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New York City, The Apocalypse


a part of Virus, by desire99600.


desire99600 holds sovereignty over New York City, The Apocalypse, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,251 readers have been here.


Location for Virus
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New York City, The Apocalypse is a part of Virus.

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Mitchel Ray Crough [16] "Point me to the nearest bar."
Jaime Reese Jalbuna [13] "Forget what you know and learn what you encounter."
Shayla Bones [13] "Tread carefully around me. If you so much as walk in a way I don't agree with, you'll be dead before you see me."
Alana Cain [12] "Seriously. Tell me I'm too young one more time and I'll introduce my knife to your gut."
Suzie Taylor [11] "Aim that gun at my brother and I'll aim mine at your back."
Amber Lynn White [10] "There's no time for remorse when your life is on the line."
Robyn Isis Taylor [9] "I know I'm smiling, but I'm totally not having a fun apocalypse. I'm serious!"
Scarlett Anna James [8] Death does not scare me, only my mind.

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Character Portrait: Jaime Reese Jalbuna Character Portrait: Robyn Isis Taylor Character Portrait: Scarlett Anna James Character Portrait: Mitchel Ray Crough
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0.00 INK

The man on the roof gave her the universal "hold on" signal. Robyn just blinked owlishly at him. I'm not going anywhere, Mister Roof Guy, She thought, smiling slightly. I was thinking Disneyland, but what with the weather report saying the apocalypse is upon us, I don't think it would be the happiest place on Earth anymore.

She crawled out from under the bed. She wasn't going to let them risk themselves for her and not do anything. But she saw the guy and two others clambering down off the roof. There was a girl with a bow and a boy as well... A bow? That's a good weapon for right now. She thought. Too bad I don't know how to use one or I'd swap for this gun.

The scientist gazed out over the horizon. The Infected were lumbering towards some black smoke coiling into the air. Robyn didn't question it. She did climb out the window onto the fire escape after looking around to be sure no Infected were around or could see her.

C'mon, Roof people, She thought. Help me out, here!

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Character Portrait: Joseph Villers
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0.00 INK

Bang. The explosion flung Scarlett onto her back. The alcohol had kicked in by this time and the explosion merely startled her rather than sent her into a full blown pains attack. Faint colors swirled at the edges of her vision but the vodka had well and truly kicked in.

Scarlett scrambled for her bow and took another swig of vodka. She wasn't listening to Mitch as he talked but she saw him and Jaime moving toward a ladder. Heights did not frighten her and she slid deathly down the ladder after Mitch. Scarlet dropped from a few rungs up and landed next to Mitch. Scarlett pulled the bow from behind her back and pulled back the string warily. The steely feel felt familiar and comfortable in her delicate hands. Warmth spread through her hands an up her arms. She pulled a arrow from the sheath on her back and placed it between her sure fingers. Scarlett cleared her throat.

"I'm rusty, but with some practice I could be competent." She gestured with the arrow. The will to live was hot and slivered through her veins filling her body with an unfamiliar warmth. She took another swig from the vodka and placed the flask into her coat pocket. Scarlett did not know where they were going but she longed to feel useful.

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Character Portrait: Joseph Villers
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bosch
Five had been too many, he knew that now but at least it had worked the infected were definitely interested in his building now. He just hoped that left the streets clear enough up the block for those guys to rescue the kid.

He’d been hoping they could come pick him up too but a quick check of the clubs remaining CCTV cameras told him that was impossible. The place was completely surrounded as the weight of the infected pushing against the chain link fence had brought it down. On one hand this made him happy as it meant he been successful in causing the distraction but on the other he’d brought a few more to his doorstep than he’d counted on. He took a double take at the monitor when he saw infected on all fours that suddenly jumped out of shot and onto what he assumed was the fire escape.

“Pouncers.” He said remembering what a cop he had known had called them once.

He heard dull thuds from above and realised it was the pouncers throwing themselves against the door. They’d eventually break it down and then only the internal doors, which wouldn’t last long, would be his only protection.

He swore a lot as he collected his belongings and slung them into a rucksack making sure he got all the pain killers and ammo. He’d make a last stand but it wouldn’t be here as he wanted to take a few of the things with him.


He’d seen a movie once called 300 about how Gerard Butler’s Abdominals defeated a bunch of Egyptians or something. He couldn’t really remember much about the film except that the Abs’ plan was to funnel the attackers into a narrow valley so their numerical superiority wouldn’t be an issue. Joe figured what worked for the Abs could work for him. The only place he could think that would provide both range and the funnelling effect he was looking for was the basement.

It was dark and cold down there as well was pretty enclosed and Joe could feel himself becoming claustrophobic in the confines. The Basement consisted of stairs leading down to a long corridor which terminated when it reached the storeroom. It was in this corridor that Joe decided he’d make his stand. He checked the storage area for anything that might help him but found nothing but crates of booze, a Stanley knife and a crowbar. All useless.

He aimed his weapon at the door and began to wait.

The claustrophobia wasn’t abating and Joe knew the only way to deal with it was to focus on a task. He decided it would be wise to stack crates of booze in front of the door which might give him a couple of free shots while the infected tried to get in. He started to put the crates into position.

He had just started pushing the fourth crate when he noticed the manhole cover underneath it. He immediately abandoned any notion of a last stand and started scrabbling at the cover. He then regained his composure and realised there was no way he was lifting it like that.

He was standing in a storage room which meant there should be tools he started to trash the place in an effort to find something when he remembered the crowbar. He assaulted the cover with the satisfyingly heavy crowbar and was able to pry it up an inch but it was much heavier than he expected. He’d always thought in a situation like this people were supposed to get a burst of adrenaline induced strength like those stories about Mums who lift cars off their kids or whatever. Still the inch was enough, he braced himself against the wall and pushed the cover with his feet.
He could hear the infected upstairs now they were moving fast he’d only been in the basement for about fifteen minutes and it would only be a matter of time before they got to him.

“Move you bugger.” He pleaded with cover as he gave it one last heave that pushed it clear of the opening. He grabbed the crowbar then without wasting a moment started down the slippery ladder and into the sewer.

A small trickle of really dirty looking water ran through the middle of the concrete tunnel that was flanked by two walk ways that were connected by occasional bridges. Joe gaged at the smell and wondered briefly if the gas could kill him down there. Didn’t matter now, he was committed now but he covered his mouth and nose with a spare tee shirt he had in his pack, if anything to help with the smell. He looked up at the open man hole and figured the infected couldn’t be too far behind.

He started to jog although he had no idea what direction he was going in.

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Character Portrait: Alice Cheshnick
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0.00 INK

The sound of music could be heard faintly from some common alley. The zombies shuffled down the alley trying to locate the sound of their next meal. They found themselves staring at a pile of trash and had they any mental sense or memory left they would hear the oh so ironic tune from the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, Thriller. It was shortly after that they found the source as an mp3 player covered in blood as a make shift spear, aka a sharpened lead pipe lunged from a pile of trash and inserted itself snuggly into its head. One of the remaining three seemed to be taking a breath when a figure lunged forward and shoved a scalpel in it's throat and kept jamming it in and out until it fell.,

Alice looked the remaining zombie and smiles his cheshire smile as he hooked his foot and tripped it and then stepping on its back pushing it down and grabbing its arms and with a quick pull he dislocated both it's arms. He looked down and started to smash its head in with the pipe. He had gotten some more attention but killed the things again.

Alice wanted to find one of those unique ones. They were the perfect prey for him. Alice walked out of the alley to see a fire in the distance. He licked his lips as he rested his pipe over his shoulder as he walked casually along the sidewalk. Alice liked his pipe. He was glad he had thought of it. It was like the perfect weapon for a candidate like him. Alice hadn't seen another God-King candidate for awhile now. His smile broadened at the chance to see another one. He looked at the mp3 player he had earned from a former candidate.

Alice had been walking for awhile when he got hungry and decided he would make something to eat. He decided to look for a hotel and he woud raid it and then be on his way.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Thadine
Kade paused almost immediately, as if expecting for her to call for him. He turned to face her, secretly relieved that she had stopped him from leaving. Though he usually wasn’t one for human company, he was frustrated with having to resort to reading books to distract himself from the world. Perhaps some conversations, no matter how awkward, would keep him focused on something else. He often made big deals out of social situations with people, and usually planned out conversations and responses beforehand so he wasn’t surprised with anything. This encounter with her had been completely unexpected, which was why he seemed slightly dazed and acted withdrawn, enough to make him look suspicious of something.

He stared at her for a moment, his grip on the ladder loosening, hanging just barely from his fingertips. Yes, he wanted to travel with her. However, the words would not come out of his mouth; it was like something was caught in his throat. Curtly, he nodded his head, and gave a small, forced smile. It was as if he was trying to agree just with actions.

“I could...always u-use more food.” He muttered, inwardly cursing himself for having stuttered slightly within that sentence. He had been trying to get rid of that habit for years, yet it always showed up when he was nervous or afraid. Kade felt heat rise to his cheeks, and a light blush crawled over his features. He silently hoped that she wouldn’t notice. He always felt like he looked silly when he was embarrassed.

“And company.” He added quickly, trying to draw attention away from his slip-up before. “I’ve been traveling alone for...a while now. You don’t have to feel obligated to stay with me though, you could leave whenever.” Kade didn’t like looking at her for too long. His eyes wandered towards the street, focusing on the creatures below as they limped and stumbled along the pavement. Just watching them made him feel sick to his stomach, and he quickly changed his attention to his feet, staring at his black high tops. By the way he dressed, one could tell he was a student. However his odd colour combinations would have someone thinking he was colour blind.

Kade raised his free hand, tucking a strand of his light brown hair behind one ear, and turned towards the edge of the building, ready to continue along with the process of moving from structure to structure with the ladder. While setting it up to reach across, he felt his nerves already acting up.

“I don’t know if I can do this again.” He joked lightly.

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0.00 INK

Mitch looked around and plotted their next move. He peeked around the edge of the building to examine the street ahead. The infected were staggering towards the huge smoke cloud that was billowing in the sky. They needed to get to the other side of the building, undetected, and safe. The Window Woman is waiting for their help and Mitch was going to help her if that was the last thing he did. "Jaime, you go first, make sure to scout the area out before proceeding. Scarlett, you're going to follow Jaime quietly. I'll be right behind you guys covering the back." He looked at their faces to make sure they got the jist of things, giving Scarlett a god examining take make sure she was able to continue. "Go." Mitch watched Jaime as he stepped out of the safety of the alley. Jaime started walking towards the building cautiously with Scarlett in his shadow. Mitch let them get several steps ahead until stepping out of the alley to follow them. The infected that were straggling hadn't spotted them so they were good.

They made it to the building in one piece without alerting any of the near by zombies. Now how to get her out. Mitch thought to himself. He hadn't thought of that while he was still in the safety of the roof and kicked himself for it. They were just going to have to go inside and retrieve her from hiding. He thought of a plan and settled with the easiest one. "We're going to go in there, watch your steps and be quiet." Mitch walked over to the door and tried to look in the window to no avail. He slowly turned the door knob and it stopped. Fuck! It's locked. He thought, almost snarling his thoughts out loud. "We're going to have to find another way in." He stepped off the doorstep and walked to the alley next to the building. All of the windows were too high, hopefully there was a backdoor they could enter in. They walked through the alley very easily. Not a zombie in site. They spotted the back door and Jaime ran to it. He quickly turned the door knob and exalted that it was open. Before Mitch could stop him Jaime had already thrust the door open. Jaime wasn't paying attention to his surroundings enough to see the small group of infected that had made their way to the door from inside the building. Before Mitch could do anything the zombies grabbed and took him to the ground. They started scratching and biting at him. Jaime laid there and screamed, trying to fight the zombies off.

Mitch ran over, grabbing the hatchet from his belt and went to town on the zombies. He hacked and slashed until the very last zombie was dead. He breathed heavily, his face and clothes now covered in zombie blood and guts. He slumped over to Jaime's body, now barely recognizable and fell to his knees. Every breathe Jaime took, he gargled blood. There is no saving him Mitch... End his suffering. He looked into the young man's eyes. He had barely known him but still felt sorry for him. So young. Mitch grabbed Jaime's head, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Crack! Mitch broke his neck, ending his suffering. He stood up and looked at Scarlett. I wonder what she thinks of me now. I must look like a monster. There was not time for wondering, they needed to get the woman and get out of there, pronto.

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0.00 INK

Alice had made a quick sandwich and drank something that smelled like juice and seemed to okay still. He stepped over the undead who's spine he had broken with a nice kck to the back of the neck. He didn't kill it though. He did enjoy killing but since he felt his quota for the day had been fill he felt no need to kill something so pathetic. He navigated through the kitchen grabbing some knives and an apple and made his way passed several other zombies with the same condition as the one in the Kitchen. Glancing outside he saw no zombies present so he stepped out with his lovely makeshift spear.

He had doubled his efforts and pounced and pierced the brain of each zombie he came across in the alleys. It only the 'tweet' of a small bird that cuased Alice to pause and stare. It was an old man and his pet parrot. He had seen Alice on the street and realized it was his chance to get out of his apartment building.

Alice stared at the bird as his entire body tensed up.

'It is time,' Alice thought. The time for a test. Alice waited as the man stood therea bit confused.

"Uhm," the old started. "Are you alright? I don't think this is the time -"

Alice looked around and saw no zombies around, so he realized it was no competition. Without a second thought he lifted and jabbed the spear forward killing the old man in an instant.

"I win this round," he said as he bowed to the parrot which flew off, most likely to oversee another test. Alice walked on trying to remember where the smoke had come from

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Character Portrait: Robyn Isis Taylor
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0.00 INK

Robyn climbed down the fire escape slowly, pausing when she reached the next floor. She could see beneath her that the Infected outside weren't swarming. The man and the girl and the younger boy were headed towards the emergency exit in the alley between the two buildings. Robyn knew there were Infected inside. Odds that they're behind that door-- 100 to 1. Robyn thought. Of course, if we're talking numbers, probably enough to kill those guys. Hope they're immune. Oh wait. They'll probably just kill each other to be safe.

They disappeared from her view and then she heard screaming. Infected were coming towards them now, from a street or so away. Robyn froze before her brain started firing away rapid fire. Shoot? No, don't do that. But they're trapped here now. I'm sorry, Mister Roof Guy. This might not be the end, but it's pretty damned close. What do I do? I need an explosive. How do I make... Oh! She grinned to herself. Bleach. Thank you, household items! Bleach and salt should do it. She started back up but then realized that that solution would take time. Right, I don't HAVE time. Maybe a hydrogen bomb...? Damn it, I'm not at the lab... I don't have hydrocholoric acid. What else? Mentos and soda? She paused. Quicklime! She thought. That's it! I can make quicklime... I just need chalk... She climbed back into her room and began searching for chalk quietly. She managed to find two pieces. How fortunate is that...?

After putting on some gloves and a thick jacket she found in the closet, she went to the stove. Two minutes until takeoff. She thought. Or in this case, until this chalk becomes quicklime. Then add water and toss into some garbage and I've got a fire. So, maybe not an explosive, but it'll be a fast reaction. Thanks, science! She used a pair of tongs to hold the chalk over the burner. It took longer than she thought, about four minutes, but she sealed the red-hot chalk in a soda bottle when she finished with it and sighed to herself. Well, that's it. Now to not die. She put some water in the container and sealed it. The reaction was pretty slow, which meant she was able to toss it into some garbage outside of her window. In a couple of minutes, a huge blaze went up.

Run, run, run, roof people!

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0.00 INK

#, as written by slcam
For one, sickening moment, Cat thought Kade would flat out refuse to travel with her. She stood there awkwardly, hands clasped behind her back and just under her bag. His slowness in responding made Cat want to scream. Finally, he gave a small nod and a hesitant smile that seemed forced. Cat was so relieved, she wanted to collapse and cry again, but she kept her composure. She returned the smile with a grin of her own and a small laugh that sounded as if she did not quite believe her luck. She did not know how she would have reacted if Kade had refused. Cat wondered if he felt irritated that she insisted on wanting to travel together. Perhaps he preferred being alone and she was just going to be a burden. Cat decided that did not much matter, she had gotten someone to travel with, whether he was thrilled with the idea or not, and she would not have to deal with the big decisions involved in surviving. Or at least she would not have to deal with them alone, and that was enough to make her much more relaxed.

When Kade spoke again, however, she heard nervousness in his voice instead of irritation. Perhaps she was misjudging him. In any case, she was sure he would be fine to travel with, and she was glad she had run into him. It was funny how offering food usually seemed to work when she wanted something. She was glad that her father had taught her to hunt and prepare the meat. Though she had not participated much in the skinning, she had gotten some basic knowledge, and had been able to work out solutions to what she did not remember. It had been invaluable, both in feeding herself and in bartering with other survivors. If only she could find her father. Was he even alive? And what about Kara?

Though she would have stayed with him either way, she smiled when Kade told her he would not mind her company. Perhaps they would be able to travel together for a while. It would probably be easier traveling with Kade than with her last group. Not to say they were bad people, but they only kept her around because she could hunt. She was always nervous they would abandon her if she did something they did not like. She felt that Kade would not be that way. He seemed far too timid.

She happily walked over to Kade with a confident smile, helping him with the ladder. She gave a small chuckle at his uncertainty and said, "Well, look at it this way, it can hardly be as bad as last time." She gave an emphatic nod toward the half a dozen zombies on the other roof. "At least this time we can take our time. Unless maybe it is easier when you have to just get across quickly...." When the ladder was secure, she continued, "Well, do you want to go first, or shall I?" She happily went along with his decision, and soon began yet another walk across the wobbly ladder.

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Character Portrait: Lara Olivia Pierce Character Portrait: Paul Julius Holmes
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0.00 INK

This may have been a godawful idea.

For once, Julius had to admit he had probably blundered. True, the undead would likely be unable to reach him up here, but on the other hand, falling off and hurting himself was a very real possibility. Out here, on his own, that would be as good as signing his own death warrant. The solution was simple enough, of course: don't fall. Easier said than done. He tried to position himself as close to the peak of the roof as he could, without straddling it. He had enough sense to realize that was a sure way to lose his balance, not to mention a sure way to be seen. He had already evaded some gangs, and knew the basics of remaining unseen. Fortunately for him, they had a disturbing, yet hilarious, tendency not to look in certain not-very-obvious places. He had passed up several opportunities for parting shots in such positions, reasoning that if the virus were ever eradicated, even the ruthless deserved a chance. Of course, sometimes he had really wanted to kill them, but he hadn't. Not yet.

He started, noticing a young woman hastily enter the house across the street. She didn't seem like the kind of person who would have survived the initial waves of chaos. Not that Julius could really tell from so far away. He pulled his rifle back into position, and scanned the area with his good eye. Nobody else seemed nearby. She could be a scout. Hell, she could be a fugitive, on the run from some gang for whatever reason. Perhaps he could...deliver her to her searchers, and earn a place in their ranks as a scout and marksman. Then again, what were the odds of that? Not likely. So no reason to bother considering the morality of the action.

On the other hand...who were these four? They emerged rather suddenly from the same place the woman had, and seemed to have the house the woman had entered as their destination. Julius couldn't hear their conversation very well, but their gestures seemed clear enough: they were following the woman, and had traced her thus far. Julius kept his eye on them as they closed on the house. One of them, clearly a leader of sorts, struck the door with his fist. Julius heard the resulting noise from his perch, and cringed at the display of strength. For all of his abilities, Julius totally lacked in the brute strength category. He would hate to go toe-to-toe with that man.

He strained to listen as the man then yelled, clearly addressed to the woman inside, "We know you're in there, girlie. Come out!" He continued saying things Julius couldn't quite catch, but in a tone that he could catch, and one that chilled him. They weren't after her for anything...significant, or important. No stolen supplies, no revenge. They just wanted some easy, carnal fun. What bastards.

The boy hooked his arm over the peak of the roof, stabilized his rifle, and focussed his eye on the sights, carefully aiming at the large man. What are you doing, you imbecile, a voice inside asked. You can't afford to do this. This will be your undoing. Think. Don't shoot.

"Fuck you," he whispered at the voice, and pulled the trigger.

The report was honestly a bit louder than he had expected, and once again he cursed his lack of hearing protection, though he had adapted years ago to the loud cracks of gunfire. The sniper dropped back quickly so as not to expose himself, and heard the men shout in confusion and fear. The shot was a perfect center-of-mass hit. The bastard was probably dead before he hit the ground. Julius licked his lips, musing that he was now a killer. For all his upbringing, he had never had to kill a human before now. Did that make him like the undead he sought to evade? Or like the lecherous man he had killed? He shrugged it away, remembering his upbringing. No time to worry, no time for empathy. Simply do, or die.

After a minute or two of breathless waiting, Julius poked his head up and looked. The men were gone. Everything was quiet. Perhaps he could descend now? No undead seemed to wander nearby; he might have safety for a while yet. He chose to take the risk, and slung his rifle before carefully shuffling to the edge. He saw a small lawn below him, enough to cushion his fall some. It would be even better if he could roll to break his fall, but that could also break his rifle. He would have to settle for a bit of a hard landing. He gritted his teeth and jumped.

As he predicted, he landed hard, but his legs withstood the jump. He drew his revolver and cautiously crossed the street, watching for any movement. He saw none, and relaxed a little as he approached the door, which had cracked and splintered noticeably from their assault. He wondered if he could break it down. Supposing it worth a try, he braced himself and rammed his shoulder into it. It cracked, but not much. How else could he get in? Perhaps a window?

Wait a second. Why hadn't he called inside? Julius smacked his forehead, pocketed his revolver, then cupped his hands to the door. "I don't know who you are, but whoever was after you just now, they're gone. You're okay." He supposed there wasn't much else he could say. He turned around as he waited for a response.

It was only then that he noticed the four forms shuffling in his direction from across the street. Shit. Time for plan B. B, for Breaking in, Julius abruptly decided, taking his rifle and holding it stock-forward. He dashed over to the nearest window, and started pounding the window with the butt of the rifle. The glass cracked. He pounded again, and a large hole appeared. He continued his assault, clearing out as much of the glass as he could before dropping the rifle in and climbing inside. He felt the glass cut into his palms, ignored the pain in the interest of getting inside, then dropped onto the floor and turned to face his pursuers. They had closed significantly. He drew his revolver again, and aimed for one head.


Another head.




Last one.


Simple. He exhaled, only then realizing he had held his breath while shooting. Probably not the best habit for his long-term health, one he should probably break. He contemplated this as he slowly reloaded the revolver, removing used casings and replacing them with fresh bullets. He snapped the cylinder back in, then pocketed the revolver a second time. He left his rifle leaning on a table before setting out to find whomever he had just saved. Though he doubted she would hurt him, he kept one hand on his sword. One couldn't be too careful, after all.

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0.00 INK

Beck Curwin

Everything happened so quickly he barely had time to react, pay attention, you always have to pay attention! One moment he was listening to an explosion and the next one of those fucking jumping zombies was on top of Bambi. Shay was quick to react and had already knocked the thing away by the time Beck had yelled his first expletive, drew his knife and made his way over to crouch protectively over Bambi. He watched as Shay and the zombie stood off before it leapt once more, she hit it in the head and it was over just as quick as it had begun. Beck let out a loud huff of breath; he wasn’t sure himself if it was relief or not as he set his knife aside and directed his attention to Bambi. “Hey don’t worry kid, you’ll be alright.” His eyes skimmed her wounds as his mind began racing over what first aid he knew and then he noticed he wouldn’t have to do anything; her wounds were healing. “Ah, fuck.” He sat up on his knees and pushed a hand through his hair. Shay apparently had noticed the same thing and was already taking action.

Jesus Christ only a few minutes with them and already he had to watch one of them die. Bambi tried to plead with Shay for just a moment and it damn near broke his heart but Shay stayed strong and did what had to be done. Beck tightly closed his eyes, released a tense breath and opened them to see Shay as she put on a fake smile. ”Still want to travel with me? Beck nodded instantly, but silently, then grabbed his knife as he stood and began to make a quick exit to the door. “We need to get to higher ground for safety. We’ll be able to see danger better, at least until they thin out from investigating whatever that blast was. How’s that sound?” Democracy was the best policy in a group right? Damned if he knew, he was use to talking to rocks and pine cones for Christ sakes. He turned to look at Shay and noticed the sadness radiating from her. Well, obviously, she just had to kill someone; no one is made from stone. “You, uh, that was the right call. I would have done the same thing…or more like I have done the same thing. It’s tough.” He paused for a moment, not liking the sadness or seriousness in the least bit. “So where did you learn how to swing like that? Were you a pro-baseball player before all of this I mean holy crap that was a mean hit! Babe Ruth would have been proud!” He smiled widely at her as he began cautiously walking through the streets, his knife held tightly in his hand as he looked for a way to make it up to a high and safe area.

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Shay couldn't help but feel relieved when he nodded in response and made his way for the door. “We need to get to higher ground for safety. We’ll be able to see danger better, at least until they thin out from investigating whatever that blast was. How’s that sound?” Shay glanced at the tall buildings, tounge pushing against the side of her cheek as she considered it, nodding absentmindedly. Strategy was good. Got her mind off what had just happened.

She gestured around her. "Yeah, that sounds good, and we've got plety of 'high ground' around here with all these buildings, the problem is not getting trapped up there by an exceptionally large horde."

He looked at her then, seeming to sense her sadness. “You, uh, that was the right call. I would have done the same thing…or more like I have done the same thing. It’s tough.” She nodded and looked at him through her shades. Most survivors had had to make the choice she'd just made, and it was hard. Even a perfect stranger like Bambi had been could leave a scar on your heart that may never heal. Killing her own little sister had been more than a little scar. It felt like there was an empty hole where her heart used to be.

"Yeah." She nodded, looking at the bat in her hand. "Had to do that to my baby sister a while back."

“So where did you learn how to swing like that? Were you a pro-baseball player before all of this I mean holy crap that was a mean hit! Babe Ruth would have been proud!” Her lips twitched up into an appreciative smirk when he changed the subject.

She shrugged. "Thanks. I uh.." Funny how things always seemed to wrap back around to her sister. "Well I've never had lessons or anything, but my little sister used to be on a baseball team, and I helped her with her swing a lot." Shay smiled slightly, remembering how there'd been no baseball teams in the neighborhood that would let a girl on, but her sister was too stubborn to join softball. So she'd made Shay practice with her until she was so good, there was no way they would ever refuse her.

She gestured to the buildings around. "So I guess we just pick one then, and get up there?"


Alana watched as Will took one of the bodies and took off.

The sound of breaking glass made Lannie jump and shove Lulu back in her pocket, hoisting her bag on her back. "We should go." She whispered softly, tugging on Suzie's arm. She glanced at the brother. They still hadn't decided if they trusted them yet, but they were going to have to.

There was a loud shriek from outside, and Lana rushed to the window to see Will out there, using the body to hold off a fairly large horde. Happiness and relief flooded her. He was covering their escape.

But the feeling was soon killed by the sound of shuffling feet, and another scream. This one, decidedly human. The boy's sister must have fallen to something. She looked at the boy with wide eyes, a split second before he turned tail and sprinted down the stairs towards his sisters scream. A second later, there was another scream. This time from the boy. She knew they were a lost case.

Alana looked at Suzie, hoping she'd understand what she was about to say and not try to play the hero. "They're gone, and we need to keep moving. Those things won't take long to finish those two off before they stumble up here and trap us." She gestured to the T.V set she'd pushed in front of the back stairway. "Help me with this."

With Suzie's help, they shoved the T.V stand with a loud crash that made Alana wince. Those things knew they were up here now. Wasting no time, she grabbed the other girls hand in her small one and flew down the stairs and out into the alley.

Luckily, there was nothing in the alley, and she flew down to it's end and poked her head out. Down the street a bit, with his back turned to them, was Will, at the edge of a large horde. "Will." She whispered sharply, before ducking back into the alley and gesturing to the other end of the alley at Suzie. "I guess we go that way?" She asked, hands trembling. They didn't have much time. In a manor of seconds the horde on the street would finish their meal, and the one inside would be down the stairs.

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Lara glanced round desperately for an escape route. She didn't have a key to the back door, and even if she were able to force it, she was certain they'd be zombies out there. She could try jumping from one of the back windows, but they were high up off the ground and her body was much too weak now. She was always of a very tiny build and kept her body in perfect condition to dance, and after nearly a month living hand to mouth, she weighed very little and her muscles were wasting away. So, even if the fall didn't kill her, if she hurt her ankle upon landing, she'd no longer be able to run as fast as she had to and she would almost certainly be torn to shreds by hoards of zombies.


Lara wasn't usually one for screaming, finding it usually caused her more danger than what she was actually screaming about, but the sudden shot took her so much by surprise that she couldn't help but let out a tiny scream. At first, she assumed the men were shooting out the lock on the door to get to her, but when she was able to level her breathing, she caught snippets of what they were saying, which told her otherwise.

"Shit! He's fucking dead, dude!"

"When I get my hands on the bastard who did it-"

"We've got to get the hell out of here!"

"What about the little bitch inside?"

"Screw her, I'm getting out of here."

Lara listened closely to their exchange, and was able to deduce that someone had shot one of the men... She released a breath in utter relief as they decided to leave and hurried away, back into the city. But as soon as one threat vanished, another arose. One of the men outside was shot, but zombies didn't shoot, which meant there was someone else outside too. Someone else with their own agenda and motivations, someone else, who, as far as Lara knew, offered as much, if not more, of a threat as the men. And he'd obviously taken them out for a reason. Maybe the shooter wanted her dead. Yes, that was it, he wanted to kill her. She was about to die. After all this, she was going to die. She felt paranoia sweep over her once more, getting the better of her and allowing her mind to race wildly through the horrendous possibilities as it created more and more elaborate ways she was going to be murdered.

The bang that suddenly sounded as a body collided with the door, splintering it further, only confirmed her fears. This was it. Perhaps the assailant would be kind and just shoot her, killing her quickly and relatively painlessly. Although, Lara doubted he'd gone through all this to get to her, just to let her die quickly. He probably wanted to hurt her, rape her, and then kill her slowly. Images of her own agony flashed across her mind, each little sequence in which she was tortured played over and over on high-speed, in vivid, gruesome colour.

Lara froze at the slightly muffled sound of a voice, right behind the door.

"I don't know who you are, but whoever was after you just now, they're gone. You're okay."

It was a male voice... But, it didn't sound threatening... In fact, it sounded quite young, no older than twenty. His voice was gentle, and reassuring, and almost friendly. And... Maybe the reason he'd got rid of those men wasn't so he could hurt her himself, but maybe to save her.

Deciding to be brave, for once in her recent life, she responded softly, although just audibly to the man on the other side of the door, "Thank you..." Her voice trembled with fear and she stumbled a bit over the words, but she managed to speak them. Maybe, even if he did want to hurt her, she could appease him by being nice. At least then he might only rape her and torture her before letting her go, alive.

But no sooner had the words left her lips, there was an almighty crash from the near by window. Lara's head spun towards the source of the sound faster than she'd ever moved before. She leapt back as she saw the the glass shatter in, scattering across the wooden floor in sharp shards. Her arms instantly slipped around her midriff in a totally unconscious movement. The moment she realised what she was doing, protecting something she was trying her very best to deny the existence of, her arms slipped away with a shudder of disgust for herself.

As the hole in the glass became larger, Lara became more and more terrified. With complete fear gripping every fibre of her body, she ran from the front room, away from the destruction, into the room that lead directly off from the first room. Glancing around desperately, she knew she didn't have long before he was inside, and in blind panic she slid her little frame into one of the least inventive hiding places in the whole house; under the small dinning table.

No sooner was she under there did she hear feet touch down in the front room, the glass under his shoes crunching and breaking into even finer shards. Lara heard gunshots from inside the house, fired out. She couldn't tell if he was taking out people or the undead. Four shots, each fired precisely and individually, not in a wild hail of panicked bullets, as most of her shots were.

She saw his footsteps approaching the table and as he neared her, she finally got a good look at the man. Seeing him confirmed her suspicions regarding his age; Lara quickly placed him in his late teens. He was reasonably tall too, significantly higher than her own five foot four. His dark hair, that had been allowed to grow out round his face, stood out in stark contrast to his reasonably pale features. Lara flinched at the sight of the eye patch, and though good manners taught by her sweet parents, she stared at him, wondering what had happened.

He lay his gun down right next to her, and she wondered, just for a second, if she reached out and grabbed it, if she had the nerve to threaten him. But that thought was curtailed when she saw his hand resting on a large sword.

The ballet dancer sat perfectly still, unmoving, drawing in the shallowest of breathes. She was horribly aware that if he stepped round the other side of the table, he would be able to see her clearly, her hiding place no longer safe. She prayed he'd move on to another room without finding her, although she really doubted the likelihood of that. Her whole body began to tremble slightly with fear and, in utter panic, she realised she'd left her bag in the basement with her weapon. If he wanted to hurt her, she would be virtually powerless to defend herself.

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Suzie Taylor

Suzie was doing well. Slow breath in. Slow breath out. Will was still behaving; they had an exit, and possibly two more survivors with the now dubbed trio. All they had to do was…

“Will!” Suzie hissed through her teeth as her brother took off with one of the bodies in tow. What in the world was he doing! The last time he left her behind like this it was… no way. The last time it was to distract a horde they ran into. Sure there was one heading their way, but could it really be that close? The mangled body outside looked like the work of just one of those things, and one isn’t too hard to handle if you’re careful.

The sound of glass broke into her reverie as Alana whispered for them to go. A startled looked crossed Suzie’s face but quickly smoothed back out. The kid was right. So swinging her own bag back into place, Suzie fastened her bat to the side strap. If the horde was getting close, she needed her arms free to run. The boy and his sister would just have to keep up if they wished, and there was no way she was leaving Alana behind.

Then everything happened to fast. First it was Will’s shriek that struck right to her heart. That was her brother making that horrific sound out there. But why so soon? Glancing out the window alongside Alana, it didn’t take long to figure out. The horde had arrived closer than she thought, and Will was holding them back with bait.

Slow breath’s was quickly forgotten as her chest rose quicker with each short intake of air. If there was one thing she feared it was horde’s. Massive, bloodthirsty, mindless horde’s. She may be immune, but she wasn’t stupid enough to believe she could survive that . Everything else just raced past in a wave of sound. There was a scream downstairs; the sister. Then another; the brother must had went after her. Crap, how many got inside the house?

The sound of the younger girl’s voice once again snapped her out of it. They had to get going. She had to get this girl out. So together the two pushed the T.V. stand out of their way, the sound drowned out in Suzie’s own head as her ear’s began to ring with panic. The quick breaths were back, and shallower.

It wasn’t until they hit open air that Suzie calmed back down. An alley.

Suzie glanced at Alana with a pale face, brushing back her mousy hair with shaking hands. This girl just saved her from her panic attack. She must had led her down the stair’s and into the alley they were now in.

A small, grateful smile crept onto her lips. Here she was saying she’d take care of this kid, and she’s the one that saved her now. As Alana flew down to the end of the alley, Suzie shut the door they just burst through and dragged one of the trash cans across the door. Sure it wouldn’t stop whatever was in the house, but it would at least let them know when the thing got out the door.

”I guess we go that way?”

Suzie sprinted up next to Alana and looked the way she was pointing, noticing the girl’s shaking hand. “Sounds good to me, Will can catch up.” She said softly as she grasped Alana’s hand in her own. There would be no more freaking out on her part. Not until all three of them was somewhere safer. “Just make sure I’m standing between you and anything undead. Got it.” There was no time for an answer as another shriek sounded from somewhere, but not from her brother. Someone didn’t get a bite and was ready to move on. Just like they needed to as well.

Not letting go of Alana’s hand, Suzie took off down the alley with her free hand resting on the bat’s handle at her side. She had no idea where she was going, but up would probably be a good idea right about now. Slowing down at a corner, Suzie slowly approached it and unstrapped her bat. If there was one thing she learned, fate loved to scare the crud out of her.

Carefully taking a quick glance around the corner, it looked clear; then a slower look confirmed it. “Looks like we can go this way.” Turning around to face Alana, Suzie bit back a shriek at the figure coming towards the pair. Blood stained jeans, mangled arm, grotesque face, and a grimy t-shirt with I <3 New York written across it. Apparently fate had a sense of humor today.

Without a second thought, Suzie grabbed the bat with both hands and dove to stand in front of Alana; weapon raised, position held, eye on the ball… or head. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for the Mr. New York to reach them, and even less time for the bat to make contact at full force to his face. It may have been enough of a hit the first round, but she wasn’t taking chances. Never assume. With a final swing downwards, Suzie staggered backwards and avoided looking at the thing on the ground. Bile rising to her throat, but quickly fought back down. Looking at Alana, Suzie tried to give her a reassuring smile; shaky as it may be.

“You all right? One of these buildings have got to have a fire escape…” That’s what she needed to concentrate on, getting the girl up somewhere higher. There was no telling how many more were stalking the alleys separated from the horde. The Zombie’s wouldn’t hurt Will, and there were too many undead for a living person to be a threat to him; but she still didn’t like being separated like this… that darling dote of hers had better hurry his tail back.

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Will Taylor

Those mean men, his back hurt where they shot him. Now that he had a chance to sit still while he sat and watched the horde the pain started getting to him, it wasn’t anything near what he would be experiencing if he were, well, alive, but it still smarted. He grunted in irritation as he fidgeted from his spot on the ground, watching as the numerous undead piled on top of each other to grasp at a chance for a mouthful of flesh from the body. It would be a lie if Will said he wasn’t tempted to try and wriggle his way in there for a bite, after all, fresh meat in the quantities he needed it didn’t come by very easily.

A sudden scream jerked his mind away from his thoughts of pain and hunger, “Bug?” he uttered worriedly in his gravelly voice. The horde had finished their meal and the scream had attracted their attention, they began to shuffle clumsily towards the source of noise and Will darted forward to push and pull at them in vain; there were too many. Another scream came from the distance but this one was distinctly male and then Will remembered the stranger that had come right before he’d left. Yes, that must be him and the one before, if he thought about it, it didn’t sound like his Bug or kitty girl so they were alright.

Will. His body stiffened at the sound of his name and he turned in time to see what he thought was kitty girl running away. He cocked his head curiously and quickly crawled forward; sniffing the ground like a bloodhound he could smell his sister and their new friend clearly. Yes! They’d gotten away! Momentarily he hopped around on all fours, grunting excitedly before taking off down the alley in pursuit of them.

The smell of blood was thick but it wasn’t fresh blood, this was old, dead blood and as Will turned the corner he could see it was a very dead undead that was causing the smell. He slid to a stop as he came around the corner, noisily crashing into a group of trash cans before tackling Suzie ungracefully to the ground. “Bug!” Will did understand that other undead meant trouble for his sister and other living friends but he also wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box and was very excitable, tending to forget the art of silence until clear of all danger. He nuzzled Suzie’s face and pet her hair, practically wallowing on her while she was on the ground before popping up and petting Alana’s hair and face. It was all ritualistic; he just had to make sure they were alright. The ritual was cut short though by the sounds of groans and shuffling feet. Will’s noisy entrance had attracted unwanted attention.

The undead appeared from both sides of the alley and Will hissed and growled at them as they began making their way towards his sister and Alana. Up, Will, up, that’s where Bug always told him to go when they were in trouble. He looked up at the ledges of the windows and immediately grabbed Alana, putting her arms around his neck then began scaling up the brick wall. Once he reached the ledged window, he jumped to the opposite ledge and repeated the process until he had deposited Alana safely onto the roof. Will then made his way down to his sister as the horde came dangerously close to her. He dropped down and roared angrily at them, swiping a few away before grabbing hold of Suzie and making his way up the wall and away from the horde’s grasping hands. After setting Suzie down on the rooftop, he pat his stomach to let her know he was hungry as if they hadn’t just made a harrowing escape from near death.

Beck Curwin

“Yeah. Had to do that to my baby sister a while back.” Beck nodded silently as Shay confided what she’d had to do in the past. Practically anyone you ran into these days had to make terrible decisions like that but no matter how many times you had to make a tough choice; it didn’t make it any easier. He continued to listen in silence as she explained where she got her swing from and he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. “You sound like you were an awesome big sister.” It was awful, the bonds that were broken by this outbreak but he always liked remembering the happy times, the fond memories instead of the sad and bitter parts. Always look for a silver lining, even in a zombie apocalypse.

”So I guess we just pick one then, and get up there?” He nodded his head, still keeping alert despite their quiet back and forth conversation. “Yea sounds about as good as anything right now. Like you said, hopefully we won’t get stuck up top for too long but if we play it right I bet we’ll make it out of the city without a scratch.” Now, the question was which building would be the winner today? “Oh! Hey look, there’s a fire escape on the side of that building over there. That’s a pretty easy way up. Come on.”

A few cautions looks left and right then he made his way across the street to the building and down the alley a little ways to get to the fire escape. “Oof, looks kind of rickety up close. You’re lighter, why don’t you go up first?” He paused for a moment, thinking maybe that stating a structure looks unstable then saying someone else should go first didn’t really sound like the most kosher thing in the world. “I swear that’s not me making an attempt on your life I just happen to think that’s a better idea than putting my hefty ass up there.”

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Two possibilites, each with two sub-possibilites, occurred to Julius as he scanned the room steadily. One, there was nobody in the house. If that was true, it meant that either the thugs had been chasing a false trail or the woman had escaped. Two, the woman was still here, and she was hiding, either out of a desire to kill him or out of fear. Fear seemed likely, given that she had been chased here. Julius knew fear well. He had virtually lived with it from when he was 6 until...well, up to now, though how much fear was with him at any one time could change. Right now, he was a little bit afraid the thugs would come back, a little bit afraid more undead would show up, and a little bit afraid the woman was hiding in wait to kill him.

Julius stood perfectly still for a moment, and listened. Nobody could be perfectly still and make no noise, unless they had extensive training as he had had. Training. The very word nearly made him break his freeze in a disgusted shudder. What the Citadel had called "training" meant little more than abuse, if his glimpses of the world outside had been any indication. He certainly could see no use for tasing as an incentive, and he was still more than a little bitter over his eye. He batted at the black patch with his thumb idly, then decided to check another room. He crossed to the door and passed into what looked like a sitting-room of sorts. He wandered around the room, weaving among the chairs, snorting at the strange colors, checking behind each one, finding nothing. He sighed, then looked back towards the room from whence he had come.

He blinked, then let out a short laugh. Duh, a little voice said in his mind. Always check under the table, you dummy. He crossed back to the other room, then knelt by the woman who crouched under the table. "It's alright, you don't have to be afraid of me. I'm just a kid." Ordinarily he would take some issue with being thought of as a kid (though legally he still was...not that the law really existed anymore), but he had to admit he was, and if it would get her to stop being so damn scared of him, then he could swallow his pride. For a bit anyway.

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Lara watched the boy as he scanned the room. Then, he stood perfectly still, listening out for her, like a hunter. Lara held her breath, desperate not to make a sound and be found. It seemed like hours he was stood still for. Lara's lungs were burning, the desire for oxygen becoming almost unbearable. The lack of oxygen, combined with her current...medical condition, meant she was already becoming lightheaded. She was terrified she'd lose consciousness and drop to the floor with a crash, a sound that would allow the man to find her instantly, and almost certain spell out her death. By the time he finally left for the sitting room, she was sure she was just seconds from passing out. Lara was finally able to draw in a shaky breath. Though she wanted to do was drag in as much oxygen as she possibly could, she forced herself to still breath quietly.

Once she'd managed to even her breathing, she looked up at the gun again. He'd just left it lying by the table. Lara reached out a trembling hand and brushed it lightly with the tips of her fingers. She could just pick it up. Just shoot him. Then she'd be free, and safe. She could go on her way without dying. But... He was just a child... Still a teenager. He was someone's son, even if they weren't still alive. She couldn't shoot him. He didn't deserve to die, not yet. Everyone deserved a chance at life. Very carefully she removed her hand from the gun, bringing it back to her body, brushing her lower abdomen lightly. It was a very simple gesture, almost unperceivable by others. But Lara understood the meaning, and she just couldn't shoot the boy.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp, short laugh from the other room and footsteps began approaching her again. Lara was truly terrified. She was going to die. Right here, right now. After all that had happened, this was it.

She watched the boy bend down before the table. As his face came directly into her line of vision she flinched, instantly lifting her arms up to protect her face, as if he were about to hit her.

But then, he spoke. "It's alright, you don't have to be afraid of me. I'm just a kid."

Lara looked at him for a few seconds, studying him carefully. Her mind was abuzz with thoughts. She didn't know what to do. He hasn't tried to hurt her yet, but maybe he just wanted to lure her out so she couldn't run before he killed her. But his voice sounded... Kind. He didn't sound like a killer. Then again, she didn't sound like a killer, but she was.

Ever so slowly, Lara lowered her arms, folding them back round herself, shoulders raised in a protective position.

Eventually, she nodded. "Okay," she said tentatively. Her voice trembled along the notes, only just able to get the words out. Her brow was furrowed with fear and worry as she looked up at him, her brown eyes wide. She may have said only a word but her whole body told of every thought and feeling in her mind.

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The boy looked at her carefully as she slowly lowered her arms, shaking ever so slightly, and slowly said one word, the most recognized word in the world. And damned if he didn't recognize "okay" now. She didn't say anything after that, but just stared at him. The patch probably unnerved her. He would have been happy to take it off, but the largely empty, scarred socket underneath was incredibly disturbing to look at, and the last thing he needed to do was frighten her more. His smile faded a moment, as he felt more unsure of himself. He shifted his weight, felt a piece of glass crunch under his boot, and craned his neck to see the window.

The smile returned and he laughed sheepishly. "Sorry about breakin' in like that," he murmured, turning back to her. "I didn't have much of a choice. I shot the one man..." He trailed off a moment, then continued, "and the gunshot must have attracted a few of those things. You weren't answering the door, so I had to...well...improvise." He stood up, thinking a bit, then backed away from the table before removing his jacket and dropping it on a chair. "Interesting place here..." he mused. Outside, he heard a noise. People? Undead? Wind? Better to check.

He dashed over to the window and looked out, his hand ready on his revolver. He scanned the area. Nothing.

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The boy shifted in front of her and Lara flinched at the sound of glass crunching under his foot. Then he smiled at her once more, laughing uncomfortably.

"Sorry about breakin' in like that. Didn't have much of a choice. I shot the one man... and the gunshot must have attracted a few of those things. You weren't answering the door, so I had to...well...improvise."

"Sorry..." she replied, still nervous. Then, her mind flashed back to her poor, sweet, dead parents. They'd brought her up to be a good girl, with manners. Someone they could really be proud of. And... Just because they were dead, she couldn't start letting them down now. "And... Thank you..." she added, acknowledging she was grateful for him rescuing her. Not that manners counted for a whole lot when you were a cold blooded murdered though, Lara thought bitterly.

The boy moved away from her, leaving his jacket on a chair. He had his back to her.

"Interesting place here..." the boy commented.

"It's... not mine..." Lara replied quietly.

She watched as her saviour rushed over to the window, in response to a sound outside. At his movement, Lara panicked. Was there something outside that wanted to kill her? Oh god, was it a Pouncer? The terrible type of zombie that would follow you for miles, hunting you down with the sole intention of ripping you to shreds. She leapt up from her hiding place, grabbing her gun from her bag.

She glanced at the boy, who seemed relatively calm, probably meaning he hadn't seen anything. But her paranoia was not going to loose it's grip on her racing heart that easily.

"W-What is is?" she asked nervously, her tone jumpy and fearful.

She was stood up now, instead of hiding under the table, body folded in round the gun, as if the tighter she clung onto it, the more likely it was of saving her. She stood back from the window, as if it might attack her itself if she got too close.