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Don't make assumptions about me because I'm the one who dresses like a girl...

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a character in “Visual Kei: GEMINI”, as played by Everscale


Stage Name: Hime
Real Name: Yamamoto Satomi
Age: 20
Role: The Lead Guitarist

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single and searching

Appearance: Image
Within GEMINI, Hime looks, perhaps, the most different out of costume. In costume, he is a woman, with long hair and a beautiful, made-up face and a dress, and he truly looks the part. He has learned to walk like a woman, and dance like a woman, though his voice is still that of a man. New fans often take quite a while to figure out that he is not a woman.
Out of make-up, he looks nothing like that. He is still a very pretty young man, but he wears his black hair straight and falling only around his chin, styled in spikes. He still wears make-up, but he dresses in black; jeans, leather, belts, chains, no dresses or frilly skirts. He enjoys the fact that if the band goes out in public, the fans will recognize the others, but he has to tell people who he is. He enjoys the shock factor of it.

Personality: Satomi is a complicated character, to say the least. He has no preference when it comes to how he appears; though he thinks it best to wear a dress during interviews and concerts, of course, if the public sees him out of make-up, it doesn't matter to him. He is generally a very serious young man, who doesn't say much to anyone. The fans love him because he is quiet and sweet and honest. Everything he says seems to be well thought-out. He is generous and kind and always willing not only to sign autographs and chat with the fans, but to even go so far as to play with them. He has been known on multiple occasions, when a fan recognized GEMINI on the streets, to start some sort of game with them: tag or hop-scotch, or more commonly, truth-or-dare.
There is a streak of rebellion in Satomi that many fans wouldn't guess at. He loves danger and adventure, and is completely and utterly addicted to adrenaline. Most of the time he satisfies that craving by performing on stage, but he has been known to do some fairly dangerous things on those occasions that he is not hindered by a dress and an elaborate wig. He has gotten the band into some things that they rather wish they hadn't been involved in. Bridge-jumping, for instance.
Usually, Satomi is genuinely nice, and incredibly loyal. He takes care of the others, makes them laugh when they are unhappy, usually by saying something with a straight face that he shouldn't be able to say. It is a treasure on the rare occasions that the boys can make him smile or laugh, because his happiness can light up a room in an instant. But he also has his dangerous moments. Someone who interrupts him while he is changing or speaking is likely to be yelled at, or at least rebuked. Someone who wakes him up is in for a world of hurt, since he tends to lash out violently in protest, before he is all the way awake.

Likes: Adrenaline, performing, the guitar, GEMINI, his "brothers" (the band), girls, dresses, nice clothes, shocking people by being Hime out of make-up, cooking, making the others smile, when the others try to make him smile, peoples' reactions when he laughs, making people stop crying, sleeping, sweet foods, jewelry (he wears necklaces and rings and bracelets even when out of costume), ballads, learning other languages, running, playing, truth-or-dare, jumping off of places he probably shouldn't jump off of, rehearsing, failing while rehearsing

Dislikes: Seeing people cry and not being able to help, feeling embarrassed, being interrupted, being caught while changing, being woken up, sour things (he doesn't like people to see the face he makes when he eats them), having no make-up at all, not wearing his jewelry, being bored, sitting still, falling, being sick, pain, blood (it makes him nauseous), anyone who says anything bad about any of his friends

Fears: The sight of blood makes him sick, so he hates it.

Dreams: He wants to perform at Tokyo Dome. (He will probably cry if he ever gets to.) He also sort of wants to be a father... which is awkward, considering his career.

Quirks: If you wake him up, he will attack you. He hates being interrupted. He almost never smiles or laughs, even though it's really nice when he does. Perhaps the most prominent: He has a really nasty tendency to fall off the stage during concerts. Usually... he just walks off.
He has another habit, as well. Something he does to make people smile. His face perfectly straight, he will reach out and run his finger down the victim's nose, until it reaches the tip. If the person does not pull away, he will just sit there with his finger on their nose, staring at them without smiling. Usually, it makes them break down laughing in a matter of seconds.

Crush: TBA

History: Hime/Satomi talks very little about his past, and what little he says is vague and un-descriptive. People know that his mother raised him, but he has never once mentioned his father. They know he has two younger siblings, both girls; twins named Yuri and Yuuki; whom he dotes on. He says that his mother's name is Hanako. If asked about his father, he shuts up completely, and just stares at the questioner until they come up with a new question. Not even the other members of the band know anything about Hime's father, though he trusts them with any and every other secret in his life. The truth is that it just too painful for him to talk about.
His biological father, Yamamoto Takeru, died when he was fifteen, shortly after his little sisters turned one. Neither of them remember Takeru, but he was the focal point of Hime's life, and it nearly killed the boy when he died. the boy sank into a deeper, darker depression than he had thought possible, and it was only his school friends who got him back out of it. It was incredibly sudden when he did recover. One day he just woke up and he no longer wanted to kill himself. He went to school, he talked to his friends, acted as one of them. All signs of the depression were gone.
At least, most of them. Hime didn't smile anymore. He was straight-faced, calm, quiet. Four years passed before his friends could get him to smile again: The first time he ever did was at their debut, where they all smiled and cried and laughed together as the fans cried for more.
But his friends know all about the death of his father and the depression that hit him then. What they want to know about, and what he won't tell them about, is the man that his mother married when he was seventeen. The day he turned eighteen, he left the house, moved in with Touma. He wouldn't tell any of them why, only that he didn't want to go back to that house. Ever. He will never speak his stepfather's name (Isami Yasuro). He seems to fear the man, but won't tell anyone why. He also doesn't seem to be worried about Yuuki and Yuri living with the man; only himself.

So begins...

Hime's Story