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Thana Grates

I talk to dead people~ They're generally quite nice, actually.

0 · 271 views · located in Neo Las Vegas

a character in “Viva la Neo Las Vegas”, as played by Saint Crash


Thana Grates

Superhero Name / Alias: The Coroner

Gender: Most certainly female.

Age: Nineteen

Physical Description: Thana is on the tall side, standing about 5"10 without her boots or any kind of heel. She is pale-skinned and naturally busty, but is kept in balance with her hips and a defined waist. Her raven-hued hair reaches past her shoulders in slight waves, streaked with bright red. When she doesn't have the front pulled back, she uses a black silk ribbon or a red hairband to keep it out of her face. She will straighten it and leave it loose only on special occasions. Her eyes are a pale green, but they will change when she channels spirits. She has both ear lobes pierced twice, and has most of the cartilage of her left ear pierced. She has a scar running across her chest, from below her left collarbone to just under her right breast. She has a tattoo of a zip running down her spine, similar to this.

Everyday: Thana likes to think she dresses on the more subtle side of Gothic fashion. No corsets, Victorian mourning dresses or tight leather trousers for her. Have a peek inside her wardrobe. She wears dark (but never black) eyeshadows and black eyeliner, and most often wears a dark red lipstick. If she wears any foundation, she wears a light covering of pale powder.

Superhero / Costume: [/color] Despite not being an active hero or villain, Thalia has the need to protect her identity. She dons a black bandana, sometimes imprinted with a skull. She uses black eyeshadow to create a 'mask' and disguise the upper-portion of her face. She dresses in a Grim Reaper style cloak, which she keeps fastened at all times. Only her black Docs are visible. Underneath, she wears just a black vest top, tight black jeans.


Personality: Thalia Grates is quite a morbid person. She shows no fear of death and seems to enjoy talking about Death itself and the afterlife. This said, she avoids graveyards, funeral parlors and crematoriums like a plague, citing various reasons why she can't visit them. She tends to avoid people she doesn't know when socializing, and can seem distant, cool and aloof. She has a good confidence in herself, but prolonged undermining tends to have an effect on her. She relies on her few friends to give her the support she desperately needs.
As The Coroner, Thalia changes. She is no longer the quiet, shadow of a teenage girl, but rather an intimidating meta-human who is hard to injure and impossible to keep down for long. She has no qualms using her abilities for good or evil, as long as she gets paid at the end of the day.

Superhero or Super-villain?: The highest bidder.

Powers: Rapid Cellular Regeneration: The ability to heal from injuries almost instantaneously, depending on the severity of the wound. Thalia has been shown to even regrow limbs, and has survived injuries that would kill another person, including the removal of her heart. She still needs air to breathe and needs good oxygen levels to heal at maximum rate. She feels pain like any other person would.

Mediumship: The ability to see restless ghosts and to channel spirits that have moved on. Thalia can see ghosts as clearly as she sees ordinary people, and can talk to them in the same manner. This also allows her to talk to recently deceased people; such as murder victims. This ability is highly desired by law enforcement agencies.
She can also 'reach' into the other realm, and can channel a spirit through her body, if thy are fully consenting. Thalia may take on physical attributes of the spirit, the most obvious being a change in her eye color. She can also take on abilities if she channels a meta-human. While in this state, Thalia could potentially lose control her of body if a strong spirit decides to try and take over. While 'reaching', Thalia leaves her body completely open to attack; interruption could be potentially fatal to her.

Abilities: Thalia has a good knowledge of the human anatomy, and is very well read. She also plays the guitar. ;]


  • Near Indestructibility
  • No Fear of Death
  • Can take on extra abilities when channeling a meta-human
  • Pretty scary at night with her Costume on

  • Can feel pain, even if she cannot die.
  • Socially inadept
  • Potential to lose control of her body

  • Bats
  • Cats
  • Money
  • Dark chocolate
  • Scaring the $#!* out of people at night
  • Regenerating; it's not always a pain-free process.
  • Rejection
  • Chavs
  • Fish
History: The second child of two doctors-turned-vigilantes-turned-doctors-again, Thalia grew up with everything she wanted at her fingertips. She hero-worshipped her older sister, Clarissa, who was also born RCR. Realizing her abilities potential, Clarissa began taking to the streets to clean up crime, and it wasn't long before Thalia joined her. Even when their parents found out, they were not overly worried--after all, the two kids were indestructible, right? Clarissa was sixteen, and Thalia was nine when they went out one night and didn't return the next morning.
Thalia was found in a serious condition, Clarissa's headless body not far away from her. In hospital, it was discovered that Thalia's heart was missing-- and the scar across her chest was not healing. Thalia has no recollection of the incident, and nobody is quite sure why her abilities failed that night. She has not actively fought villains since.
Thalia's ability to see ghosts and spirits manifested shortly after, along with almost complete social withdrawal. It's taken her a while to get a handle on it. She began at first to use it to help the police, but soon realized that other people would actually pay her to use her abilities for them. The Coroner was born shortly after.

Theme Song:* The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance <3

So begins...

Thana Grates's Story