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Victor Masakatsu

Twin blade samurai

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a character in “Virtual Reality Multiverse!”, as played by Zachy1993


Real Life

Name: Victor Ace

Age: 21

Description: Long hair dyed green tied back with a ponytail, wears small pair of glasses and has brown eyes. Tall and lanky, is softspoken and shy in the real world and works as a check out clerk at his local grocery store, when he says something its usually something important...if he speaks at all.

Background: Graduated high school in 2011 and has been working as the shy quiet check out clerk at the grocery store ever since. Hopes to one day attend college. Lives in a small apartment with his golden lab Russel.

In Game:

Name: Victor Masakatsu

Level: 39

Class: Samurai (custom class Martial Artist)


Flame Katana - Just like the name says, a custom made katana with a flaming blade.

Wind Wakizashi - the sidearm of a samurai, equipped with a gem in the handle that allows for powerful wind techniques.

Other Items:

Samurai Robes - Imbued with the scales of an eastern dragon, they glow with power and can repel certain attacks and keep the wearer safe

Straw Hat - Appears to be straw but has a special underweave that allows it to be thrown like a frisbee and caught again, can be used to throw at enemies.

Straw sandals - Just regular samurai sandals!

So begins...

Victor Masakatsu's Story

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