T.V -all covered in a thin layer of grey powder. The only semblance of life in there were the flickering monitors of a high-tech VRPU in a dark corner, to which Lewis soon parked himself in front.

Username: age_limit

Password: *******

"Welcome to the Realms of Destiny."


When sense of reality returned, he found himself set in an incredible scenery. Stretching far beyond his vision was a vast cityscape littered buildings of all sorts, streets intertwined between them paved with cobblestone. The open areas were patrolled by Knights and humans mingled freely with different races, even the air smelled crisper than usual.

And when he looked down at his hands, they were large, scarred and covered in short yellow hairs. His virtual avatar was a large, muscular tiger-like human, of a race called Beastmen, the females were called Nekos which meant cat in japanese. At six feet eleven inches tall, more or less, he wore clothes that looked like they belonged on a mountain bandit. An unmodest open vest and knee length trousers held up by a thick belt with a golden buckle, along with bandages that covered his wrist and ankles that provided support when performing tougher movements. There were two sets of stripes that ran down the side of his cheeks, as well as another two across his shoulders. His unruly hair was loosely tied back with a strip of cloth, which was long enough to reach behind his waist where his tail was. A long corona of yellow and brown.

When he looked up with two sets of bright green eyes, he saw at the left most corner of his vision. Character Name: War Tiger (Confirm?). In blue transparent words. Of course only he would see it, as it was a popup reminding him to confirm his character name. Which till now, he hasn't decided to, among other things.

Many players do an entrance move as soon as they "break-into" the New World, skillfully brandishing their weapons or casting customized-spells that displayed their aptitude with magick. Speaking of which, in front of him, a magician sent a wave of blue energy rippling across the ground from his staff.

War Tiger, however, just turned and walked to the right with padded feet -having made no special moves to show whatsoever.

"Check Mail. Code 2013." He recited monotonously, standing next to a mailbox. To which a furled parchment digitalized into existence inside the box's compartment, it was from the Arcaneum -one of the city's magick shops. It was also where he recieved his daily quests from. Many players had in-game occupations in this world which was constantly evolving, jobs provided a means of obtaining items and experience. Some also provided skills which were required complete the tasks given. It was an alternative way to make your way around the world, there were all sorts of tasks for people who did not feel like bounty hunting monsters. He was a Disenchanter.


The letter read:

A Flask of Purest'h Water

One Lost'h Souls

Thrice'th Broken Wandss

I need'th thou tae bring'eth these'th thingss tae myself before'th sundown...'th, no time'th tae explaineth they are'th urgenth.


After reading it, he crumpled the paper and chucked it in his pocket.

The open parts of the city were not hard to navigate after someone has been in there for sometime, he would first need to find a place where the water flowed clear and there was one nearby. It didn't take him long to reach the edge of town, ten minutes at most, where it was surrounded by a river. Unplugging a vial, he knelt down by the bridge and dipped it, along with his hands into the stream. Letting the clear water seep in. He would later take it to an Alchemist to be refined.

The second part, a Lost soul, however.

There were two, no, one more person left at the bridge. On the opposite bank. By the waters, frolicking, was a gryphon looking creature, it looked like it was tamed by the cat-like female sitting beside it. This was the first gryphon he has seen so far, they were usually rare and from what he knows are higher tier monsters. Then a Neko, someone as the same race with him.

"Do you ...know where I can find ...people dead?" He would say in a low-growly tone, looking straight at them. Though unwittingly, it sounded like he was asking for an assassin.

It wasn't hard approaching complete strangers. There were only two answers they could give, yes and no. If it's not one, it's the other. If even they do not know, there was a Mage earlier at the blacksmith's shop, their kind were usually thought to be more knowledgeable on these matters.

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A small smile had perched itself onto her face as she stared at the river, however she knew she would be leaving soon. Nightmare never stayed in one spot for too long. She pushed herself away from the wall slightly just as someone aproched her. Her eyes gazed at the creature before her head tilted to the side slightly. It wasn't every day you see a Gryphon character. They truely were a rare breed, however they were also fascinating.

She gave a small wave as she watched the creature dunk its head into the water. A small snicker escaped her as she knew the water was cold and would probably be cold to the gryphon too. Quickly, it brought its head back up and made a odd laughing sound, which reminded Nightmare of some sort of purring sound she had heard before.
"This is amazing! I'm Espik Nord, by the way. What's your name?"
Nightmare's neko ears perked up in interest before she spoke. "I'm Nightmare." She replied before bowing her head respectfully. Normally, Nightmare was more child-like and possibly less respectful, however seeing as gryphons were feirce creatures she decided it was time to be a little mature. "Its nice to meet you." She purred before moving her gaze down to the small river.

As she stood there though, someone on the other side of the river caught her attention. Again, her neko ears perked up. The scent of something familiar was in the air. She sniffed the wind before realizing it was the scent of her kind, though it was male. Her green eyes locked onto the blonde figure before a smile crossed her face. "I don't see too many of them around..." She muttered, thought she was mainly thinking out loud.
"Do you ...know where I can find ...people dead?"
For a second, she had to think of what he said, since she could barely hear him. Her head tilted to the side and looked up at the sky as she thought about it. "Hmmm..." She thought about each place she had been and the ones she had heard of. "Well..." She began before moving her bright green eyes onto the blonde figure. "There is the Amalgar Forest. I'm pretty sure there are dead people there. There is also the Swamp of Nightmare, however I wouldn't recoment that place unless you have a good group of strong players with you." She informed him then thought of her horrible experiance in the swamp. Then again, her experiance didn't last long at all before she died and was sent backt to the City of Fate.

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Nightmare watched as Espik emerged herself in the water. A small smile formed as she watched the gryphon before her eyes moved onto the beast character. He was so...monotone, expressionless. It seemed odd to be so boring, however who was she to question it. Since most would find it odd that she was so childish compared to her age.
"I wonder what he needs a soul for.." She thought to herself before noticing him move. Her neko ears twitched as her eyes watched him closely. When he placed the coin in her hand, she simply looked at it.
"Your input has been appreciated."
Her head tilted to the side before she answered slowly, as if unsure. "Your welcome." No one was that kind, even if it was a small amount, people in the game hardly ever had courtesy. Her eyes stayed on her copper piece for a few more moments as she thought before her head jerked, eyes locked onto the beast man. "Would you like some help?" She asked, since he didn't look too experienced. "Those are both dangerous areas, so you might want to take someone with you."

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He nodded, folding his arms.

"Let's make a party then." Bringing his hand up in front of him, he began to type some commands on a transparent white screen that appeared that read the words "COMMUNITY". This was an old-style interface from the earlier stages of beta, from when voice activated commands were still in testing, few players continued to use it.

Shortly after, a see-through screen materialized before Nightmare and Espik.

PLAYER: War Tiger wishes to create a party with you.


"This will let us keep track of one another, in case we get split up. As well see some of each other's statistics." It seemed like he knew what he was doing, despite his overview showing that he was more 'underleveled' than them. His critical resistance and magic defense stats, were less than average with little to no contribution from his armor. He also seemed to have alot of unused skill points left.

"I've put a some points into Health and Parrying, I can tank. Are any of you healers?" He asked, using common gaming jargon, tanking was the act of soaking up and migating damage for the party while the other members worked to bring down the enemy. Efficiency was his priority as usual. The menu only displayed the most basic of information, such as armor and hit points, he could not see their abilities or the details of their characters. It was something players had to communicate with each other.

Just then, a small crowd formed near the bridge. He could hear it. Momentarily distracted by the commotion, he looked up and glanced over his shoulder. "Hm." He mused then turned back to his screen, his expression remained unchanged.

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Nightmare smiled and nodded at the beast man. When the party request appeared, she clicked 'y' before glancing over to Espik, who looked as if she would be joining them. She held the smile before looking to see the beast man's name. 'War Tiger'

"Forming a party would be a good idea." She stated before looking to Espik. She began to wonder what the gryphon's class was but decided she would wait to see if she joined the party. If she did, Nightmare could find out.

"I have plenty of healing potions and stones, but I am no healer." She explained to him before giving a small chuckle. "I'm glad you tank, because I'm not suited for it." She added then looked down at the river beside them. Her reflection was moving from the wind hitting the water, making her body look very odd. "I am fast though and good when in shadowy areas." She told him before looking back up at him.