Morgan Stewards

''Can I be left alone, please?''

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Morgan Stewards.
19 years of age.
Definitely female, basically she's a girl.
Morgan is most often than not a quiet girl who enjoys being alone rather than big groups. She doesn't mind small groups with a few others but she will choose being alone above being with anyone else. She loves reading, that's her passion, together with writing and photography. She loves traveling different countries and has been traveling quite a lot. She not cocky, rather she gives in and is quite submissive.
Eye colour:
A dark blue with a grey hue.
Skin tone:
Hair colour:
Same as her eyes, a dark blue with a grey hue.
179 cms.
65 kg.
This girl is quite slender build, tall with long hair and a pale skin. Her eyes always have a curious expression to them, no matter which situation. She doesn't have any scars or tattoos and her skin is perfectly smooth.

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A few days had passed since she had been captured from her own home and brought over to a country she’d travelled before. She had no clue why she was kidnapped, all she knew was that she was now in a sort of cage with medal bars. She wasn’t the only one, nor the youngest either. There were children as young as four years old, crying for their parents or siblings. She felt sad for them, whatever was going to happen to them would probably not be pretty. Her future wasn’t any brighter either. For all she knew, she could be here to be tortured for the rest of her life for the amusement of others. There was no certainty in this place and even though a few had managed to escape, they had been brought back just a few hours after, beaten until bloody and broken and thrown back into their cage. So escaping was definitely not an option.

Throughout the day people came in, walked around and left, empty-handed or with a child or person that’d they bought. But bought for what? That was the very question that kept going through her mind every time another human being, or other creature that had only existed in stories so far, had been bought and pulled along by their new owner. Whatever their faith was, it was terrifying to watch them go, especially the young children. They were so terrified and they kept calling for their parents as the person who bought them dragged them along. Morgan sighed and buried her face in her hands, wondering what was going to happen to her. Who was going to buy her and what duty would she have to him. Was it a mythical creature or just a normal human being? So many questions, but no answers. Instead she was awaiting her faith.

She was going to miss college this way and college was important to her. Studying was all that she’d been doing her whole life and she had worked hard to get where she was now. But that would all be lost, she was stuck in this country without knowing her faith. It scared her. She was hungry too, she hadn’t yet gotten food today and she was starting to feel weak. She’d always have a problem with eating and if she didn’t eat enough she’d start feeling weak and being unable to do anything. She sighed, she hoped she would get out of here soon.