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Virtual Realm

Virtual Realm


With the creation of the most popular virtual online game, the technology used grabs the attention of hackers and online criminals alike. But when the use of viruses begin to enter the virtual world, the fun game might end up becoming a danger for all.

644 readers have visited Virtual Realm since Oblivian created it.


In the not so distant future, online gaming has advanced greatly, introducing the creation of one of the most advanced and popular online game, Elenia. Using and advanced system that allows one to personality interact within the virtual realm through the use of digital virtual reality. With the additional feature of players to fully customize their own specific and original character, it gives everyone the chance of being their own original and creative character within the online virtual land of Elenia. With the use of both a headset and a digitizing capsule, one literally becomes their character as their thoughts and movements are connected with their online character. As it's popularity grew throughout the world, it quickly changed from a simple online game to one of the main forms of interactions in both personal and business means all across the worlds. Using it's virtual planes to interact with others in a more advanced style then simple cam chats or instant messages, the virtual world of Elenia became the official online virtual world for both fun and businesses alike. Companies and even religious groups became part of the online world as they get their own locations within it's realm as a mean to take their work into the virtual world itself. But as popularity of the online world continues to grow, the activity of those wishing to cause trouble and crimes within the virtual realm grow as well. From simple Hackers wishing to cause trouble to Online Criminals using the online virtual world as a mean to commit crimes. As the threatening crimes continue to increase, specialists are hired to check on their systems as a mean to counter the increasing number of threats in the online world. But as simple hacking begins to grow more useless against the counter defense, a new form of weapon is starting to be used by the criminals....


Having been used in many such online crimes before, it's use within such an advanced virtual realm has never been done before due to how advanced the technology used for it has been. But as attempts are made, the use of viruses has started to surface throughout Elenia. At first it's uses have been simple, corrupting coding and data within the world as to damage it's system, but there have been a few events where the viruses themselves take a hold of one of the many AIs that are set with the creatures throughout Elenia. To this day, those events have only made such creatures more violent and capable of damaging coding and programs, but the threat that viruses can cause in an online system that connects to people's mind and body can still be much more dangerous. As a mean to try and find a way to counteract these potential threats forming in Elenia. But so far, such information has been kept from players as a mean to keep people from panicking. But the hidden threat slowly grows as more hackers and online criminals use viruses for their own reasons.

At this time, a group of young White Cap-Hackers begin their new job within the virtual world of Elenia, hired to help spot out weak points in security to decrease hacker and online criminal activity. Unknown to them, their actions within the virtual game will connect them with growing events, getting more then what they were paid for.


((Map will be made later on))

Welcome Player, to the world of Elenia. Before we send you off into the virtual world of Elenia, there are a few things that we must inform you about. First, do remember that while the world of Elenia may seem real, it is still an online virtual reality. For the safety and health of our players, take breaks as to avoid any problems that may happen from lack of sleep, work, or eating. Second, anyone wishing to start a business within Elenia must inform an Administrator, or a Director if it's part of a business in real life. Permission must be given before anything can be set up within Elenia. Lastly, before anything can be started in Elenia, you of course must create your own personal character that will represent you within Elenia.

In the process of making your character, you must first select the class type that it will be, Warrior, Magi, Beastkin, or Tech. The Warrior class is the most common type of class. This class is for those skilled with close range or old style weapon users from swords, arrows, even knuckles. The Magi class is for those who's skills concentrate in the use of magic or special powers. Magi types sometimes wield a weapon, but have little skills for them. The Beastkin class are those whose skills and appearance are similar to that of a certain creature. While very few use weapons, they make up for it with their animal-like strength and/or agility that they represent. Lastly, the Tech class are the ones that concentrate on the peek level of technology that exists in Elenia, either wielding it as a weapon, or having it as part of their body. Once you select the class type your character will belong to, the next step is making it. Using a fully customizing system, you can design and customize your character with a wide range of features so to make your character fully your own original creation. With the selected class chosen and your character's appearance set, all that's left is to set up the attack types for your character, for those moments that battle is your only option, and name your creation. Once your done, you will be sent and start off in your character type's "start point". Each class type is marked to start at it's specific continent so the player can practice controlling his or her new character first. Afterwards, one's starting point is switched to Central City, the large mechanical city located in the center of the vast ocean at an equal distance to all the other continents. There, news and events are announced for everyone while finals to tournaments are also held in the stadium there. Now, let's inform you on the other continents that make up the rest of Elenia.

Elenia is comprised of 5 main continents, each with their own terrain and culture to allow players to explore. Dividing each of them is a vast sea that holds a wide range of adventure on it's own in the water and many islands that can be discovered. For those a fan of a good sea adventure, ships are available to sail across the waters. Just keep an eye out for other players eager to have a sea battle.

The first of the 5 continents is Manra to the north west, made up of grassy plains and rivers. The clean environment that it has makes it the main home to Magik-type characters. Players who create a Magik-type character start off here. With such clear rivers and areas, studying and collecting material for such work is common in these parts. But while it is known for it's clean environment, growing settlements have begun to pollute a number of areas, creating Corrupt Lands which are portions of land that have turned into a violet muck filled area, filled with violent creatures and even undead. The main settlement in this land is Romark, also known for having the central religious power in all of Elenia. In it's grand church walls, players of different religions are able to practice their beliefs without having to leave to leave the comfort of their home.

The next continent is Savan just south of Manra and to the south west. This wilderness land made up of savannas and jungle terrain holds the widest variety of creatures and is the main home to Beastkin-type characters. Players who create a Beastkin-type character begin their adventure here with it's wild land. It has been untouched by settlements, having one a decent sized port named Coster to dock traveling ships that stop by. For those that wish to challenge their skills in hunting, Savan is the perfect place for a hunt.

The next two continents rest to the east, connected with each other by a land bridge. The northern one is a land of mountain range and forests called Elenor while the southern land is a vast desert called Renia. These two lands are home to Fighter- and Weapon Wielder-type characters. While both lands share character types, each area has a major difference.Elenor to the north holds the main center to all businesses that pay for their own special area in order to do business within the virtual realm itself. Because of this, the large city within it's mountain range, Olympus, is restricted to only those that are a part of those groups. The southern land of Renia is for regular players and houses a central market area,Ferox. Here many players can buy their equipment and items that they seek and is one of the only places where you can find special offers that are sold by the companies in Olympus.

Lastly, we have the two polar opposite lands to the north and south of Elenia, the volcanic region of Moltrak in the north, and the arctic region of [/b]Frosten[/b] to the south. Both areas are home to Tech-type characters and are a vast wasteland of their individual element. Moltrak is a massive volcanic region with several active volcanoes that surround the largest one of allMt. Moltra. In this harsh environment, Tech-types use the energy of the flowing magma to power their homes and newest creations to advance things farther. In the opposite side, at Frosten, the terrain is just as dangerous, even giving home to a number of strong creatures that have learned to survive in the freezing wasteland of ice and snow. Here, Tech-types spend their time inventing new devices and creations within the cold landscape they call home.

If you ever wish to look back on these in formations on Elenia, you can find them in the help section of the booklet that came with your system. Enjoy your visit into Elenia.

Character List

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((Your character's appearance in the game))

((the player's real life name))

((the character's name in Elenia))

((the player's real age))

[u][b]Display Age[/b][/u]
((the character's age appearance))

[u][b]Character Gender[/b][/u]
((the character gender))

((the player's real life gender))

((Warrior, Magi, Beastkin, or Tech))

((the weapon used by the character. simple right?))

((what the player does for a living))

((their personality..simple right?))

((details of their lives))

Toggle Rules

-Be Creative- When making a character, setting an event, or just posting, please use your creativity of yours to make it. I really don't like rushed work just to get up to date.
-Be Respectful- Remember that there are other people behind the characters. No killing off characters or controlling that of another person. Respect the other's character and no god modding in any form or other.
-Be Literate- I ask for at least semi para per post, and well typed in literacy and grammar. The better to understand the post, the better other's can reply to it.
-Be Active- Please don't join up if you are going to only appear to post once a month. If you DO have to be gone for awhile, let me know. Otherwise, I ask for at least coming online 3-4 times a week.
-Have Fun- This RP is for fun, so join to have fun. Simple as that. haha.

Taking place in...


Elenia by Oblivian


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Elenia by Oblivian


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